CheckMate,Aham & Kashmira FF(Manmarziyan)Part 50

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Arjun rubbed his forehead & took a deep breath. He sat in Vishal’s cabin on Intelligence Bureau’s Headquarter in Delhi.
Vishal- What? Not got satisfactory response from Ministry of External Affairs?
Arjun- Ukraine Police arrested that Air- Hostess Sophie Campbell & interrogated her. That lady accepted that she smuggled the packet from Ukraine to India for money but she has no idea what was in that packet! Linda handed her the packet in an cafe outside airport, then both travelled in same flight. Interpol is trying to track Linda Joseph but the way she cleverly changing her identities & whereabouts…..
Arjun sighed.
Arjun- Vishal, is it possible to get details about Bronwen Rylan?
Vishal- Arjun, that person used dark web, money already get transferred. Is He or She using the same IP address for us to track? But it’s sure at the time of money transfer that Rylan account operated from Moldova. What are you suspecting Arjun! What can be in that packet?
Arjun- Vishal, You know Moldova is the black market of nuclear materials. A huge amount was transferred from Khanna Industries to that Bronwen Rylan. So, I am fearing the worst. But I am also thinking, is it possible to smuggle such things without getting caught in any single point??
Vishal- I can say it’s difficult but not  impossible. Uranium can be shielded by a steel pipe & then putting the pipe inside a lead lining cover box… As Custom has X ray & radio activity detectors available,may be that’s why Linda took help from that air-hostess Sophie. Come on, an air- hostess regular in Kiev India flight, it’s not impossible for her to take out the packet skipping the security check. I think You should pressurize Ukraine Police to claim her custody via Our External Affairs Ministry.
Arjun banged His hand on the table. “Damn!”
Arjun- Come on, it’s a long process. She smuggled that packet from Ukraine. So, their Police is investigating. I don’t think I have enough time to wait for the process to get complete. Plus, we don’t know what was in that packet! It can be drugs, gold bars or anything other. We can’t say with 200% surity. This makes our claim weak. It’s our assumption that may be nuclear elements get smuggled. The main fact is the packet now is in India. The process of getting her custody is on. The details confession on how she smuggled the packet will be necessary when I will arrest all the bastards who are behind this conspiracy to make the Charge Sheet watertight to produce in court.
Arjun stood up. ” Need to go Vishal. Have some work. Can’t come in your home, please manage Aunty but next time sure. ”
Vishal- Remember the promise. By the way Arjun, I think I should marry now. Mom is constantly saying & Mahek also don’t want to wait any longer.
Arjun- You are in serious relationship for years, so, what the problem to marry her? See, I know it’s The End of Your independence, but still…  Hope I get the invitation.
Vishal- Saale, You didn’t invite me in Your marriage, You are here but still didn’t even offered to give treat!
Arjun- hmmm. Serious problem. See, I am leaving Delhi at night. We will have our lunch together. Where, You decide.
Vishal- Concentrate in Your work Arjun. I was just pulling your legs.
Arjun- I know my friend. Come on, I will also eat naa!
Vishal- Okay. In Pind Balluchi at 2 pm.
Arjun- done! But You have to come with Mahek. Convince her at any cost.
Vishal smiled & nodded his head. Arjun too smile. “See both of You at 2pm! ”

Arjun opened the lock & entered in his room. He is staying in the Circuit house of Ministry of Home Affairs in Delhi. He first decided to freshen up then he need to think about the case from the beginning. After sometimes, He came out from washroom after taking bath. He sat on the bed & switched on his laptop. He noticed a new mail  from his informer. He click open the mail. Details about IPS Reyansh Saxena. “Okay, let’s begin from IPS Reyansh.” Arjun murmured to himself. His informer sent him the details of cases IPS Reyansh handled. Arjun carefully started reading the details. IPS Reyansh posted as ACP 1 in Mumbai Crime Branch, unit 4, under the training module. He solved a bank robbery case within 48 hours. After that, He solved a kidnapping case of a little girl & rescued the girl unharmed. Looking at His capability, at that time, Higher officials handed him the mysterious death case of Thomas Gomes. Arjun checked that Reyansh was investigating this case at the time of his death in accident. Thomas Gomes, the owner of Green View Restaurant, died in an heart attack.
Arjun was shocked. “What? What? Green View Restaurant! Dev took Samaira in that Green View Restaurant…. Rajen was a waiter in Green View Restaurant…. Ravi sent His girlfriend Puja to collect the car from Green View Restaurant parking area! Shit.. I knew those incidents were not mere co incidence. Now, this is the correct time to explore this link. ” Arjun lit a cigarette & carefully resumed reading.
“Thomas mother Elina Gomes asked for an investigation for His son’s death. She doubted that Her son’s death was not an simple heart attack but a conspiracy & her daughter in law most probably responsible as before death, Thomas was broken & He said to His mother that he suspecting his wife Swetlana having an affair with another man. But after Thomas death, the lawyer revealed Thomas Wills that Thomas transferred all His properties in Swetlana’s name.”
“Hmmm!” Arjun puffed his cigarette. “Either Elina Gomes overreacted because she was a jealous mother in law or it’s really a foul play but looking at the current situation I can easily rule out the first possibility.”
Hell, why no other details?
“As Reyansh died while investigating the case, Thomas mysterious death case was handed to CBI & after a year, CBI gave clean chit to Swetlana & declared Thomas death as Heart attack & also Reyansh accident not anyhow connected with the case.”
“So, Reyansh was unable to complete the investigation & submit the report! But now, How could I know what Reyansh investigated? What was His thought regarding Thomas death?
“Now some doubts” Arjun started summing up all the points.
According to Reyansh father, IPS Chandrashekhar statement, on His marriage day Reyansh went to meet with His informer as He was going to give Him an important clue but at that time Reyansh was only doing the investigation of mysterious death case of Thomas Gomes. Reyansh meeting with that Informer was so important that he left delaying His marriage without listening his mother! & Then He died in an accident. Before taking last breath, Rana confessed Reyansh death was not an accident. Rana worked for Nandini. How Rana get to know that Reyansh death was not an accident? So, was Rana caused the accident? But Why?
Arjun lit another cigarette.
How Nandini & Rana involved in Thomas case? Though in Mission Chaturanga, few times Green Valley Resturant was mentioned & there were some involvement but the clues were never too strong. At the time of Reyansh death, Samrat & Nandini both were not a part of Business world & Khanna Industries. Then? Then?? Well, according to Rekha Bhatia, Samrat proposed Piyali despite knowing Her likings towards Reyansh. After Reyansh death, Samrat married Piyali & also got the ownership of Khanna Industries. So, Samrat was the ultimate gainer! So, it’s possible Samrat planned Reyansh accident because He was jealous. But then, Samrat or may be someone other who was working for Samrat did the phone call on Reyansh marriage day, convinced Reyansh by forging himself as Informer to come & meet with him.
Arjun rubbed His forehead. “Naa! Still not enough convincing! What’s Nandini’s role in all these mess? Piyali & Anju aka Nandini were best friends according to Rekha & Anju was an introvert. I need to find out this Nandini as soon as possible. She is indeed a mystery. Samrat is no more but this Nandini can solve all the mystery.
Now another important point, Anirudh Sir told that after Reyansh death, IPS Chandrashekhar came in IB Office & suspected Reyansh death was planned murder & related with Pranav Sarin’s case. How Pranav Sarin involved? Pranav was an Mole & IPS Chandrashekhar failed to capture Him. Arjun started checking details about Pranav which His informer sent him.
Every details about that man is fake. In fact, His case still one of the greatest mystery of IB. How smoothly the man operated against IB staying inside, though IPS Chandrashekhar blown his cover but failed to arrest Him. After Chandrashekhar,other teams also carefully investigated Pranav case but they too get nothing. In fact, the way Chandrashekhar investigated, there was no loopholes. Later, IB concluded that most probably Pranav got killed but IB has no strong evidence regarding this claim.
Arjun sighed & looked at the photograph of Pranav Sarin’s from IB’s file. How this man is involved with my Mission or am I wasting time by taking wrong path? May be, it’s IPS Chandrashekhar Saxena’s emotional outburst after losing His only son that without any valid reasons He claimed that Pranav Sarin & Reyansh accident case was linked.
Next, Piyali Khanna, after Reyansh death when Aniket Chaudhary was forcing Piyali for abortion, she stood firm not to abort Reyansh’s last symbol & married Samrat. How can that lady left that child when she was only 4 years old to ran away with some other man! Absolutely absurd! Arjun concluded.
Piyali’s disappearance was a conspiracy. Else, how could Samrat able to acquired the whole property of Khanna Industries? But Aniket changed the wills before his death, if something happens to Samaira before she turned 25, all properties should be distributed among trust & NGOs. It’s means Aniket gauged the conspiracy but He died in heart attack, Thomas death was also heart attack! & Now, Khanna Industries became bankrupt, all their balance was transferred to the account of some Bronwen Rylan in Moldova via dark web & then the mysterious packet smuggled to India by Linda Joseph, an International criminal & Rana handed over the packet to a mystery man!
Arjun rubbed His forehead. He is confused. After carefully checking so many clues, still He is clueless about the conspiracy. If any big conspiracy is planned, why Intelligence Bureau’s informers team unable to collect any single information?
His chain of thought was broken by the loud ringing of his phone. “Samaira calling!” Arjun received the call.
Arjun- Yes Samaira?
Samaira- Nothing Arjun. As always just the moment You leave the house, You forget that you have a wife.
Arjun- Samaira….
Samaira- I don’t want to fight with you now. Just wanted to know that you reached safely.
Arjun- Yes Samaira. I reached safely in Delhi. Actually, I was busy in some works.
Samaira- that’s I know. You always remain busy, You have no time for me.
Arjun- & You know that’s not true. I Love You Samaira.
Samaira- When are you returning Arjun?
Arjun- Are You okay dear?
Samaira- I am fine Arjun. I am just asking.
Arjun- Samaira, I can’t say surely, depends on my work. If not tomorrow, then definitely day after.
Samaira- hmmm. Okay.
Arjun- Don’t be tensed dear. Take care of yourself, You are precious to me. Hope you are taking your medicine in time.
Samaira- You will never ever understand. Anyway, I am taking my medicine properly. You complete your work & comeback soon & please be safe Arjun.
Arjun- You always underestimated your husband’s capability.
Samaira- No Arjun, actually I don’t trust my luck.
Arjun- Samaira….
Samaira- Have You had your lunch?
Arjun- No, till now not.
Samaira- If You don’t take care of your health, how the hell You are going to fight & solve the case?
Arjun- It’s not like that. Here one of my close friend complaint that neither I invited Him in our marriage nor I gave treat. So, I promised them that lunch from my side..
Samaira- Okay, I got it. So, You are now in Restaurant?
Arjun- No, I will meet with Him & his would be wife at 2 pm.
Samaira- It’s now 1:30pm & where are you?
Arjun- oh, I am in my room in Circuit House.
Samaira- How irresponsible You are Arjun!! When you are giving them treat, that’s mean, You are the host. So, don’t You think it’s bad manner to be late.
Arjun- Arre, I was thinking about the case & didn’t notice the time.
Samaira- & Smoking cigarette, correct?
Arjun bites His lips & looked towards the ashtray. ” I will reach on time.”
Samaira- Why are you wasting time? Get ready & reach the Resturant now.
Arjun- okay. You had your lunch?
Samaira- I am sitting in Canteen & ordered. Anyway, bye & enjoy your lunch with your friends. I will listen the details later.
Arjun- Bye & I Love You.
Samaira- Love You too & be safe.
After disconnecting the call, Arjun looked towards His phone. He has Samaira’s photo on his phone’s wallpaper, the one He clicked in Goa on their honeymoon when she was enjoying in beach & her hairs flying back behind her.
Arjun smiled looking at the picture. ” You are my brave wife. The way You handled yourself facing the identity crisis, I am really proud of you. I am only hoping for the best. Hope my assumption that You are Reyansh daughter don’t get wrong.”
Arjun get ready & reached the Resturant almost 20 minutes late. Vishal & Mahek was waiting for Him.
Arjun- Sorry, sorry friends. I got late.
Mahek- What’s new in it? You always comes late Arjun. By the way, give your wife’s phone number.
Arjun checked his watch. “I am only 20 minutes late. This is a very trivial matter. Don’t drag Samaira in this.
Mahek grinned. ” Oh my God! IPS Arjun Mehra afraid of his wife! That’s the breaking news. I am asking for her number only to congratulate her. After all, she got married to You!
Arjun – I will convey your wishes.
Mahek- not done!
Arjun rolled his eyes & gave Samaira’s number to them.
Arjun- By the way, now both of you just forget that you are having purse with you.
Vishal- We forgot long ago! You are reminding us Arjun.
They all laughed together. Arjun dialed Samaira’s number from His phone & introduced Her to His friends. The afternoon was nicely spent.

Sashank Bhargav irritatedly received His phone which was constantly ringing.
Sashank- Hello.
A male voice from other side- Arjun Mehra investigating the death of IPS Reyansh Saxena.
Sashank- What?
He almost pushed the half naked girl with whom He was on bed.
The Man- Arjun even checking about Pranav Sarin!!
Sashank gulped & wiped the drops of sweats from His forehead.
Sashank- Where is Arjun now?
The Man- In Delhi. But at evening, He left Circuit House. No idea where He is now.
Sashank angrily disconnected the call.
“It’s impossible! How Arjun get the link of Reyansh??”  He is doomed. Sashank grabbed His shirt & rushed outside of the room.

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