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Bigg Boss 11th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day

Gauhar says Sarah has shown strength in the tasks. Rahul has shown power while taking a stand. I can’t do this.
Sid says I think it’s Sarah, she tried her best in the task but she didn’t stand out in the house.
Salman ask who is over-planned and over-calculated? Hina says I think Shahzad as he always says that he has watched all the seasons. Gauhar says it’s Rubina as she is creating confusions because of her calculations, she is making things complex. Sid says it’s Nishant and Shahzad, they have planned how to look in the house.
Salman asks who is perfect for the Bigg Boss? Hina says Nikki is a senior now so it’s Pavitra. Gauhar says it’s Pavitra as she has all the qualities. Pavitra thanks her. Sid says it’s Pavitra for me also. I have worked with her so I know if she wants to take on everyone then she will, she is just opening up and will show her colors. I have bet my money on her.
Salman asks who is a disappointment? Hina says it’s Rubina, she is not showing herself. Gauhar says I think it’s Abhi, he is forward and is taking a lead but when there is a time to talk, he doesn’t make things clear. He doesn’t talk black and white when it’s about Rubina. Sid takes Rubina’s name and says I thought she is a strong person but she is too critical and thinks that everyone is against her. She should have a more positive approach.
Salman says our new senior Nikki will give her test now. He says we will see how much you know other freshers. Salman asks Jaan and Abhi to bring items from the storeroom as they are not doing anything else.
Salman makes everyone wear balloons about misunderstandings. Salman asks Nikki what misunderstanding they have? Nikki bursts Jasmin’s balloon and says she talks behind the backs but she thinks she is a straightforward person. Nikki bursts Rubina’s ballon and says she is very smart but acts like she is dumb. Nikki bursts Abhi’s balloon saying he thinks he is shown on the show but he isn’t. She bursts Nishant’s balloon saying he is not showing himself. She bursts Jaan’s balloon as he is not taking his decisions. She bursts Rahul’s balloon as he thinks he can get a kiss from anyone. Sid says it was his task by us. Nikki bursts Eijaz’s balloon as he doesn’t know BB has started, he is still in the shock. Eijaz says yes I am in the coma.
Salman asys
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