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Bigg Boss 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 5
6:15 PM
Nikki says Pavitra is doing all this for content, Jasmin says really? Nikki says don’t enjoy both sides. You are a double-dholki (dual-faced). Jasmin says I can b*t*h on your face. Nikki says you were b*t*hing about me to Gauhar behind my back. Jasmin comes to Pavitra and says Nikki said that Pavitra is doing this for content. Pavitra says she she is crazy.
Sarah comes to Nikki. Nikki says you want to sit with other people then don’t sit with me, if you have a problem with me then leave. Jaan asks Sarah to sit with them. Sarah leaves. Jaan tries to talk to Nikki but she says we don’t have a good understanding so leave it. Pavitra comes to Nikki and says listen to me, you told me that Rahul didn’t clean the washroom and I had a fight with him over that. It’s not about getting content. Nikki says I thought you are doing this for content and I can say anything, you didn’t have a problem when a girl was abused. Pavitra says I wouldn’t stay silent if someone touches me wrongly, I would slap them tightly. Nikki says you saying all this but you don’t have guts. Pavitra says I don’t have to know about my guts from you. Nikki says if you have guts then raise your hand. Pavitra says you should work on your memory.
Sid tells Gauhar that you have lost the plot, I was here just last season. Gauhar asks him to get lost.
Nikki tells Jaan that you are talking about me to Sarah, I told her to leave. Sarah comes there and asks Nikki to talk to her directly. Jaan tells Nikki that she is mad, I asked Sarah to sit with them so they can talk. Jaan gets angry on Sarah and asks her to leave.

6:30 PM
Jaan tells Nikki that I know you don’t like Sarah. Nikki says I don’t like Sarah, she can’t take a stand for herself. I don’t like her, if I am sitting with you then I don’t want her here. Nikki says she is spineless. Jaan says Sid was right. Shahzad was leaving so Nikki asks Jaan to remain silent as he might listen. Shahzad comes there and tells Nikki that you are irritating. I am not listening to you talking, I was just going from here. I am ignoring you since morning, don’t provoke me. Jaan says it’s okay shahzad. He leaves. Nikki asks Jaan to ignore them. Jaan says I don’t have a problem with him. Nikki says when you are sitting with me then don’t talk to them. Shahzad comes there and tells Jaan to not endorse someone wrong.

7 PM

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