Bigg Boss 14: Was Sara Gurpal’s Eviction Fair? Netizens are Furious, Read Tweets

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Last night in Bigg Boss 14, something shocking happened as as the first eviction was due we saw the exit of Sara Gurpal. We saw the nominations happen and the housemates nominated very fairly but when the decision of choosing one to get eliminated went to the seniors, it all went berserk.

However, this decision of the seniors did not go well with the fans. #SaraGurpal is trending on Twitter and fans feel that the decision should not have been in the seniors’ hand. They feel that the seniors were not fair as Sara was the one who agreed to cut her hair to get into the house. Sara had also done well in the immunity task. Netizens are enraged at this decision.

Not just the fans, many TV personalities and ex-Bigg Boss contestants too are saying that it was unfair to Sara. Read tweets.

What do you think? Should Sara have stayed in the house? Was she deserving to stay?

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