Choti Sardarni 1st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditi is Harleen and Sarab’s sister

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Choti Sardarni 1st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Reporter says Sarab’s name is being taken in the corruption of 2 crores. Param says papa what are they saying? Reporter says Sarab can be called for investigation anytime. Aditi says on call really? Is it on TV already? Let’s roll out the rest of the news. The game has started. Reporter says Sarab can be arrested anytime. Harleen says what rubbish. How can they broadcast all this before the investigation? Robbie calls the owner of this channel. It’s on all the news channels. Sarab says how many channels would you call? They’re all showing the same. They have some solid sources. Harleen says we should call a press conference. We can’t stay silent. Leave this naamkaran and call a press conference. Sarab says Meher is really happy. I can’t ruin her happiness. I will handle this after the naamkaran. I beg you don’t tell Meher before it’s done.

Meher looks at the baby and says I am making Karaparsad for your naamkaran. What should we name you> Bandru? Param says mama.. Papa is on Tv. Kara parsad. Give me Kara parsad. Meher says what were you saying? He says I forgot. Give me parsad. Meher says chotu baby tell your big brother we give it to God first. Phones start ringing. Sarab asks all phones to shut off. Aditi comes. Harleen says whoever Meher has something, my brother suffers. I can’t do this drama. Robbie says I can understand you’re doing this drama for Sarab. You’ve do this. Your relation with Sarab will only work if you’re nice with Sarab.

Scene 2
Aditi steps down from her car. She recalls man shouting how dare you to come here? Never enter this house again. Sarab welcomes her with a bouquet. She recalls an old telling her mom and herself how dare you come here? He dragged Aditi and put her on a large weight. Aditi’s mother begged please don’t do this. Let him meet his daughter once, please. He weighed Aditi with Money and said take it for my son’s fun. Take this sin away from here. If I ever see you here, I will cut you both. Her mother said I am sick. She is your blood. She is Sarab and Harleen’s brother. He said don’t dare to take our name of her. She has the blood of sin. She is an illegitimate child. He shoved Aditi’s mother. She said shame on you Daar and your pride. I am here for my rights not your money. I promise you my Aditi will come here with favors to your family. Your family will welcome her with respect. She will have money and respect. This is my promise. Daar said get lost.

Aditi sobs. Sarab walks towards her with a bouquet. Aditi said mama I can’t breathe. She takes her inhaler. Sarab comes and says welcome Dr. Aditi. She takes the flowers. Aditi says thank you. Sarab says welcome.

Meher says to the baby your Harleen bua gifted you these clothes and she will choose the best name for you. Param says my blocks. Meher says what did you make? He says a factory. Meher says without a Chimney?

Sarab says to Aditi this day is possible because of you. I can’t return your favor. You’re a part of this family, Gill family. Aditi looks at the house. He shows Aditi family portraits and says my grandfather, Sardar Iqbal Singh, also called Daar Singh. He was so kind. Aditi recalls his behavior. Sarab says Daar Singh got this Gill mansion built. Aditi looks at her dad’s photo and says papa? Sarab says did you say anything? She says is he your dad? Sarab says yes that’s my dad. He was my role model. He told me people can make any amount of money. But if they have shortcomings in their relationships, he is the poorest person on the planet. Aditi says did he manage his relations well? Sarab says did you say anything? She says no. Sarab introduces Harleen and Robbie. Harleen hugs her. Aditi recalls her mom said she is Harleen’s sister. Harleen says thank you for coming. Come let’s sit. Aditi looks at Sarab replying in stress.

Scene 3
Kulwant says yes I hit Ginni. I don’t care. I am not scared of anyone. Lawyer says did she file an FIR? Kulwant says what would happen? Lawyer says police will come and take you. They will check your criminal records. You shouldn’t be scared. I am sure you never killed a mosquito. She recalls killing Manav. Bitu and Rana are scared as well. Lawyer says they will check if you ever harmed anyone. Kulwant says I don’t want to go to court. This is our family matter we will handle it. Kulwant says Manav’s missing file is still open. Bitu says it can make our lives hell. Kulwant says I want that file.

Param comes to Meher. Meher says baby is sleeping. Param says I will make chimney from this. Meher says I need it. Sarab comes and says Aditi is here. Let’s go. Meher says you look stressed. Drink water. He says I am fine. Meher says I am your wife, I can see when you’re in tension? He says I am fine. Sarab and Meher go downstairs. Sarab keeps getting calling. He asks Meher to go downstairs. Meher looks at him worried.

Precap-A new man enters the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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