Choti Sardarni 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav comes back as Vikram Deewan

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Choti Sardarni 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says welcome Dr. Aditi. Aditi says you already lost weight. She says Param, smart boy come here. Meher says he is a little shy with new people. Aditi tells him a joke. He says how did you do that? Aditi says come here then I will tell. Param plays with her. Meher asks Sarab what happened? You look worried. Param asks Meher can I show my friend Aditi auntie my favorite cartoon? Meher says you guys are friends already? Param turns on the Tv. The reporter says CBI inquiry has been started. The name of the politician named in this scandal is.. Param comes and says papa please change the channel to cartoons. Sarab says she’s your friend. You should talk to her. Param says you’re right. Come Aditi auntie let me show you our family album. Meher says you’re a magician. He is so shy and he’s your fan already. Aditi says I am his fan.

Scene 2
Rana says Ginni please, forgive mummy ji. If we leave, where would we have money to live from? She says I have a condition. Rana comes to Kulwant and says she wants 1 crore for forgiveness. Kulwant says what is this? I won’t even give her a penny.

Param shows the pictures to Aditi. He says this is my papa and Harleen bua. Meher says where is this photo from? The servant calls Param to come and eat. Meher says who is this? Param says I don’t know some family friend. It is Aditi’s mother’s picture.

Kulwant gives money to Ginni and says here’s your money. Would you file and FIR? She says now. Thank you. Everyone is shocked. Bitu says you gave her one crore cash? Kulwant says I know how to get it back don’t worry. We need to get that file. Bitu takes a file from a man. He says here’s the case file. I got it in 1 lac. Kulwant opens it. It has Manav’s pictures and case details. Kulwant says this file won’t exist in my name now.

Lalita asks Param to finish the milk. He says I will complete my factory first. Lalita says but then drink it fast. Kulwant recalls killing Manav. She pours petrol on the file and burns it. Kulwant laughs and says wonderful.

Scene 2
Param says mama, I put a chimney in my factory. Come let’s see mama, I will show to Aditi auntie too. Meher says we are talking. Who’s in your family Aditi? Aditi says no one. God left me an orphan. You people are lucky to have a loving family. People like me live in loneliness and darkness. Sarab says don’t say that. We are your family. If anyone asks you now about your family, tell them you’re Sarab’s sister. And that way Harleen is your sister. Meher says and I would be your bhabhi. Tell me Gill mansion is your house. Aditi recalls her mother begging to Daar that she’s Harleen and Sarab’s sister. Aditi says where is the washroom? Meher shows her.

Yuvi says don’t phuppar ji love their son? They didn’t even show a party. Kulwant says corona changed the meaning of love. Now people stay away from each other if they love them. Yuvi says so Rana doesn’t love Ginni? He is holding her hand all the time. Kulwant says call your cow and ask her to work with Amrita. He says don’t call my Ginni cow. She says then your elephant.

Scene 3
PM calls Sarab. Sarab says I am sure this is a planned conspiracy. He says I trust you like people do. Honest people like you aren’t easy to find. But media has made this new way too ugly and now people have questions. And there is another problem, Vikram Deewan. Sarab says who?? PM says India’s top CBI officer Vikram Deewan. There is no stricter officer than him in India. The states he enters loses their governments in days. People call him fire. Vikram Deewan enters the city. He’s very confident about this case. Vikram Deewan looks like Manav. He comes outside the house and smirks. PM says I trust you Sarab and I know you will handle this matter well. Meher asks who’s this Vikram Deewan?

Precap-Vikram Deewan enters the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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