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Nomination & Eviction Special
Day 9
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song Disco Deewane. They all wake up and dance. Gauhar dances and enjoys.

10:45 AM
Eijaz asks if he can use the gym? Gauhar says you have to ask Hina. Sid says you can ask Nikki. Eijaz says Nikki ma’am if he can use the gym? Nikki says I am in-charge of my duties. You can ask Hina. Eijaz says thank you for your guidance. Sid laughs.
Nishant tells Nikki that he is provoking you to get attention.

11 AM
Jaan tells Nishant that I gifted a toy puppy to my ex and she gave it to someone else.
Eijaz tells Rahul that they are focusing on game now? He comes to Jaan and says what are you doing? Are you focusing on your game? Jaan says we are talking. Nishant says he should focus on his game.

11:15 AM
Eijaz asks for the items. Sarah says I want items. Abhi says we have to reasonable. Eijaz says I have got 1 item only till now. Sarah says I have nothing of mine, I am asking others to get things. I cannot deal with this anymore. Eijaz says I will leave my 2 items for you Sarah. Pavitra says I will get 4 items. Abhi says you can’t use 7 items in a day. Rahul says Abhi this is not relevant. Abhi says if you don’t have a solution then shut up. I am trying to get the items to listen to lessen. Sarah says I have no clothes. Shahzad says give some items to Sarah, she doesn’t have clothes. Jaan tells Shahzad that why you are talking out of nowhere? Shahzad says I want two items of my own.
Sid tells Hina that they don’t compromise on 1 item per person but when the task comes then they easily let a person win. We won’t tell them how to do it. Hina says I am not telling them anything.

11:30 AM
Jaan comes to Eijaz. Jasmin is working in the kitchen. Jaan asks Eijaz to not eat that much. Eijaz says to focus on your game, you are half hanging in the grave. Jaan says I was not making fun of you. I was talking to you normally. Eijaz says they had opinions about you yesterday. We had fun going on but people think that you people are making fun of me. Don’t focus on me. Jaan says I am not focusing on you.

1:15 PM
Abhi says we are cleaning the fridge so if anyone wants to save anything then save it. Rahul says I had my left-over food saved in the fridge. Abhi says we have kept it safe. Rahul says I don’t trust anyone, people are stealing eggs here. Abhi says you make no sense. Rahul says you talk about useless things. Do you want a screwdriver? Abhi says I will tighten your screws soon. Rahul says my eggs were stolen. Abhi says you are frustrated. Rahul says you look frustrated. Abhi laughs and says I am not from this side. Rahul says it was the first week so all were acting nice, now all will show their reality. Pavitra says no one was innocent before, they were all playing a game. Rahul says they are all showing their cards now. Sid and Hina clap for him.

2:15 PM
Nikki is steam-ironing boxers. Pavitra says whose are they? She says my ex-boyfriend. Pavitra says if you loved him then why did you leave? Nikki says I got bored. Pavitra laughs and says it’s my problem too. Jaan says she is giving him too much respect.

2:30 PM
Jaan is cleaning the floor. Eijaz pokes him and pushes him. Jaan says don’t do it, I am working here and I was about to fall down. Eijaz says don’t shout at me again. Jaan says then don’t mess with me again. Eijaz says fine.

7:45 PM
Eijaz tells Jasmin that I didn’t want you to thank me yesterday, you could have just taken my name. I misunderstood maybe. Sid and Gauhar watch them. Eijaz tells Jasmin that I probably expected you to say that people fought for you. Jasmin says I said that I negotiated with others, you made me understand to not fight with others. Hina tells Gauhar that Eijaz’s point about Jasmin’s dress was very silly. Sid comes to them. Jasmin comes and hugs Eijaz. Sid tells Jasmin that you said you would be strong from now? Now you are hugging him? You should have fought with him. Sid says he cleared his point of view. He is a nice person and I am not wrong about people. Don’t try to make us fight.

8:15 PM
Jaan asks Nikki what she thinks about Rubina? Nikki says she is doing a drama and will burst out soon. Nishant says she has a teacher attitude. Nikki says she does dominate at some points. Nishant says no she scolds like a mom. ,,

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