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Bigg Boss 18th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says I will come tomorrow also. He says Jasmin and Rahul were seen a lot this week. Rubina is in the form and everyone is raising voice against Nikki. He says it’s clear that Rubina and Nikki are against each other while all others are hiding behind them. We gave a task to the freshers in which they had to tell who has more garbage between Rubina and Nikki and see what happened.

Rubina tells the inmates that this is the task about garbage in my mind, I am against this task. I won’t be part of this task and I don’t have any clothes to get ready also. I am not a bin of garbage and if I am part of the family then I should get things to get ready also. I am opting out of this. Hina says this is also weekend’s episode so you should sit for Salman. You can discuss this with BB after the episode. Rubina says I am here but if I feel that it’s not right so I am allowed to not be a part of it. Thank you.

Rubina tells everyone that they asked us to get ready but with what things? Shahzad says I used old clothes also. Gauhar says there are allegations in this house and you have to put your point across. They will give you a cue cards task also. Rubina says it’s between me and Bigg Boss. Rubina says they are asking to tell how much garbage I have in my mind. It’s not freshers saying but the management telling me that I have garbage in my mind. Nishant tells Rahul that denying tasks are very wrong. Rubina says I have a beautiful mind. Hina tells Gauhar that this is a wrong game for her if she thinks they will praise her only.

Salman connects the video call to the house. All gather to sit down. Rubina sits too. Salman says I thought you wouldn’t be here? Rubina says they didn’t open doors. Salman says did you go to college after school? She says I did. Salman says if they asked you to study biology then you said no? Rubina says I failed the subjects. Salman says you are failing here also. He says if you are given tasks in the army and you don’t follow the rules then what? Rubina says I follow all the rules. Salman says you don’t interact with housemates, you are just interacting with Bigg Boss only. Rubina says I have never questioned Bigg Boss’s rules. Salman says I have done 11 seasons of this show, it’s a big show but this is the first time you are questioning the show only, have you watched the BB shows? Rubina says no. Salman says that’s why. You are doing a show without knowing about it? Rubina says it’s my mistake. Salman asks Abhi. Abhi says I have watched 2 shows only. Salman says will you sign a show without reading a script? Do you want to make your own rules? She says no. Salman says we gave a choice to Abhi to get you inside the house by losing his immunity but he didn’t. You said you were proud of him playing for himself. You then were given a chance to win your items and clothes. We gave you the chance against the inmates, they all got their items but you didn’t win. You got 3 chances in this house, you lost those chances. We are looking after your medical conditions. We even gave you clothes by breaking the rules but it was a medical condition. Whose failure is that? Why Bigg Boss is wrong? Why are you competing with Bigg Boss? You are competing with the freshers. We don’t see you competing against them, you are just pointing out Bigg Boss’s rules. Rubina says if you give me time.. Salman says so you didn’t get clothes? Rubina says no. Salman says you refused to do the task. This task about the mind’s garbage. He asks Abhi that when you discuss with your wife at home, you had problems with each other also. You have problems when you don’t know each other well so you might think that someone has garbage in their minds. You can sit and talk to each other to clean that. Garbage mind means illogical things. Rubina says I found that it’s insulting for me and I showed it. Salman says people have said this about you already. Rubina says I know that but the management can’t say that. Salman says we have cameras everywhere so we know what others are talking about you. Rubina says it was insulting for me. Salman says we didn’t insult you, you didn’t even do the task. Rubina says how can the management say that I have a garbage mind? Salman says they might have talked about Nikki’s mind being garbage. You don’t have an open mind, we are not saying that you have a filthy mind but people think you are misunderstanding things. You could have done the task and cleared your stance. Rubina says I thought it was insulting for me as the management said that my mind has garbage, I did a mistake by not watching the seasons but can’t I put my point across. Gauhar says we haven’t seen refusal of the task outright like this. Salman says people have stopped doing the tasks but they come back. This is not a physical fitness game, it’s a mental game. Salman says I believe this is wrong. If you don’t have your things then I can’t say that you should pack your bags and go out but you have private baggage which is called Abhi. Rubina says he is not a thing. Salman says to Rubina that I don’t want to have an argument with you. I am not a contestant against you. I am not your foe so don’t try to have a discussion with me. Rubina says I am putting my point across. Salman says this is an invalid point, you have come to this show on your own. This is your own fault Rubina. You tell us what you want to do now? One inmate will go today. Rubina says it’s your call. Salman says if you have a problem with the show then your call. Rubina says I don’t have a problem with the show, I have a problem with putting myself as garbage. Salman says you did very well this week and we wanted to praise you today but you destroyed by doing this today. Rubina says I am not against the network, I am just saying that it’s insulting for me. They asked me to become a bin and people will tell me how much garbage I have in my mind, you told us to not accept someone calling us average or poor so how can I accept being called garbage? Salman says we do a balloon task in which others tell you about a misunderstanding you have about yourself. Gauhar says we do tasks in which we throw garbage on each other so it’s all insult? It’s just the words given for entertainment purposes. We can ask you to approve everything. Rubina says I found it derogatory. Salman asks Abhi if he would have done this task? He says yes. Sid, Gauhar and Hina say they have done these kinds of tasks as this is the game. Salman says sometimes I don’t like things but you can put your point across where it makes sense. Rubina says I am putting my point across but I am being scolded by you. Salman says I am not screaming at you, I am talking to you with respect, I am just telling you that you are wrong and it will cost you.

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