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A cute girl is shown sleeping cuddling her mother . They are revealed to be Kiara and her mother Twinkle. Twinkle wake up with bright smile and see her Chand ka tukda sleeping beside her. She smiled and kissed on her forehead.

Twinkle: Mera bacha. She pats on her cheek. Kiara wake up see it’s 7:30 bacha.

Mumma has to go office.

She is continuously patting on her cheeks but her daughter didn’t paid any heed to her. Then she get up from bed , goes near window and pulled the curtains. Sunlight came on Kiara face due to this her sleep get disturbed.

Kiara: Ammmm Mumma let me sleep na

Twinkle: okay sleep I will go to office. Then don’t complain me Mumma that you went without meeting me. Kiara immediately opens her eyes and make faces.

Kiara: Huhhh Mumma you are so bad.

Twinkle: I know. Chalo wake up. She lifts her up and both get freshen up. Kiara get ready after throwing so many tantrums to Twinkle and getting scolding from her.

Twinkle: Lets go to eat breakfast. She holds Kiara hand and go downstairs.

They goes near dinning table Leela and Rt are already sitting their.

Rt: So our Princess come.

Kiara: Yes Nanu . And sit opposite to them and Twinkle beside her.

Leela: Today our princess looking so cute. Kiara smiles

Kiara: Thank you so much Nani. And give her flying kiss. They all chuckled.

Twinkle: Ha now end this session and eat. She feed her with her hands and herself also eat.

Kiara: Mumma I don’t want to eat now. I am full.

Twinkle: Kiara don’t do drama I am getting late. She feeds her forcefully.

After sometimes she get ready to go office.

Twinkle: Kiara bacha I am going office okay. So don’t trouble your Nani, I will come soon. She kissed on her cheeks.

Kiara: Okay Mumma bye. She waves her hand.

Then Twinkle went to Taneja office and Kiara play with her neighbourhood friends

Other side in Airport.

A handsome hunk came wearing shades with his luggage and his eyes were searching for someone. A man waved him and called him.

Man: Hiii Kunjjj!!! So the person wearing shades is none other than Kunj.

Kunj come to the man and hugged him.

Kunj: Heey Kabir. How’s you ?? The second person is Kabir Malhotra

Kabir:I am fine. So finally you came I am so happy, missed you so much .Kunj smiled.

Kunj: Same here. A Girl came from behind.

Girl: You forgot me naa..

Kunj: Ohhh not at all Shanaya jii. He hugged her.

Shanaya: Good Mr Sarna. Now let’s go.

They three of them sit in car and drove to drop Kunj.

Kabir: Bro you are so mean, you will live in other mansion inspite we are here still. Huhh

Shanya: True Bhai he proved us that we are not his family.

Kunj: It’s not like that.. I just don’t wanted to trouble you all you helped me lot not anymore now.

Kabir & Shanaya: Whetever. And rolled there eyes.

There car stopped at big lavish mansion.

They came out from car.

Kabir: So this is your new house. Did you like it??

Kunj: Bro I love it.. It’s Awesome man.

Kabir: Afterall my choice. Kunj rolled his eyes. They goes inside and Kabir showed Kunj whole mansion.

Kabir: So this your room. I set everything in your style ok. And I have done all arrangements servants are here for house work and chef also. I have told them their work. Kunj smiled.

Kunj: Thank youuuu soooo much yaar.

Shanaya: Ufff Kunj no formality. Ok

Kabir: Now you get freshen up then you will go to our house for breakfast. Kunj hummed and went inside washroom get freshnup quickly.

Shanaya: Chalo now I am very much hungry. We both have not eaten anything because of you Kunj.

Kabir: Haaa meri bukkad behena . Kunj laugh out.

They went to Malhotra Mansion.

They reached and went inside.

Girish and Sarita are parents of Kabir and Shanaya.

Girish: Areyy Kunj beta you came. See Sarita they came. They both hug Kunj. Kunj feel so good.

Sarita: How are you??beta

Kunj: Ek dum top notch Aunty.

Girish: Good.

Shanaya: Chalo Maa Kunj is very hungry

Kunj: Kyu nhi Bhukhi Sherni.

They all went to dinning table and see delicious food.

Kabir: See Sista everything is of Kunj favourite. Huuhh our parents don’t love us. They both siblings make puppy faces.

Shanaya: Right Bhai they only love Kunj.

Girish: Bas drama now eat.

After breakfast they besties are sitting together and chit chatting. Kabir and Shanaya are fighting with each other and Kunj is sitting quietly busy in his own world. Kabir see this and gestures Shanaya.

Kabir: What happed Kunj he said snapping his finger infront of Kunj. He come in sense.

Kunj: Nothing justtt

Kabir: Thinking about her. Kunj look at him.

Kunj: Yes.. No.. Don’t know. I think Yess afterall I loved her so much. How can I forget her she is my first and last love. I am crazy for her. You know I just spend 1 year and it’s been 4 years to our seperation. I have got habit of her in just 1 year which is still not got over whyyyyy???Not a single day went when I didn’t miss her, every second I miss her like hell. It’s good that I came here because in that house her memories are present… He close his eyes and remember Tears rolled down from his eyes. I can’t forget her and also can’t forgive her. She is responsible for this situation. Did it was my mistake???? Haan Kabir, Shanaya they both nodded in no. But why I suffer???

Shanaya: Don’t cry Kunj be strong we are here with you

Kabir: Yeaah you can’t broke like this. I knew this thats why I wanted you to settle your buisness here. Leave all her memory in London ok. Kunj nodded his head and hugged him.


Heyy people so this is my first story. I read many Twinj stories on TU. Hope you all like it and plese do vote. 🤗🤗🤗. I am Wattpad too

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