Choti Sardarni 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram meets Karan

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Choti Sardarni 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aditi hugs Vikram and says are you okay? He says yes I am otherwise you would be meeting me in a mortuary. Aditi says are you crazy? What happened? He says I am fine. Relax. He says I thought only CBI officers get such classified information. But you have solid informers as well. Aditi says the entire hospital knows the patient Kulwant attacked officer Vikram. Did you file a case? Don’t let her go. Vikram says I did. Aditi says what? Why? Vikram recalls Meher talking to him. Vikram says Mrs. Gill called and I couldn’t say no to her. Aditi says are you serious? What did she say? He says there was something in her voice. Aditi says what? He says I don’t know. Aditi says you could file a case of attempt of murder on Kulwant. Sarab’s reputation would be ruined. Vikram says why do you want to ruin his career, family life and name? Any special reason?

Scene 2
Meher says to Param drink your juice. He says where are you going? Meher says I have to talk to papa. Meher says get ready. You have an online test. Harleen gives them parsad. Meher says so early. Harleen says I went to pray for Sarab. I hope everything gets better. Is he ready? Meher says let me check.

Aditi says I only want to see you win. So I got angry. She hugs him. He says it’s okay. Everyone is shocked why did I leave Kulwant. People know things I do have a reason behind them, but no one knows what’s the reason behind things I don’t do. It was useless to arrest her. She would have been evicted on medical grounds and I would be blamed for getting a patient arrested. In political cases, if public sympathy goes with politicians, it’s a complication. In chess, you have to step back to win. I will win at 11 today. Mr. Gill your bad time has started.

Meher comes outside Sarab’s restroom and says I want to tell you something. He says yes. Meher says mummy ji attacked Vikram last night. He says what? Sarab is on call. He isn’t listening to Meher. Sarab says how can that file be missing? The manager says I am missing. Meher makes him wear his shirt. His manager says your position is right. Sarab looks at Meher and smiles. He says should I hold? Meher shoves him. Meher says I want to tell you something very important. He says we are getting late. Meher says I am coming with you, will let you know on the way. He says I can’t take you to a government office. Meher says I made the file. Sarab says take Karan as well. We have to go for his vaccination. Will go from here. Meher says let me say bye to Param. Sarab says no he will cry to come along. Lalita please bring Karan.

Scene 3
Vikram says to his dad, good morning. I will accomplish the mission I came herewith. His dad says all the best. Sarab says the truth will today. Did you want to say something? Meher says mummy ji.. Sarab gets a call. Vikram asks his officers to stay on alert. He says if I find anything doubtful, I will take Sarab on remand. One more thing, we can’t give him a chance. One mistake and he will be arrested.

Sarab says on call there shouldn’t be a mistake. I am sure they are waiting that I make one mistake and they take me on remand. There are chances that I might not even come back. Meher holds his hand. Sarab says it’s okay. Everything will be fine.

Scene 4
Param breaks toys in anger. He says mama papa didn’t even say bye to me. Why did they leave? Harleen says since Karan is here, they don’t care about you. When you have new toys you don’t care about old ones. Param cries. Harleen hugs him and says if mama papa love Karan more, you have Harleen bua. I love you the most in the world. Go and tell Karan that I love you the most. Param says where is Karan? He’s not in the cot. Harleen says mama papa took him along. Param says I hate him. They take him out all the time. Param says I don’t hate him, I love him but papa mama leave me alone. He cries. Harleen says call mama and ask why didn’t they take Karan along?

Scene 4
Meher and Sarab are at the CBI office. Param calls Meher and says I am mad. You didn’t take me along with you. You both only love Karan. Meher says you know Meher mama loves you the most. Param says I will never talk to you. Officer says it’s already 11. Sarab takes Karan from Meher and says I hope Vikram doesn’t have a problem with him. The officer says let’s see. Sarab comes to the office and says hello Mr. Vikram. Sarab sees him and recalls meeting him in the temple. Sarab says we met that day at the temple? Vikram says right and you called me with a weird name. Sarab says Manav, that was a misunderstanding. Vikram says I think you don’t watch the news. They show me every day. Sarab says mind matters more than the face to me. I am here to show you the real face of this case. Vikram says don’t know about the case’s face but your son has a very beautiful face. He caresses Karan’s face. Vikram says but it can’t melt my heart. Karan cries. Vikram says what’s his name? Sarab says Karanjit Singh Gill. Vikram holds his hand and says what a powerful name. Karan stops crying. Vikram caresses his face.

Precap will be updated later.

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