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Bigg Boss 4th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 1
6 AM
Sid, Hina and Gauhar enter the house. Hina screams seeing the house again. Sid says the house is very nice. Bigg Boss welcomes them and ask them all to go to the living area. All contestants welcome them. Rahul asks Sid how is he? Jasmin says I was looking where my hair was cut. Sid says you were sweet and didn’t react. Jasmin says I had to be strong. Sid says wow, your tasks will be good then. Bigg Boss says this is a new season and people are changing their lifestyles because of Covid, we have a new normal but we have been doing lockdown since the first season, we have been doing work from home from this house to entertain everyone. This time, BB will bring a new season with entertainment for the audience. You all are responsible for this. Like the whole world changed this year, Bigg Boss scene will change too. Only the best contestants from these freshers will move forward. To choose them, we have given this responsibility to three seniors. Gauhar set a benchmark by not breaking a single rule, she will make new rules now. Hina always gave her 100% in the tasks. She will make it difficult for you guys. Sid was the last season’s winner, he took a stand in front of Salman also to tell about the truth. He will judge at each step now. We will continue this for the next 2 weeks. All freshers are in the ‘to be confirmed’ (TBC) list till them. Whoever becomes the winner in Gauhar, Hina and Sid’s eyes will move forward and others will leave the house in just 2 weeks. 4 contestants were rejected on the first day only. The 4 contestants who were rejected will stay in the garden area till the order is reversed. We have a strong connection with these seniors and hope this continues. We remember 7 years back when Gauhar was called in the confession room for the first time, she was very emotional. We want to see if she same, we want to call her back in the confession room. Gauhar laughs and says I am still the same, she sighs and goes to the confession room.

Gauhar says hi to BB and says I am shivering. Bigg Boss says hello Gauhar. She laughs and says the way you say Gauhar.. it makes my heart pump faster, how are you? He says we are good now. She says I can’t tell you what I am feeling right now. I feel what I felt 7 years ago. Bigg Boss says it’s good to see your love still intact for the show.
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