Choti Sardarni 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram opens Sarab’s Dubai locker

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Choti Sardarni 29th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aditi says Aditi are you going somewhere? He says I can’t delay this investigation anymore. Aditi says sorry what we came here for couldn’t be done. Vikram says I don’t leave anything incomplete. See this. Aditi says what is this? He says an international card of a bank in Dubai. Sarab never shared its details. Why? At 3PM Sarab will get an OTP on his phone. You have to get it for me. We have to open his locker in Dubai. Aditi says don’t worry his real face would be exposed.

Kulwant, Bitu, and Rana come to Sarab’s place. She says what is this burned furniture? Sarab says there was a short circuit but all is fine now. Param says mama and Karan were stuck in the fire. Then papa and uncle saved him. Sarab says where were you? Kulwant says I wanted to meet Meher. Kulwant says Meher are you okay? Param says did super uncle leave? Kulwant says who? Param says the one who saved mama from fire. Meher says Vikram Dewan. Kulwant says he’s Manav. I told you not to let him in. He must have burned your house. Meher says he isn’t Manav. He is Vikram Dewan and he didn’t burn anything. You are scared because of your sin. Kulwant says making your kid’s life better isn’t a sin. Now I will ask you how a mother thinks. He’s here for revenge. Meher says no. Kulwant says I am a mother. I can feel when there’s danger around my kids. Aditi comes. Aditi says we have to keep Karan under observation. Kulwant says this family has an evil eye on them.

Scene 2
Sarab comes. Param says mama is taking off evil eye from Karan. Meher says Param your turn now. Sarab says you remind me of my grandmom. You believe in this today? Meher says mothers don’t change with time. She says your turn now. Sarab says but I am not a kid. Meher says evil eye can be on anyone. Sarab says then we have to take it off you first. He moves the spices on both of them together. Meher recalls Vikram saying he will do the investigation. Meher says I won’t let Vikram’s evil eye get to my family.

Vikram is in Dubai. He says I can’t go out of headquarter. They won’t let me do this. Let me handle this. Vikram says Aditi get ready. I have landed. Aditi takes an evil eye off Aditi. She says what are you doing? Param says taking an evil eye off you so you’re never in trouble. You are papa’s sister. I call Harleen bua, bua. I will call you Harleen bua. You saved my brother twice, thank you. You can take my toys. I will never let my Aditi bua ever be in trouble. Aditi recalls giving him the medicine. Aditi says I am so sorry. I lost in front of your innocence. She hugs him in tears. Your Aditi bua will never forgive you. Aditi says in the heart but I won’t forgive this family. Vikram calls Aditi. She says did you reach? He says yes. Sarab will get an OTP. Tell me that. It will be valid for 5 minutes only.

Scene 3
Vikram enters the bank. Vikram pretends to be Sarab and enters the locker room. Aditi comes to Sarab’s room to check his phone. But his phone rings. Harleen comes, Aditi hides. Harleen picks the phone and says Rekha ji how are you? Let me see where Sarab is? Vikram says I have entered. Be ready. Aditi is worried. Vikram took Sarab’s fingerprint and imprinted it on his finger. Vikram enters the locker and waits for OTP. Harleen gives phone to Sarab but he’s busy with work. Vikram calls Aditi and says give me the OTP. She says give me a minute. Vikram says if I don’t get this OTP today, Sarab won’t be exposed. Aditi says I don’t have his phone. Harleen took it. Vikram says we don’t have time. Only 3 minutes are left. Aditi says to Param, let’s play a game your Harleen bua has your dad’s phone. It has an amazing game.

Param asks Sarab for his phone. He says I want to play the game. Aditi says Param took the phone. Param falls and the phone falls. Vikram says fast. Aditi picks the phone while Harleen and Sarab pick Param. Aditi says phone is locked. Vikram says I got this chance after so long but it’s getting out of hands with every second. Vikram says Aditi I can’t hear you. Meher comes to Aditi and says this is Sarab’s phone. I will give it to him. Aditi says actually I want to call a patient. My phone isn’t working. Meher says sure, let me unlock. Aditi says yes Mrs. Chawla. Let me go out and talk to you. Aditi tells him the code. The locker opens. Aditi says thank God. Meher comes and says did you speak? Aditi says yes. Meher says actually Sarab has a conference call. She gives the phone. Aditi says I couldn’t delete the message. What if they see it? Meher sees the message. Meher says you got an OTP from the international bank of Dubai. Sarab sees it.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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