Choti Sardarni 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarab meets Manav

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Choti Sardarni 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab says Manav? Where were you? So good to see you. What a pleasant surprise. Vikram says who Manav? You have a misunderstanding. I am not Manav. Sarab says I am sorry. You look like a friend of mine. Anyway, your wallet. Sarab says I wish you were equally honest in returning the 200 crores you stole. Sarab says I am sure you are not from Punjab because every kid here knows Sarab can never betray his land. Meher comes. Virkam’s back is towards here. Meher says Sarab ji? Let’s go home. Vikram leaves. Meher says who was he? Sarab says no one. Meher says let’s go home. They leave. Vikram says this man is accused of stealing 200 crores and he is all cool. Either he’s too honest or super clever.

Meher and Sarab are on their way. Param calls her and says I also want to go to Nani’s place. My class canceled. Meher says it isn’t safe to go out. Param says then why has Karan gone? Ask him to also stay at home and do homework. He is having fun. He’s teasing me. Meher says he isn’t interested in studying these days. Sarab says don’t mind but we can’t stay at Atari for long. I have some work. meher says it’s okay. She says Lalita play music. News plays and it says Sarab’s name is taken in corruption of 20 crores. Tarkash changes the channel. The reporter says Sarab will hold a press conference at 4. Let’s see what he has to say. Meher is shocked.

Meher is mad. Sarab says please listen. Meher says is there any transparency between us? You never tell me anything. I kept asking. Sarab says I didn’t want to spoil your day. I didn’t want to make you tense. Meher says nothing is more important than you to me. No day, nothing. We could do naamkaran later. You knew right and didn’t tell me? You have been suffering alone? I want to be with you in everything. Sarab says I am sorry. I will tell you everything. Sarab sees blood on the floor. He shows it to Meher. Meher screams.

Only Yuvi is home. He is crying. Meher asks what happened? Where is everyone? He says dadi died. Everyone took her to the hospital. Meher is shocked. Sarab holds her. Sarab calls them.

Scene 2
Rana and Bitu shout call the doctor. Meher calls Amrita. Amrita cries and says mummy ji.. Please come to the hospital. Meher and Sarab are on the way and crying. Sarab tries to console her. Harleen calls and says where are you? It’s press conference time? Sarab says there’s bad news. Mummy ji is no more. Harleen says what? Oh, God. We are coming. Sarab says reach the hospital. We are going there. Harleen says Meher please stay strong. We are coming. Harleen tells Robbie. He says this means Sarab won’t do the press conference and media will ruin his name even more.

Meher hugs Amrita and says mummy ji is no more. Amrita says don’t say that. She is better. Bitu says she fell from the floor and fainted but the doctor said her life is out of danger. Jeeto says she bled so much. Rana says we thought.. Meher says why did Yuvi say she died? Amrita says mummy ji said oh God I am dying. Yuvi heard that.

Scene 3
Robbie writes a status and news of Kulwant’s death. Harleen says what are you doing? He says this news will get him a lot of sympathies. His absence from the press conference will also sound justified.

Meher looks at Kulwant. She comes to her room. Kulwant murmurs Manav is back. Meher is shocked. Kulwant says Manav is here. Manav.. Meher is dazed. Sarab’s phone rings. She picks it. She says I have his phone? Meher picks it. It’s Vikram. He says hello Mr. Gill. Meher is shocked at that voice. Meher says who? Vikram says may I speak to Mr. Gill? I am Vikram Deewan from CBI. Meher says yeah wait. Meher gives the phone to Sarab. Vikram says you stay away from the phone. Sarab says it’s wise to stay away from some people and things. Vikram says yeah you’re wise that’s why you didn’t say a word over such a big scandal. Sarab says I will speak on right time and reveal the truth. Vikram says you crack nice jokes. Sarab says I will send you jokes book. Vikram says we will see who laughs. I heard you like strong coffee. I ordered a special machine for you, let’s meet at coffee. Sarab says no thanks. I need to address my nation. He says you can’t say no to a CBI officer. Sarab says no I am not. I am only accountable to my people and God. I will be there. I am not scared of anyone. I will meet you after the conference.

Sarab says he’s so arrogant. Meher says I will come with you. I will be with you in this investigation. Meher says it’s about 4. What will you show? Sarab says I have a file it will show that I am innocent.

Robbie comes there and cries oh God Kulwant auntie left. She died so young. Bitu says she’s fine. Harleen says what do you mean? Meher says there was a misunderstanding. Harleen says are you crazy? Sarab delayed his press conference. Sarab says don’t worry I will be there by 4. It isn’t Meher’s fault. Meher says you are rightful. No one can come between our happiness. I trust you. Good luck. Sarab says thanks.

Precap- will be updated later.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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