Choti Sardarni 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram finds Manav’s photo

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Choti Sardarni 12th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says this can’t be Manav. Vikram and his family leave. Meher says to Aditi you aren’t going anywhere until the wedding.

Kulwant runs on the road. Bitu says you’re running like Vikram Dewan is after you. Kulwant slaps him and says trees have ears too. An inspector says hello sarpanj ji. Vikram Dewan has assigned us this area to look for a guy Manav. Here is his photo. Kulwant says give me this photo. I will look around as well. Kulwant says I removed everything related to him. How do they have the photo.

Meher takes a shower and comes out. Sarab looks at her and smiles. Meher says it’s Aditi’s engagement. Get up, what kind of laxy brother are you. Get up. We have to do many preps. She looks back, Sarab is not on the bed. Sarab hides behind the curtain. Meher says this Sarab is the laziest person. He takes 2 hours in the restroom. Sarab grasps her and says I am lazy? I heard everything. They fall in the curtains. They both laugh.

Param says why is Aditi bua getting married in our house? Harleen says because your papa called her his sister. Sister’s get married to brother’s house. Saab dries Meher’s house. He says I don’t do calculations in the restroom. Meher says you do. He says do you listen in? Meher says yes. He says come in then. Meher says ew. Sarab pulls her close. Param comes. Meher hides behind the curtain. Sarab says what happened? Param says where is mama? Sarab says in the kitchen. Param says who is behind the curtain? Sarab says a wild cat. Meher bites his hand. Param leaves. Meher says am I a cat? He says you’re a wild cat. Meher says why didn’t you tell him I am here? Sarab says he would have asked a lot of questions. Sarab says why did you bite me? Meher says because wild cats do. He says such a beautiful cat. Meher says sometimes I am a monkey, sometimes a cat. Sarab says when you love someone.. Meher says did you get invitations ready? He says let me check

Sarab calls Kulwant to invite her. Kulwant says from your house? She says yes we will come. Kulwant says Vikram Dewan is getting married from Sarab’s house. Is this a game? Let me give him a gift today.

Param says to Harleen there was a huge cat behind the curtain. Harleen says I know who that cat was. Param says where were you mama? Meher comes. Harleen says meow. Param says I also want to get my sister married. I want a sister too. Harleen says meow. Param says why are you doing meow? Harleen says not me, some big wild cat. Param says whenw ill I get a sister? Meher says Baba ji will decide that. Harleen says it depends on you two as well. A complete happy family with a daughter. Sarab says our family is already happy and complete. Mom dad and two kids.

Scene 3
Kulwant comes to the engagement and dances with Bitu and Rana. Sarab calls someone and says find out who is behind this scam. I have only 2 days. Param says Adiit bua looks so pretty. Why did she bring a suitcase. Sarab says because this is her house now. We have a room for her here. Sarab says is Meher mama ready? Param says yes. She looks like a fairy. Sarab says let’s go and see.

Vikram calls his officer and says Shukla I want Manav. The officer comes to him and says found his picture. He looks exactly like you. Vikram looks at his picture and says unbelievable.

Meher gets Aditi ready. Meher says this necklace would look good. Aditi says it looks expensive. Meher says nothing is more precious than family. Sarab’s most important thing is family and mine is Sarab. There can’t be a human-like me. He is my best friend. We laugh and fight. He looks the cutest when he fights. Aditi says you love is him so much. Meher looks at Sarab and says when did you come? He says wow I loved the praises. Meher says nothing. Aditi says nothing? Meher says Adiit looks so pretty. Sarab says good keep evil eye off my sister. I am so glad she is getting married from our house.

Yuvi opens the suitcase. Param says no Yuvi. Meher says bad manners. Don’t touch other people’s things.

Scene 5
Vikram comes to Seema and says who’s this mom? She says my handsome boy. Looks so good. Vikram says this isn’t me. This is Manav I have been look for days. Seema says what? He looks exactly like you. Vikram says exactly. Did I have a twin? Or something you want to tell me? Seema says what joke? You thought you will joke with me. He says this is Manav. Seema says I had only one son. The won I gave birth to. Vikram says this is Manav. He was lost. People call me Manav here all the time. Surya says there are 7 people of the same face. My friend Colonel Joseph had a doppelganger as well. Vikram says I am serious. Surya says you came here to solve a scam case. Vikram says this case is related to this guy. Surya says you don’t need to. Drop this case. Vikram says you are my idol. I learned from you. You always taught me fight and now asking me to drop a case? Any specific reason? Surya is silent.

Precap-Aditi is very happy. She’s getting married. Vikram is mad. Vikram and Aditi are getting engaged. Vikram puts his hand back while Aditi is about to make him wear the ring. He says you played a very well crafted game Sarab. You got me married to Aditi and removed me fro your case. Sarab says what are you saying? Vikram says why did you remove me from your case? Meher says stay in your limits.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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