Choti Sardarni 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Amrita sees Manav

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Choti Sardarni 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param asks Meher mama 2+4? Meher says 6. He says no wrong. Param says burned pizza. He tried six times but he couldn’t make Pizza. Sarab says no I made amazing pizzas. Meher give him another chance. Param says aren’t you coming? Meher says no one is with nani. I will come when Amrita mami is here. Param says please come.

Vikram and Aditi are coming towards Kulwant’s room. Vikram comes inside and says hello Mrs. Gill. I am Vikram Deewan It’s Amrita. Amrita never saw Manav. She says I am her SIL. She left. He says I came to meet Mr. Gill’s MIL. Amrita says she is asleep. Vikram says it’s okay I will leave. Kulwant is asleep. He says it’s okay. He leaves. Amrita tells Kulwant some Sarab’s friend came to meet you. I forgot his name, I guess Vikrant.

Scene 2
Sarab says pizza is ready. Karan cries. Sarab looks at him. Sarab says if pizza burns again, I will be mad. He tries to pick the pizza from the over. Meher stops Param and says thank God you didn’t burn your hand. Sarab says show me your hand. Your hand burned. Meher says what if Param’s hand burned? Sarab says Karan was crying. Meher says you could wait. Param says what will I eat now? Meher says pizza. Sarab says but your hand is burned. Meher says Param I told you mama has extra hands. those hands are papa’s. Param says so you will guide and papa will make it.

Meher and Sarab make the pizza together. Param says I am also your hand, I want to help. Meher asks him to bring vegetables from the fridge. They all make the pizza together.

Scene 3
Aditi says to Vikram do you think Sarab did the corruption? He says I am a CBI officer. No one knows what I think. She says even me? He says not even my mind. She says you are a mystery. He says that’s my X factor. Vikram says I like solving mysteries. Aditi says I have a tip for you. But I want a surprise. He says who plans better surprises than me? Aditi says Meher’s second child isn’t Sarab’s. He gave Karan his name though.

Sarab says we all made the pizza together. Param says Karan didn’t contribute. He only cries or sleep. Meher says his contribution is his smile. They all eat together.
Vikram says whose child is it? Aditi says Meher had an affair with a boy who used to work at a dhaba. That guy was an orphan. Vikram gets a call and says yes dad how are you? I am eating. How is mom? Take care. Aditi says uncle has a business of billions and you still wanna live in government houses and do CBI job. He says like it’s your passion to operate and heal people. I do operations and fix them.

Scene 4
Sarab says another coffee please. Meher says no means no. You already drank 6. He says at least I don’t drink other things. Meher says you would have been fighting. She says you fight anyway though. Meher says you should rest You have been working since hours. He says you touch me and I get sleepy.

Amrita says you are eating fruits instead of food at this hour? Kulwant says do you all miss me? She says we all miss you.
Meher says have haldi milk. She sees that Sarab is asleep. Meher says only my Sarab can sleep after 6 black coffees. She says my?

Kulwant says I saw Manav. He was looking at me. Vikram says I think I should go. It’s late. I have a meeting with Sarab at 11. Aditi says don’t leave him. He says why? You never said that before. Do you have any animosity? She says no no. Vikram leaves. Kulwant says that Manav is planning something. She sees the knife and says I can kill him again.
Precap-Kulwant comes to Vikram’s house with a dagger. She tries to stab him. Vikram stops her hand. Meher calls Vikram and says I am Meher, Sarab’s wife. Vikram says there’s something in her voice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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