Choti Sardarni 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rana sees Vikram

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Choti Sardarni 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rana calls Bitu and says he has locked me inside. Bitu says I am disconnecting electricity from outside. Take care. He turns it off. Vikram says what happened? Aditi says let me get the torch. Rana sees Vikram. He’s shocked. Vikram comes to the store. Rana recalls Kulwant killing him. Rana is nervous. He falls down. Aditi says who’s there? Vikram says let me check. Rana runs out. Bitu says stop why are you running like you saw a ghost?

Rana calls Meher. He can’t talk. Meher says what happened? Sarab says all okay? Meher says not sure what’s wrong with him. Aditi says to Vikram his name was Manav. Mrs. Gill loved him. Vikram says weird. Sarab called me Manav the other day. I think I look like Manav. What’s her name? Aditi says Meher Kaur Billo. He stops and says nice name. I have to meet Meher Kaur Billo to solve this case. She says I don’t get your case’s connection with Manav. He says I want to investigate all aspects of this case. Kulwant was also calling me Manav but she feared him. I want to know the history of all of them. Who’s Manav, where did he go? Why did Meher marry Sarab? Why Kulwant called me Manav and attacked me? I want answers. I need your help for that. Aditi says I am with you.

Scene 2
Robbie says they threw a party to make Param happy. Harleen says Param can’t accept Karan. He said he wants Karan to die. Robbie says what? Harleen says I don’t wish ill on that kid but I want him to go away from us. He isn’t our blood. Only Param can send him away from this house.

Param says I will watch TV. Lalita says but Karan just slept. Can you watch it somewhere? Param says I will watch it here. Lalita says he will cry. Param says yeah and then mama papa will scold me. Sarab hears. He says what makes me the happiest? He is a little boy. He’s big now. His name is Param. Param smiles. Sarab says we can watch favorite cartoons on low volume. Param says yes Karan will wake up. I will watch cartoons on low volume only now.

A whistle is stuck in Rana’s throat. Bitu says ever since he came from there he’s like that. Kulwant says write what you. He says I went from the window inside. I locked the door and found a paper in the storeroom. He faints. Doctor says please don’t stress him.

Scene 3
Meher asks Param what do you do if you want anything? He says I ask mama. Meher says who would ask you if I don’t give? He says I will ask God. You told me prayers get you everything. Meher says yes, then think before you pray. God talks to all the babies and sends them mothers. This is why he divided mama’s half heart for you and half for Karan. If you ask God to take back Karan, it will also take half of mama’s heart back. Karan said mama I am sorry because Param couldn’t go to party. Karan cries. Meher says he’s saying does Karan saying do you really want him to go back? Do you not like him? Param runs out. Meher goes after him. Param comes to temple and says I like Karan. I am his BigB. I will always be with him. Never take him back from us. We love him. Meher hugs Param. Param says don’t worry. God won’t take Karan back. We will always live together.

Precap will be updated later.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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