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Happiness arrived 😍.

Everyone was ecstatic fully after two baby boys while Prithviraj was on 9th cloud after holding his great-grandsons the same lata that yuvi time she wasn’t there and at Kunj and Meera time Prithviraj today both of wishes fulfilled. New mummies and daddies too.While twinkle over the moon Kunj blissful after seeing his baby.

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As soon as Jaidev and Abhinav get to know about twinkle and Kunj blessed with a baby boy they was beatific after all both twinkle and Kunj proud of their mentors today they become parents for them it’s like their own kids blessed with a bundle of joy they too can’t express their happiness even Rahul and rest teammates too.

While due to injections hospital not allowing anyone visit just to meet with anyone in the hospital due to safety precautions so no one can’t come to the hospital see and meet with twinkle and Kunj with their baby and avni and yuvi son too. Very sad because of this but they have to do this for babies after all they just born.Easily catch injection they unnecessary trouble babies.

Avni ward.
She was sitting and smiling while yuvi handling his son who really teasing and crying lot.
Yuvi gives him to me avni said.
See I will clam him down dekh lena he said very determinedly but the baby just crying yuvi making puppy faces he looking at avni.
Come to me he will not stop by you she said and yuvi went to avni and give the baby to her.
She took the baby in her hands aw what happened to my baby haan crying why?! She said and started playing with him within no time baby gets busy with avni just looking at her fingers she snapping he started smiling yuvi shocked.

Ho 😵such a dramatic baby he is since a long time I’m pacifying him but he just throwing tantrums now see quickly stop and started smiling very mean yuvi said and sat beside avni.
It’s normal yuvi you don’t know how to handle baby I’m his mother he recognised my presence avni said.

Okay, madam yuvi said and both playing with the baby.

At twinkle wardroom.
She was sleeping peacefully even Kunj too baby was awake just slightly moving his hands and legs in the cradle.He started crying loudly due to this twinkle and Kunj woke up by jerk..
Kaun ro raha hai kunj murmured he rubbing his eyes while twinkle looking at the cradle.
Kunj babyy she said.
Ho, wait he added and went to cradle in the side and take baby in his arms who crying very badly.
Shh, what happened to you kunj said.
Give me baba see kitna ro raha hai and you saying kaun 😡she said and showing him anger eyes.

Sorry bhul gaya ab roh wala 😂entered in our life last night kunj said and cuddles him patting on his back.He is a little okay but breathing.He went to twinkle and give her. She takes him in her arms and wiped his face and kissed on his cheeks.

Why you crying I’m toh here only she said.
She cuddles him he is not crying it’s like something really big happens her face totally turned in to perturbing.Kunj can see her.
Twinkle it’s quiet normal If he crying chote bache rote hi hai you were like something worse happened chill didn’t you see aria and Aarush still crying bacho ka kaam hi yah hai if we didn’t giving them bhav they will cry immediately 😂bol toh sakte nahi hai we are lazy heads sleeping like before old those days free birds so he just gives us call😝Kunj said and patting on twinkle cheek.

Huh, I know everything but I can’t see my baby crying she said and looking at his face and now he is okay blinking his eyes.
While the nurse entered the room and take the baby for something with her till then twinkle get freshen up and come and Kunj feeding her breakfast.
I wanna go home she said.
Huh, really you aren’t well I will take you only when dr is allowed Twinkle Kunj said and feeding her she making faces.
Now stop your stubbornness you aren’t anymore bachi of leela maa now become a mother of my son he said.
Whatever pata hai why this nurse takes my baby didn’t bring back till now go and check she said Kunj rolling his eyeballs.
Just then the nurse comes with the baby.

Lo, your baby comes kunj said.
Everything is okay? Twinkle asked.
Yes, just normal checkup nurse replied and give the baby to twinkle and she takes him. She went back.
Dekh le ache se twinkle kahi kuch nikal toh nahi liya kidney vidney😒tere Laal ki kuch bhi bolti hai dekho jese nurse kidnapped kar legi issko he said.

You shut up 🤐I will be like this and will stay too I’m very possessive about my son safety dekh te jao tum kese tumhe isska bodyguard banati hu bade agent hona pata nahi kes kes se pange leke rakha hai she said.
No really what about you If you know his both mother and father are secret agent officers Kunj added.
True she said making pouty faces.

While again he started crying Kunj looking at him.
His nappy maybe twinkle said and give me that bag she said.
Sure Kunj said and Kunj bring the bag and twinkle takes out the clothes.
This clothes when you bring he asked?
I didn’t dadu bring I told you na that day he went for shopping Twinkle said.
Ho kya baat hai baby you are very lucky not unlike your father Kunj said.
Kuch bhi bolte ho 😂twinkle said and clean him quickly changed his clothes and nappy he is all ready and looking very cute.
Kunj keeps the bag back in the side. Dr come for checking twinkle she went without saying anything. Well, again baby started crying.
Now what happened to him He is crying baby I’m sure kunj said and held his hand.
Bas bas don’t cry what you want she said.
Haan jaldi ho Stella will break moon and stars 😒Kunj said sarcastically.
You doing lott Kunj sarna she murmured. Then seeing baby try lips got it.

My baby is hungry twinkle said and started crying him and he is all calm she gesturing Kunj 😎.. while tickling on baby feet’s.
Don’t do very mean you are she added.

You madam take your medicine first Kunj said and bring her medicine and glass of water.
Kunj now I don’t want these medicines not important now baby too come she said.
Acha so what baby come still you aren’t well dekhte hai what will come in your report now you have to take care of yourself double-time please not for us but for our baby twinkle he said. She looks at him he really takes care of her like anything she doesn’t have words how beautiful he handles her bear her all tantrums and mood swings. She opens her mouth Kunj give her medicine with his hands and made her drink water as well.

He sat beside her and took her hand while twinkle feeding baby.She caressing his back. Baby looking at twinkle.
Done darling tummy full twinkle said and wiped his lips and make him burp he burped quickly.
Mumma know this too kunj said and arching his eyebrow 🤨..
yes, mumma knows everything for my baby she caressing his cheeks.

Kunj we will give him everything All happiness always protect our baby from this world I can’t bear if anything happened to him he is my everything jab sochti bhi hu abhi ya mujhse dur chala gaya kabhi abhi nurse leke toh gai hai I feels like baby is not safe just with us only me iss kesi ko nahi dungi she said and Kunj just listening this girl his wife before today she was so stubborn and careless today just in one night everything is changed she become so matured he knows from the start she will be an overprotective mother but this much never it’s true love, after all, she carried him in her womb 9months so closed to her ek life mein dusri life. Kunj smiled and take twinkle hand Kunj kissed on baby hand.

Don’t worry we are with him yah humhare bacha hai he will be strong like us after all he will be like us when he becomes big what’s say he said.
Yes, he will too fight for our country proud us too like we do our parents Kunj she said.
Haan twinkle and you don’t worry about me I will not let anything and anyone shadow falls down on our baby he is very precious to me more than anyone in this world he added.
And what about me 😛with puppy eyes.
Huh, you also forget me so I too ab he is my baby everything my kunj said.
Huh, I can’t forget you.you both my everything she said.
I know kidding Kunj said and kissed on her temple. Baby just looking at them.

Twinkle slightly giggles I still can’t believe it we become parents our baby come when remembering about us in what circumstances our marriage happens and after so we fight so much many problems there never thought one day will come like this we welcomed our baby she said.

Haan, when I remember, feels like a dream he said and both smiling while baby dozing off slowly twinkle patting on his chest.
Sleep she said.
Aur kaam kya hai pina rona 😛aur humhe tang karna he added both chuckled. She places him near herself.

You too rest I will come and talk with dr she said.
Don’t go back soon she said.
He cupped her face shh first stop worrying about him I’m not going anywhere calm down twinkle he said. She nodded in yes he kissed on her forehead and went to dr cabin while twinkle resting.

At sarna mansion.
Everyone was sad they can’t go hospital wanted to see babies and play with them. They decorated the house and yuvi and avni or twinkle and Kunj room too. Avantika and tej decorated twinkle and Kunj room beautifully with all baby things small and cutes one.

Kunj went to dr cabin he sat. Yes, sir, he said.
Haan kunj I check twinkle report everything is okay but still, you have to take care of her and baby too as I told you before she is little weak just because of your hard work she can give birth to the baby in this weakness for some more days to then she will be fine fully dr added.
Okay dr, I will do everything and take care of her and baby don’t worry Thanks for your all support he said.
It’s my duty don’t need of thanks she added and Kunj smiled.
Can I take her home she is very refractory now with baby it’s really difficult for me kunj said and both giggles.
Yeah I know twinkle okay you can but please remember what I said she said.
Yes, dr thanks Kunj said and went out of the cabin and went to bring twinkle medicines from pharmacy..

Yuvi too comes there for avni medicines.
You kunj how’s twinkle and baby yuvi said.
Good, what about yours he asked back.
Kaha yaar cry baby 😫he said and puppy faces Kunj giggles.
Mine too same yaar twinkle handling him he said and both giggles.

They went to the canteen and having tea and breakfast.
Does twinkle get discharged?? Yuvi asked.
Haan Dr give what about avni? Kunj said.
Hmm, she too because from home everyone eat my head when coming with babies yuvi said.
Haan maa and papa too now ek aur drama lo kunj Said.
Kya yaar kitne khush hai sab tu nahi hai kya yuvi said.
Hu na kyun nahi twinkle ki khushi ke saamne meri khushi kam hi hai 😝kunj Said.
True she is on 9cloud yuvi added.
Woh hi, toh kunj said.
Congratulations hum toh saath nahi at least humhare bete hi saath khelenge yuvi said and hugged Kunj.
Haan woh toh hai kunj said and hugged him back.
Then get ready will go together Kunj said.
Sure yuvi added and went to back to their wives.

Twinkle sleep with baby Kunj come and see her.
Sleeping beauty pehle ya ek kam thi ab issko company dene wala bhi aagya hai kunj murmured 😂.

Kunj packed twinkle and baby things back in the bag after he went and complete all discharged and hospital bills.Till then twinkle woke up and smiling.
Darling get ready you can go home kunj said.
Really thanks to Babaji twinkle said.
But on one condition Kunj said. 
What she asked? He went to her.
Yah condition you will listen me fully and take care of yourself he said,
Aur kitna take care she said with puppy eyes.
You have to twinkle not for me but now for your son If you stay fit and fine then he will be after all now he depending on you only he said twinkle looking at her son who sleeping peacefully.
Right okay, papa hai na she said and smiled.
I know you will make me dance behind yourself and him he said.
It’s our right twinkle added.
Cool Kunj stated and he helps her and she went in washroom and get ready quickly.
She comes and took the baby in her arms carefully.
Let’s go Kunj said and held her from shoulder protectively. They come outside even avni and yuvi too come along with their baby avni smiled after seeing twinkle.

Congratulations avni said.
You too how’s your son twinkle asked and see her son.
He is so cute twinkle said.
Bache cute hi hote after some years devil yuvi said.
True Kunj added both hifi while new mommies giving roar look to new daddies😂..

You both aren’t less then devils avni said.
True avniii twinkle said in kunj tone.
Ab team bhi waha Arey babaji 😟yuvi murmured they sat in the car.Yuvi and avni at backseat while twinkle and Kunj in front. Kunj starts the car and driving slowly.

Twinkle baby ko gira mat dena 😝yuvi said,
Huh, you don’t teach me yuvi kamina I know how to handle my baby twinkle said.
Yuvi teasing twinkle while she replying him back and avni or Kunj just listening them it’s passing their time soon they reached home.

Kunj parked the car and they come out of the car.
Let’s go, babies, homie yuvi said.
Baraat must be waiting for you both Kunj said and chuckled.
Kitna mean ho tum kunj twinkle said and smashed on his arms they went inside.

While everyone was waiting for them like anything They entered.
Maa dadi babies come advik shouted Kunj closed his ears 😂..
everyone comes in the living room as soon as seeing them get so happy.Avantika brings the thaali and they went to them.

You come so fast?? Avantika Said.
Good for you all na otherwise mar jate aap log kunj said.
Woh bhi Avantika added and she doing their aarti and welcomed them.She takes her grandson quickly went to tej. While twinkle and avni sit rest get busy with babies.

Tej he is so cute Avantika said.
Haan after all pota mera hai na tej added Kunj arching his eyes😂..
mehnat meri hai 😹he murmured enough audible for twinkle who sitting beside him. She giving him look while Kunj shameless smile😎..

Lata and Prithviraj took the babies both seeing them they were hell cute. While Kunj seeing his grandfather holding his son in his arms whom he never accepted and never consider his grandson today holding his son and giving him everything all rights and love very means for Kunj.

Are you okay twinkle beta? Avantika asked she nodding in yes meanwhile Taneja’s too arrived and Meera and her kids with Jaidev and Abhinav.

Kunj and twinkle meet with their mentors
Congratulations you both very happy today our proud become parents they said together.
Thanks, sir it’s not possible that day you didn’t make us understand the things twinkle and Kunj added.
Where is our little one 😛Jaidev said.
Wait Kunj said and bring the baby Jaidev took him.
Aww, very adorable Went on you only Kunj Jaidev said.
Why only on him even my twinkle too not less Abhinav added and they both started fighting over their officers 😂.

Bas sir you both don’t fight for him dekhte hai kes pe jata hai if went on twinkle then also happy and on me then rock😎Kunj said and Jaidev and he smirking while twinkle and Abhinav 🙄rolling their eyes.

Meera took the baby and both her kids started fighting for the babies pulling their cheeks which make them cry..
oh, they are small don’t pull their cheeks twinkle said who can’t see her son cry 😂.

Calm down twinkle they just loving him it’s their style to show the love you were doing like remand Chal raha hai 😝kunj said and twinkle hit on his tummy.

Tum sab ka remand me na lelu kya twinkle said.
Aria you give baby love enough Adarsh said.
Now you both become daddies where is my gift Meera said.
Shame on yourself what gift 🙄kunj said.

I will give you meera di 😹yuvi said.
My best brother yuvi Meera added and pass him flying kiss.
And you always like this lukha Meera said.
Ho, you gave me when this two arrives 😒Kunj said and come sit beside her.

Haan, I’m your elder sister it’s my right haina maa and dadi Meera said.
Haan right toh hai lata Said.

Kaun sa i m your brother younger you give me kunj said.
I’m his bua so I want she added.
Let’s see Gaaon basa nhi bhikari Pehle hi aa gaye Kunj said.

I will kill you kunj Meera said.
Ho really and I will leave you 😈alive it’s not good in this age jail jayegi 😹if you want then you can at least Adarsh will be happiest 😛Meera Kunj said.

Ho, he will be happiest no he will not meera said.
Really asked him he just saying where I’m stuck 😣Kunj said.
Really Adarsh you feel stuck with me meera said and while Adarsh nodding in no.
Dekha he loves me lot Meera stated.
Ab gale me betal bane latkegi toh ya hi bolega na 😂kunj Said.All burst out in a laughter Meera hitting on Kunj arms.

Mumma, he is so cute aria said and kissed on Kunj baby cheeks and slightly pinched 😂. While Kunj pulled aria and pulled her cheeks in returned back.
Aha mumma she screamed..
kya hua aria it’s my love 👅so cute kunj said she making faces and rubbing her cheeks.

It’s very irritating 😠 maamu she said in her cute puppy voice.
Ho really 😹kunj added and she about to again to the baby.
Control your kid’s hands itna ek din mein hi pura pyaar dekha degi kya mere baby per Kunj said. Meera pulling Kunj cheeks and they all laughing cherishes the moments.
Rest teammates too come to see twinkle and Kunj baby bring many toys and gifts for both babies after all😛..

Both babies so cute anjali said.
You have the cutest husband Rahul said😹.
While Abhinav arched his eye 😝make rest burst out.

Kunj in which team he will go Stella or yours Rahul said.
In our sara said happily.
Ho really Rahul clapped 😂ab tujhe new chotu chamchu 👅Rahul added.

He is just one day born you all busy in his future leela said.
Same maa twinkle said.They had all together lunch spend more time with the baby.

When twinkle and avni feeling low both went in their room for rest while rest chit-chatting and busy in planning for babies naming ceremony.After sometimes later both babies sent to their mothers now very annoying.


At night everyone went back to their places now Kunj get time to went in his room.

At twinkle room.
Everywhere toys and baby things keeping.
Baby irritating twinkle already she isn’t feeling well little warmth..
kya hua ab baby haan she said And handling him but he is out of control she is already due to her health pissed off.

Baby, please don’t tease what you want to tell me she said and from side pick up a rattles toy and playing.Try to divert his mind but he was crying unstop she getting angry but can’t do anything 😊.
Acha don’t cry she caressing his back. Humming something.
Maybe he angry since a long time I didn’t feed him she thought and started feeding him he gets normal but little still sobbing.

The baby started sleeping twinkle patting on his back.
Sleep she murmuring just then Kunj entered the room. Twinkle look at Kunj.
What’s going on he said and went towards her.
Hi, baby Kunj said and about to touch him.
No please just now he gets quiet she said.
Kunj look at twinkle face fully dull dry lips eyes colour turned yellowish.

Twinkle are you fine?? He said and checked her forcefully and neck. She having little fever. He sat beside her.
Nothing bas aise hi she said in low voice.

You having fever he said.
Hoga, I’m fine you don’t worry Kunj she said.
What happened to him now he again sleeping?? He said.
Kaha I’m making him sleep teasing me lott and you are at down she said.
Haan everyone sitting so they just went then I come I thought you both must be sleeping he said.
Huh sleep he just teasing me she said.
Ho, you called me acha sorry but look at yourself twinkle he said and his heart arching after seeing her.
Twinkle place baby beside her he sleeps now.

You have your food and take medicine he said.
Please I don’t want anything she said.
What you didn’t eat kese chalega Twinkle he said and feed her food forcefully she having not having any option.

I told you before also twinkle don’t continue yaar you aren’t ready right now for this still you didn’t listen to me kunj said. Twinkle looking at Kunj.

Flashback after everything is sorted everyone was hell happy twinkle and Kunj too enjoying every bit of it while twinkle wasn’t well she had a lot of pain in her lower body which is not a good sign. When they went to dr from there get to know about her pregnancy issues and her own health issues because she taking painkillers.
Kunj was shocked.He doesn’t know about this while twinkle twinkle quiet then she tells everything to dr before MP mission twinkle was on a different mission that time she injured on her back so she even hospitalised also for that dr did her small surgery still the pain was there for the pain she taking painkillers in pregnancy too she doesn’t know it’s harmful in pregnancy and for baby also she taking this increased more issues moreover she is not fully fit and ready for baby so better let do anything worse.

Kunj and twinkle come back home and went to there room.
You didn’t tell me about this twinkle Kunj said.
Kunj it’s not so important she said.
Really twinkle now see what happened you taking painkillers you know you are pregnant still basic knowledge everyone know he added.
My pain unbearable sometimes Kunj That’s why I took it she added. Kunj was really worried about her health he went to her and held her shoulders both sat opposite of each other.

Look twinkle leave everything your health is important the first dr said na you aren’t well and not even ready for this so let’s abort this baby he said and twinkle shocked.

What abortion Kunjj why you know I’m more 4 months then-pregnant now it’s impossible and I will not do this in any case you get it how can you say this words i want this baby she said and cuddles her tummy.

Twinkle try to understand think about you later will happen something worse we will have a baby after sometimes when you are absolutely fine even you have your duty just your life started Kunj added.
Shut up I know everything my duty and all’s and I’m absolutely fine kuch nahi hoga mujhe and baby ko bhi I stop taking the medicines I will bear all pain but I wouldn’t abort my baby I wanttt you get it she said loudly tears escaping from her eyes. She hugged him tightly and sobbing Kunj to having tears in his eyes after seeing twinkle like this he cupped her face.

Shh don’t cry twinkle he said:
Kunj don’t say this I can’t do this I want my baby see I will do each and everything but mujhe mera bacha chahiye I really love him meri sanse judi hai mere bache she said. Kunj can see her love for her baby unconditionally. You do something na Kunj I’m ready for each and everything I will bear all pain but can’t lose My baby
She added Kunj wiped her tears and pecked at on her forehead.
Sh I know even it’s not easy for me I’m just thinking about you twinkle he said.
Please yah bacha my everything we will talk to another dr and I will listen you too she said.
Okay, he said and cuddles her i just want you twinkle he added and kissed on her temple.

After that, they talk to Drs and then finally dr suggest them at this point can’t do anything with baby also before they can but now not at all so better they will try their best twinkle stop the painkillers dr giving her medicines and some other things and proper diet no weakness in her body good for her and baby because now baby depending on her body only.Twinkle wants her baby at any cost and Kunj twinkle so they were determined Kunj doing each and everything taking care of her. her medicine time food everything time to time any kind of carelessness not good for twinkle and baby. She is stubborn everyone knows and he fully how she is.
Did leave anything on her. She having pain but Kunj giving her massages so her pain can relieve and she doesn’t need to take any kind of painkillers for her pain she really happy he was with her like support system at his time she was there for him and in twinkle he was too like idol husband.

Fb end.

I told you but you are very zidi girl Kunj said twinkle smiled slightly and caress her baby cheek.
See we did it kunj our all hard work pay off today our baby in front of us fit and fine and I don’t care about myself I’m fully happy and fine if something happened to him I m dead it’s happened because of you kunj thanks she said and looking at him.

Ho thanks really I didn’t do any favour on you I did for myself also you are my wife and he is my son 😛samji don’t ever say this Kunj said and cupped her face.

You both are my everything twinkle I can’t even think a second without you both now he said twinkle smiled.Feed him the morsel with her hands.

You eat siyappa queen Kunj said.
I’m eating only even you should too she added while in sleep baby making faces twinkle and Kunj see and giggles he is so adorable.

They teased him lott my baby see his cheeks turned red twinkle said and caressing his cheeks.
They get over-excited when aria and Aarush born we too same whole day di is like chicken for her chicks 😂and you too same he said.
I’m 😎they teased him later he troubled me a lot she added.Kunj keeps the plate in the side and gives her medicines now you sleep peacefully he said.
Hmm, she laid down while Kunj changed and come laid down beside twinkle while the baby in the middle of them.
If he woke up then twinkle said.
I will handle him you sleep bas Kunj said.

She smiled and held Kunj hand she kissed on the baby forehead.
Now I will sleep peacefully in this all months so restless kya hoga kya nahi she said and come closer to her son.While admiring twinkle within no time she sleeps kunj smiled.
Pagal ladki hai akhir apni zid kar hi li puri he said covered her with a blanket and off the lights.He too sleeps

In the middle of night baby woke up kunj gets up and handle him twinkle feed him and then he sleep back and Kunj roaming in the room with him later sleep.

Next day:
Sunlight coming on twinkle and Kunj face they trio peacefully sleeping with their baby they sleep for late.

Twinkle woke up and smiled at her first view her baby sleeping next to her.She gets up and pecked at his forehead.
My life he is she murmured and seeing Kunj who sleeping with the pouty face she knows with her he too suffered spend many nights restless she becomes so depressed He handles her she knows he gets irritated with her because she just crying her questions never takes the name to end unnecessary giving her stress and making her ill.
She recalled their fights in this room then how he handles her every-time when she gets low perfect husband he is.
Saduu she murmured and pecked at his forehead.And gets up sleep today after a long time she murmured and went in the washroom.
She gets freshen up and wear her clothes and come in the room she gets ready while baby and Kunj sleeping peacefully.She smiles And went down slowly. Dadi and Prithviraj were sitting together rest too they all enjoying morning tea twinkle come down.

Arey twinkle beta? You woke up why you come down Haan Avantika said and cupped her face.
Are you okay? She asked.
Haan, I’m fine you too like Kunj mummy ji she added.
You sit I will bring your breakfast and kunj’s too Avantika added.
Okay, twinkle said and she went back in the room.
She went to the baby who was woken and moving his hands and leg in his low voice making noise.
Aw, my baby woke up she said and took him in her lap. Meanwhile, Kunj too woke up and rubbing his eyes.
Good morning twinkle said.
Good morning in sleep voice and give her a smile went closer to her.
He woke up naughty head whole night rock music Kunj murmured.
Ho, 😹see what papa saying about you twinkle said. Twinkle and Kunj smiling bahy smiled in returned.Awww their expressions.

How’s you feeling now kunj asked she turned her face.
Fine, she said Kunj check her.
Thanks to god Kunj said and get relief.
While Avantika entered the room withbreakfast.She went to them.

My grandson woke up Avantika said.
Yes, twinkle said.
Now you have your breakfast twinkle take medicine too she added.
Thanks, mummy ji for this twinkle said.
Don’t need of this at my time I get pampered by mummy ji lot why don’t I my bahu she said. She keeps the tray in the side table.
He sleep well na she asked. Kunj and twinkle looking at each other.
He sleeps well? 🙄really asked us we sleep well or not he toh dancing whole night Kunj said.
Hehe, he will it just start my son she said.

Lo give him to me I will freshen up him Avantika said.
Arey Arey meri maa you taking him think about me kunj said in puppy voice.

Why?? Kunj she asked.
Baby mumma went out of the control if her son not around her 😹think about me little I’m innocent Kunj said.

Ho so mean Kunj nothing is like that mummy ji he just saying itself only twinkle said.
I know beta you don’t need to explain to me anything Avantika said.
Pamper me maa leave him he having his mother let her run behind her son Kunj said.
Achww She Said and pulled his cheeks.

You have breakfast I’m taking my grandson she said and twinkle gives her.
Soch le Twinkle 😂kunj said.
He is not going anywhere you shut up twinkle said.
You husband and wife continue she said and went downstairs.

You are very bad what you saying in front of mummy ji she will feel bad that I don’t want to give my baby to anyone huh she said.
Arey, I’m kidding twinkle and my maa is very chill out 😎 Kunj said.
I know my mother in law she said and take the breakfast tray.
Go and get freshen up let’s have together she said.
Nahi you have I’m wanna sleep more he said.
Huh, lazy head she murmured and having her breakfast while Kunj turned and sleep back.

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Avantika takes the baby in her room and giving him a bath along with tej.
See how cute he is she said.
Haan I’m so happy don’t want anything tej added.
Me too tej holding my grandson 😍feels like whole world happiness in my arms she said. After giving bath to the baby they dressed up him he looking damn cutest.They take him in the living room everyone was sitting avni and yuvi come down with their son. Meanwhile twinkle and Kunj.Kunj holding twinkle hand.They went to them sat beside Avantika.
Aw, my cutie pie twinkle said.While yuvi son crying.
Ahah whole night he crying now he 🙄kya life hai Kunj murmured.
Just a beginning bro 😎advik said while looking at yuvi and Kunj.They making faces in returned and Kunj gets up.

Where are you going now? Twinkle asked.
Now stop taking my enquire now you have baby handle him I have work because of you both I delay lot he said.
Sadu she said and Kunj went while they all talking about baby names.Later both sleep
Avantika makes healthy lunch for Twinkle she had and then she too went to rest in her room.Till baby sleep, she arranges his clothes.

While Kunj was busy in his work with his teammates.They had small party Kunj warn them don’t tell twinkle about this otherwise she will do drama she wanted.

Kunj baby was with Prithviraj he playing with his great-grandson happily.Kunj comes back early not having much work.
He comes and sees Prithviraj playing with his son he smiled and sits with him.
You come early? Prithviraj Said.
Haan woh kaam nahi tha jada kunj said now he started talking normally.

While just then baby pee in Prithviraj clothes.
Ale yah kya kiya kunj Said.
Koi na bacha hai he said and caressed his face while baby smile.
I will clean him Kunj said and took the baby.Who looking at his father while
Prithviraj went in his room.

Naughty head pee in dadu clothes taking my revenge 😝😹kunj said and baby smile itself only. Kunj kissed on his cheeks my baby he added and cuddles.
Yuck, he murmured and went to the room.

Your siyappa queen mumma dying without you he said and entered the room.

Twinkle folding the clothes sitting on the bed.
Tum kunj she said.
Haan me he said and went to her.
You bring baby he was with dadu twinkle said.
Haan pee in dadu clothes clean him twinkle said.
Hi, shit she said and take him.She brings his clothes and other things and clean him and wear him new fresh clothes.
You must be hungry she said and feeding him.
You early how? She asked.
Not having work that’s why and missing my cutie pie as well lot kunj said And tickling him
Don’t tease him otherwise crying and you get irritated she said and scolding Kunj.
I didn’t get irritated with my own baby huh siyappa queen he said.Twinkle place him on the bed and both playing with baby happily.

They all deciding baby names what you thought twinkle said.
I don’t know you say Kunj said.
Even I don’t know let’s mummy hi and papa ji keep the name twinkle said.
Well, great idea my wifey he said and pulled her cheeks and cuddles each other.
Later they had dinner and sleep.

Next day they keep the babies naming ceremony just family members and other closed ones. Twinkle getting ready while Kunj and baby all set.
Quick twinkle Kunj said.
Haan bas she said and fill her hairline and went to kunj.

Looking totally desi 😝Kunj said.
Huh, you never praise me she said and take the baby in her arms Kunj get up and cupped her face.
Acha I never praise you really you don’t have time for me anymore he said and making pouty lips twinkle pecked at his pout.
Ho really sorry my darling twinkle said. Kunj kissed on her cheeks and then baby.
My both lifelines looking beautiful and cute Kunj said.
Even papa too haina baby twinkle said and they smiled and went down together.

Everyone was presented tej and Avantika smiling while seeing their son happy with his wife and now become father also small happy family.They come down twinkle meet with her family and others too.Anjali and Rahul teased Kunj normally.

Now pandit ji Prithviraj said.Pandit ji nodded in yes.
Twinkle and Kunj sit together while the baby in twinkle lap and avni and yuvi too next to them and rest in sides sitting.Soo pandit starts mantar then pandit done with pooja.
Now you can keep both babies name pandit said twinkle and Kunj looking at each other.
Say kunj tej Said.
You can keep the name of my son dadu Kunj said my name dadi kept Kunj added. Lata nodded in yes Prithviraj smile.
Kiyansh Prithviraj said. Kunj and twinkle smile and kiyansh they murmured.
Meaning:A Person having all qualities, One who is blessed with all good qualities Prithviraj added.
Best name dadu Meera added.
Now next turn yuvi son let me na i m bua na Meera said.
Meeraa tej said she get quiet.
Haan Meera di you keep the name of my son dadu kept my name 😂. Meera get happy.
Yuvan means healthy, strong hows it meera said.
Lovey like me Yuvraj son Yuvan waha di yuvi said.Meera gets happy. Both babies names keep..
Kunj son;kiyansh Kunj sarna.
And Yuvraj son;Yuvan Yuvraj sarna.Then they all feed each other’s sweets.

Twinkle and Kunj took the Prithviraj and lata blessings and yuvi and avni too.Lata and Prithviraj give the gift to avni then looking at twinkle.

That day you didn’t take twinkle beta now take Prithviraj said and forwarding to her while twinkle looking at Kunj.
For you both you both give me my great-grandson I do many mistakes now I don’t want na Jane kitne rishte khatam kar diya iss bharam ne ki mein sahi hu sirf mein hi sahi hu didn’t accept Even Kunj as my grand son hurt him too today he gives me right to keep his son name he said.

I didn’t do any favour on you if today I give you right to keep My son name because you have right on him.He is your great-grandson haan you didn’t accept me as your grandson feels bad but it’s your view why? I said you that day also and not take this because you doing your duty and formality with others you doing your responsibility and their right.While Prithviraj holding the box in his hand.

Rishte kabhi khatam nahi hote baato se chhuta to aankho main reh jata hai, aankho se chhuta toh dil mai reh jata hai Mere bolne se mera aap se rishta toh toot nahi sakta you will stay remain my grand father and I’m your grandson no matter whether you and me want or not. Mistakes my parents did with them And my mother forgives you because you accepted her and give her your bahu rights I feel bad and don’t want my mother bow down in front of anyone especially in front of you. In your ego you don’t want to us consider your family you have issues with us but happy when you accept my son as your great-grandson I thought like me even you didn’t even accept him but he is lucky by god grace that loves and care I didn’t get from my grandfather after ages but luckily my son getting what happier than me. Rishte us kitab ki tarah hote hai dadu jese likhne mein saalo lag jate hai. Lekin iss kitab ko jalne mein kuch hi second ka waqat lagta hai.I didn’t let twinkle take this from you because you didn’t accept me and I’m not your anything for you so how I can take this from you but today I can kunj said and take from Prithviraj hand the box and give to twinkle.
Rishton ki ahmiyat ko samjho rishte jatane ke liye nahi nibhane ke liye hote hai
Kunj added.All looking at him and happy he saying absolutely right each word.

I m your culprit But today I’m not doing any duty he said.
That I can see in your eyes Kunj said.
And you don’t need to say sorry to me for anything whatever happened that was old things me dil pe grudges nahi rakhta hu when your past calls don’t answer it has nothing new to say kunj said and hugged him all get happy finally these two also today patched up.

I can say proudly you are my son Prithviraj said.
Even I can say proudly you are my grandfather too kunj said After both babies in their cradle rest had lunch together then twinkle and avni cut them cakes small celebrations.Twinkle went to kunj.
Today I’m impressed with you again mr Kunj sarna she said.
Acha mrs sarna 👅le you get your so called jewelleries he said she smacked on his arms.
Yup, I’m very happy because I get my right today and what you did that absolutely correct Kunj she said.
Today he gave from his heart not any formality If there is anything like this I wouldn’t take it and neither will let him keep my baby name also twinkle what he did it’s his fault and now he is guilty then I’m too happy kunj said.
I know kunj she said and give him a side hug.The whole day passed away in this Rest went back both babies dancing on their heads.

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They get hell tired and went back to their rooms.
Bas don’t cry what happened to you twinkle said and calming his son who crying badly.
Give me my son he said and take kiyansh and patting on his back.Still, he crying.
Maybe hungry he is hangry Kunj said.
Nahi I just feed him not hungry what

happened to him my baby look at mumma she said and bring toys for him sat down on the bed. Twinkle place him on the bed he crying more harder she keeps him in her lap, his face turned red.
Kunjj see na what happened to him she too having tears in her eyes.

Ab you don’t give him company Kunj said.
They both cheering up him started talking with him he stopped but later again started crying now both tensed what
happened to their baby suddenly.
Almost midnight both yawing but can’t sleep as well.
Soja mera baap kunj Said.
Twinkle cuddles him and patting on his back.
Sleep kiyansh baby today you didn’t rest twinkle murmured.

Dr gives him medicine did you give him?? Kunj asked.
I forgot shit she said Kunj showing her anger eyes.
You siyappa queen he said and gritting his teeth’s while she bites her inner cheek and gives kiyansh medicine.
Huh, still he crying kunj she said.
First, you are enough to spoil my sleep now you both 😒Kunj said.
Wait she said and bring warm clothes for him.
She made him wear the warm clothes now sleep baby she said and baby looking at his mother she kissed on his forehead Kunj wiped his eyes.
My baby, he said and kissed on his palm.
Both just seeing him he blinking his eyes.
Slowly slowly closing his eyes soon sleep twinkle and Kunj hearing his soft snoring they smiled it’s the best moment to see your baby sleeping peacefully take your all stress away.

Unnecessary cry kunj said and caress his cheeks he again opens his eyes and closed quickly twinkle and Kunj chuckled and looking at the clock 4:00.
Life has changed now interesting this parenthood twinkle said.
Yes, life has changed but very beautifully he said and she place him carefully on the bed without disturbing his sleep.

Both take a deep breath after spoiling our sleep now nawab sleeping peacefully Kunj said.
Bacha hai we have to bear I don’t want anything he just stays happy and can’t see any tears in his eyes when you crying na baby mumma really upset she said and covered him with his baby blanket. Both laid down hold twinkle hand and sleeps fast.

In the morning they already sleep last night almost early morning due to kiyansh crying session.Twinkle woke up and stretched her arms and smiled turned her face and seeing kiyansh who sleeping peacefully.
Naughty boy, she murmured and caressing his head meanwhile Kunj too woke up
Huh, whole night he spoiled now see your son sleeping peacefully should I break his sleep kunj said.
Shh Kunj don’t please otherwise crying and you will say his rock music do you want your morning start with his rock music she said.
Kaha meri chalti hai he said.Both admiring their son. He having pouty lips.
Sote sote bhi like you making faces Kunj said and pecked at his pout both kissed on his cheeks.
Don’t disturb him she said and both get up and let him sleep.

He pulled her and nuzzles his face in her neck.
You are very bad bete ke peeche pati ko bhul gai 😟he said
She smiled and cupped his face: you getting jealous with your son baby Kunj not fair she said. He caressing her hairs.
Hmm, I know ☹️ headache kaam bhi hai ahh kunj Said.
What to do we can’t do anything ab bacha hoga toh yah sab hoga hi kunj even we teased our parents too now it’s our time to deal and handle our baby it’s blessing Kunj she said and kissed on his cheeks.
Now let me get freshen up till then you sleep more but don’t tease my cutie pie she said and pulling his cheeks.
Chamchi and I will pull his nose Kunj said.
Okay then get ready to bear him like last night 🤪Kunj sarna she said and went in the washroom till then Kunj seeing his work and called Rahul once. Resting beside kiyansh who happily sleeping. Kunj closing his eyes because twinkle takes a lot of time in the bath he knows. She gets freshen up and come out wearing beautiful saree and seeing Kunj who closing his eyes and laying.

She smiles and arching her eyebrow and she went to kunj and moving her wet hairs on his face she giggling Kunj open his eyes and see her.

What is this he asked?
You were missing your wife she said and sprinkling her hair water on his face. Kunj closed his eyes. And pulled her on him.
He smells his hairs.
First, he didn’t let me sleep now you too he said.
Yes, it’s our right to teased you kunj sarna koi toh hai who can tease you otherwise you showing your power 🥵great agent sadu she said.
Ho really you both have power now well he tucked her hairs behind her earlobe’s.
Both looking at each other and having a naughty smile on their lips.

Kunj captures her lips and both sharing gentle and slow lip lock twinkle quickly break and pushed Kunj and went to the dressing table.

Youuu siyappa queen Kunj said and throw cushion on her and he ruffling his hairs both smiling like anything she gets ready.
I’m bringing your coffee okay she said and went down and goes to the kitchen after a long time going in the kitchen and finally making coffee for her husband Kunj has stopped her for doing anything strictly.

She making coffee for Kunj and his favourite egg sandwich. Avni too comes in the kitchen.
Good morning avni said.
You too good morning sleep well?? Twinkle said.
Huh kaha yaar Yuvan teasing whole night she said.
Hehe, mine condition too same avni even kiyansh too crying bas now sleeping boss bichara Kunj she said.
These babies poor us she added and both chuckled meanwhile Khushi too join them.

Kunj take bath and come in room twinkle already keep his clothes and he took and wear while she entered with his breakfast in the room she went to the table and keep the tray in the side.she went to him.Closing his button.
Still sleeping kunj said and looking at his son.
Hmm good na she said twinkle fixed his collar. Kunj set his hairs and sat on the couch.
Sandwich he said.
She went to him and sat beside him.
Yes, you want I know she said.
Yup Kunj added and started having his breakfast. He had his breakfast.
Take your medicine on time okay and bye will get late today he added and pecked at her forehead and take his bag and before going went to bed.
Not fair kiyansh didn’t let us sleep now you sleeping Kunj said and kissed on his forehead he went while twinkle smile.

In a few days, their life changed before they both now their baby who totally turned up their husband and wife romantic and nokh jhok life in blissful happiness their day behind him only.She doing her own work let kiyansh sleep.

Kunj come to hq and everyone was
presented they all sat for discussion.
After they get busy in their respective duties Kunj was in his cabin.
Aryan and Adarsh went outside while Rahul with Kunj both analysing.

Kiyansh woke up later twinkle give him bath carefully she giving him she is not good just learning than she wiped him selecting his clothes he was on the bed.

Kunj thinks about kiyansh he takes his phone and called twinkle.
Now kes ka call hai she murmured and went to pick up her phone. She takes the call.
Kunj she said.
Hello, twinkle Kunj said.
Yes, you calling me at this time don’t you have work what Jaidev sir will say she said and take the clothes and went to kiyansh.
I know my work what about my son he woke up or not? He asked.
Hi yes now woke up only sleep enough at night rock and roll 😛 she said.Kunj video called her switching.
Where he is kunj said.
Here is your son see she turned the camera and showing him who looking at Kunj with his small small buttoned eyes. Twinkle comes closer to kiyansh face.
See papa she taping on the screen.
Say hello to sadu twinkle said and held his hand and waving to Kunj.
He is a few days born and you saying hello he mimics in her voice 😂..
Sleepover kiyansh Kunj said he open his mouth yawning 😂.
Ho god, he is sleeping beauty like you twinkle Kunj added.
Yup dekh liya ab dress up kar du mein she said.
Haan fast before my son get ill Kunj said.
Okay bye, papa twinkle said and cut the call.

Twinkle quickly dressed up him and click his few photos and send to kunj.
His phone beep he checks and sees twinkle send something Kunj to open and see kiyansh photos. Kunj smile and adoring his son.
What are you seeing? Rahul asked.
My son, he said and showing him kiyansh photos.
Ho cutie pie Rahul said and Kunj set his photo phone wallpaper.

You looking very happy kunj Rahul said.
Yup I’m I was never before after kiyansh every day become blissful Rahul I think you should to think about the baby than see you will be happy haan sleep thodi haram hoti but when you see your son sleeping that’s enough for you😚kunj said.
I know aww dekhte hai 😛Rahul said and they get busy in their work.

Twinkle take kiyansh downstairs and give him to lata and she went to help avni and Khushi for lunch.

Both babies with lata and Prithviraj playing with them happily.Then they all had lunch together playing with both babies together with the whole house just echoing with their crying sound fully..

A few months later::
At night twinj room.
Twinkle playing with kiyansh who become really naughty didn’t let them sleep itself sleep in the day 🤪.. twinkle health too well thankfully but she can’t join her duty because of kiyansh who is really small needs her most all the time and she don’t want to leave him alone, kunj very busy hardly he getting time to spend with his son and wife come late and went early
Morning but he didn’t forget one video call daily routine when Kunj went he was sleeping so after he woke up kunj do one same time and seeing his son on video call he get so happy to see his father on screen.Yuvan too naughty both bothers ley everyone dancing on their moves. their whole day went behind them only.

Where is papa kiyansh Kunj bhi na twinkle murmured and kiyansh playing with her hairs.Lights were dim just then Kunj entered. On the lights.
You come itna late she said and Kunj keep the bag and throw his blazer in the side and went to her sits beside twinkle nuzzles his face in her neck hook.
What happened she asked.
Hmm nothing yaar hell tired today he said and twinkle caressing his hairs.
Acha she said.
Hell hungry twinkle yaar gives me something. Or he didn’t sleep till now kunj said and looking at twinkle.
Twinkle caressing his face fully dulled.
No waiting for you. Okay you go and get freshen up I will bring your dinner quickly she said and opened his tie.
Nahi first food Kunj said.
Tum bhi same like you son okay fine sit here only don’t leave him alone Kunj she said and twinkle went to the kitchen and heat up the food.

Kunj seeing kiyansh who happily playing in his own zone Kunj smiled.
Miss my baby didn’t play with you he said and tickling him he giggles. Twinkle back with dinner and went to him and keep kiyansh things in side.She sat opposite of him.

I feed you she asked.
Hmm, Kunj hummed twinkle smiled and feeding Kunj food with her hands.Kiyansh turned slightly.
He growing up so fast kunj said.
Hmm, twinkle hummed. Kunj has done with food and twinkle keep everything back and Kunj get freshen up and they come and laid down in sitting position and enjoying hot coffee. Kunj seeing something.
Twinkle what is this Kunj said.
Now what I did she asked?
Yaar you put his photos why? I told you na don’t use his photo anywhere it’s not safe right now remove Kunj said. She immediately removed.
Why?? I mean you even didn’t let me take kiyansh to park today avni and khushi went with Yuvan twinkle said.

Listen twinkle unki baat lag hai we have to take full protection for our baby that’s why I’m not lettering you take him outside it’s not safe you know our work even we didn’t let di too didn’t you see Meera di didn’t take aria and Aarush outside lot unki safety first priority for me today also then how can I m careless for my son let you too nope understand this he is very precious I want anything happened with my son because of my work and enmity with many he said twinkle looking at Kunj then her son.

You are right kunj I m idiot our life not like normal people how can I forget we are secret agents now kiyansh life safety too in our hands I’m sorry I don’t want any bad shadow falls down on my son twinkle said and kissed on his fingers.
It’s okay even I did keeping his photo my wallpaper then click hua ab kar bhi kya sakte hai end of the day normal human beings we are thoda toh maan karta hi hai yah kare woh kare apne baby ke saath kunj said and kissed on his small palm.

Kunj take him in his arms and lifting him,
Don’t Kunj twinkle said.
Let me he is my strong baby Kunj said while kiyansh giggling.Twinkle admiring father and son.
Bas karo kunj twinkle said and take him in her arms caressing his cheeks.
Now sleep baby she said. He moving his hand on her face.
My cutie pie twinkle murmured and feeding him patting on his back so he can sleep. In few time he sleeps his soft snoring echoing twinkle and Kunj giggles.
Hungry always Kunj murmured.
Don’t put your evil eyes on my baby she said.
Ho really my baby even my too 🤪he snatched my wife but I’m little happy you aren’t clinging anymore to me 😂relax Kunj said.Twinkle hit on his chest.She makes him take burp quickly he burped. She keeps him in his cradle. Kunj pulled her towards himself.
Kya hai she said.
He went closer to her face Kya hai huh very boring you are he said and making puppy faces.
Acha I’m boring koi na you are very tired so sleep now otherwise blame my son she said and patting on his cheeks. Kunj smirked and went closer to her lips she understands before he can capture twinkle lips loudly kiyansh cry..twinkle closed her eyes while Kunj holds his head and laid down..
ahah he wouldn’t let me take one kiss 😒he said in crying voice while twinkle giggles and take him from cradle she patting on his back so he sleeps quickly back. Kiyansh sleeps fast and twinkle place him near her and Kunj closed his eyes and having a pouty face.twinkle chuckled to see his face she went to him before place pillows near kiyansh and dim the lights and come above him. And pecked at his lips.
Don’t be sad kunj she speaks against the lips.Kunj open his eyes and she is above

Pagal hai I’m not sad what a timing his 🤣bas Kunj said and both giggles and share a quite kiss and hugged each other sleep in each other embraced..

Next scene::
Twinkle was in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone while Kunj getting ready for his duty.Kiyansh woke up and crying kunj bring him down.
Where is twinkle? Kunj asked his mother.
She is in the kitchen give him to me kunj Avantika said.
Nahi maa, he crying very badly this siyappa queen leave him she knows him Kunj and went into the kitchen.

Twinkle yaar here you busy in cooking see kiyansh Kunj said.
Ho woke up darling good Kunj see him I will come quickly in sometime Twinkle said but he looking at Twinkle. Yuvi comes with Yuvan.

Lo, iss ki kami thi khushi added.
You both take your sons outside I can manage cooking Khushi said and avni and Twinkle give her look.
Let your time come, baby, they stated and take their sons and went into the living room.

Kya hua dono ko ek saath hi roh rahe hai tej said.
Maybe this sadu teased my son in sleep I leave him peacefully sleeping twinkle said and giving Kunj angry look.
What a girl she is I teased him haan? He itself woke up cry baby just Kunj said and making faces.avni and twinkle Pacifying them.

You both give them to me lata said and take them.Place them on the couch both crying.
Usha bring oil I will give them oil massage they will be okay lata said and Usha bring and at down and lata started giving them one by one oil massage but they crying more harder twinkle held Kunj arms when her son crying fully.
Kunjj she said,
Kya kunj chal bey😏kunj said and sat in the side.
Dadi he crying twinkle said,
Beta it makes his bones strong lata said while Kunj giggling to see twinkle face. Avni and twinkle having crying faces,

Bas dadi my elder baby started crying kunj said. Twinkle throw a cushion at Kunj and take kiyansh and went in her room all laughing.
She is too bachiii Kunj murmured and run behind her.

Bas bas don’t cry dadi give you massage don’t you like haan she blabbering Kunj come.

Twinkle take him for a bath she gives him a bath and come back to the room and wiping his body and applying his all necessary things lotions and soft creams and etc.
Kunj sits beside her she dressing him.

Not this one twinkle Kunj said. Kunj select cute dress for his son,
This suits on my baby more Kunj added. Twinkle made him wear his face fully red.
Aww, don’t cry we will shoo dadi next time kunj said and take him in his arms.
Even papa too very bad laughing on us twinkle said and pulled Kunj hairs.

They went down and everyone sits together for breakfast they had breakfast happily.
Twinkle went outside with Kunj.
Bye, kiyansh Kunj said and pecked at his forehead.
Bye Kunj take care of yourself twinkle said and kissed on his cheek.He give her side hug.
Hmm you too he added and left,.

While after twinkle finished her work she went to her mother house long time she didn’t went there.

At Taneja mansion.
Today you come finally Mehar said twinkle entered with kiyansh.
Yup bhabi what to do so busy in him can’t even join my duty as well she said and they both sat together leela too come.
My kiyansh leela takes him in her lap.
Day by day becoming cuter how he is she asked.
Absolutely fine maa very naughty day by day he is twinkle said Aleena to comeback from her school she playing with kiyansh. Who doesn’t like much crowd like his father 😂the whole day he stays alone in the whole room.abeer and rt come soon because of twinkle and baby.. they all spending time together abeer teasing kiyansh while Twinkle fighting with him for her son.

Bhai don’t do my baby she said and cuddles him.
Look at her maw chicken 😝abeer murmured.
Huh, they all are like this maa there Kunj teasing my baby every time bhai too next time I wouldn’t come she said.
Huh okay, abeer said😎.
Acha don’t abeer beta rt said. While in evening Kunj call comes to twinkle.
Kaha today not call for your son twinkle asked.
Was busy Tu bata how he is he asked.
Playing with nanu and nani twinkle said.
Ho they come kunj asked.
Nope, I come to Taneja mansion it’s been a long time even maa missing so come she said.
Okay but don’t leave my baby alone samjhi Kunj said.
Haan baba acha you come and we will go together now don’t deny she said,
Okay, kunj added and they ended the call.

Kunj coming leela asked?
Haan maa coming aise toh not but for his son, he will come 😛not lettering us go anywhere twinkle said.
Haan protective father abeer said.
Yup after him our life become double-time beautiful and happy maa twinkle said and kissed on her son’s forehead.
I can’t even live a second without him she said. Leela and rt get happy to see their daughter so happy in her married life with her husband and baby..

At night kunj come to Taneja mansion bring chocolates for Aleena and a new toy for her and kiyansh he went inside rt welcome him. Kunj sat with him and abeer they were talking normally Kunj finding twinkle.She comes down with baby give you kunj.
Handsome Aleena shouted come to kunj.
How’s you kunj asked and pulled her cheeks.
I’m good I play with baby lot she said.
Acha good then kiyansh must be happy with his sister Kunj said and give her chocolates and toy and get hell happy.

Abeer try to taking kiyansh while he moves his face and cuddles his father.
Ale bhai tit of tat you teased my baby lot so now he doesn’t want maamu twinkle said.
Even I have my doll abeer and said and pulled Aleena cheeks she shouted back all laughs out.They all sit for dinner Started having together while kiyansh was in twinkle arms.
They both mother and son make your nights hell Kunj abeer said 😛kunj looking at twinkle.
Hmm 😂but blissful after my baby Kunj said.
Pehle apni life itni important nahi thi aisa tha haan jaan chali bhi gai toh kya apne desh ke liye ab ek dil apne bete ke liye thoda sa dar hai if something happened to us then isska kya hoga kunj said.
True Meher said.Done with dinner they having ice cream Aleena lick to kiyansh who making faces and happily licking😍.
No no Aleena twinkle said and wiped his face.

Let’s go twinkle it’s getting late kunj said.
Yes, twinkle beta go now rt said twinkle gets up and meet with everyone and they both went outside and sat in the car.

Happy today kunj asked.
Yup after a long time went out she added.
Soon they reached home and went in the room to get freshen up.
While Meera comes to sarna mansion for some days with her both babies Adarsh and Jaidev went to Delhi for some work.

What you bring twinkle asked Kunj checking the bag.
Not much just a few toys for kiyansh Kunj said.
He had already Kaha khel tha hai twinkle said and keep in wardrobe back just then knocked at the door.
Kaun twinkle said and Meera with her kids entered.
Meera diii twinkle said loudly.
Yes me where you both husband and wife Meera asked.
Haa maa house come I don’t know you come twinkle said and Meera sit on the bed while both the kids jumped on the bed playing with kiyansh.
Di good you come kunj said.
Yes getting bored at home Adarsh and papa not so thought let’s come even these two missing both babies just leave Yuvan waiting for you only Meera said.
Acha hai na kunj said and seeing aria and Aarush loving kiyansh. Twinkle make coffee and snacks for them and they sit together while babies playing.

Shh don’t pulled his cheeks he will cry aria Kunj said.
Maamu I love his cheeks she said and kissed on his cheeks while he pulled her hairs baby grips were so tight 😂.
Ahh, mumma she started crying.
Leave leave kiyansh Kunj said and remove her hairs from his grips.
I told you na Kunj said.
This your father teach you haan making his son like him only Meera said.
Yup, any doubt 😎beta mera hai toh mere pe hi jayega 😛kunj said. Meera take him,
Huh, little sadu Meera murmured. While kiyansh held Meera hairs too.
Le ab maze 😜kunj said.
I’m your one and only bua na kiyansh your papa is devil don’t listen him Meera said and playing with him he giggling.
Mumma, we take him with us Aarush said.
Acha how we take him Meera asked.
Put him in bag aria added.

Hoo really twinkle careful they can do this my poor baby should I put you in bag aria Kunj said tickling her she laughing loudly.
Meri biwi pagal ho jayegi dusri kaha se launga kunj murmured.
Don’t worry we not taking anywhere him Meera said give him to twinkle. Avantika and tej entered after hearing their voice

You all didn’t sleep till now Meera tej said.
No papa we come here Meera said and they went to them.
Kiyansh also woke up till now tej added.
When he sleeps early papa he usually sleeps almost at early morning Kunj said.

They give little space to tej and Avantika.
This two also didn’t sleep Avantika said and aria and Aarush making faces.
We playing with kiyansh nani they said. Now get mingle with them too.
But he is cry baby aria said.
Haw looks who saying 😳Kunj said and tej take kiyansh.
See he is not cry baby you must be teased him tej said he happily playing with his grandfather held tej moustaches.
Aria and Aarush sat on tej both laps and seeing kiyansh who was in his arms they teasing him while in return he moving his hands on them all laughing. Was a time they suffered now hell happy with their little ones❤️.

Aria pinched on kiyansh nose he making faces and closed his eyes all like aw kunj take his son.
Don’t dare now you both chicks Kunj said and caressed his son’s face.
See kitna gussa hogaya mera baby next time if you did then send you both back kunj said.
Acha I’m here only Meera said.
Haan, we will complain about you to dadu aria said and huffed her hairs 😎..

You all continue let me make him sleep it’s very late Twinkle said and take him from Kunj and making him sleep Quickly he dozed off.
Now shh Kunj said.He peacefully sleeping.
Life bhi kitni change hogi tej today our kids babies Avantika said.
Yes, very fast over-enthusiasm father Meera murmured and cuddles tej while aria and Aarush jumping on the bed.
Hang you both if my baby woke up then trio do together rock and roll Kunj said.
Huh, maamu changed Aarush said.
Yes, my baby he having his own baby Meera said and making faces.
See papa drama queen Arey they teasing him he will cry that we can’t see you forget about their time how much they make me run worth hi nahi Kunj said.
We both happy our both daughter and son settled in their life happily no tension tej said,

When I give you tension she only Kunj said and pulled Meera cheeks.
Aha, papa, she yelled.
Ab aaya na maza aha papa what about my son Kunj mimic her.😹..
Nani, you promised us na take us outside tomorrow we will go and take kiyansh baby too with us Aarush said and cuddles Avantika.
Haan paka we will go she said.
Kya maa don’t take what they wanted to bring at home only Kunj said.
No, we want to go outside this time aria said.
Let them Kunj Meera said.
As your wish later don’t cry if anything you know still doing stubbornness did you forget what happened last time so leave Meera Kunj said.
Hmm, I know but they are also babies maan karta hai Because of our fear we can’t kill their joy Meera said.
I know everything just for their safety I’m suggesting the same twinkle too kunj said.

Acha me and Avantika will go together not take Meera with us then fine tej said.
Be careful Kunj said.
Even kiyansh too aria said.
Not at all kunj said.
Kyun Meera asked.
Shaheed nahi hona hai mujhe apni biwi ke haatho 😶kunj said.Meera looking at twinkle.
Ho see papa Kitna darta hai apni biwi se 🤭Meera said.
Acha less then Adarsh Kunj said and yawing.
He is like this sadu sarna twinkle said.
Now let’s sleep tej said they gets up and wished each other goodnights and they went back.Twinkle closed the door and laid down.
Naughty kids Kunj murmured and they sleep.

Meera stays one week with sarna family she enjoying every bit of it both aria and Aarush dancing on tej and Avantika head they get chance to pamper their grandkids also both teasing kiyansh and Yuvan they both playing with them but they just crying their late night chit chats small family picnic aria and Aarush demands yuvi and advik they take to their farm house and they all enjoy there.

Both Yuvan and kiyansh growing up fast started walking with their little steps making everyone happy lata and Prithviraj day went behind them only their first-word mumma and papa blessings for them twinkle and Kunj used to behind him say mumma and papa he take time very closed to his father kiyansh if kunj not around him he crying but he can’t do anything he has his own duty also while twinkle doing her physical tanning comeback to in her old shape she handles the work from home only she still feels kiyansh needs her more while Kunj never tells her to take leave and handle his son he already told she can join her duty while Avantika can see kiyansh but her heart not willing she is very possessive when he isn’t in front of her eyes more then 10 minutes she becomes restless like what happened.

Kunj gets promotion everyone gets so happy there is a small celebration after he gets his promotion not any big celebration like other kinds of because they are secret agents everything is just behind curtains Kunj get happy when he get appreciation his hard work pay off he took Prithviraj with himself happy to wear her medal from his hands while he was on 9th cloud his grandson making him proud in everywhere his dream was his son or grandson do something for his country like him now kunj doing his heart jumping in happiness always feels proud he is his grandson he says proudly too. While twinkle too happy for her husband she feels bless having husband life kunj he handling his both responsibilities handling his duty and perfect father and husband too.

Kunj gets oder to come to Delhi which little not possible because he can’t leave twinkle and kiyansh alone even can’t take as well he request he will do ups and downs but the end of the day his son can’t stay without his father one day more for him he used to travel from Amritsar to Delhi Alia join atb working under Kunj and Rahul very nicely.

Twinkle do small gestures for Kunj they kept small party for Kunj success all family and friends they cut the cake and enjoying very proud moment for Jaidev too his student achieving so many things in such a small age.

At morning::
Kunj getting ready he had a conference meeting has to go Delhi twinkle was sad with him.
Kunj come soon you know na today is Malika and Aryan engagement twinkle said and closing his buttons.
I know darling I will come quickly directly there only he said.
Huh, you do always Delhi Delhi shifted there the only twinkle said.
Ab what I can do it’s my duty twinkle because of you and kiyansh I can’t stay there but I have to go come back till evening back till then you both son and mumma enjoy Kunj said.
You know him he will get sad without his papa twinkle said.kiyansh playing in the side with his toys and blabbering.

Pata hai but kya karu acha toh mujhe bhi nahi lata hai just a matter for some hours she said and she fixed his tie and caressing his hairs.

Ab promotion hogaya hai then duties also increase Kunj said.
I’m really happy for you kunj feels so proud I’m your wife and you are my husband twinkle said. Kunj cupped her face.
I’m too twinkle after our baby life become a package of happiness Kunj said twinkle back hugged Kunj

Don’t go na baba twinkle said
For you both I even cancel my transfer Twinkle and you know my headquarter in Delhi I have to go there Kunj said.twinkle bring kiyansh.

See papa going twinkle said.
Papa will come and bring chocolates and toys for My baby Kunj said and kissed on his cheeks. Kiyansh cuddles Kunj.
I will get late don’t be sad and him too kunj said pecked at her cheeks and his too kiyansh kissed on Kunj cheeks.
Love you kunj said and took his bag kiyansh waving him and he left.

If Aryan and Malika started liking each other while working nobody knows first but Rahul always had doubt on them when they disclosed about their love everyone was in their team was surprised but happy twinkle and Elena get angry with Aryan but he anyhow Pacifies them he didn’t tell them first while Rahul and Adarsh teasing Malika like anything. So finally today they going to engage with each other with the blessing of their families and loved ones.

Kunj went to Delhi by the time Jaidev was there only.
Kunj reached to headquarters he went inside and greet with them And went to Jaidev cabin.
Jai Hind sir he saluted him.
Kunj come jaidev said and Kunj stand.
Arey sits now you promotion done it’s your seat he said and make him sit on his chair.
Sir aap bhi kunj Said.
No Kunj it’s your hardwork and dedication for your country then you achieved this and every time when I see you feeling so proud my heart overload my student reached here Kunj Jaidev said Kunj get up and held his hand.
I’m nothing, sir, without you whatever I’m today just because of your faith and support give me and made me achieve you are always god to me will remain same no matter what position I get but always your student Kunj said, he hugged him.
Thanks, sir I can’t explain and thanks to you in words what you did for me and for my sister accept her that moment when no one was with her you and Adarsh give my sister all happiness toddy she is happy because of you both Kunj said and break the hug.
I just support you and about Meera leave she is my bahu and Adarsh wife what you give us you don’t know our life just normal after Meera and with our two kids life becomes happy and colourful Kunj that love and respect you and Rahul give me priceless for you both and I know you both just proud our country he added.

Well, how’s your little one Jaidev asked.
Good but sad I come here Kunj said.
Hehe, bache bhi na see today you are so happy with a twinkle and your son Jaidev said.
Yes, sir that day I did stupidity leaving her but at the right moment, you make me understand and today my life fully fulfilled with happiness there both of them upset with me kunj said giggles they.

My agent fully changed but I’m loving it how beautifully you handle your both duties really appreciate Kunj let’s go for meeting Jaidev said.
Sure sir Kunj said both of them went to conference room meeting started soon.

Another hand in Amritsar twinkle was busy in her clothes what she will wear tonight for engagement party while kiyansh teasing her throwing toys here and there.

Let your sadu father come he itself chilling and leave you on me bas she said and get irritated gets up and running slowly and falls down on his knees.
Ah, kiyansh what you doing she said and he crying get hurt she picks up him and blowing on his knees he feels better.

Twinkle messaging Kunj, again and again, he off his phone she disturbing him most sending kiyansh voice audio’s 😍.

She gets ready beautifully in Maroon colour saree wear a diamond necklace which Kunj has gifted her after kiyansh brith

. He does things for he doesn’t know but trying she gets happy with his efforts. She ready kiyansh too both mother and son looking killer and she took his bag he will tease her if not take his feeder she went down rests all ready to go engagement.

Kunj didn’t come?? Usha asked.
Don’t know chachi he will come directly Malika house twinkle said.
Okay let’s go then tej said.They all sits in the car and left for Malika house.

At Malika house whole house decorated beautifully with lights and other decorating things. Sarna’s arrived and went inside twinkle give kiyansh to Avantika went to Malika even Elena to join her rest teammates to come Rahul with his whole family even Abhinav and Taneja’s Adarsh with his kids and wife..
Aryan family come.
Huh, cheater twinkle said.
Sorry, yaar ab Kya jaan legi kya aryan said and both share a hug. Malika comes down with Elena and sara Aryan freeze after seeing her.

Closed your mouth before beep entered 😂Rahul whispered in his ears.
Hu😏 Aryan frowned. Malika looking beautiful she smiling while sharing eyes lock with Aryan. She meets with his parents and takes their blessings and stand beside Aryan.
Hayee looking killer Rahul said.
Haan love birds so smart they are mission solve kar rahe the ya apni sitting kar rahe hai the 😂yuvi added.
True yuvi Rahul added.

You guys mad it’s normal we like each other’s not a crime in this Malika said. By the way, where is our mentor Malika asked.
Kunj went to Delhi for his meeting coming in sometimes twinkle said.
Ho Malika said.

Kunj and Jaidev reached and went inside. Here is kunj and Jaidev sir sara said.
Twinkle turned and looking at him.Both went towards them.
Not get late kunj said.
Engagement over Rahul said.
No Kunj Aryan added.
Congratulations you both Kunj said and hugged them.Twinkle bring kiyansh. Who sobbing.
My baby Kunj said kiyansh see Kunj as soon as he jumping for him.Kunj took him from twinkle and wiped his tears.
Why you crying haan mumma scold you kunj said he nodding in yes as he understanding 😂.He snuggled his face in Kunj neck.Kunj pat on his back.
Ho cry baby papa comeback from vanvas Rahul added from back tickling kiyansh.

Acha let’s see soon your time coming kunj said while looking at anjali who 5 months pregnant 😂..

See papa back na now no more sad kunj said kiyansh smiling.
Pa..pa he blabbering. Kunj cuddles him twinkle come stand beside him huh face.
Sorry na yaar Kunj said.
Okay na she said.
Now happy papa ke chamche whole day eating my head she said.
Acha my baby teased mumma Kunj said kiyansh blinking his eyes they giggles.

While Aryan and Malika went to stage now it’s their ring exchanging time.Aryan and Malika Exchanged the rings and all clapped for them and get happy too.They were sitting while aria and Aarush making tej and Jaidev run behind them.
My poor papa Kunj murmured. Adarsh and Meera give him a look😂.Kunj laughs out.
He made kiyansh stand on the table who blabbering papa and mumma.Then Malika cousins dance performance all watching. Meera handling her babies while avni and twinkle too who crying.
Kya life hai baba Aryan said😂..
After baby life me yah hi music and behind them dance performance abeer said.
Haan shadi kar then dekhte hai aryan kunj added.Twinkle feeding him milk from the bottle,

Bichari twinkle comes soon hq Elena added.
Acha come tomorrow will you handle my son twinkle said.
It’s too hard Elena said and hands up her hands.

Maami give me him Aarush said and try to lift kiyansh. While kiyansh yelling at him in his Babyish language.
He wouldn’t go Aarush you will fall down Meera said.
Papaaa kiyansh said and showing hands to kunj.
Haan don’t Aarush okay kiyansh Kunj said he gets busy in his milk again.They playing games and when Ball stops have to sing and dance Meera turned come.
Meera is damn good singer Rahul said.
Yes, Meera Adarsh said she looking at him.

(Kis tarah se shukar tera ab ada karu main
Iss mohabbat ka harjana kis tarah bharu main
Khaamosh reh kar bhi keh gaye
Dariya sa dil tak beh gaye
Tum par ho raha hai poora aitbaar
Tum hi ho hifaazat meri suno
Ye kaha hai rooh ne
Kis tarah se shukra tera ab ada karu main

Ishq ka bas naam liya
Maine samjha nahi tha isey
Tune sikhaaya ki ye hai ibaadat
Rooh ki bhaasha hai yeh)
She sing holding Adarsh hands and remembering their journey how started today they are happiest with their both babies all smiling adoring their love.

What you give me Adarsh I’m thanking babaji and my brother or Rahul they bring you in my life thanks for giving all love and respect blessed to have life partner life you she said Adarsh cupped her face.

Even I’m too meera was alone but you give me two bundles of joys haan teased me but even I can’t too live without you Adarsh added. Next turned come kunj who looking at everyone.

Now what you will do Rahul said.
Not anyone encounters here Aryan said and they hifi. Kunj held twinkle hand and they get up twinkle surprise.

(Aisa kabhi dekha nahi
Na kabhi bhi kahin suna
Dene wala sab dekar bhi keh raha hai shukriya
Tune hi toh samjha mujhe
Jo na keh saka main, suna tumhe
Ehsaan ye tera na bhalunga sadaa
Kis tarah se shukr tera ab ada karu main
Iss mohabbat ka harjana kis tarah bharu main. Kunj singing all stunned while twinkle looking at him freeze for a second they

dancing she smiling while kiyansh clapping after seeing his parents rest to smiling.
Aww both of them avni said.Twinkle give Kunj side hug.
Thanks, twinkle for understanding every time kunj said.
You too kunj she said and they seeing their baby.
He is mad twinkle said.
Beta kes ka hai 😂kunj said.
Humhare twinkle added and they went back.
Waha kunj shock today Aryan Said. After they having dinner together Yuvan and kiyansh sitting on the table both and fighting with each other entertaining them 😂..
ahah Yuvan no baby avni said. While kiyansh with his tiny hand hit on Yuvan cheek while he held him…
Kunj genetic fighting 😂what you all thought this two loving each other born on the same day but that doesn’t mean Rahul said.
They are brothers twinkle said.

Bad things kiyansh twinkle said and showing him eyes while he about to hold Yuvan hairs before avni take him.
Mere baap bas kar kunj said and take him,
You only say fight now see isska bhi koi record set karna hai twinkle said.Kiyansh moving his hands on her face.

We didn’t get a chance but they will Do all things together Kunj said.Take Yuvan and both sitting on Kunj lap blabbering. Engagement gets over they give good wishes to Aryan and Malika all left.

While twinkle and Kunj with their son together in Kunj car.
Kunj where you taking me it’s not our way to go home she said.
Sit relax you are with your own husband Kunj said. They come to a place.
Where we come she asked. They come out of the car and Kunj lift kiyansh in his arms and held twinkle hand they went inside everywhere darkness. Kunj kiyansh will cry she said kunj clapped all lights get on twinkle shocked to see the place.

The whole place decorated beautifully the way twinkle wants balloons table in the side having cake.
Kunjj yah sab she said Kunj come from behind and place kiyan on table give twinkle back hugged.

For you this he whispered and she smiled Kunj pecked on her bare shoulder she shivered and turned to him.

Suddenly this all how you did? She asked.
He tucking her hairs bas maan hua kuch kiya nahi tha tere liye you just behind kiyansh handling him alone not going out also it’s my duty and even we didn’t spend time with each other otherwise you will complain I m not giving you time like others husband he added she smiled her husband is bestest😍..

Aww, baba such a sweet thought I love it everything kunj.
I have something Kunj said.
What?? She asked Kunj sit on his knees twinkle surprise he never did before:
I know you have many dream with your life partner I’m little 😂boring so late yaar Kunj said twinkle chuckled Kunj take out the ring while twinkle forwarding her hand.

While kiyansh who smashed whole cake and having dirty himself too fully. He about to falls down twinkle eyes went for him they both went to him and held on time shocked to see his condition 😂😂whole face and clothes filled in cake chocolates he licking his hands.

Yah kya hai😳😳kunj said seeing cake condition 🤪.. while twinkle laughing loudly kiyansh looking damn cute..

Yah kya kiya kiyansh pura cake 😒kunj said in a sad voice. Kiyansh showing him his little teeth’s..
Kabhi toh mere baap mujhe hero bane de apni biwi ke saamne kunj said 😹while

kiyansh wiped his hands on Kunj face👅..

Kunj giggles on his cheeks and lifts him.
Mumma ko ring pahnaye kya kunj said.
Kunj held twinkle hand and made her wear the ring he didn’t give her anything official ring from his side 🤗. Twinkle looking at the ring and gets so happy and come near Kunj.
Thanks, Kunj beautiful ring and my baby you really spoilsport see your condition Ahan she said.

I thought cut cake together Kunj said.
Bhai saab ne hi kar liya he added 😂..
Haan he allowing everything she said and kissed on kiyansh cheeks cake ki jagah eat him only twinkle said.
Not bad idea kunj said bite kiyansh cheek he screamed.
No Kunj my baby she said and wiped his face twinkle take the cake and feed Kunj he too and Kunj kissed twinkle. Twinkle side her face.
Kiyansh seeing us she said blushing.
Acha 😂let him know how shameless and boldness his mother is 😎😝twinkle said she slapped on his cheeks hugged Kunj tightly Kiyansh blabbering.
My life kunj said and flying him and catch him he was laughing loudly twinkle making their video than Kunj break the balloons kiyansh gets happy.

Kiyansh was drowsy soon they come back home and went in their room.Kunj places kiyansh on the bed without disturbing his sleep.
Today you looking killer Kunj twinkle said. And encircle her arms around his neck.
Even you too Mrs sarna he said and winked at her 😂she pulled his cheeks.
Love you she said.
Love you back he added kiyansh snoring.
Look your son after smashing my cake now peacefully sleeping he is kunj said.
He is our baby stay with us only we aren’t like before anymore alone 😛Kunj she said.
Yeah then you get chance every second attack on me kunj said.They changed their clothes and twinkle clean kiyansh.

Being a life partner is great to deal and both have to be equally supportive in the ups and downs..! We are not there to force our choices and to justify the other person. Yes, we both have to be flexible in concern with the needs, ego because that mutual understanding will define our relationship.
And both must be enough mature to handle each other at their worst…!!
Relationship is just not about two souls it’s about being there and don’t give up on each other..! 🌼

A week later ::
Sarna’s ladies went to their friend’s house for a pooja first Twinkle don’t want then she went with everyone.She gives kiyansh to Avantika and lata called her.While lata called twinkle after twinkle come Avantika place kiyansh in his pram twinkle was sitting beside but she doesn’t know.
Twinkle kiyansh sleeping here Avantika said but she didn’t hear
After sometimes twinkle went to Avantika.
Mummy ji where is kiyansh she asked.
What kiyansh He slept so I made him sleep in his pram she said.
Okay I will see she said and went and check pram he was not there she shocked and went to back Avantika.
Mummy ji kiyansh nahi hai apne pram me
Twinkle said.
What she said and they checked him asking other family members if they have kiyansh with them but don’t have twinkle shocked.
Where my baby went I give you mummy ji she said
Beta I give you voice and said I’m placing him you listen she said.
I didn’t listen anything, my baby, 😭she started crying and finding him everywhere and asking other people if they see but nobody sees him twinkle Shocked.
Kunjjj she called him immediately.

Yes, twinkle Kunj said.
Kunjj she started crying.
What happened to you twinkle why you crying kunj asked and scared.
Kunj😭kiyanshh she said.
What kiyansh kya hua hai usko kunj said and restless.
Kunj pata nahi kiyansh kaha chala gaya she said and tell him everything Kunj shocked.
What mil na raha hai check Twinkle how can you be so careless why you went with him he shouted while she just crying and Kunj throw his phone in anger.

What happened kunj Jaidev asked.
Sir kiyansh missing Kunj said and rest shocked while Kunj doesn’t know what to do his mind freeze where his son went.

He went to home twinkle was crying as soon as Kunj come she run to him and hugged him.

Kunj my baby she said and sobbing.
Shh, twinkle don’t cry nothing will happen to him where he will go he said.
I don’t want anything I want my baby just if something happened to him I will die kunj she said and crying very badly. All family members shocked and worried about kiyansh.

First why you went I told you haan itni careless kese ho sakti hai tu kunj shouted.
It’s not my mistake I give mummy ji he was sleeping in his pram but when I check him he was not in his pram you do something bring my baby she shouting.Kunj getting anger but right now situation not good already. While rest teammates finding kiyansh Kunj went that place, where they all went asked there and check all places, twinkle just crying leela consoling her.
Maa mera baby she said and crying.
Don’t worry twinkle Kunj will bring him back have faith on babaji leela said.

Time passing but they didn’t get kiyansh anywhere no information about him in any police stations and Aryan and Alia finding him everywhere disheartened Kunj come with Rahul.

Kya hua kunj where is kiyansh twinkle asked who don’t have anything to say just having tears in his eyes.
Kya hua say something didn’t you bring my baby she asked.Kunj not saying anything twinkle screaming.
Kunj sat in side Malika and sara come.
Kunj kuch nahi pata chala about kiyansh Malika said.

You were sitting here haan go and find my son Kunj she shouted Kunj lose his control.
Haan what I will do I’m sitting here happily haan he held her shoulders looking at with full anger eyes.
How I know where he went you take him you should know I told you before the only twinkle doesn’t leave him on anyone don’t take him outside but you will not listen me now see your outcome where is my son if anything happened to you no one worse then me kunj shouted who too shaking when thinking about his son.
You are so big agent can do anything but can’t you find your own son twinkle yelled back.
Leela and Mehar calming her but she crying so badly while tej pressing Kunj shoulder.Just then Alia and Aryan entered.
As soon as Twinkle hear the crying sound she gets up.
Kiyansh she said they both went to them Alia holding kiyansh in her arms and who was crying uncontrollably.. twinkle runs to her and immediately took kiyansh and cuddles him. All get relief to see kiyansh. 

Kunj went towards twinkle and both checking kiyansh.
He is absolutely fine Alia said and twinkle cuddles him back he scared because of that crying.
Kiyansh how you both find? Kunj asked.
Not me Alia Aryan said.
You leave him in pram a girl took him because he was crying she take him with her baby when we went to that place we too didn’t get anything about kiyansh she was finding kiyansh parents only we went back there and see kiyansh with her then she gives us to him Alia said Kunj get relief while twinkle kissed on his forehead.
Bas dar gaya thoda because you both aren’t with him Alia said.

Thanks, Alia one more time you today what you did for me can’t thank you today, my son, alright and with us with you kunj said she smiling.
Don’t need for thanks you did for me why I can’t it’s normal Kunj she said.While twinkle takes kiyansh in her room. All went back kunj sitting with his mother who blaming herself.
Maa bas na kiyansh is absolutely fine next time you and twinkle both Careful whatever Twinkle said in her anger you know how possessive she is for her son Kunj said and she nodded in yes.

See mumma is here only twinkle said and wiping kiyansh tears who cuddles Twinkle tightly.
Sorry, mumma will not leave my baby to anyone she said.Kunj entered in the room both twinkle and Kunj sharing eyes locks painfully.Kunj sits beside twinkle.She having tears in her eyes and fear too they both almost verge of death for their son.

See your favourite toy twinkle showing him but he jerking crying fully face fully turned reddish.With his own nails Which little sharp scratches his face.he gets scared easily when seeing any stranger around himself.
See no one is here only me and papa see kiyansh she said.
You take him Kunj I will bring his feeder go to papa she giving him to Kunj but she cuddles twinkle and crying more harder.
Arey papaaaa kiyansh mumma bringing your milk twinkle said.
Let him I will bring Kunj said and went down.Twinkle caressing his back kunj come with kiyansh feeder bottle and give to twinkle.

Now don’t cry bas you cry lot today I’m sorry next time not leave you she said and wiping his face.And give him feeder first she throwing but twinkle anyhow feeding him so he can sleep.He chocked so badly
Throw the milk on twinkle dress.Twinkle patting on his back. Let him she will clean later.
Sleep twinkle said and caressing his hairs so he can sleep while crying when he gets tired sleep.twinkle check him he sleep finally.Twinkle place him on the bed and clean him he cuddles his favourite toy.Twinkle went in washroom get freshen up and come.

Kunj was standing in balcony twinkle went and give him back hugged .
Sorry na Kunj I don’t know how this happened I’m not blaming anyone she said and come in front of Kunj.
Hmm I know leave he is fine thanks to god next time careful he said and she hugged.
Kitna dar gai thi me ek pal ke liye laga Kho diya mene apne bache ko she said. Kunj just Hummed that moment still scary for him if anything happened with his son today what he will do..he is his life nothing is more important than his son for Kunj now he hugged twinkle tightly she too sense his fear and he too hers..
sorry, Kunj in my carless aaj kuch bhi ho sakta tha she said and seeing Kunj having tears in her eyes Kunj cupped her face.

From now I will not take him anywhere will not leave alone for a second how I pass that time without him I will die without him she said,
Shh, he is absolutely fine jaan bhuz ke nahi kiya na tune dar pooch mat twinkle itna life me kabhi nabi dara hu har waqt kiyansh ki hi chinta hoti hai he is okay na that’s why not lettering you take him outside you know because of our enmity anyone can use our son humhari job hi aesi hai uski safety first hai twinkle thanks to god that lady is good not bad do anything with our son kaha se laate hum he said,
I know kunj kitna dar gaya hai she said hugged each other. Then went in room back and sit beside kiyansh.His face totally dulled in a few hours. In sleep, he smiling which makes twinkle and Kunj smile and kissed on his cheeks.

My baby they said.. adoring him just don’t know when they fallen in sleep in sitting position only.

Sunlight coming kiyansh woke up and seeing twinkle and Kunj he sits and jumped on Kunj. Due to this Kunj woke up and twinkle too. Kiyansh cuddles Kunj. And sleep on his chest.. Kunj smiled and cuddles him back.
Twinkle smiled and rest her head on Kunj chest. She caressing kiyansh hairs. He raised his face and looking at his parents.
Mum… ma pa..pa he said and making puppy faces.
Haan what you want my baby Kunj said. Kiyansh kissing on his cheeks biting Kunj.
Ahah what I did haan it’s your mumma mistakes Kunj said.Kunj rolled down him
Middle of him and twinkle.
Whom you love most papa and mumma say kiyansh.
Mumma twinkle said.
No papa Kunj said. They tickling on his tummy and he laughing so loudly they feeling so good to hear his laughs.
Kiyansh kissed on Kunj cheeks.
Ho, what about mumma twinkle said and making puppy faces kiyansh kissed on twinkle cheeks.
My baby loves his mumma most she said and cuddles him.He stands on Kunj chest.
They both playing with him for sometimes.
Let’s take bath together kiyansh chalo today papa will give you kunj said and lift him.
Me too twinkle said and they trio went in the bathroom and filled the bathtub and sat down playing with water and kiyan taping his hands on water fully laughing in water Kunj and twinkle adoring him.They give him bath.
Give me him she said and cuddles him in towel bring your clothes she went and take kiyansh in the room and place him on the bed and take a towel for Kunj went in washroom she keeps in the side and about to go Kunj pulled her both lost in each other eyes Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck and give her kisses.

While in room kiyansh loudly blabbering mumma and papaaaa.. twinkle and Kunj giggles twinkle cupped his face.
Let me go do your romance later Mr junior sarna is calling us she said.
Ja anything for him kunj said twinkle pecked at his lips and run in the room. Kunj smile and take bath till than twinkle ready kiyansh make him sits on his car and he happily playing after Kunj come she takes bath Kunj to take him downstairs.

Twinkle comes downstairs after getting ready kunj and kiyansh sitting twinkle come and bring their breakfast Kunj feeding kiyansh his baby food. After this Kunj take them gurudwara cuddles kiyansh in his arms. They went to gurudwara and pray for their baby and family babaji keep his blessings on them.
Than Kunj take twinkle and kiyansh for shopping cheering up their mood they had lunch outside buy many things for kiyansh he takes toys itself for him. Come back home
Checking his new toys he brings a toy cat which walking with batteries Kunj set everything cat walking kiyansh walking ahead twinkle and Kunj laughing than he tries to catch the cat. Catch and pulling his ears
Arey Arey, just now you bring doing his surgery 😂Kunj said.. he sat on Kunj lap and they having chocolates and feeding kiyansh too he loved clothes.

Nothing in life will ever make you as happy as sad as exhausted or as incredibly proud as parenthood.Having a baby is a life changer it gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day

Kiyansh licking his lips yes we gave you life but really you have us our Kunj said and kissed on his cheeks..

Days later::
At [email protected]
Kunj went outside for work while twinkle thinking something do for Kunj after last time what happened with kiyansh make twinkle and twinkle more possessive and protective they not send kiyansh with anyone even twinkle too not go with him.
After feed kiyansh his milk and give him to Avantika after sleeping she set their room with candles and fresh flowers and aroma candles.she went to the washroom and changed to wear something s*xy. After sometimes later Kunj come in the room and see the room and surprised fully and seeing twinkle who sitting on the couch wearing a white s*xy shirt type of dress looking killer he blinking his eyed and finding kiyansh twinkle gets up and went to him.

What happened how’s it she whispers in his ears.
Nice but why this all and where is my Mr India son he asked.

Your son with his dadu and dadi after milk sleep too you complaining I m not giving you time even I’m missing didn’t take your advantage since long time 😂Kunj she said and moving his finger on his face Kunj chuckled after a long time seeing his wife boldness 😝he always loves her this shade she use to take his advantage every single day bichara 😹kunj.after baby it’s like little caution.. in their anger and fight also they didn’t leave the chance to romance with each other very puzzling their story has started making others one moment they fighting like wild animals next moment making love in each other embrace.. life is fully confusing you can’t predict anything what will happen next moment same with them with every passing single moment they checking..
Unwanted marriage but everything happened unexpected only Twinkle being an agent for Kunj shocking same with twinkle too. That Kunj for whom nothing is important in front of his country but when things come to his wife he chose his wife both together fight for their country totally filmy story their unnecessary things and arguments in front of their mentors also but that spark they having which makes them different from them. Denying they don’t have anything but in their heart having lott for each other didn’t realise. That moment kunj and twinkle realised was really ups and downs situations for each other happiness can do Twinkle life is very precious for Kunj didn’t care what his mentor will say for Kunj sarna his country and his duty his first priority today when the question of his wife twinkle life he paused the first time in his life.Ready to bow down in front MP his criminal they come so far many things is their life come Twinkle pregnancy news then Kunj divorce everything but today they are together their true love which unexpected sacha pyaar wahi hai jisme dono hi ek dusre ko khone se darte hai💞now they are happily living with their son kiyansh who becomes their lifeline.

She encircled her arms around his neck and having a naughty smile on her lips.
Don’t be sadu now you should little bit like me she said.
Acha 😂kunj said and pulled her near himself.
Kiyansh will cry twinkle he said.
Hmm, not mr India sleeping happily you don’t worry dar lag raha hai she said.
Oops 😬 mujhe woh bhi tere se😝 he said and having a naughty smile on his lips. Both seeing each other.
Looking s*xy he said and winked at her, she went near his ear and bite his lobe.
Missing my husband she whispered Kunj closed his eyes and she turned Kunj locked his hands around her waist buttons already few opened Kunj slid the shirt and kissed on her shoulders.

. twinkle turned Kunj pinned her towards the wall and looking at her she can see the desire in his eyes for herself and Kunj quickly captured her lips both started kissing each other. Twinkle caressing his nape hairs and with one hand she started opening Kunj shirt and remove it. They break the kiss and Kunj grab her neck and giving her love bites she can’t take it anymore and pushed him about to go Kunj pulled her and lift her in his arms.

You can’t escape from me after turning me 😎kunj said.
Who wants to escape 🤪I didn’t had my dinner she said he giggles.
Acha me too good for us my plater Kunj said and winked at her she slapped on his cheeks playfully Kunj take her to bed and place her on bed and come above her. Both looking at each other he kissed on her forehead she come above him and giving him wet kisses Kunj removing her shirt he turned her. And seeing her head to toe.
Still same I must say 😝he said.
Yup, s*xy she said.

Shame little bit ab toh maa ban gai hai he added.
Ho really kaun-si book me likha hai 😂she said.
Seducing me only now too he said.
Yup, long time na 👅because of kiyansh thought to leave you kaha jaoge tum ab she said.
Ho yah baat thi If I go now then he said she went near his lips And bite his Lower lip.
I will killed you if you ever try to do now you stuck with me and my son forever suna foreverrr she said and Kunj smile and bite her lips back.
Yup, forever Stella ji he said.he kissed on her collarbones She moaning his name loudly.
Kunjj she moaned they covered under the blanket and making the love ❤️.twinkle caressing his hairs while Kunj giving her immense pleasure.The whole room filled with their moan and groans.
Kunj kissed on her temple thanks for this missing my bold twinkle he said.
Even my husband she said and both smiling and resting in each other arms.
You leave him Kunj said.
Just then their door knocked. At this who?? Kunj twinkle said.
Ruk he said and composed himself and lights already off he went and open the door and found Avantika standing with kiyansh who crying.
Maa aap he said.
Hmm, he woke up now she said.
Okay, kunj said and take him and his feeder which she brings Kunj closed the door.
Aagya mere baap 😂pata chal gaya tha I’m enjoying with your mumma he said and take him to bed.
Kiyansh twinkle said and Kunj places him on the bed.
Yup, your son woke up maa bring him take your parcel he said.
Aw, my baby come she said she gave him milk bottle he was in raw sleep she patting on his back.
Life is not like before ab bas every night was an adventure with you before now with him 😂Kunj said.
He is an inestimable blessing to us twinkle said and caressing his face. Kiyansh held their finger.
Don’t want anything from life kunj said. Twinkle and Kunj smiling and recalling their old days
Kabhi socha tha kya hume aese humhare baby hoga twinkle said.
Sochna kya tha kitna tune mera advantage kiya tha was sure to be parents soon😹Kunj said.
Kya kunj I’m saying how our life started so messy today everything is on track no problems nothing we all just happy in our life’s she said.
Haan twinkle MP ka mission humhari story how filmy now our baby still thought if he was there then? Life will be more interesting Kunj said.
Why do you missing him 😂she said and giggles.
Not missing every day used to argument him and chasing behind him life ke goal bas woh thi great Mahendra partal he said.

Scene turned:
Garden they all do family gathering playing games Meera running behind tej while her kids behind Prithviraj and lata all enjoying twinkle and Kunj come there with their son and seeing them.
Look at dadu become baby with them Kunj said.
Haan, he changed fully Kunj twinkle said and avni take kiyansh and he walking Prithviraj holding his and Yuvan fingers walking with them slowly Kunj seeing and smiling.

If suddenly everything becomes alright then life becomes boring but in our case everyday new adventures Kunj said.Tej and Prithviraj lift kiyansh and Yuvan and flying them.
Kyu hote hai humhare parents iss ke against Kunj said while looking at tej and Prithviraj how happy they are.
See mummy ji and papaji with dadu kaun kahega there are many things between them twinkle said.
It’s not about communities, it’s about us finding love without their consent. If we fall in love with someone doesn’t mean we love our parents any less. Love doesn’t need to be divided. It’s all-encompassing. They should be proud that like them even our love has turned unconditional twinkle added.
Maa and papa love dadu didn’t understand but today their love win at last

We didn’t understand them too after years we will understand their point of view while looking at kiyansh lagbhag after 25 years later unke mode tak toh aa hi jayege tab samjhenge unka na zariya kunj said and they went together them join them Kunj hugged his dadu.They all playing and laughing kunj cuddles his son.

Twinkle come and hugged him than Kunj phone ring it’s Jaidev.. Kunj pickup put the call on speaker.
Yes, sir agent, Kunj sarna Kunj said.
Free-agent Kunj sarna Jaidev said.
Always Kunj said.
The mission for you and Stella Jaidev said twinkle looking at Kunj when she joining Abhinav asked from the side.
When you will say sir twinkle said.
Then get ready you both for next mission Jaidev said.
Yup sir milte hai mission pe kunj said end the call both smiling and kissed on kiyansh cheeks. Kunj held twinkle hand.
Chale than secret agent twinkle Kunj sarna Kunj said.
she tightened the grip yes secret agent Kunj sarna new mission 😎she said.

Welcome back on duty Mrs sarna Kunj
added.freezes on their smiling faces..

Ego and love are the branches of the same tree just the difference is love always want to say sorry and ego always want to say sorry and ego always want to hear sorry.
Hii finally with last shot of the story
I know you all don’t wanted and sad but what I will do story itni hi thi 😶😶even i m feeling bad while writing too it’s last that’s why takes so much time making me sad..
but whatever story has to end one day.

It’s my small story I wasn’t sure about the story because many requesting me to write a new story but I don’t want same drama like before already write it down lot and I’m having this story in my mind always rolling in my mind this thrill type but when about posting was hell nervous because little confusing 😛😛thought readers will throw eggs and sandals on me 🤪🤪. But what a response I get it I can’t say in words yaar till now for my any story I didn’t get it this type of craze and love for that I wasn’t sure whether you all will like or not but after see your unconditional love 💞💞💞😍😍I’m overwhelmed thanks for your immense love for my story and bear me. My hard work pay off different type of story try and get this much love ❤️❤️🤗again thanks each and everyone can’t take names many there 😹😹.. your love encourage me more 🤩for me also your response was unexpected 😎🤩.. really very happy every time when see the comments itna comment 80 above almost 🥰🥰.
Story was normal little bit add up something my taste buds 😛thrill action Kunj love this form of storyline so try kiya
MP and Kunj Tashan 🤩everyone see twinj only or else yuvi 👅something new one..
story just about mp and Kunj mission other side of life a one decision change our life. Something parents didn’t understand their kids and sometimes kids too it’s all about understanding what we want..
So here is last shot you all want twinj scenes with baby I try my best to give hope you all like last shot too and please do comment last time ❤️❤️..
Special thanks to my raj urf Sameera she was busy in her exams I started the journey alone you all and she thanks yaar for all your helps and our smarts minds 😎always rock it 💞missing you yaar very much our decision really we live this story like a mission only 😂give our best sometimes mind 🤯to create with each episode new mysteries not easy for us but enjoying every bit of it your curious after see the spoiler alert 🥳😂never thought this simple messed up story me itna maza aayega sach me ka hi hum dono mission pe the 😂keep each and everything in mind hayee mar gaye but happy 😍😍. My Stella mother miss Sameera.
And readers don’t be sad for you all I even extent the episode numbers little now I can’t what I will show next I don’t have anything 😍..
taking leave
bye love you all
Allahafize 😎
Signing off🖊..

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