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Nomination Special
Day 3
11 AM
Farah calls Abhi in the court-room.

Abhi: Farah says where are you from? He says I am from Punjab. Farah says you act like you are a foreigner. Charrul asks if he is a misfit? He says yes, I took this show as a challenge. I don’t gossip and I can’t tolerate people b*t*hing. Farah says it looked like you have a superiority complex in the start. Abhi says it might be the case. Farah says you thought that all others don’t have this upbringing. Eijaz says he is like this only, he is evolving now. Farah says it looked like Abhi thought he was above everyone else but all are equal here. Abhi says I know people here are more successful than me.
Amith asks Abhi who he trusts other than Rubina? He says I trust Jasmin and somewhat Kavita. Farah says you will want to make Jasmin the captain? Abhi says yes, I supported her also. Farah says what about the pact in the solar task? Abhi says I misunderstood things, it was my mistake. Farah says Rubina says that you are her strength here but it looks like she is your strength. She is saving you all the time. If my husband told me to stay in the garden then I would have ended things with him. Rubina says I didn’t feel bad.

Nikki: Charrul asks Nikki why she fights so much? You fought with Nishant then Jaan then Eijaz then Rahul. It’s your strategy? Nikki says no, I don’t want to fight but it happens in the situations. Farah says she is not partial, she fights with everyone. Farah says I loved you in the first week. You became the first confirmed contestant because you were different. You are becoming vanilla now. Nikki says I have a soft corner now because I know them but I will pick up. Farah says she doesn’t talk behind others because she talks in front of everyone.
Amith says you look selfish. Nikki says I am selfish for the game, I want to win but I am not going and stabbing others like Jaan. Farah says this is good about her that she doesn’t shy away from saying that she wants to selfishly win.
Amith asks Nikki who can’t become friends with? Nikki says Rubina and Abhi. They talk behind my back, they are scared of me. Rubina says I don’t want waste my energy on her as she doesn’t listen. Farah says Rubina irritates her well.
Charrul asks Nikki if she trusts Jaan? She says no but I have a soft corner. Farah says he is your brother so cut him off and move on. Nikki says he is always behind me, I want to talk to others but he keeps running behind me.

Jaan: Charrul asks Jaan what are you? Are you a friend or a mastermind? You look like a friend but then you stab them easily. Jaan says I take mastermind’s tag as a compliment. I don’t plan a lot of things. I don’t have friends but they become closer here for their gain only. I agree that Nishant went to the red-zone because of me. Farah says then why were you crying when he left? Jaan says but he got 7 votes out of 8. Farah says they were not his friends. She tells him to talk about his priority. Why did you cry if he cheated on you? You voted him out but then cried for him? You faked it. Jaan says I was genuine. Farah says you talk against Nikki also. Jaan says I plotted against her once only. Farah says you plotted against Eijaz, it looks like you are so scared that you are ready to throw anyone under the bus. Jaan says I didn’t cheat Eijaz, he became the captain and I supported him. Nikki says what is he saying? Farah says he is confused himself. Nikki says he doesn’t know what he is saying.
Amith says to Jaan that people call you a flip master. Farah says if you are a mastermind then be open and accept it. Don’t cry and fake your love. Eijaz says Jaan doesn’t have a lot to say about himself. Farah says Jaan calls him a brother but you cursed him that way? Jaan says it was a task. Farah says Rubina did the task well but you didn’t. Farah asks Eijaz if he is still your brother? Eijaz says I forgive him but I can’t trust him. He is very weak, he can flip to any side at any time. Jaan says I agree that I easily get influenced. Farah says you showed respect by not taking Eijaz’s bag. It showed your emotions but otherwise, you are cursing him in such a bad way?
Charrul tells Jaan that don’t say sorry to Eijaz when we leave. Charrul asks who he can’t trust? He says I like Rubina. Farah says but she irritates you a lot. Rubina says I give him advice. Jaan says I discussed my family life with her but she took it as an opportunity. Rubina says what are you saying? I was talking like a human to you. You were telling me about your parent’s separation and I never used it against you. You have lost a friend. Farah tells them to not give him advice moving forward, he doesn’t need it. Rubina says we thought he was a kid but he is not.

Rahul: Charrul says you are playing well but you go off and on. Rahul says I went to the red-zone and you can’t do much. Farah says you are playing well but talk when it’s needed. Don’t say things that are not required. Rahul says I learn things a lot, I don’t say a lot of things now.
Amith asks Rahul if he makes friends use them? Rahul says I am not scared of friendship nor do I have hope from anyone. I take the time to make friends. Farah asks who thinks his friendship was genuine with Nikki? Rahul says I agree that we don’t have a genuine friendship. Jasmin says if he doesn’t hope then why he has an expectation that his friends save him? Why he wants to be the priority? Farah says a valid point. Rahul says I supported you but I am not asking for friendships that are for use only. He says I have a building relationship with Pavitra. She is becoming a friend. Farah says so how long will it last? Rubina says till the next task.
Amith tells Rahul that you pass comments that are offensive like nepotism and commenting on Jasmin’s clothes. Rahul says I did a mistake, I commented on Jasmin’s clothes that she should wear gym attire for the task. I am not judging her. Jasmin says it’s my body so I can wear whatever I want. Farah says don’t use woman card. All of you.

Shardul: Farah says you are just talking to the camera. Shardul says people have love angles here so I get isolated. Farah says you can make yourself enjoyable, you look scared now. Shardul says people asked me to become friends with them but I want to choose my friends. Farah says I can understand that lost work in the lockdown but you have a chance, you are an interesting character so don’t be scared. You look like you are in jail. Do something before going.
Charrul asks Shardul what’s his USP? Shardul says I am unpredictable. Nikki says you don’t have time. Farah says she is right. Shardul says I will pick up.

Kavita: Charrul says that Nikki said it doesn’t matter if you came or went from the house. Kavita says it’s a mutual admiration, I wouldn’t care about her staying or leaving too.
Amith says if someone else will show their emotional side like you did? Kavita says I have a hard exterior, I became an emotional fool here. Farah says did you like what you saw after you left the house? The way you were behaving? Kavita says I am sorry for not making others understand me but I am not sorry for what I said to Eijaz. What stand I took against him. Farah says don’t drag Eijaz’s topic anymore, it’s boring now.
Amith says who is a lion and who is a cat in this house? Kavita says I think Aly is a lion. He works without even saying anything to anyone. I think Nikki, Pavitra and Jasmin are cats too as they just meow. I think Jaan is a cat too. Amith asks what is she? Nikki says wet cat. Kavita says I came back. Eijaz says but you left too. Kavita says because I took the responsibility of some selfish man. Farah asks them to not fight. She wishes luck to Kavita. Kavita says this was a mind-blowing lesson for me. Farah says as a senior I am telling you that you all earned all of this respect with time so don’t lose it on useless things. Don’t lose your respect with cursing and all that. Don’t lose what you have earned in these years.

Farah says that we will nominate now. She asks Charrul who she will nominate first? She says I will nominate Shardul as he is not entertaining or showing any shade. Amith says I will vote for Shardul too, he is not doing anything. Shardul says I didn’t get much time. Farah says you did, entertain this week and get votes from the audience.

Bigg Boss thanks Farah, Charrul and Amith for coming in the house. Farah says love you Eijaz, Kavita and all others. They leave.

12:15 PM
Jasmin asks Shardul to do chopping with her, we have to make lunch. He says I am coming after smoking. Aly tells Nikki that you can’t even make coffee. Nikki says I did how I know. Rahul says you can’t argue with her. Nikki says I am not fluctuating like you. Rahul mimics Nikki talking. He says you call yourself a friend and now jumping on me, I was a *****. He makes noises to irritate her.

12:30 PM
Eijaz tells Nikki that how can I talk to Kavita when she is still saying all that. Nikki says she is not interesting, don’t give her attention. Jasmin comes to Eijaz and says give her your side of the story too. Tell her your point of view. Eijaz says I talked to her yesterday and said that we should move forward but she is saying today that she is not sorry.

Shardul tells Pavitra that when they asked you who you can trust, you took my name but then you said you can trust anyone in the house like I am nothing for you. Pavitra says I have to please others too, I want to win. I know you are with me. I know you are mine. Nikki comes there and says you didn’t take my name, you think you can’t trust me? Pavitra says you people think that I am doing fake promises with you? That I wouldn’t support you when the time comes? Nikki says it doesn’t matter. Pavitra says no one is loyal here. Jaan says you took my name in the last, I felt bad. Nikki says you can trust Eijaz but not us? She says Jaan has come to copy me now, she leaves.

1 PM
Rubina tells Jasmin that you are open to communication with everyone. Jasmin says yes but Abhi doesn’t communicate thinking that you are above their level so it looks like you have a superiority complex. She says Naina even told us that Rubina looks like a fox. it can be negative also. It looks like you just do tasks and then you don’t talk to others because they are all small and very cheap for your class. It looks like a superiority complex.

Rahul calls Eijaz and says I am not ordering you for anything. Eijaz says please call me nicely, don’t order me around. Rahul says I was calling to talk to you but you are not listening. Eijaz says leave it, all are getting crazy today. Rahul says I didn’t order you. Eijaz says I felt like it. Rahul says I am telling you that I just wanted to talk, I just asked you to come here. Eijaz says talk with respect, I will talk to you after dinner. Rahul says please.

1:30 PM
Nikki tells Rubina that I am waiting for the day when I will be in your group and playing a task. Rubina says I like your upfront attitude. Abhi likes your attitude. You might not like us. Nikki says I know you try to make Jaan listen to things but it looks like you are b*t*hing about me. Abhi says I told Jaan that he is infatuated with you and will do anything to be behind you but I knew he would use this against me. He would tell you that I was b*t*hing about you. Nikki says Jaan sticks to me everywhere, he doesn’t leave me alone.

Aly hugs Jasmin and says you are my friend. Jasmin says you are not sitting with me, not giving me time. Aly says I am like this also in real life too. Jasmin says but you miss me when I am not around. Aly says because I miss you. He sings songs for her.

6:30 PM
Pavitra hugs Eijaz and he is shirtless. Aly comes there and runs away. He screams they were romancing and I saw that. Pavitra says I was just hugging him. Jasmin teases Pavitra and she blushes. They all come to Eijaz and see him shirtless. Jasmin asks if she was hugging him? He says yes. Jasmin says Pavitra took advantage of him being shirtless. Eijaz laughs and says yes. Shardul says he is chicha and Pavitra is Chachi now.

7 PM
Jaan asks Eijaz to trust people as Farah asked. Eijaz says she asked me to have a fresh start. I am joking with Pavitra but I won’t play with anyone’s feelings. Jaan says if you have infatuation then give it a chance. Eijaz says she doesn’t want it. Jaan says she has stood up for you so much, you both are strong. Eijaz says she has stood against me also, we will eat each other up.

7:30 PM
The inmates see the garden decorated for the task. They see all the destructive items lying there. Aly says they will ask for the personal items. Abhi says what’s mine? Bigg Boss asks Abhi to sit on the chair first if he wants to know.

Abhi: He sits on the chair and wears headphones to talk to Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says how are you feeling? He says I am scared. Bigg Boss says you should be as this chair is for the nominations and you got trapped. You are nominated but you can get saved with a chance if you make Aly agree that he destroy Jasmin’s doll which she calls Dollu. If he destroys her doll then you will be saved from the nominations. Till he says yes or no, you stay sitting here. Abhi nods and calls Aly. He says if you want to save me then you have to bring Dollu and destroy it. Aly says why me.. Abhi says I know Jasmin has an emotional value but it’s time only that matters. Anyone can target her doll later on. Aly says she doesn’t let me touch her doll, she sleeps with her doll. Nikki says yes, she doesn’t let anyone touch her doll. Abhi says I know but this is what it is. Jasmin gets emotional and says you all people were jealous of Dollu, that’s why I used to hide it. You people used to make fun of it so they noticed it. She cries. Aly says okay, I will do it because Rubina and Abhi have taken care of Jasmin so much, I know she would have done it too. She doesn’t need Dollu when I am here. Rubina hugs Jasmin. Jasmin cries and says Bigg Boss had to sacrifice me first. Aly takes Jasmin’s dollu. Jasmin tells Rubina that I will sleep with you tonight, Abhi will sleep alone. Rubina says yes. Jasmin cries and asks Aly if she can kiss her doll? He doesn’t give her. Abhi says you have shredded it. Aly tells Jasmin that he is a friend and nothing bigger than that. Jasmin nods and allows him. She covers her eyes as Aly shreds her doll to pieces. Bigg Boss tells Abhi that you are safe from the nominations as Aly has done the task. Aly goes and hugs Jasmin. Abhi gets down from the chair. Aly tells Jasmin that I am here for you. Jasmin says you don’t give me time here. Aly says I promise to stay with you the whole night when you can’t sleep.

Jaan: He sits on the chair so Nikki goes away. She says I can fight in the task but I can’t take emotional things. Bigg Boss tells Jaan that you are nominated and if you want to be saved then Nikki has to destroy her personal blanket. Jaan gets tensed and tells Nikki. Nikki says I will give it up, I told you that I will save you when the time comes. All clap for her. She goes and hugs her blanket. She says Bigg Boss played with my emotions. She tears her blanket herself and says it’s fine. Abhi says Jaan will give his blanket to Nikki, he says done. Nikki shreds her blanket and puts it in the storeroom. She says it’s my mother’s blanket, she hugs the blanket and says I miss you, bye. She comes and tells Jaan that you liked that blanket too. Jaan gets emotional. Bigg Boss says you are safe Jaan. He gets down from the chair and hugs Nikki. Nikki says don’t talk to me. He says thank you.

Rubina: Bigg Boss says you are nominated and you have a chance to get saved if you make Jasmin agree that as a captain, she will use her power without Aly’s suggestion and nominate Aly directly. If she nominates Aly then you will be saved. He won’t get a chance to save himself by sitting on the chair. It will be Jasmin’s decision only, she won’t ask for advice at all from Aly. Rubina frowns and tells Jasmin that she has to nominate Aly to save me as she has the power as a captain. Jasmin gets worried. Rubina says you can’t Aly for his suggestion at all. Jasmin says he came here for me but you have supported me when he was not here. Rubina says follow your instinct, I will understand. I trust you and it won’t come in between us. Jasmin cries and says they took my Dollu first and now this. Rubina says I am with you. Jasmin cries and says I can’t nominate him, he came here for me leaving everything. I am sorry, I love you a lot but I can’t nominate my friend who didn’t want to come here but couldn’t see me here like this. He left everything for me. I am sorry Rubina. I want to save Aly. Rubina says I love you, no worries. Bigg Boss tells Rubina that you are nominated as Jasmin couldn’t save you. Aly says sorry to Rubina. Rubina hugs Jasmin and says it’s okay. Pavitra hugs Rubina and says you are very strong, everything will be fine. Jasmin says I am sorry.

9:00 PM
Rubina says I get nominated every week. Pavitra says Tanisha is the most-nominated inmate and Rubina will pass that. Rubina says I trust my fans. Jasmin says I could have given up my clothes and make-up. Anything I would have given but I can’t nominate him. Rubina says I understand, don’t worry, we are together. I know he is important to you. We talked about playing and we might have to go against each other too but the foundation remains the same, we are together. Jasmin says he took care of me when I didn’t know about myself, you have done so much for me. Rubina says and you are our weakness, don’t worry.
Jaan tells Nikki that Jasmin and Rubina’s friendship is very strong. I really respect it today. Nikki says they have an understanding and trust. It’s very important.

9:30 PM
Kavita: Bigg Boss tells her that you are nominated so if you want to get saved, you will ask Abhi to bring Rubina’s doll cutie-patutie, clean it, sit on his knees and tells Nikki that she was right and you were wrong. Then you will give the doll to Nikki as a gift. Kavita tells Abhi and says I don’t want to humiliate you. Don’t do it if you think it’s humiliating. Abhi thinks. Rubina says she has a right to stay in this house. Abhi says you can’t speak. She says of course, I can. Abhi says I will do it. Abhi cleans the doll and brings it from the wall he had put up. He kisses Rubina’s forehead. He says her doll is fresh out of the shower. He sits on knees in front of Nikki and says I was wrong. Rubina sits with him. Abhi says her doll is very strong, I thought she was weak but I was wrong. You were right Nikki. He gives her the doll. Nikki says it’s mine now. Bigg Boss says Kavita is safe from nominations. Abhi hugs Rubina. Nikki dances and says this had to happen. Kavita hugs Abhi and Rubina.

9:30 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that we had to bear all the shit so this is nothing. He says your doll had to bear a lot too. Hina must be watching it.

Bigg Boss says this is the nomination task but also your character’s test so don’t try to influence other’s decisions. He tells Rubina to not influence other’s decisions as otherwise, we can take a strict decision against Abhi. Rubina says I am sorry, it was my mistake.

9:45 PM
Aly: He sits on the chair. Bigg Boss says you can get saved from the nominations if you convince Rubina to give up her hair-styling machine. She won’t get it back and she can’t use another’s a hair-styling machine. If she sacrifices it then you will be saved. Aly sighs and calls Rubina. He tells her that she has to give up her hair-styling machine. Rubina nods. Aly says it’s important for you. Rubina says you are important to Jasmin, I owe this to her. I will do it. Aly says you won’t get any machine. Rubina says it’s materialistic, I can live without that machine but Jasmin can’t live without you. I am doing this for Jasmin only, I am not doing it for you. Aly says you have to put in the storeroom. Jasmin hugs Abhi and says I did make real friends. Rubina puts her hair-styling machine in the storeroom. Bigg Boss says Aly is safe now. Jasmin hugs Rubina. Rubina says it’s okay. Rubina says I will make a braid. Jasmin says you can use mine. Rubina says it’s okay. Jasmin I am giving you my set. Rubina says it’s okay. Jasmin says why they put us against each other. Abhi says because no one else would sacrifice like we did for each other.

Aly tells Rahul that this task is about winning hearts. I know they did it for her and not me. I don’t owe anything to Rubina as she did it for Jasmin, not me.

PRECAP – Bigg Boss tells Pavitra that Eijaz has to destroy his dogs’ photos to save her. Eijaz gets emotional but agrees to do it. Pavitra cries and says I know how important that is. Don’t do it. Eijaz smiles and brings the photos to destroy. He says I had these dogs for 14 years.
Rahul tells the inmates that I have a girl in my life which I know for 2 years now. She is the most beautiful girl. Her name is Disha Parmar and she is very important to me. He sits on his knees and says will you marry me? All cheer for him.
Neeti, Shaan, DJ Chetas, Sachin and Anu Malik will enter the house to have a fun time with the inmates. All inmates dance to their songs.

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