Choti Sardarni 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bitu and Rana in Vikram’s house

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Choti Sardarni 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aditi asks on call who is it? Vikram says the bell rang but no one is here. Rana slides the pizza. Vikram picks the pizza and says I think there is a different way of delivering pizza in Punjab. He says to Aditi on-call pizza is here, you come too. Vikram comes out. No one is there. Vikram says why does it smell like a gutter? Maybe a pipe broke. Bitu and Rana are hidden.

Param video calls Yuvi and says Meher mama is making me ice creams and burger pastas. Yuvi says my mama is only making me vegetables. Yuvi says you are making me jealous. I am sure you have vegetables as well. Send me first, then I will believe. Param says I will send it after the party. Yuvi says what? Param says I am a big boy, so I can party now. Yuvi says I am a big boy as well. Invite me as well. I am your bro. Param says let me think. Tell all our friends that Param is partying. Yuvi says I wish my mom was like Meher bua.

Scene 2
Meher hears Sarab saying Meher is a blessing for me. She imagines coming close to Sarab. Sarab gives Meher a rose. The song Adha Ishq plays. Meher smiles. Sarab looks at her and smiles. Sarab kneels down and shows Meher and anklet. Meher extends her food. Sarab makes her wear it. Sarab holds her hand and dances with her. Meher is confused. She looks around. Sarab isn’t there. Meher was imagining. Meher takes her hand back. Meher imagines dancing with him again. She’s wrapped in clothes around here. Real Sarab comes and takes it off her. Meher falls, Sarab holds her.

Sarab says you have fallen for the sixth time and I didn’t break my record. Meher stands up. Lalita comes and says Ma’am, Karan has a high fever. Meher and Sarab run inside to check Karan. He has a high fever. Meher says did you check the temperature? Lalita says it was 103. I will call doctor Aditi and ask the medicine. Sarab says hurry up, please. Param comes and says let’s go, do I look handsome? Param says I have invited all my friends. Let’s pick all of them on the way. Meher and Sarab are confused.

Meher says actually.. Sarab says Karan has a high fever. Sorry. We will go some other day. Param shouts no no no. Param says you’re lying again. He went out, he wasn’t sick then? And now he has a fever on my turn? Meher says it isn’t like that. He has a very high fever. Sarab says you are his big wise brother. We will party on some other day. Param shouts and says no I want to party today. He breaks his toys. Sarab says what are you doing? Please listen. Bad manners. Param shouts and breaks things and says you promised me. Karan cries. Meher says if you scream, Karan will cry. Param says I don’t care. I told all my friends they will laugh at me. He runs out. Meher says to Sarab, you handle Karan, I will see Param. She goes after him.

Param cries and says I don’t wanna live here. They only love Karan. He’s bad. I don’t want him. Param says Karan is bad, call him back God. Sarab goes after Param but he locks his door and cries inside. Param wears eyelids and sleeps. Sarab says there’s a lion in our house Param says I am not a child. You both don’t love me. You only love Karan. You never have time for me. I don’t have it for you two either then. Leave me alone. Sarab says don’t do that. Listen, please. Param takes his hand and leaves him outside the room. He says papa go from here. Sarab says Param.. Meher says don’t be mad at him. Most parents do this mistake. To understand kids, you have to see things from their perspective. We promised him, so there will be a tent and party. It rains. Sarab says what will we do now? Meher says make it go. Parents can do anything for their kids. Sarab says how?

Scene 3
Rana says why are you asking me how? You know my brain doesn’t work. Bitu It’s raining. We can’t stay here for long. Bitu says go inside. He says you are sharp. I need to stay here and keep an eye on things here. He gives him a whistle and says blow it if anything goes wrong. He says come on. Go. Aditi comes out there and sees someone there.

Aditi comes and hugs Vikram. Rana is inside. He looks for things in the storeroom. He keeps a paper in his pocket. Vikram comes there, Rana hides. Vikram locks the door. Rana tries to open it but he can’t.

Scene 4
Param hears music and takes off his eyelids. The song iti si hansi plays. His whole room is decorated with a tent and lights. Param eats cake. Param says mama papa where are you? They are lying disguised as cartoons. They get up and dance with Param. Param plays with them. Param dances with them and falls asleep in the tent.

Meher says how was the party? Param says too well. Sarab says was it fun? Param says too much. Karan cries. Sarab says let me see. Meher says no I will. Meher says Karan, don’t cry. I spent half of the day with you, so now rest of the day, Meher mama will spend with Param. From now on, Meher mama will spend half day with K for Karan and half with P for Param. Sarab says what about S for Sarab? Param says Karan, did you listen? Mama will half of the day with both of us. Karan smiles. Param says yayyy and sleeps. Meher and Sarab sleep with Param. Meher says I pray that things keep at peace in this house. I hope nothing goes wrong. A storm rages. Meher picks Karan. Sarab takes him and makes him sleep on his chest. Sarab says our lives had so many ups and downs. Now Karan and Param are our lives. There’s no problem in our lives now. He keeps his hand under Meher’s head. Meher sleeps on his hand. They all sleep peacefully.
Precap-Vikram says I think Mrs. Gill hasn’t seen me yet. I look like Manav I think. What’s her name? Aditi says Meher Kaur Billo. Vikram says I have to meet Meher Kaur Billo

Update Credit to: Atiba

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