Choti Sarrdaarrni cast tests Positive for COVID-19

Colors TV

Covid 19 is still one of the most important thing which is affecting our lives today. It has been spreading like anything and there have been a lot of celebrities who have been infected with the virus. We have heard about many celebrities getting infected and the latest news that is coming in is from the sets of Choti Sarrdaarrni. According to the reports in a leading portal, actor Anita Raj, Director Jaladh Sharma, Geetika Mahendru, Amal Sherawat along with the two other members have been found COVID-19 positive.

Amal was unwell and went to his hometown and it was later that he discovered that he has tested positive. Anita Raj and Geetika too got under home quarantine. However, it’s not just the cast, the director Jaladh Sharma too is critically ill as is admitted to a hospital. Also, it has been reported that despite the cast members having tested positive, the shoot hasn’t been stalled. A true spirit of working, isn’t it?

We wish everyone a speedy recovery and safe health to everyone else!

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