Choti Sardarni 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram and Sarab save Karan together

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Choti Sardarni 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab runs upstairs screaming Meher’s name. Meher tries to take Karan out. Sarab tries to break the door. Vikram also tries. Sarab breaks the door and gets in. They both inside the room. Param is crying. Sarab saves Meher. He saves Meher. Meher is fainting. she says Karan.. Vikram runs inside and puts a cloth on the cot and throws it out of the room. Everyone thinks Karan is in it but Karan is on the bed. He brings Karan out fo the fire. The car is burned as well. Sarab picks Meher and takes her outside. Vikram goes inside and tries to open the locker. Param cries and says what happened to Meher mama. Param says where is Karan? He’s not in the cot. Sarba goes inside. the bed has caught fire. Meher screams Karan.. Meher says Karan is inside. Karan is on the bed. Sarab falls down. Karan cries.

Vikram who is trying to open the locker realizes Karan is in the room. He puts his coat on Karan picks him. A burning block falls on his back. Vikram doesn’t move so it doesn’t fall on Karan. Sarab moves it from his hand. Another block falls and Sarab holds it with his hand. Vikram walks out with Karan. He is about to faint. Sarab holds him. Both Vikram and Sarab hold him together and bring him to Meher.

Vikram gives Karan to Meher and says here, your Karan. Meher cries and hugs him. Sarab hugs both of them. Sarab hugs Vikram and says thank you. Vikram says it’s okay. Aditi says are you okay? Meher says Aditi, he isn’t breathing. They take him to the lounge. Aditi says please turn on all the fans and open all doors and windows. She gives him CPR. Aditi coughs as well. She has asthma. Vikram says Aditi are you okay? She says I can’t give him CPR, because I have asthma. Sarab says let me. Aditi says no, it’s a proper procedure. Does anyone know how to do it? Vikram says I can. We are taught in training. Vikram gives him mouth to mouth resurrection.

Scene 2
Aditi says his breath is normal. The next few hours are critical. He inhaled a lot of flames. Aditi says we have to keep him under observation. Meher says please call an ambulance. Aditi says we can’t take him to a hospital with COVID’s spread. He has a weak immune system. We have treated him here. Sarab says my Karan is a fighter. He wins. Aditi asks Vikram to bring equipment from her house. She asks Sarab to get medicines. Harleen says we got our room sanitized this morning. Let’s take him there.

Vikram and Sarab are on their way. Sarab tells him to take the other room. Vikram says you get another oxygen cylinder too. Aditi asks Meher to pick a call. Meher picks, it’s Vikram. He says please ask Aditi where is the oxygen cylinder? Meher asks Aditi, she says in the bedroom cupboard. Meher tells Vikram. Meher says please ask Sarab where is he? Robbie says let me call.

Param cries and says baba ji why are you doing this? I told you I made a mistake. I want my brother. I don’t want you to take him back. Please please heal him. Please don’t take him. If you don’t heal him I will never talk to you. Harleen comes there in tears and hugs him. She says nothing will happen to your Karan. God will fix everything. She cries and says please heal Karan. I can’t see him in pain. Please heal him. They both pray together. Param recalls his moments with Karan. Meher recalls holding him for the first time. Harleen recalls feeding him milk. Sarab recalls playing with Karan. Vikram recalls seeing him in the office. Everyone is praying for him.

Vikram and Sarab both arrive together. They give all things to Aditi. Aditi gives Karan and injection and gives him oxygen. Karan starts crying. Aditi says he’s conscious. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Param says yayy my brother is okay. Aditi says we have to observe his condition for some time.

Everyone is tired and they fall asleep right next to Karan. Vikram is asleep on the sofa. Harleen and Robbie too. Aditi is sleeping on the bed. Sarab says I told you he will unite our family. Meher says our Karan will handle everything. Everyone wakes up. Aditi says the critical hours are gone. He’s out of danger now. Meher hugs Karan. Param says thank you baba ji.

Scene 3
The next morning, Vikram is in the hall. He says on call keep all the officers ready. I will be in the office by 2. Sarab says good morning. Sorry did I disturb? Vikram says no no. I was just about to leave. Sarab says thank you for the favor you did on us. Vikram says it isn’t a favor. He’s like a child to me as well. He’s a warrior. I want him to live a healthy and long life. Sarab hugs Vikram and says thank you. Vikram says hugging might change the emotions but not the facts. The friendship at its own place and the job at its place. Sarab says you’re right. Leave no space in the investigation. Do all the investigation no matter what you have to do. Vikram says are you challenging me? Sarab says no encouraging you. Vikram says in heart what I am about to do, you will need encouragement after that.

Precap will be updated when the episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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