Choti Sardarni 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher and Sarab make up to Param

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Choti Sardarni 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab and Meher are upset over what happened. Sarab says you’re right. I shouldn’t have scolded Param. I should have been polite. Meher says I can’t sleep without Param. Sarab says then let’s go her him. Meher says you have to come with me. Meher comes outside Harleen’s room and says meow. Param comes out. Meher says Param we are very sorry. He is upset. Meher says chota baby misses you. Param says I won’t go. He isn’t my brother. I won’t ever talk to him. I will never touch him. He goes back in Harleen’s room and locks it. Sarab says Param please open the door. Param says I won’t. Meher ouch. They pretend like Meher got a bruise. Param looks outside. Harleen says should I call a doctor? Param can sleep here. He is grown up. Give him space, let him sleep here tonight. Meher and Sarab.

Scene 2
Jeeto says thank you mummy ji for this gift. I always wanted it. Kulwant says so have it. Ginni says I smell someone burning. Kulwant says why should we care? Jeeto says yes. Kulwant says yes no hope. Jeeto and Kulwant laugh. Ginni leaves.

Harleen says Meher mama is fine. She was taking your exam. You should also take their exam. If a child counts till 10 his parents appear if they love him. Param counts til 10 they don’t come. Param opens the door and gets upset. Meher says this is the first time Param didn’t come even when I cried. Harleen says don’t worry Harleen bus is here. Sarab looks at Param’s photo and says sorry son. Param says I will count till 100.

Scene 3
A photo falls from Adiiti’s hand. It’s of her childhood. She said to her mom I was first. I will achieve everything for you. Her mom said all my money is wasting in my treatment. How will I pay for your education? Aditi said ma you don’t me to never give up. I will become the best doctor and I will treat you for free.

Param keeps counting. He hears a baby crying. He says I won’t talk to the baby but I can see him. Param comes to the room and says they left you alone? Meher mama and papa have their minds somewhere else. They left me and you alone as well. He says don’t cry. I am a lion. See I got you toys. Meher and Sarab look at him and smile. Sarab says I am an elephant. I am a donkey. He makes noises. The baby stops crying. Param says your super brother won’t let you cry every. Meher and Sarab kiss him. Meher says we won’t ever let you cry. Meher says you said you won’t ever talk to him? Param says I am still mad. I picked him so he can sleep with both of you. And you scolded me. I counted till 200 and you didn’t come. Meher says we are sorry. We were counting till 300 that if Param loves his he would come there. They both say sorry to him. Param says I can never sleep without you. They say so can’t we.

Scene 4
Ginni throws water on Rana. Rana says what happened? She says next time it would be toilet water. She says ask Ginni. They keep insulting me. She says show some anger and shout outside. Rana comes outside and shouts enough. I am not scared of anyone. Kulwant says which dog is barking at this house? Rana is silent. Jeeto says the lion is a cat now. Mummy ji come with me. I will massage your feet. Don’t ruin your sleep because of them. Ginni says to Rana I didn’t know I was marrying a dog. He says mummy ji is the lion of this house. She won’t let you live. Don’t mess with her. Ginni says I will ruin her life.

Scene 5
Harleen says where is Param? Robbie says he slept here. Harleen says I try so hard to keep him way from Meher and her child. Tarkash brings a necklace to Sarab. He says thank you. Tarkash says is there something special? He says we have naamkaran today. It’s a very special day. He says this would be the best day to make her wear this. Sarab says in heart I couldn’t say I love you but from now on you will only feel love. Meher comes. They hide necklace. Meher says are you both okay? Tarkash says yes we were both dancings. They start dancing. Meher says have you both lost it? Sarab says it’s our monkey’s naamkaran. It’s the happiest day. Meher says do you remember our story started from this child. I was so alone back then, and now I am the happiest. You came to my life as a face of God. You gave me this home and gave your name to our baby.
Precap-Sarab looks at Meher getting ready for the naamkaran. He ties her blouse. Media reports that in a scandal of crores corruption, Sarab is named.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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