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Messy love and life⭐️..

After the call with Kunj twinkle waiting for him she sitting and thinking about him only.

While twinkle words messing Kunj he closed his eyes her face coming in front of his eyes.
Damn it why can’t I ignore her why she matters to me he is frustrated to try to sleep but her words ranging in his ears IF YOU EVER TRUST ME KUNJ. he gets up and took his phone and left the Rahul house..

His anger always overpowers on everything but twinkle is the one his anger kneel down..

He sits in his car and left for Sarna mansion soon he comes home he is confused he should go or not?? Mind saying BIG NO WHILE HEART JUST SAYING TWINKLE NAME.

He closed his eyes aside his anger in front of twinkle he went inside.
Went upstairs about to entered his room. He opened the door slowly and sees twinkle laying on the couch in sitting position he moved ahead. He went near the couch from side took a blanket and covered because this twinkle woke up and opened her eyes found Kunj in front of her eyes. She immediately gets up and hugged him with all love and care..

Kunjjjjj she said and cuddles him..
Where are you?? I’m worried about you she asked. While Kunj away her. She looks at his face and can see anger and gloominess on his face. She cupped his face..

Kunjj I’m sorry really she said.
Sleep twinkle it’s already very late he said in cold voice..

Thanks for coming she said.. Kunj sits on the couch while twinkle went to bed and waiting for him.
Kunj laid down on the couch.

Kunj why you sleeping here come on the bed she said. Kunj looks at her.

Now I’m not interested in you anymore if I sleep with you on the same bed maybe I will take your advantage he said and turned his face twinkle shocked she don’t have anything to say she knows how much yuvi and Advik words hurt him that seeing on his face and eyes..

She didn’t argue further just laid down in sadness..

The night went now it’s morning time. Kunj peacefully sleeping twinkle whole night didn’t sleep properly just restless.. she gets up and seeing Kunj went near him and covered him with blanket properly and kissed on his forehead.
I’m sorry Kunj she murmured. And went in the washroom quickly twinkle get freshen up.

She comes out of the washroom found Kunj sleeping still she didn’t disturb him. She gets ready and went downstairs made his favorite breakfast she informed Avantika and tej about Kunj he comeback last night only..

Later Kunj gets up and take shower get ready within no time he sitting while lost in the chain of his thoughts. twinkle entered the room with his breakfast she has a smile on her face.

She takes the breakfast near to him and places the tray in front of Kunj he looks at her.
Your breakfast she said.. he closed his eyes and try to ignore her he about to go she held his hands tightly.

Kunjj please don’t ignore me say something I will don’t mind she said he looked at her with anger.

Acha you will don’t mind what I will say you tell me anything is left now twinkle spare me please listen to me let’s go to court and over this drama now I can’t bear and stay with you anymore he said and she stunned.

No no kunj no way she cupping his face look at me I know you are angry your anger is justified but promise you I didn’t say anything about us why I will say to them whatever they speak from their own way I myself hurt you tortured you but never let anyone that’s my promise she said.. while Kunj looking at her face her eyes and face going to melting her he turned his face.

I don’t care that day only I told you two things we can’t change first your trust in me and doubts on me as well he stated.

I trust you more than myself Kunj me tumhare bina jee nahi sakti she said and hugged..

Kunj pulled away her what are you saying haan.
Whom I believe twinkle your words or your actions I’m totally confused in this all better you go back to your home and don’t worry no one will say you anything it’s my promise he said and leave her.

One more thing stops doing this biwi acting he said and went down she crying Kunj sit in anger alone..

Advik and yuvi come to kunj he ignored them about to leave the place they called him.

Heyy Kunj we are extremely sorry for yesterday they said together Kunj looking at them.

Yes extremely sorry whatever we speak we don’t use those words for you. Without thinking anything told you none sense things please forgive us we don’t have any personal issues just twinkle is our friend just for her.She didn’t say anything to us about you and her never. So don’t blame her for anything you can tell us anything, not her. you are really important to her. She never fought to anyone for any person even for Vihaan as well but yesterday she did it for you. We are brothers sorry again bhai they both said and give him a side hug.

It’s okay Kunj said..

They both give him a smile and leave for office while Kunj gets Malika’s call he went out..

Whole day Twinkle thinking about Kunj she didn’t have anything..

Xyz [email protected]
Sir, we need to find testimony against him first sara said..
Kunj sitting and looking at all photographs which having red circles on their faces..

Everything is crystal clear but we don’t have any proof sheet which we need most..

Just than Rahul comes kunj finally we can locate him Rahul said Kunj see.
Great all process going well me and sara going well Malika and Rahul you finished your work till than Kunj ordered them they nodded in yes.

Kunj took his car and along with sara both went.They come to one place and leave the car and walking.

Sir did you think we will get something here sara asked.
Not big thing at least small thing maybe sara Kunj answered her.They reached near a warehouse old fully damaged.

Sirrr so scary why we come here she asked him again.
Sara, even you are too like my wife too many questions Kunj said she giggles..
It’s locked sir she said.
Yup Kunj said he went in the backside called sara and seeing a broken window.

Now, this is the way to enter inside this warehouse let’s Kunj said he said and from window went inside and give his hands to sara and pulled her as well fully dark.Sara on the torchlight.

Sir, it’s empty she said.
Every crime leaves a trace sara Kunj said and went near old books they both started checking all things dusty place..

Just then a book falls down from upside sara took out and checking she called kunj.
Sir look at this she said.
Hmm, Kunj seeing.
Anything sir, she said.
Put this in your bag we will get details in this diary he added she immediately kept in her bag..

Just then they heard car sound both looking at each other. Door going to open Kunj pulled sara and hid behind the shelf.

The door opened two men’s entered inside they on the lights..
First, we have to clean this than we can put all things here a man said..
Clean it as soon as possible another man added.Kunj and sara listening everything..

They went back from there and again locked.
Kunj and sara come and take deep breaths.

Sir who they are what they talking she said.
As per our source that ship comes soon now, we have to go from here come again here let see what they will keep here he said..

He loves to cook the books Kunj Murmured and they come out from the window while jumping Kunj get hurt on his hands and elbow.

Sir, you got hurt sara said.
It’s normal he replied and they went from there..

Other hands Malika and Rahul try to track location but again and again it’s failed Kunj and sara comeback.

Done?? Man Kunj asked as soon as he entered the cabin.
Nope Kunj see network, again and again, failed Rahul said with frustration.

It’s okay Rahul why so hurry Kunj said.

What you guys get Malika said.
Nothing much went to warehouse Kunj added Rahul leave his chair.

That warehouse Rahul asked.
Haan that only right now not using Kunj said.

This diary we got from there Kunj stated Rahul take from Kunj and started checking.

Kunj its old diary what we will get from this Rahul said useless he mutter.

It’s not useless diary Rahul Kunj said..

How Kunj Malika asked Kunj to take a diary and they all settled down…

He takes one page out already in bad condition.
Kunj writes the words on the board.

What is this 12.12.12 Rahul asked?

You all gone mad it’s code words Kunj reply.

When jay murder was done on which date Kunj said they all looking at each other.

12 December Rahul declared.

Absolutely right 12 December this first 12 for date another 12 mentioning times and second

It’s like day 12 December time 12:12 Kunj solved..

Last time we couldn’t understand this and jay Murdered by them Kunj added.

You are genuine sir sara said in all excitement.

Now, what Kunj Rahul said Kunj take his seat.
This time we have to think like him only if he thinking he is smarter than us great we will not show anything let him stuck in his own trap he said..

Scene changed..
Avni and khushi taking twinkle out but she denies not in her mood they got it and apologized from their husband’s sides.
she said it’s fine.. 

Rahul and Malika or sara along with Kunj had something and great fun while working it’s not usually happened when Kunj is in fun mood at his work hours very serious about his work and commitments..

Later Kunj went back home. Twinkle not seeing anywhere at down he get up and went in his room. She standing on a ladder doing something Kunj arched his eyebrows..

He comes and sits on the bed and seeing her only..
Siyappa queen ek number ki apne aap ko jhansi ki rani samj thi hai he muttered.
She tries to come down saw Kunj not Said anything her dress stuck in ladder about to slip Kunj run to on the bed and held her..
She looks at him he too.

Can’t you sit always increase the work he said and stand her properly?
I’m just doing my work she said..
He hummed.. Kunj about to going twinkle saw wounds on his hand and elbow she held his hand.

Kunj what is this see your get wounds she said Kunj see.
Hmm leave it i m fine he said..

No, come I will do dressing she said and bring first aid box and made him sit on the couch..

She wiping the blood and blowing air Kunj just seeing her.
How you got this haan she asked him.
Don’t know he replied.
What you don’t know calling me siyappa queen but itself you are she murmured. And quickly bandaged..

If you feel the pain go to dr once she suggested to him.
Nahi I’m absolutely fine he said..

Both looking at each other’s face don’t know what to say..

If you hurt yourself then please don’t do I will go from your life Kunj soon.. again I will say this only Mene kuch nahi bola I’m sorry she said..

Acha where are you going Kunj said?
Don’t know she said back..
aur please don’t say sorry again and again I know this tune kuch nahi bola he said and she stunned.
Don’t give me this look yuvi and Advik come to me and apologize to me as well just at your instance He said.

What when ?? She asked him..

In the morning he said..

Ho good, they should be she added..

Even they told me you didn’t tell them
anything he added she looking at him..

Kunj looking at her both hand’s wrist which having bandages around them he remember this hurt by him to her..
I m sorry too even he speaks and holds her hands..

For what what you did I hurt you not she said.
Because of me, this happened he said..

So what I hurt you more than this she said and looking here and there..

I’m again sorry twinkle I don’t want to hurt you but I can’t control on my anger they speak those words against my family I’m tired I give my explanation Lott I didn’t do anything with you I can’t even think about this with any girl trust me If I have any proof I can give you he said and cupping her face she holding his hands..

Every time I thought I can give this relationship one chance but I think it’s impossible twinkle I told you this pain can’t go and you will remember our life just revolves around this only so it’s better to let change our Paths this topic will come always and I will react like this and in this, I hurt you which I don’t want in my life I can’t see you in pain and tears if I’m the reason than terrible he added..

She takes a deep breath I’m sorry Kunj I don’t know what I should do or not? I’m confused I never before she said..

You are the person who made me this much chaotic and life too he stated.. she slightly giggles..

Then let’s do one thing na Kunj she said.
What he asked she went a little closer to him.

Kunj I wanted to give this marriage and us one more chance I wanted to end this deal like a normal two couple husband and wife wanted to live with you as your wife there is everything not rights TAG AND DEAL she said.

What you saying twinkle he said.
I know what I’m saying Kunj I don’t know what actually I wanted but I don’t want to away from you no matter even I don’t care what happened that night if you with me I’m okay I wanted to hate you but I can’t Kunj I fighting with my own self.I even don’t know what you meant to me beyond words she hugged him tightly while Kunj just listening little smiling on his face..

I don’t know what actually it is when I get sure about my feelings Kunj that day I will tell you. I wanted to become your wife I know I’m but not In namesake or for public ME tumhare bina jee nahi sakti hu ek pal bhi she said cuddling him.

Please don’t leave me and break our this marriage give me on chance or us she added Kunj hug her back..

He caressed her back after a few minutes later break the hug both looking at each other.

You aren’t joking ?? Twinkle please he said.
I’m not Kunj she said..

Just on one promise if ever this topic comes than I leave you that day only you can’t trust me he said she cupped his face..
I trust you Kunj more than anything it’s my promise this topic never comes and creates anything between us and in our marriage life she said and held his hand tightly she added..

Then i m too ready MRS twinkle Kunj sarna he said she smiled
Thanks, Mr sarna she added.. both smiling Kunj wipes her tears and kissed on her forehead.than they share a gentle and quick kiss against their lips..

Improve twinkle Kunj murmured.
Huh, never she mutters and grabs his lips again, and then they engaged in deep lip lock twinkle come on him Kunj giggling.

Romantique girl he murmured give her back..

Both cuddles each other twinkle above Kunj..
I don’t like it when you angry with me she whispered in his ear.

Ho Aisa he murmured..

Kunj takes her beneath him he caressing her hairs and both looking into each other’s eyes.

He went closer to her ears now apanee baat par kaayam rahana twinkle because I wouldn’t let you go when I promised to myself he whispered she clutched his shirt..

Even I too that’s my promise likhwa ke lelo she said.
Nope itna trust hai tujhpe he stated..

Then why didn’t you trust on this matter I didn’t tell anything she said.

If I didn’t trust you I wouldn’t back he added.
Their eyes fixed on each other’s only..

Ho really than you admitted you just come back because of me she said. He looking at her.
Hmmm nope, he said she making faces he giggles and yes for you I admitted he said.

He moving his nose on her cheeks it’s making her go weak she closed her eyes their proximity..
even you have to admit even you can’t resist my touch he said his touch breathe hitting with her skin sending shiver in her spine. Twinkle not saying anything because of ego😂👅.. finally when it’s uncontrollable..

Haan, I can’t resist your touch she said Kunj smile and laid down beside her…

The door was open Avantika calling twinkle she entering in their room only both of them immediately get up and composed themselves.She entered.

Twinkle she called her.
Yes, mummy ji she said..

Come in kitchen Avantika said.
Sure she added and went along with Avantika.

Kunj smiling and recalling her each word
Even I can’t stay without you twinkle he murmured and went in the balcony..

Twinkle helping Avantika in dinner meanwhile Gauri and Khushi too comeback..

At dinner time everyone comes to the dinning area and settles down trio daughters-in-law serving everyone than take seats beside their husbands. Happily, they had their dinner twinkle quickly finished her work and went into her bedroom.

Kunj changed already and laying down on the bed.

She went to Washroom and get freshen up changed her clothes done with her night care routine she comes to the bed and laid down get Mehar’s call she talks to her for a while. Kunj was tired today twinkle keep the phone aside off the lights..

Goodnight both wished each other. twinkle turned her face. Kunj keeps his hand around her waist she smiled and resting her hand on his hand closed her eyes Kunj come closer to her and they sleep in this position happily..

At night balcony door opened with a full jerk because of this twinkle sleep get disturbed she immediately woke up..

Kunjjj she speaks..
haan In sleep he asked..
dekho na balcony ka door apne aap kese open hogya she said Kunj open his eyes and see her again in fear he gets up and looks at the door.

He went and check and closed back twinkle because of wind you na totally become mad he said and comeback.
Now sleep please he said she nodded in yes and sleep back..

At morning::
Kunj not getting his clothes he yelling twinkle she comes and gives him.
Can’t you see sadu she murmured?

What they all discussing Kunj asked her.he wears his clothes she closing his shirt buttons..

Ho about the party which they kept today in the evening she said.
Now which party Kunj asked??
That I don’t know maybe because of business success she added.
Aha waste of time he murmured.
Why don’t you like parties she said and fixing his collar.
Nope, he replied..
I forgot you are great Kunj Sarna boring person she said and chuckled..

Kunj went down twinkle bring his wallet and give him..
Kunj please today be on time i wanted you presented in party tej said.
Okay, he said..
Kunj took his car and went from there..

Rahul and advik seeing party all arrangements and rest things.

Time went quickly twinkle call Kunj he comes home soon all went to get ready.

Kunj takes out his clothes twinkle see and went.
You going to wear this she asked.
Haan, he said.
No way sadu I will see she said and aside him select party suit for him check on him.

Now wear this perfect for you twinkle said..
I look handsome in everything he added.

Now what I will wear Kunj tell me she said.
Wear anything whole wardrobe you filled with clothes only wese bhi you took a lot time let me get ready he said and went in Washroom and get freshen up after wear clothes get ready twinkle still in confusion what to wear..

Kunj turned and showing her how’s it he asked.
Hot she said he giggles.
Now you too fast siyappa queen party will be over he said.
You go she said and Kunj went down.

The whole house decorated so beautifully guest started coming Kunj went down his mother and grandmother compliment him and asked him about twinkles.
Beauty queen takes too much time he said..

All greeting with guest Taneja’s and Malhotra’s too entered Kunj meet with Rahul..
where is your wifey Rahul asked?
Coming he said.. they went to the bar side and took their seats Oder soft drink for themselves.

Twinkle coming down after getting ready she looking breathtaking in saree Kunj Eyes stuck on her..
control Kunj Rahul whispered in his ears.
Shut up he said.She comes down and meets with her parents and Vihaan family too invited.

Twinkle looking so beautiful Avni said.
Thanks, Avni even you two she said they enjoying the party. Just then a man entered along with a having guard with himself Manohar and Surjit went to him along with tej.

What a pleasant surprise Mahendra you come Manohar said.
How I not come when my business associate invited me Mp said and they share friendly come.

They come ahead while Kunj and Rahul eyes fixed on MP only..

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Rahul murmured after seeing MP..

Mp introduces mehreen with everyone after MP saw Kunj and Rahul specially Kunj..

Excuse me let me meet with my favorites he said and went to Kunj and Rahul..

Hi, buddies how’s you MP said..
Great in a faint voice they said.. Anjali called rahul MP to stand beside Kunj..

MP hugged Kunj love to see you my little brother stool pigeon he murmured in his ears while Kunj hugged him back..

Even I love to see you big brother white-collar crime he give him back and they break the hug and giving each other’s smirk smile.Tej comes to them.

He is my son Kunj tej said.
Haan, I meet with him at parties Lott I loved your son so smart mp said..

Haan, you take something tej said.
Don’t be formal we are like family Haina tej mp said while looking at Kunj..

Why not Mahendra he said and went to other people..

Kunj gives him a drink. Cheers’ brother mp said he itself cheered.

By the way, what’s going on sitting so silent my stormy MP said. Kunj smile and keep his hand around his shoulder.

Good na till than I’m sitting silence good for you MP kunj added.

Uff this attitude I loved about you Kunj that’s why we always bumped hain he said..

We will bump always he said..

You always on the beat Kunj MP said..

Yup, I m 😎any doubt so you tell me what’s the plan Kunj said.. he took the sip of drink..

Well till now nothing by the way my cat burglar what you get in the warehouse he said Kunj stunned how he got to know with his expression he understands.

Hehe, don’t give me this looks Kunj sees our path is different but always bumped with each other’s that you know even I get smart little I have to use my mind like you my genius OFFICER HE MURMURED..Kunj closed his fist

Awesome MP than be ready soon your serve time for Kunj stated.Kunj looking at twinkle MP see this.

Congratulations you got married brother not invited not fair he said.
Acha don’t worry soon I will bring different invitations for you Kunj give him back..

By the way, you got a beautiful wife I must say mp said Kunj look at his face his eyes fixed on twinkle he closed his fist in anger.
Don’t dare to put your eyes on my wife remember she is my wife he said in anger..

Don’t be angry I know she is yours only why I will put my eyes I have my Juliet you know na this chote seemed like you are in love aww he said twinkle come to Kunj..

Kunj come maa calling you she said..
hi MP said she get confused than Kunj.

Twinkle he is Mahendra Pratap and she is my wife twinkle Kunj sarna Kunj introduced..
hi twinkle said..
Nice to meet with you twinkle looking very pretty he said and Kunj take twinkle from there mp giggles..

Party in full swing than Mahendra said he has a surprise for his friends all get excited while Kunj and Rahul at all. Lights went off a group of girls come and started dancing all enjoying.. song parda parda..

{Duniya Mein, Logon Ko
Dhokha Kabhi Ho Jaata Hai
Aankhon Hi, Aankhon Mein
Yaaron Ka Dil Kho Jaata Hai
Duniya Mein, Logon Ko
Dhokha Kabhi Ho Jaata Hai
Aankhon Hi, Aankhon Mein
Yaaron Ka Dil Kho Jaata Hai
Do Dil, Dono Jawan
Aankhon Ka Hai Yeh Bayaan
Dono Ke Darmiyaan, Koi Bhi Ho Na Yahan
Parda Parda Haan Parda Parda Haan Apno Se Kaisa Parda
Parda Parda Haan Parda Parda Haan Apno Se Kaisa Parda
Monica O My Darling
O Monica O My Darling

Kunj and MP giving each other’s mocking smile.Soon song and dance end all clapping than couples dancing.Mp with mehreen..

Kunj seeing him twinkle see him.
Kunj what you seeing in others your wife is in your arms look at me haan she said.
Acha he said.
What acha how I’m looking at she asked..
Kunj looking at her head to toe 👅theek thak he said.
Sadu she murmured and smashed on his chest.they dancing happily

Leela seeing them and get so happy praying for them they stay happy and together..

After dance twinkle went in side Vihaan went behind her.
Twinkle he said and held her saree palu she turned and looked at him.
Vihaan leave my saree she said while not and went near hold her hands.

Twinkle yaar listen to me please why you doing this with me I’m loving you he said she closed her eyes.
We are over Vihaan understand this the way I forgot everything you will be too in some time she said..

Nahi twinkle I can’t you are my everything I can’t see you with anyone this Kunj come between us looser he said.

Mind your tongue about my husband gets it she said..

Today he becomes so important for you more than your Vihaan also he said and cupping her face she feeling so disgusting.

He is my everything sab se jada important hai Kunj mere liye samje she said.

Nah twinkle doesn’t say this think about me he said you and he Vihaan said..
haan me and he come so far no distance between us she stated in anger try to push him but he is not understanding going to closer to her by the time Kunj reached there to see everything twinkle pushed him..

Twinkleeee Kunj called her and went towards her..
Kunjj Vihaan she said and hugged him.See him he is not understanding anything she said Kunj gets angry he closed his fist and side twinkle..

I told you last time stay away from my wife can’t you understand this simple thing Vihaan Kunj said in anger..

Twinkle meri haan get it Vihaan shouted little Kunj grab his collar.

Clear your ears and mind twinkle shirt meri hai tera tak tab tak tha isspe jab tak she is not wife ab woh meri biwi if again you try to come closer to her I will break your teeth’s he said.. twinkle seeing his eyes and get so happy..

He jerked him and held twinkle hand take her from there..

Party gets overall guest going back MP meet with Kunj before going.
See you soon brother he whispered all litte get confused seeing them than he went..

Seemed like tej bhai Saab Mahendra like Kunj Lott Manohar said.
Haan so nice man he is tej said Kunj rolled down his eyes..

While twinkle already went in her room back even room little bit decorated with candles and flowers twinkle to the balcony and enjoying cool breeze..

While Kunj looking for her he asked everyone.
Where is aafat he murmured and come to the room. Ho lights on then she will scream he said and see her back she standing in the balcony he closed the door and went to her give her back hugged.wrapped his hands around her waist she understood who he is she smiled and rest her head against his chest keep her hands on his.. he rests his chin on her shoulder smelling her hairs..

You looking breathtaking twinkle he whispered in her ears she shivered and smile at the same time.

Acha what about theek thak she said..
woh toh I said normally you don’t sit on my head he said and chuckled bite her lobe she moaned his name.. she turned and facing him both them today looking extremely happy after their Mutual decision and feelings..

She encircled her hands around his neck.

Even you looking very hot you are busier in that man she said and moving her finger on his lips..

Now you insecure with Man also😂he said..
I’m not at all normally just saying she added..

Ho, i can see but I’m Lott he said and pecked at her cheeks.. nuzzles his face in her neck hook and started giving her kisses.
Now, who getting romantic? she murmured and caressing his nape hairs.
Me it’s my time 😉he muttered..

They went in room twinkle pushed him on the bed and come above him.

She gave him kisses both giving each other’s sweet torture soon their clothes thrown in corner of room both engaged in their love make..❤️..

Twinkle Kunjj moaning Kunj name.while he teasing her more and more today is a new side of Kunj for her 😉.. usually, she takes lead today he is 👅..

After sometime later they laid down in each Other bare embrace covered with blanket..
I’m tired she groaned..

Ho today for a change otherwise ready to eat me he said she give him look..

Whatever acha I’m hungry she said.
What hungry didn’t you had anything in the party he said.
Nahi because of that idiot Vihaan that time not feeling like to have anything now hell hungry she said with a pouty lips Kunj pecked at her pout.
Go and have he said.
Are you serious I will go in this condition really she said he looking at her.
Right he said..

You go na Kunj bring something for me please she requested him with in a very sweet and cute way..
acha okay but even I’m not in good condition he Said.
So what you can no one is awake at this time she said..

Fine, you and your mood swings totally weird he said and composed himself and went down in the kitchen, and finding anything is left he finds something and heat up in the microwave and come in the room back and went to his wife..
give her she sits in laying position wear Kunj shirt.
thanks, she said and Started having like small kid Kunj just seeing her innocence..
you want she offer him he opened his mouth she feed him while biting he even bites her finger.
Ouchh she screamed..

She full now drink water and take deep breaths.
Thanks, lott Kunj she said..
bas kar sab soja he added.they turned off the lights she rest her head on his chest..

To be continued..
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