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Choti Sardarni 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manav says I will never let you go anywhere. I will be with you forever now. Police arrive there. They arrest Manav. Manav says I am a CBI officer from India. She says we don’t care they arrest him.

Meher calls Harleen. She says money won’t save Param. Sarab will take a day to reach there. We have to do something till then. Harleen says what? Meher says is mummy ji there? Kulwant says yes. Meher says call Champa here. I have to talk to her. Angel comes and says how dare you take my laptop. Make me jalebis. Meher says I will make them. Please let me speak to my family. Angel says until I get my jalebis I won’t give you anything. Meher says let me speak to my family once. Angel says go and make me jalebis.

Sarab is at the airport. He asks Tarkash to arrange all the cash for Harleen.

Sarab says to the lawyer please take care of Meher.

Vikram’s lawyer tries to speak to the officers. Sarab calls Manav. He says could you find anything about Param? Manav says all my teams are looking for him. They have found some clues. Harleen told me that you and Meher are in Serbia. Sarab says I have left Meher there and I have left for India. Manav says Meher is alone here? Sarab says where did you go? Manav says I am in Dubai. Manav says I am coming to you Meher.

Angel says hurry up. Meher gives her jalebis. Meher says can I use the laptop now? She says only for 5 minutes. Champa is a transgender. Meher says Champa ji do you know where Bichu is? You have such a strong network. Champa says he’s very dangerous. I know his place but he can harm Param is someone goes there.

Guddo says these people are planning something. Bichu says if they bring money in half an hour, we will kill him. Angel breaks things in anger. She says I want a plate. Meher says this isn’t the way. I told you my son is in a problem. Angel says how dare you. Play with me now. Meher says no. Angel says I will teach her a lesson.

Scene 2
All family disguises as transgenders and come to Bichu’s place. Bichu says what are you all doing here? Kulwant says what do we come for. They enter the shed. Meher says where is Param. She sees on video. Harleen and everyone try to look for Param. Bichu stops Harleen and says you’re so pretty. Robbie comes and says I am also pretty. Angel says give me my laptop back. Guddo says who are you all. Get out. Kulwant says we are here to get the gifts. Kulwant says for the pooja.

Sarab video calls Meher. Meher says let me merge you on the other call. Kulwant tries to distract them. Angel turns off the router. Meher says Angel no please. Angel says you’re a helper. I will do what I want. Meher says shut up. Angel says let me show you who I am not.
Harleen and everyone look for Param. Harleen sees Param’s hand under the brass. Harleen tries to take him out. Param has fainted. Harleen hugs him and cries.

Angel says blo*dy servant, she asked me to shut up. She picks a scissor. Harleen says Param are you okay? Meher says I am very sorry Param. Param says papa, Papa is coming. They both cry. Kulawnt says Meher mama will come soon. Kulwant says Param is okay. We are all with him. Harleen says thank you mummy ji and di. Harleen says thank Meher. she planned all this. Meher saved Param. Now you go and save Meher and come back to India. Angel stabs Meher.

Precap will be update later.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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