Bepanah Pyaar: An unsurprisingly tale of love and longing (Introduction)

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1. Pearl V Puri as Raghbir Malhotra: Devraj and Aditi’s son; Harshit’s brother-

After being humiliated in his village for being a failure, moves to Delhi to live his life to the fullest. He comes to Delhi to study but his real aim is to have a little fun before his family marries him off.



2. Ishita Dutta as Pragati Rana: DSP Shamsher Singh Rana and Kamla’s daughter; Sukanya’s sister-

A modern Delhiites, is an extrovert and has a boyfriend who deceives her. That relationship of hers makes a big impact on her future decisions.



3. Aparna Dixit as Baani Vaghela: Tina’s younger sister, Raghbir’s would-be-wife.



4. Aashish Kaul as Devraj Malhotra: Aditi’s husband; Raghbir and Harshit’s father



5. Ekta Sharma as Aditi Mathur: Devraj’s wife; Raghbir and Harshit’s mother.



6. Manoj Chandila as Harshit Malhotra: Devraj and Aditi’s son; Raghbir’s brother; Tina’s husband.



7. Tanvi Thakkar as Tina Harshit Malhotra: Harshit’s wife



8. Sudha Chandran as Kunti Malhotra: Raghbir and Harshit’s aunt



9. Yash Tonk as DSP Shamsher Singh Rana– Kamla’s husband; Pragati and Sukanya’s father.



10. Mitali Nag as Kamlesh “Kamla” Singh Rana– Shamsher’s wife; Pragati and Sukanya’s mother.



11. Devika Singh as Sukanya Rana: Bani’s sister



12. Manish Goplani as Saahas Sangwan: Bani’s boyfriend.



13. Syed Salim Zaidi as Tillu: An clothes presser near the flat of Pragati.



14. Deepesh Bhan as Malkhan: Golgappe’s vender in the market in Delhi



15. Tiya Gandwani as Sonarika Singh: Landlady of Raghbir



16. Advit Sood as Yuvraj “Yuvi” Singh: Sonarika Singh’s son


This is a story of a young lad’s journey to find true love. This story is based on a man who falls in love while studying in Delhi, despite his marriage being arranged to another woman. Raghbir, after being humiliated in his village for being a failure, moves to Delhi to live his life to the fullest. There he meets Pragati and tries to woo her. As life takes its turns, Raghbir and Pragati part ways. Will Raghbir and Pragati unite at the end or will destiny prevail over love?


I know there is not much detail, but as story will proceed, you all will get to know more.


Kindly comment on the selection of characters, pairs, story line. Please give a detailed comment. Yours comments will be a booster for me.

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