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Yes, twinkle you were right this crap was useful he felt bad for telling her that she planned failed. in real her clues help him to decode mp plan Kunj said. And started connecting all dots which he gets while investigating the whole mission.
Kunj set each and everything in the Oder and keep looking at them.
I decoded them but still, somewhere confusion is there. This all estimates 22 date 2020 matter is that If he planned it all then it’s very dangerous and hard for us to find all those exact places where will he set off the bombs need to find this all places first because there are many malls and schools industrial areas particular we don’t know but whatever this all is very helpful for us but this man having two plans in his mind if again like before he misguided us and people died in front of our eyes and we couldn’t do anything can’t let this happened again kunj said and keep each and everything back in the files and keep the file in the bag he went in the room back and keep everything in the wardrobe very important thing for their mission this.

He looking at twinkle who sleeping he went near her.
I’m really mad she is not less I always degrading her but actually today we got this all solid proofs because of this siyappa queen isska waha jana not wasted man he murmured and kissed on her forehead and sleep beside her..

In the morning..twinkle woke up smiling she get peaceful sleep after a long time she turned her face and looking at Kunj.
Saduuu she murmured and recalling how he burst out for her that day and how he bring twinkle back in the mission really adorable she just admiring him.
Our start was very unpredictable even still too but I never thought you become the reason for my life I don’t have an actual word for my feelings but when I get sure that day I will tell you kunj what do you mean to me she said..

She rests her head on his chest making circles than she gets up and gets ready quickly today her mood was hell happy.So she decided to make breakfast for each and everyone and lunch too today is Sunday they both will go late as well.

She went downstairs goes to the kitchen started preparing all things later rest woke up and come for morning Pooja which always usha did..
I go and wake up kunj she said and went into her room he was in the Washroom.
Good, he woke up otherwise will take the time she murmured and takes out his clothes while Kunj comes out of the Washroom.
Good morning twinkle said.
Hmm, he hummed and she handover him his clothes asked him why so off mood.
Nothing I’m all okay he added and encircled his arms around her neck.
Acha seemed different acha now get ready everyone waiting for you for Pooja she added.

Really 🙄they wait for us not even counted us and you saying they were waiting for me he said and wearing his clothes.
Why you always so rude Kunj? Twinkle said.
Because I don’t like them he added.
But they are your family members she stated.
They just my and my parent’s relatives family jesa kuch nahi hai humhare beech you know that he said.

But still don’t you think so papa gets his family after a long time she said.
I know he gets his family but still kaha dadu accepted me and my mother he doesn’t like us will not as well I know that’s why even maa and papa have decided to come to India and Amritsar I told them not to went but my father doesn’t know what he wants from his life.

You only said na rishta itni jaldi nahi toot the hai twinkle said and fixing his collar.
I do still but here only one-sided did you see na how dadu always make me and my mother most feel outsiders is it good that day he was talking about duties ek duty he fulfilled what about others he just stayed in his ego and so-called anger he said Twinkle giggles.

Now, what so funny?😏he asked.
Not funny but you know what you are a carbon copy of dadu only yuvi was right twinkle said.
Very lame 😒 I’m his copy but I m not like him who always runs from his duties and responsibilities for me both things is equal twinkle he said.

That I know my dear husband now let’s go she said and both went downstairs everyone standing and Usha doing Aarti twinkle and Kunj too joins them.after Usha gives everyone parshad.

Usha give to Prithviraj he blessed her tum nahi hoti toh kya hota Usha bahu iss ghar ka tum jesi bahu sab ko de Prithviraj said while Kunj rolling his eyeballs seen by yuvi and all’s while dadi making faces he giggles.

Dadu is it not funny yah you only like Usha aunty Kunj said.
No why it’s funny she is a very responsible daughter in law he said..

Ho yeah, I can see that Kunj said twinkle showing him her eyes..

Arey today I’m damn hungry please give me breakfast fast advik added.
Haan today twinkle madam made so many things in the breakfast and for lunch, avni added twinkle smiling..

Then let’s have Manohar added. They all come and took their seat twinkle brings everything smell coming so delicious all making tempting faces..She served everyone now serving Kunj.

Don’t give me this much Kunj said.
Arey why Kunj you have then tell me she added.
But I don’t like Kunj said.

Arey Kunj have she made for you have man yuvi said..
Okay, he added and she served him and give him a smile all started having.
Very yummy twinkle Manohar said. While Kunj arching his eyebrow..
she comes and took a seat beside him.

Very delicious twinkle puttar Prithviraj said.
Thanks dadu she said Kunj just rolling his eyeballs.
Soon twinkle you will too come in dadu favorite list yuvi said..

Acha really you doing this for that than twinkle don’t waste your time you wouldn’t come in his favorite list Kunj said and having.

Why?? She even handling her job and even home too so talented and responsible Avni said Kunj look at her than his dadu while tej and Avantika always praying he didn’t stuck with Prithviraj especially because he always didn’t leave the chance if he gets it..

Ho really because she doing the job and making this all things than she is very responsible and talented if dadu like this and he find a responsible person who did this all things then I’m wondering what lack in my mother she handles more than twinkle working with my father equally even handles her kids and home too still he finds my mother useless and irresponsible why?? Kunj added.while none of them don’t have any reply to his answer..

He just likes you all not us why will my wife too he said and gets up went from there.while Prithviraj just looking at tej.
I’m sorry from his side Avantika said and went behind him.Rest had their breakfast.

Kunj sitting in his room on the couch chilling there Avantika entered she went to him.
What was that? At down we teach you this she said.
Now you come here for that please maa don’t kunj said..
Kunj he is your grandfather you can’t talk to him like this way it’s mannerless go and sorry him Avantika said.
What I said in this wrong each word is absolutely right maa he can’t accept us and like too he didn’t consider us anything twinkle entered too..
and you twinkle don’t do this all things if you doing you will get something my grandfather love it’s your highly mistakes just get hurt in return so don’t do anything for him.Look at her she does all things what she gets nothing and I don’t want my wife begging in front of anyone for love and acceptance because I knew it he will not maa never kunj said..

But Kunj he had rights on us can’t he tell us anything haan I would love if he accepted twinkle what I wanted more I never get his love but if my daughter in law will get what wrong in this Avantika said.

You know what maa you are mad in papa love and behind his so-called family too what right haan koi Haq nahi hai unka humpe I saw many times he just addressing the rest his family, not us what our fault in this haan he can call papa his son but not me his grandson and you his daughter in law kyun?? First, give me then come maa to me kunj said.

Come down fast I’m waiting for you twinkle he said and went from there.
Avantika and twinkle looking at each other faces.
When this boy will understand she said.
Mummy ji Kunj is not wrong you know this sometimes harsh because he can’t see his mother like this she said and wiped her unshed tears Avantika smiled.
I’m blessed to get bahu like you beta you both stay like this happy go otherwise burst out at you she said both giggles..
Yeah, sure she said and took her bag and went downstairs then she remembered something and went to the kitchen And packed food for her all teammates..

Then she went and sat in the car Kunj starts the car and both left.
Soon they reached both come out of the car.
Now don’t carry this mood in the office too start your day with a beautiful smile twinkle said who takes her bag.
Ho really after seeing you all faces my morning never good 😏he said and went ahead while looking at Kunj who always looking killer in his anger cam attitude 😎..

Sadu kuch bhi bolo anger mein bhi looking hot by god she murmured and went in..

Jaidev and Abhinav waiting for each and everyone they all come.
Good morning sirs jai hind they all saluted.
Good morning officers now let’s start our work Jaidev said all took their seats in the conference room.

Before only be serious if any of you all crack any jokes and giggles while looking at Rahul and Malika especially 😹..
I will throw that person out of the room only not even in my team too he cleared..
🙄okay, let’s start the discussion I m also leader Rahul said.
Yeah, I know this Kunj added and gritting his teeth.
Carry on later Abhinav said..

Kunj get up and went to the board.First sorry whatever twinkle got and she brings from MP house that wasn’t at all crap it’s a very important and useful thing she got it he said all looking her than Kunj. I check each and everything sir all those cut-outs of newspapers and malls schools industrial areas and that chit you gave me twinkle having secret message code I decoded that he said to write it down on the board..
22/2020 it is the date of that Day he planned to bomb blast and do attacks on this date 22/2020 Kunj said.

Very smart Kunj Abhinav said..
But Kunj we got to know about the date only but what about timing?? I mean you said those cut-outs but we don’t know any particular place Rahul said.

Correct I’m telling that only half plan of his we decoded main part is that where he will do?? Because there are a lot of schools and malls rest places exactly what his plan is ?? If he will use his mind that day twinkle heard his talks he will maybe do some changes in his plan don’t know about the time and exact location Kunj said circled the line with red marker..

park school mall xyz road industrial area
Mon 50k 10k 78K 90k. 75k
Tue -. -. -. -. –
Wed 60k. 10k. 90k. 100k. 70k
Thur -. -. -. -. -.
Fri 65k. 10k. 80k. 90k. 75k
Sat. 60k. 10k. 100k 90k. 60k
It was the estimate of the crowd on each day was written
Yah hai 22 date ka all estimate he is very smart and his planning too Kunj added he explained them each and everything that he got all clapping for him.
You always did your best Kunj Jaidev said.
That’s my duty sir all credit goes to twinkle kunj Said sat down..

Sir, he never appreciated me for my smartness but nowadays doing lott other teammate Rahul said.

Acha pehle mission successfully complete kar le than promotion tera hi paka hai😹Kunj said.

Now you all get clear na if any confusion?? Asked me otherwise I wouldn’t explain Kunj said.
Haan sir me sara raised her hand she always had 😝. Kunj held his head.
You sara kunj said.
Tujhe kya doubts hoga you just stick with him only 🤪asked them time only Malika Said.
True Rahul said..

At least she has doubts unlike you all extra intelligence I will explain asked?

Sir, we don’t have much time we have to give alert all places sara said.
Absolutely correct but sara if we from now only start the search Then maybe we will save the many innocent lives Kunj said.
Okay sir she said.

You explained her so sweetly what happened at our time become bitter gourd Mallika said.

Deserve this only Kunj said..

Now he cleaned your all each and everything so start your work quickly officers now do your masti later once we completed with this mission Jaidev said.
Sure sir all nodded in yes..

Okay you all officers will work in two groups Abhinav said.
First our leader:Kunj,twinkle,sara, Aryan in one group
Rest second group:Rahul, Malika, Elena, joe.
Do your work in a team It’s easy and helpful for us too Abhinav said.
Absolutely clear now very good jaidev said.

Yes sir we don’t have much time guys Kunj said.

After all, went to their desk they started working Kunj busy with Jaidev he telling him other things too.

While Rahul and Malika finding about all places location before search out while twinkle and Aryan in other things.Sara doing what Kunj sir ordered her.

Did you find out about that lady?? Kunj Jaidev asked?
Nope, sir not yet Kunj said..

In the afternoon they get tired working fully since the time now hungry.
I’m hell hungry Aryan said.
I too let’s Oder something or else I will ask Anjali Rahul said. While twinkle gets up and heats up the food in the oven. Kunj comes outside.
What happened to you all? He asked.
Lunch break Elena said.
Ho kiddos 👅Kunj added.
And what you doing madam Kunj asked twinkle.
Khana garm kar rahi hu can’t you see she said.
Ho, you bring lunchbox here like school kids twinkle Kunj said.
Yup, I bring for everyone she said.
Guys and Rahul come let’s have together I made and bring for us today lunch she said and place everything on the table.

Haan have Rahul you wanna have na twinkle hand food today I bring for you 😝Kunj said twinkle looking at him.
Ho😲liar He doesn’t he toh don’t know I bring she said.
Acha I know bhabi ji you only he toh never aaj tak laya hai kya yah jese just had Anjali food Rahul said and take the seat rest too.

Acha jese aaj tak mere pass biwi thi😏kunj murmured

Looking yummy all said.
Acha dekhne se hi 🙄kunj said and they all started having.
Carefully 🤪don’t know get ill Kunj said.
Acha you get ill with my food really Kunj she said and making faces..
Twinkle really yummy Malika said.
Tumhe itna sab banana aata hai I don’t know Aryan said..
kuch banana nahi aata hai bas logo ko bana thi hai 👅tune sach me banana hai yah sab yah before everyone ordered from the hotel Kunj said
Twinkle throw a spoon at Kunj he catches..

They all enjoying while Kunj just seeing them after seeing their faces 😝mostly Rahul he sat beside him.
Hatt you will have whole food lazy head he said and started having.
Someone said na get ill malika said..
Acha Malika someone kaun tera future boyfriend 😏Kunj said.
I don’t have any boyfriend she said.
Bana le rahul said.
Kaun banega 🤪kunj said both hifi and giggles.

Impossible to understand you both pehle pulling each other legs now one team twinkle said.
We are like this both added together😎..
Kunj coughing and drinking water itna spicy kaun bana tha hai twinkle you know I don’t like he said.
Acha I didn’t make for you she arched her eyes Aryan told me I made for him Haina Aryan she said and winked at him he got it her mischievously..

Yes, thanks for making this all for me especially Aryan said give her flying kiss Kunj see this gulps whole water glass in one go..😝,.
You like I’m satisfied bas she said and smiling.

Kunj tujhe mirchi lagi khane mein kyu? Ab twinkle you made this all for Aryan than Kunj ko mirchi lagegi hi na poor baby he said and laughing while Kunj smacked on his shoulder.
Shut up 😒..

Jaidev and Abhinav outside while twinkle and Kunj busy in their argument funny.
You I’m your leader get it to behave like that Kunj said.
Ho really than leader ji go to your cabin right now is lunchtime she said and both showing each other fingers..

Inka kuch nahi ho sakta jaidev and Abhinav said Rahul offer them both having.
Delicious kaunsi hotel se Oder kiya both said Kunj laughs out😝😝..
no sir our twinkle made this all Rahul said..
really great twinkle you learn this all things too Abhinav said.
Haan sir because issko family me bhi noble prize chahiye Kunj said and looking at her.
Bas karo you both Jaidev said..

After this mission you both need a dr for your unnecessary fight jaidev said..
she needs sir Kunj added.just then Kunj phone ring. He checks the number.
Now what he wanted Kunj murmured he picks up the call.
Bolo?? He asked..
caller where is your boss?? Caller said..
Hoo, you giving him kunj said.
Sir call for you kunj said.
Who?? Jaidev asked.
You will get to know kunj said and give him the phone he talks about.
Sorry, my phone I didn’t check he said after talks give Kunj back his phone..

We are going do your work officers they both added and went..
Huh,😒twinkle huffed and sat down while Kunj went back to his cabin.

While twinkle sitting closer to Aryan both doing their work busy in the laptop Aryan keeping his arms around her shoulder both giggling talking about Kunj 🙊..
get jealous Aryan said.
Aur nahi toh in his cabin sadu volcano ki raha ho raha hoga she said both giggles out.
Hehe, yaar kitni Kamini hai enjoying get jealous your own husband Aryan said.

Arey otherwise toh usko kuch fark padta nahi hai bas ek hi weak nervous hai he is too much possessive 😏twinkle said.
Ho really man angry young man for his wife Aryan said.
Hm, she hummed while Kunj comes out of his cabin and saw them he going.
Tujhe bhi yah hi mila tha kya yaar twinkle find something else 😝aryan said.
Kya karu my bad fate 😗sadu sarna leader hai boss hota na toh jeene nahi de tha twinkle said Kunj listen to everything.

I will see her later he said and went out along with Rahul.They went to that shop to get more information but the shop was closed.they finding that man.

At MP mansion.
MP was sitting with his clients mehreen was busy in the kitchen.
The first time I making something for MP he will be happy she said and tempering in the food because of this she chocked and started coughing very badly mp heard her voice.
Excuse me he said and immediately went in the kitchen and found mehreen who coughing really very badly he went to her.

Mehreen what is this what happened to you are you alright?? He asked..
she coughing still give me water man he shouted on a lady servant she immediately gives him he made her drink the water.
She takes a deep breath.
I’m fine MP she said.
Acha I don’t think so he cupped her face.
And what is this what are you doing in the kitchen he said.

Woh she smiled I’m making lunch for you she said.
Mehreen why this all we have a chef he will make this all you don’t need come sit with me he said.
Please I love to make things for you MP she said. He can see the love in her eyes for him he smiled.
I just love your this care and love for me he added and kissed on her forehead.
Today only allowing he added.
Okay, she said.
Now you go she sends him out of the kitchen.

MP continues his meeting while mehreen busy in her cooking..
After meeting MP sitting she comes with food.
See I made for you finally she said and keep the tray on the table.
Looking tempting let’s have MP said.
Haan both started having while MP saw mehreen finger you hurt yourself he said she nodding in no but in a very cute way he immediately brings ointment and applied on her finger and feed her food with his hands she adoring him and tears escaping from her eyes she wiped immediately.


Aap bhi toh khao MP she said and feed him too.
Very tasty mehreen he said.
Never thought about living like a normal couple MP said while looking at the wall than her.
Now we will live MP hum aapke saath ek normal insaan ke jese do couple jo har happy cheeze karte hai woh sab karna chahte hai you will love me the same to same na she said.

Haan my love will just increase mehreen he said Robert comes there.
After ages seeing brother this much happy.
Arey pat come have the food my wife made ab don’t deny Juliet is your sister now mehreen is because mujhe Juliet hi toh dekhti hai mehreen mein phir se jeene ki wajah mili hai mujhe MP said.

Yeah sure wese bhi I’m hungry Robert said.
Hum aapke liye bhi late hai she said and immediately went in the kitchen and bring for him too.

While Nivedita is much better now started reacting slowly slowly speaking too after medicines and Stella the nurse care.😝..

While at sarna [email protected]
Arey yuvi she is coming today did you bring her gifts Usha said.
Yes, ma I have already yuvi said.
When she is coming Prithviraj added.
Soon dadu advik replied they all very excited and waiting for someone special.

While just then a girl entered wearing a crop top along with jeans looking so cute more her dimples..
here I’m she said loudly all turned and found her standing fully smiling..

ruhiii yuvi scream loudly and went to her both hugged each other.
Man, finally you come yuvi said.
Yup missing you all she said and break the hug most missing dadu she said and went to him bend down takes his blessings and looking at him.

God bless you puttar hows you?? Prithviraj asked her.
I’m all good Dadu she said.
She is Ruhi Kapoor Prithviraj’s very dearest friend grand daughter. She stayed most of her childhood with them because Prithviraj friend used to go out for his work while Ruhi very fond with everyone Usha and Anita and yuvi and advik childhood friend cam sister and Prithviraj treat her like his own granddaughter and she too respected him and very well mannered girl she is.
Because of her higher studies, she have to go to new York her family already shifted to New York years ago.

Ruhi meet with each and everyone while Avantika and tej new for them even dadi too.
She heard about them but not much from her grand Father who was too army man like Prithviraj..

She is Avantika and tej Prithviraj said.
Hello uncle and aunty Ruhi said.
Nice to meet you beta Avantika said she gets friendly every soon..

And how’s my two bhabi’s Ruhi said.
Good like you Ruhi Avni said and they shared a hug. They all sit together while Usha and Anita love Ruhi lot they don’t have their own daughter’s but find in her she too treats them like her own mother more than that because she demanded all things for them fight and get angry with yuvi and advik too teased her Lott she is not less always complain to Prithviraj and he scolds them back this time she comes after 2 years otherwise in her vacation she didn’t go anywhere for holidays just come to Amritsar and enjoy her holiday with them..

You all sit we will bring snacks and tea for our Ruhi Usha said.
Maa party change yuvi said 😕.
Yes Ruhi said and Usha nodded in yes and Anita and she went to the kitchen and making the things for them and Ruhi.

They come and served everyone all enjoying their tea and snacks while outside Drizzling.

Twinkle comes with Aryan while Kunj was not at the office.
Ok bye before anyone sees you Aryan twinkle said.
Acha call me yaar at your sasural for one coffee the first time I come aryan said.
Acha let this mission over why tea I will call you for dinner 🙄 sardonically she said.

Really Aryan said.
Don’t fly aur jada hi coffee aur tea peni hai toh I will tell kunj 😹twinkle said.
No thanks, tera pati tujhe hi mubarak ho maata ji he said bye each other and went.

Twinkle went inside she keeps the umbrella in the side into living room.
Her eyes went on Ruhi first she was not so sure went to everyone.

Twinkle and Ruhi looking at each other.
Ruhiiiii twinkle said while Ruhi got up and went to her and keep looking at her.
Twinkiii she shouted and both hugged each other with surprise.
You are here how?? Twinkle asked and break the hug.
Surprised tan tanaaa she said and posing..

From where are you coming cutie Ruhi said.
From my job really I don’t know about you and these idiots too didn’t tell me twinkle said while looking yuvi and advik..

Surprise tha babes they both brothers added..
But I’m really happy twinkle said..

Ruhi you go and get freshen up avni said.
Haan acha choti maa she called Usha and Anita choti maa it makes their bond more strong rather than preferring aunties..

I will show you your room Khushi said.
I’m not a guest Haina dadu I can manage she said all nodded in yes..
she went to her room which Usha already set each and everything before her..

I will come twinkle said and went into her room and get freshen up..
(Ruhi and twinkle too good friends of each other’s they all avni Khushi their group is Advik, yuvi , Vihaan whom now no one liking because of his bad habits)

Other [email protected]@
Kunj yaar in this rain we will not get anything bro Rahul said.
We will rahul if you try than acha what you got I mean I told you na?? He said.
Hmm in the process he said both sat down on bench very cold raining..

Karna kya hai ab ?? Then the man is missing? Rahul said.
Arey yaar that day I saw the delivery agency name but not getting fully Rahul Kunj said..

Let’s find that lady it would be best Kunj why we wasting our time?? Rahul said..
Hmm, hope but no clue about her you got MP dairy waha se will get something both said and went to side and Rahul takes out his laptop which he carried with himself..

Both started checking about any female name.
Kunj there is lott her name what could be her name ?? Rahul said..
how I know as She is my wife haan he said.
Acha 😹that I will ask twinkle he said.
Shut up kunj said.
Acha I saw his face let’s make that man sketch than kahi se identity karenge Kunj said.

Superb idea and you wanted I get ill yaar let’s go home otherwise Aryan and twinkle get more chance alone for dinner and lunch 😆Rahul said..

I will smash your mouth and he too let this mission over talk to jaidev sir transfer him
To our department 😎Kunj said.
Omg, I never see and thought tujhe itna fark pata hai kunj Rahul said.
Yes because she is my wife and I don’t like any bees around my wife😏Kunj added.
But your wife is too not less Aryan this and that he putting more salt😝..
are you trying to provoke me 😒haan Kunj said.
Really I will try to inflame you 🙄never as if you come Rahul said.

Kunj car got puncture both giving their mind behind the car under this rain which is very annoying..
Your poor car Rahul murmured.
Huh don’t say this I take from my own money he said.
Acha pata nahi tha humhe toh jese 😬rahul said.

Tu ja take 5 rupees bus otherwise I will make your paper boat rest you know 😏Kunj said.
Very mean kunj don’t forget tera saathi yah Rahul Malhotra hai he said and doing drama middle of the road both started laughing recalling their old carefree days..

Never thought we will get this much busy in our life kya kya plan the humhare yaar Rahul said.
What we can do kunj added..

Finally, they changed the car, Stepney.
Both sat in the car and left for somewhere..

At sarna [email protected]
All sitting together Ruhi just telling her stories what she did in this all time..
where is this sadu? I mean in this rain Kunj kaha hai twinkle thinking..

Where is kunj Avantika he didn’t come call him in this rain not safe staying outside tej who is worried about his one and only son..

Hmm, Avantika tries to calling kunj but he just declined her call.. Kunj and Rahul went for a sketch but the artist not available at this time in the HQ office..

After dropping Rahul Kunj come to sarna mansion back he parked his car who fully drenched in the rain.He entering inside while rubbing his nose.

Kunjjj Avantika went to him.i m calling you can’t you take my call she said.
Arey, I m not taking your call means busy na maa he added..
aur how you get wet haan see you will get ill she added.
Hmm, she hummed while twinkle comes out of the kitchen.
Kunj you come now she said Kunj gesture her..

Go and change fast Avantika said.
Hmm, he hummed get jaidev call went in side and get busy in the call..
while Ruhi comes and seeing Kunj who is this hot man she said..
this hot man is twinkles Avni added.Ruhi looking at her with confusing eyes..

Means Ruhi asked?
He is my husband twinkle replied.
Really he is your husband Ruhi staring Kunj.
Yes now stop staring someone husband twinkle said she chuckled..

What about viha.. before Ruhi speaks more twinkle held her hand and gestures her she stops.Kunj ends the call Started sneezing.

Go fast Kunj Avantika shouted.
Ha he said and looking at Ruhi with confusing eyes who she is?? But doesn’t asks and went upstairs..

Kunj entered his room and removed his shirt and went to the Washroom twinkle went to the kitchen and bring coffee for him..
huh, now he will get ill sadu she murmured.. Ruhi entered in the room.
So twinkle tune iss se shadi ki hai I mean Ruhi said.
Hmm, she hummed.
But who he is never see him and rest two too she said.
Because they aren’t staying here yuvi said who just entered the kitchen..

Arey, he is my cousin and they are dadu elder son and daughter in law yuvi said.
Hoo so twinkle you married with yuvi cousin she said.
Yes my cousin unknown😝yuvi said.
Huh yuvi, very bad twinkle said who poured coffee in the mug..

Kuch bhi bolo hot hai Ruhi said twinkle give her look and went from there..
She entered the room meanwhile Kunj come out of the Washroom in his trouser..

He throws the towel on the bed and sat down who shivering slightly.
I’m damn sure you going to get ill she said. Take your coffee will be okay she added..
hmm, he hummed and take the coffee. While twinkle went behind him and started wiping his wet hairs.
I’m okay twinkle he said.
I know how much she added and wiping gently.
Where you went?? She asked.
Bola na kaam tha twinkle Kunj said who gets irritated with this runny nose..
she sat beside him and seeing his face turned reddish.
Wear this shirt show your hotness later she said and give him forcefully made him wear.

Don’t act like my maa I’m not a small baby he said annoyingly.
I’m your wife she said..
acha I’m your bad fate Kunj said and she looking at him than get the click.
She about to going kunj pulled her she sits on his lap..
bol?? Na kunj said.
You heard my and Aryan talk bad manners she said.
Really bad manners🙄what about your manners sticking with aryan😏he said.

Kunj stops this she said and kissed on his nose tip while Kunj started sneezing she gets up.
Hogaya na cold she said.
Because of you he added and laid down on the bed..

She went downstairs and get busy in the dinner.
After Kunj went downstairs sit with his father in the side while all together.

Why you sitting here? He asked.
I’m reading this file tej said.
Acha 🤪Kunj said Ruhi just laughing even Prithviraj along with her..

Take medicine before getting ill tej said.
I’m okay papa Kunj said.. Kunj rests his head on his father’s shoulder tej caressing his hairs.
Tej just looking at Ruhi and the rest they were looking so happy..

Twinkle come to kunj give him a handkerchief.
Who she is?? Kunj asked.
She is Ruhi dadu best friend grand daughter aisa samj lo she is their own grand daughter only because they don’t have any girl in their family so everyone loved her Lott twinkle said.

Hoo for her they get this much excited and happy very enthusiastic people 🤣Kunj said. Tej and Kunj chuckled.
Haina papa kunj said.
Hmm, tej hummed.
Today papa ji agreeing with you twinkle said.
He always but doesn’t know what happened to him sometimes office 😬Kunj said..

After all, sat for the dinner all having while Ruhi nonstops talking Prithviraj listening..
Dekho kese sun rahe hai If we than lecture Kunj murmured and continuously sneezing he leave the dinner in middle and went to the room..

He FaceTime with his favorites and gets busy with them.Twinkle and others sitting and chilling.

Arey let me go yaar Ruhi twinkle said.
Sit na we meet after a long time Ruhi said.
Yes, twinkle let’s watch a movie yuvi said.

Arey, please understand na my husband waiting for me I have to see him she said.
Hoo badi patni😒 Avni murmured.
Less than you twinkle said and went into her room.

She entered the room and sat beside Kunj.
Take this medicine Kunj please she said.
He blinked his eyes and she gives him.
Now sleep please leave your work she said.
Huh, you coming now 😏he said.
Haan sits with Ruhi and all’s she said.
Acha she is more important than my health pata hai na tujhe tere pati ko cold hua hai he said.

Achaww she said and she pulled his cheeks he rest his head on her lap she caressing his hairs within no time kunj dozed off because of the medicine dose.Avantika comes into the room.

He is fine now?? Twinkle she asked and seeing her son who peacefully sleeping in his wife lap.
Hmm, I give him medicine she said.Good beta pagal ladka she said and went after twinkle too changed her clothes and sleep..

At morning..
Twinkle woke up and checked Kunj first his body a little bit warm.
Sadu she murmured and get freshen up woke up Kunj who feeling heavy in the throat.

Kya hua she asked him and sat beside Kunj. He sat and blinking his eyes.
Are you okay?? She asked.
Hmm In heavy voice.
I told you na get ill hogaye na bimar Kunj she said.
I’m okay he said and hugged her. She caressing his nape hairs.
Now go and take a bath you will feel better after hot water bath till than I Will bring your breakfast she added..
He takes time and finally went for bath twinkle went down.

Kunj gets ready after bath irritates with sneezing.Kunj went downstairs giving her voice.
Twinkleeeee he yelling get frustrated already Avantika come.
Are you okay she asked him and sat beside him.
Twinkle comes while running sorry She said he looking at her with angry eyes.
See bimar ho still showing her eyes Avantika said and give him slapped playfully.
Maaa 😏😏kunj said in an annoying voice.
Have your breakfast twinkle said..

Arey kya hua bade bhaiya yuvi asked who just come and take sit in side..
Acting chal rahi hai kunj said😒..
hehe really seemed like that only biwi and maa around you yuvi said.Twinkle gesturing him he quiet.
I don’t want to have anything Kunj said.
If you will not eat anything how you will take your medicine haan tej said get medicine for him.
But papa why you all pampering me like this haan I’m not baby he said with red nose. Tej sat opposite of him I know wiped his eyes.
We all know you aren’t a small baby but for us always remain small only tej said.
Yup Avantika said..

Tej feed him to breakfast with his hands Kunj looking at him.
Today this much love yuvi said..
Arey kyun nahin ek lota beta hai humhare tej said and feed him more he having happily all come till now.
Now take medicine Kunj tej said and Kunj even takes the medicine too..
Will you leave me now bees 😒he murmured..

Go to hospital yuvi said.
Acha you don’t need to worry about me does concern for advik he said and went in his room back.
Kesa hai yah yuvi murmured.
You know he is not well still poking him twinkle added.
Tu toh bada apne pati ki side le rahi hai yuvi said.
Kyun nahi lungi husband hai mere she said and went to the dining table tej and Avantika seeing this and smiled Avantika hold tej hand.

I told you na everything will be solved between them nowadays both of them stay together and happy as well tej Avantika said.
Even I saw your son too chanting biwi spell lott😝tej said
Achww beta tumhara hi hai don’t forget that she said and went for breakfast he too than..

After breakfast twinkle went to the room.
Chale office she said.
Hm let’s go I have lott work he said.
Kunj you take leave today I think she said.
Chalooo he said and went out both soon reached office..

All busy in their work already while Kunj directly went into his cabin.
What happened to sir today sara asked.
Today your sir having cold twinkle said and see Rahul who too same condition.
So you are with him only both of them dancing in the rain yesterday haan twinkle said..
Your husband he said and doing his work..

Kunj called the artist quickly he comes they both sat in his cabin.
Kunj telling him that man face features according to kunj artist making the sketch after some time finally the sketch is ready.
Sir Artist said..
Kunj looking at the sketch and try to remember that man face.
Yup that only thanks kunj he said went..
while Kunj went to Rahul.
Here is the sketch of that man now find him as soon as possible kunj said.
Okay boss Rahul said and start his search.
Kunj went back in his cabin sneezing and coughing.

Today bichara Kunj Malika said Kunj standing near the window and thinking something his eyes went on aryan and twinkle they having lunch and both of them dancing rest laughing.Kunj rolling his eyes.
She working here but siyappa queen busy with this Aryannn😏he murmured and smirked.

He sat and called at twinkle desk.. she takes the call.
Yes speak she said.
Hello, miss stella ji I have some work please come to my cabin Kunj said.
Kunj what work tell me she said.
I said come he said and end the call.
Sadu she murmured and went in his cabin.

Yes, leader ji she said.
Come here he said she went near his desk.
Come more he added and twinkle looking at him while Kunj pulled her she sit on his lap..
kunjjj what is this she said..
What is this haan? Kunj said in her tone..
Kunjj leaves me please it’s not good here if anyone sees us then so awkward she said and try to come out of his arms but he is not leaving her cuddling her more..

Tera pati bimar hai na hai he said and making a pouty face she pulled his cheek.
Acha here you aren’t my husband just my leader don’t you forget that mr sarna she said in a cheesy tone.
No miss stella or else mrs sarna 😛in a naughty way.. she too carrying a naughty smile..
She checked his neck now okay okay she said.
Kaha see he making face puppy.
Hospital chale mr sarna she said and giggles.
Kunj tickling her she screaming Slightly.
Shh, twinkle doesn’t scream madam you giving everyone out the wrong ideas 😝he said.
Hoo 🙊Babaji so cheap she said and anyhow come out of his arms..
Have some shame Kunj twinkle said..

Look who’s taking 😹🙄kunj said.Twinkle went out of the cabin.After she sends a coffee for him he smiled and enjoying his coffee..

While at sarna [email protected]
Tomorrow is Usha and Manohar anniversary so they all yuvi and advik ,Ruhi planned a party for them tomorrow they were planning about that..in the evening twinkle and Kunj leave for a home together she teasing him Lott who is reddish because Aryan give twinkle red rose she playing with that and Kunj seeing with the corner of his eyes it’s enough he snatched from her hands and scramble.

What is this Kunj my rose aryan give me Lott love she said.
Acha he said throw out of the window.
I hate you she said.
Even I too hate you back he added.both reached home she runs inside not waiting for him.They come seeing everyone busy in something.

What’s going on?? Kunj asked.
Preparations for party Ruhi replied Kunj seeing her.
Party suddenly twinkle said.
Tomorrow is my mom and dad wedding anniversary party na man yuvi said.
Hoo great party you all doing m I help you twinkle said.
Haan takes her help she is brilliant in the garden Kunj said and giggling.Avni was near Kunj only she hit him a pillow.
They all busy in work for tomorrow kunj
You too help na twinkle said.
I don’t know about this all man he said.
Arey that day in farmhouse you did na for me so beautiful twinkle said Kunj recall and bite his inner cheek.
Woh na twinkle mene nahi kiya than sara was 🤪he said.
Whatt that also sara tumne kiya kya hai mere liye haan she said.
Nothing that cake too😹Kunj said she shocked.
Hoo so bad huh I thought you did for me she said with muffed face.

Arey, she is my right hand she will do my all work 👅wese bhi I’m not good enough in this all so she did everything kunj said very proudly.

Acha she grabs his collar aur kuch bhi dusro se hi karwa mat lena 😏she said.

No one was in the living room.
Don’t worry 😉 about that I’m good enough 😎he winked at her and giggling she making faces went from there.After dinner, they all discussing the guest list.

Dadu we will do this Ruhi said.
Okay, we will do that only he added she get up and get a call and went.
After she whole house brightening usha said..
haan maa we don’t have our own sister but never feel that because Ruhi ki humhare koi behan hi nahin hai yuvi said..
Haan hone chahiye thi ek behan toh jo humhare apni behan hoti advik said while tej and Avantika looking at Each other face.
That’s why dadu love Ruhi Lott see even tej bade papa have a son and we too 3 single boys no girl so boring yuvi murmured.

Koi baat nahi hai Anita added kunj yawing 🥱.
Goodnight he said and went in his room goes to the balcony and talking to jaidev about today all work. twinkle come afterward with his coffee and she went to the balcony and give him back hugged he smiled after the call he brings her beside him she gives him his mug..
done preparations Kunj asked.
Yup 👍 twinkle added.. Both sharing coffee from the same mug first time it’s the start of a happy and love life🤗.

Kunj busies in his thoughts while twinkle adoring the moon.
Chalo let’s sleep today I’m tired she said.
You go I will come he said.

No, come you will get busy with your ex-girlfriend on the phone she said and pulled him kunj giggling laid down both of them. She cuddles him.

I’m not running twinkle he said.
I know In the office you getting love on me now I’m too mr sarna she said and come above him.
Let’s give everyone now the right idea she said and chuckled.
Shameless Kunj too murmured and twinkle pecked at him and both whiles teasing each other dozed off..

::Usual day..
everyone busy in party preparations for evening while Avantika told twinkle to come early today.
They both groups busy in their work checking all places mostly. The half day they check but not get anything come to HQ office back..

Holding their head it’s very hard to check whole Amritsar Aryan said..
but you have to Abhinav said.Twinkle phone ring.She picks up the call.
Excuse me she said yes mummy ji I’m coming twinkle said and end the call.
Sir today I have to go early twinkle said in fear.While Kunj lost in his thoughts..

There is anything at home jaidev asked
Kunjj he give him a voice.
What Kunj asked.
Twinkle wanna go home early jaidev said.
Pata nahi it’s her matter he said..
you go twinkle Jaidev Said..
Thanks, sir she said and immediately went.
After sometime later all went to back their places..

At sarna mansion everyone busy dressed up.
Twinkle getting ready for the party Kunj entered the room at the last moment..
you coming now she asked busy in her makeup.
Hmm, I’m not like you he said and off his shoes.
My clothes madam he said.
Acha you aren’t like me she said.
Pleaseeee he said.Twinkle takes out his clothes he went for freshening up.Till than twinkle completely get ready after Kunj too she helping him.

Now looking hot mr Sarna she said.
Even you are too Mrs sarna Kunj added.

At [email protected]
All guests started coming and Manohar and Usha attending them twinkle and Kunj come down and meet with the rest Rahul family too..
Kunj and Rahul sat in the side.Party in full swing
What decoration all youngsters take seats beside Rahul and Kunj.
I did yuvi said.
Garden Rahul murmured 😆.
Don’t say this they will throw you out of the party Kunj said and smirked.While rest making faces.
You will find this garden only Anjali said to Rahul.
🤐zipped Rahul said..
while mehreen and MP arrived together in hand To hand Kunj’s eyes went to them.
Rest went to other people.

You called him?? Twinkle asked standing beside him.
Pagal hai why I will wedding anniversary Usha aunty and Manohar uncle ki hai not mine so I will invite him kunj said.

Woh bhi hai👅she murmured..
See my family how happily meeting with a criminal Kunj said rest meeting with him..

Meet with my wife sorry tej MP said.
Congratulations mp tej said.

See he is your favorite and papaji too 😂bada hi close connection hai tum dono ka kunj twinkle said..
Do you want I blast like party crackers haan before shh Kunj said.
Hehe As cool as a cucumber 😝pati ji she said. MP process to Kunj.

Hello, officer in low voice winked at him.
Hi, Kunj lovely wife MP added.
Hi, twinkle said..
mehreen she is twinkle Kunj beautiful wife MP said and mehreen hi with twinkle..
Arey Kunj you come alone at my reception party you should call your wife too not fair MP said..
acha you should have given me two invitations I bring her why not kunj said.
Ho next time I will give you two invitation card MP added..

MP looking at twinkle suspiciously Kunj see this he come near MP ears and keep his hand on his shoulder
You have your own wife now she is enough beautiful so stop staring my wife and about not bring her in your happiness don’t worry in your funeral for sure my promise 😉Kunj said in low voice.. winked at him

Have something you aren’t guest our at least my too secret love our he said and called the waiter and give MP a drink.
Come twinkle Kunj said and held her hand and take her..

Avantika standing just then a couple entered.
They see Avantika went to her.
Heyy Avantika it’s you na she said Avantika looking at her.
Sakshi you Avantika said.
Yes, it’s me only she said both share a hug than Usha come she wished her anniversary.
Avantika you are here where is tej you both together na?? She asked. She is their college friend..
Haan, we are together only Avantika said tej called Avantika.
But I never saw her Sakshi said.
Yeah because you know na tej and Avantika run away and marry with each other against papaji will Usha said.

Oops, 😬 she said this Avantika listen and feel bad.
She wiped her tears Kunj see her and went near her.
Maa kya hua he asked.
Nothing bas something went in my eyes she lied but Kunj can read his mother face.. Kunj cupped her face.
Tell me Someone said anything to you he asked. Avantika knows his anger she doesn’t want someone party and happiness get spoiled because of them.
Nahi I’m absolutely fine she said and held his hand but Kunj mood totally spoiled.twinkle busy in her friends and rest. Two of Usha friends come to Avantika they are too hers..

I get to know Avantika you are here where are you went after your secret marriage haan lady said..

Arey how we will see here she toh run away from her house and leave her family and tej too usha told me before only another lady
said.They went little in the side.

You know Prithviraj raj sarna didn’t accept Avantika treat her like a servant they said and giggles while Kunj and Avantika listen. While Kunj about to go but Avantika held his hand and take him from there..

Usha and Manohar come for the cake cutting they both husband and wife cut the cake and feeding the rest while Kunj was totally angry and standing in the side after they dance and sing but Kunj and his mother wasn’t part of it.

Let’s take a family photo together yuvi said.
They take 2 and 3 photos without Avantika and tej in the crowd twinkle didn’t see Kunj.
After Kunj and badi maa yuvi said..

You all carry on it’s your family photo Kunj said and held Avantika and walked out from there while the rest get surprised.But tej said she maybe not well that’s why.They leave enjoying the party after Party gets over..

Party was amazing avni said..
while Avantika sitting in her room and Kunj In side looking at Avantika.

Arey suddenly where is badi maa and Kunj went avni asked.Tej went into the room and found Kunj and Avantika sitting.

What happened to you?tej asked..
Kunj looking at his father today get angry.
Now you get the time and think about us haan you were toh busy in your family photo Kunj said and throw his phone in side..

Kunjj Avantika said..
What Kunj haan see him he was busy with his family so happily not cared about us Kunj said.
What actually happened tej asked after seeing Avantika eyes..

Yah toh aapki family wale batayenge kunj said and went outside Avantika and tej run behind him.
Kunj listen us Avantika giving him voice while he is in anger..
Kya hua dadi asked kunj to stop and look at them.
Haan Avantika you didn’t even come to us for cake cutting Usha asked? Kunj let out a sarcastic laugh

Really Usha aunty?? You notice she is not there you all are same to same Kunj said.

What do you mean by this and Kunj mind your words yuvi said..
youuu should fake people ache bane ka natak bas kunj said and went in his room all get confused while tej and Avantika went in their room all get confused with Kunj so suddenly..
All looking at each other face.

Kunj throws his blazer On the bed in anger while twinkle comes behind him. He sitting in the anger twinkle see this she knows the situation right now not good so leave him otherwise they will end up fight..

She changed her clothes and sit on her side of the bed and looking at him..
both didn’t say much Kunj too laid down without saying anything turned his face..

While Avantika told tej whatever happened in the party today he too gets sad they doing this making fun of them in behind their back..

[email protected]
Twinkle gives him the things he takes without saying anything and gets ready..
listen one thing twinkle you don’t do anything for anyone he said.She nodded in yes They coming downstairs.

Kunj just needs drama dadi you listen this yuvi said this Kunj heard.
From behind, I need drama yah you people need just Kunj said..

Kunj baat kya hai dadi asked??
Baat really asked them who looking so nice but they aren’t I know he doesn’t like us while looking at Prithviraj.
But even you all too kunj added.tej and
Avantika comes there.

Anything happened Manohar asked.
Everyone fab in acting here I must say kunj added.
You don’t know how to talk to your elders Prithviraj said.
Yeah, I don’t know anything who are you all I even didn’t consider you all my father’s relatives also Kunj said.Twinkle held his arms when he and yuvi stand in front of each other.
Let’s go Kunjjj she said and take him from there..

They come to the office in anger went to the cabin.
Why this much anger haan?? She said.
Leave me he shouted.
Okay, your wish she said and went from there after sometime later his anger cool down..

Both groups went outside and checking all places..
this place is very famous in Amritsar twinkle said.
Then let’s check Kunj said and they went and saw the place very crowded.

Kunj if MP planned a bomb blast here than very dangerous look at the crowds.
twinkle you were right twinkle 22 ko hi pata chalega kunj said. The whole day their went in this and get tired sit in the park..

Me and sara check few more places Aryan said.
Yeah go and do inform me make a list Kunj said.
I will do sir sara said and both went. Twinkle sat beside him and held his hand.

Don’t be disheartened we are doing na she said..
hmm, all dekhte hai chal kunj said. Rahul sends kunj that man house address. Twinkle and Kunj come to that Address..

Kunj yaha kaun rahta hai after seeing the place twinkle said.
Hmm, chal let’s see Kunj said and Kunj ringing the bell but nobody opened the door.

Now, what twinkle said before Kunj break the door with his kick..
impressive twinkle said and they entered inside and looking at the house nobody at home.

Karna kya hai yaha twinkle asked?
Don’t eat my head check and we will get something here if no one at home good for us Kunj said.

Okay my boss she said and both started checking each and everything twinkle gets the
file and she checking and get something.
While Kunj checking the study room get some papers MP office papers and get a ticket..
While Kunj’s eyes went outside and see a car stop.
Shh Kunj said and went to twinkle and pulled her from the other side door they went out of the house..
A lady entered the house.
Kunjj twinkle said:
Shh twinkle looks at that lady Kunj said..
she is the same lady in den house with MP twinkle said in low voice.
Hmm, right connection dono ka MP se hi hai chal tu yaha se ab he said and quickly run while that lady gets confused to see her house open.

Come to the office back And Kunj checking that ticket.
Yah Goa jane ki ticket hai kal ki kunj said.
So karna kya hai hai?? Rahul asked?

On the other side, MP Come to mehreen.
We are going to Goa darling MP said.
Whatt really but why?? Mehreen asked?
Why what?? For our mini honeymoon once I get free fully than we will go for a world tour Mehreen he said.
Aww MP I’m so happy she said and get so happy..

In his mind MP, just a few more days agent Kunj sarna get ready for my surprise and smirked.

I need to go Goa Kunj said.
Suddenly Kunj Jaidev asked who just come.
Sir MP going after these tickets I m sure his team people too going to Goa they planned something there?? Kunj said..

Point Abhinav added.
Than go Kunj fast jaidev said.
Alone ? Rahul asked?
Why here p.a hai na Malika said Kunj looking at sara than Aryan or twinkle who busy in their talks.
Not sara I’m taking twinkle Kunj said and surprise everyone.
Mee twinkle said.
Yes, you going get ready and be on time he said.
Take jaidev said and Kunj went from there.
Poor sara Malika said😕..twinkle looking at Rahul who smirked..

@twinj room at night
Both having their dinner in their room only..
you taking me I’m surprised she said.
Don’t be surprised taking stella🙄, not my wife he added.
Whatever 😏she murmured and after finishing the dinner twinkle doing their packing they laid down.
Ghar me kya bolna hai twinkle asked.
Kuch nahi kunj said and closed his eyes.
You don’t but I have to she said.
I’m your husband I don’t care why you worried about others you going with me na so chill stop giving everyone attendance he murmured.

Next day twinkle and Kunj all set for Goa they leaving.
Dadi asked him he how can he rude with his dadi.
Woh dadi just free so think let’s go for a mini holiday so taking twinkle with me too she doesn’t have work in the office going Goa he added.

Ho Goa and enjoy she said and cupped his face.
Just wanna see you happy kunj she kissed on his forehead.
Yup bye takes care of yourself he said.
You too she said than Kunj and twinkle leave for the airport.

After all checking twinkle sitting and get Aryan call.
I did best to bring her with me otherwise in my absence both of them chilling out Kunj murmured totally jealous and taking twinkle twinkle with himself because of jealousy😂..
They went into the aircraft both take their seats. Twinkle reading a book while Kunj thinking about what he will do in Goa if MP sees him there..
After twinkle sleep on Kunj shoulder he smiled and kissed on her forehead.

Soon they reached Goa come out of the airport.
Taxi?? Kunj calls both take the taxi and went to a resort where MP going to stay.They come out of the taxi went inside.Went to the reception.
We want one room twinkle said.
Let me check the receptionist said and she checking.
Sorry madam right now we don’t have any room available all booked she said.
See Kunj go to other hotel twinkle said.

No, we want here only you check place any room is available I’m ready to go pay for it double Kunj said..
Only a honeymoon suite is available she added Kunj and twinkle looking at each other.
Honeymoon suite ka kya karna hai kunj murmured.
Okay fine, give us the honeymoon suite we just need a room only Kunj said.
Okay sir she said and give them the honeymoon suit key they take and went to their room.

Kunj open the door and went inside both seeing the room full decorated Kunj rolling his eyes.
So beautiful room twinkle said and get so happy.
Ahah this called honeymoon suite garden I never knew Kunj said🙄.
Pata kya hai tumhe see Kunj even Babaji too wanted us to get honeymoon suite we will enjoy okay she said in all excitement Kunj looking at her.

Hoo madam we come here for our work don’t think I bring you for honeymoon Kunj said.
Haan so what you didn’t take me for honeymoon after shadi at least chance pe dance she said and encircled her arms around his neck and making pouty lips.

Ahan come out of your dreamland twinkle and doesn’t get ideas after seeing this all taam jham he said while looking at the decorated bed he said.

Okay, I will toh enjoy with someone else she said and pushed him on the bed..
you siyappa queen he murmured she went in the Washroom and get freshen up quickly till then Kunj informed his dadi they reached safely and Jaidev too.
Yes sir don’t worry I will come soon dekhte hai karne kya aaya hai woh yaha kunj said.
Haan kunj keep your eyes on him only Jaidev said.
On him the only sir my mind and eyes Kunj added ended the call.

Kunj too gets freshen up they went out of the room.
While mehreen and MP sitting enjoying the evening sunset twinkle and kunj wear their face mask and sitting little away from them.

Kunj did you think so he come here for his work I think he come for honeymoon newlywed couple they are they aren’t like you na she said.
Shut up bina kesi kaam ke yah kahi nahi jata hai aise twinkle now see him just Kunj said..

Mehreen went in her room back while MP was there only someone come and stand little in side both standing and seeing the sunset behaving like they aren’t talking with each other.
Look there wifey Kunj said and twinkle turned her eyes.
Who he is now she asked?
It’s better I will bring sara because she is too same and you too kunj said twinkle giggles.
Acha you bring me because you thought there me and Aryan enjoy in your jealousy you bring me she said.
Huh not at all it just you can help to me he said.
Liar, she murmured.

After at night they had the candlelight dinner
Kunj you making me bored you just seeing this husband and wife who busy in their moment twinkle murmured.
Why you getting bored?? Observe them Kunj said.
I’m not getting why he is not doing anything here twinkle said.

He will do my wife wait he is like slow poison Kunj said and kissed on her hand she arched her eyebrow.
Boring ho raha hai na 😝now no more bore he said and she giggles both feeding each other food.

After they went in their room backs Kunj get Rahul’s call.
Kuch mila he asked.
Kuch nahi mila aaj toh he said..
Chal kal dekhte hai yaar he said and ended the call..

You sleep on the bed and I will sleep on the couch tere iraade nek nahi lag rahe hai😝he said about to moved she pushed him and together both falls down on the bed and flowers on them too..

acha my iraade what about you aren’t this much innocent ab kaun mission MP hai haan he too busy with his wife why you can’t she said and moving her finger on his face..

acha karna kya hai wese he said..
woh bhi batana padega kya she said in same tone 😝.. she remove her rope and winked at him he was shocked to see this.

What is this you totally gone mad If your Abhinav sir get to know his favourite stella doing this Kunj said.
Really who will tell him I will tell him too I don’t mind she said and bite his lip corner Kunj closed his eyes.
Tu Amritsar se hi itni planning kare ke aai thi he said while looking at her head to toe who looking totally s*xy in her night wears😹.
Yes because I know you are a boring man you taking me because of your jealousy but I didn’t come avey hi here she added. Kunj just giggling to see her.

At least some time behave like normal girls from where do you learn this much boldness 😂Kunj said.
Learn tumhe dekh hi aa jati hai she said.. But why you getting nervous I’m your wife only she added.
Me nervous really😏he said.. not like you ever ready for the advantage he murmured 👅.
Acha I will tell you today she said and take the pillow and hitting now you sleep here I’m going she said and about to go kunj pulled her back.


Arey sorry you get angry not a good look at the place beautiful Haina twinkle aur top of that you plan this all for me for us waste kese Jane de sakta hua mein bhi if MP enjoying with his wife why I can’t you were right and seeing her fully he said.
Don’t stare me she said and turned her face.
Is it not the first time I’m seeing you haan he said and winked at her back.
Now you turned on me how can you escape 😎he said and went near her ear.

You look hot in this twinkle he said and she clutched the bed sheet his closeness and touch always making her go out of the sense..
Honeymoon+mission=ek kaam me do kaam 😹he said and captured her lips immediately..
Both kissing each other kunj pulled the blanket and scene get blurred their room filled with their moan and groan..

In the morning.
Both sleeping happily in each other embrace just than Kunj’s phone ring he picks up without seeing.
Yes, Kaun, he said.
Kunj are you sleeping till now haan? Me jaidev sir jaidev said and Kunj immediately opens his eyes and see the number.
Sorry sir woh bas sleep late at night busy behind MP Kunj said.
Okay go and get ready and follow him jaidev said Kunj nodded in yes cut the call.
Shit sir bhi na Kunj murmured.

Busy behind MP really😝tell jaidev truth you were behind me twinkle said and opening her eyes.
You siyappa queen shut up Kunj said. She get up. And throw a blanket on his face.
Itna dar lagta hai apne sir se😛first take his permission before doing anything she said.

Ruk tujhe toh me batata hu kunj said to throw the blanket in the side and went to her before twinkle run to Washroom about to closed the door Kunj held the door.
Please Kunj I’m just kidding let me get freshen up we will get late she said.
Acha bada bol rahi thi siyappa queen he said.
Anyhow she closed the door and went for a bath.
While Kunj smiling on her cuteness.

Both get ready quickly and went down had their breakfast.
Chal we going to the beach Kunj said.
Okay, she said and both wear their shades and went to beach MP and mehreen there only.
Kunj holding twinkle hand..

Itna log hai yaha kya karenge woh she said.
Jaha crowd hai waha hi he will do something twinkle he said.

Mp saw twinkle and Kunj he removed his shades.
Arey he is here went to him..
heyy officer MP said and waving his hand.
Humhe dekh liya twinkle said.
So what he said and adjust twinkle scarf MP come there.

Heyy what a surprise MP you are here Kunj said.
Haan I’m toh yaha but you too shocked me MP added.
Yes jaha tu waha me 😎I’m mean you must be come for your honeymoon Kunj said mehreen too come there.

Yes we come for our honeymoon MP said.
But you while following me reached here 😉MP said.
Nah Arey my wife complaining me like you I’m not giving her time she is right even I feel in my job not enjoying my life after seeing you so happy with your wife I too encourage 😂so come for small honeymoon just my one important work is done then take her for world tour Kunj said and wrapped his arms around twinkle shoulders both smiling.

Great you should have some fun? Why not let’s enjoy together MP said.
Nahi nahi I want privacy 😹even you too need Kunj said.
Let’s go twinkle kunj said and kissed on her hand she stunned.Both went from there.
Kya tha yah sab I mean extra twinkle said.
I know uske liya extra hi hai Kunj said..

They are so cute mehreen said and they for rides..
he comes here I know he just comes behind me😤ahha this man MP murmured in anger.

While following MP twinkle comes so far while Kunj not with her.
Yah ladki kaha gai kunj said looking for her.
MP suddenly miss from twinkle eyes.
Where he went Babaji she said and see men’s following twinkle run ahead they behind him.
Twinkle went to the boat.That men’s come there also.
Kaun ho?? I will shoot you she said and take out her gun. But they coming near her Kunj see this he reached and run to the boat immediately punched on that man.
Kunjj twinkle said and back hugged him.

Kunj hit that mans and they run from there.

Are you okay kunj asked twinkle cupped her face she nods in yes and hugged him.

Why you come here haan I’m finding? You Kunj said.
Woh kunj i m come here while following MP he disappears from my eyes twinkle said.
Acha okay but careful twinkle Kunj said and take her back.Twinkle went inside her room.

Kunj stay out in the garden MP to Come to him.
Let’s have dinner together?? Today toh MP said.
Same resort too what a planning 😛koi spy chod ke rakha hai mera peeche haan MP said.
Woh hi samajhle about dinner tu kaha khayega government ka 😂aur mere pass uska hi hai kunj said.
Aaj chalega let’s taste tere mein kya maza hai😉hum bhi toh Hindustani hai iss desh ke hi nagrik hu like you MP said.
Than superb Kunj said went from there.

Dinner with mp Kunj said.
Acha bas yah hi bacha hai ek criminal ke saath dinner karna 😒twinkle said.
Chill twinkle madam he said and she getting ready.
We are going for dinner why you getting this much ready haan koi dekhne nahi wala hai tujhe samji he said.
Jealous man ab because of you me dressed up bhi nahi hu kya she said.
Yes he said after both went and MP and mehreen too come.

What you will have MP Kunj said.
Whatever jo tu khilayega tere saath se toh poison bhi MP said kidding man he murmured.
Acha I will order for you kunj said and give Oder soon their good come.they having together while MP and Kunj just looking at each other with mock..
kesa laga khana gov ka kunj said..
best very salty 😂bas fine MP added they done with dinner.

Like this 2 days passed away they just following MP but he is not doing move they waiting for that.
MP wears a mask and going somewhere in the evening twinkle and Kunj follows him they reached a place all dark two people come out of the car and handshake with them.
Tomorrow everything is set a man said
Yes MP added and sat in the car.

Kunj kal kya hai I mean twinkle said?
Dekhte hai kal kya karne wala hai woh yaha kunj said while running get hurt little bit they come back to the room.

And twinkle does his bandages and he too hers on her elbow.
Both sitting thinking about MP move??
Kunj I think he just comes here for honeymoon twinkle said.
He making us fool I know dekhte hai kal tak otherwise back to Amritsar Kunj said.
Yup. She rests her head on his shoulder both sitting on the floor resting the back against the

Kunj gets Avantika to call he talk with her normally.
Kya hua can I ask you one thing? Twinkle said.
Hmm, Kunj said.
Kunj what happened that day at the party you were so happy suddenly get so angry she said and Kunj remember.
Party family so-called I tell her about those ladies they were just pretending nice in front of my parents but they aren’t at all twinkle making fun of my mother always in front of other degrading her why because they went against Their family and marry koi itna bada bhi crime nahi hai bhaag ke shadi karna kunj added..

You are right at your place Kunj but when they loving each other this much why went against the family try to make them understand maybe the situation is something else aur dadu accepted them too twinkle said.
Did you think they never try before i don’t know anything twinkle why we staying so away from our family and dadi never go to her husband when get to know bura laga we didn’t get those family moment aisa nahi hai we aren’t happy very much sab itne khush humhare family itni badi nahi thi twinkle but still we enough for us each other?
Maa can’t leave papa she gets ready to leave her own family just to be with papa and my dadi with my papa and maa because they aren’t wrong pyaar karna galat hai nahi na.We come India socha itne saal baad get family love but look he accepts his son but not us and my mother. Mr. Prithviraj ka ego bada hai na because of his ego still he can’t accept my
Mother and she hopes one day he will accept her his bahu that day will never come.

That’s why going from here after our wedding but get stuck Kunj said.
Hmm, even I get sad when dadu unfair with mummy ji she said.
Chod acha tu bata ek baat twinkle Kunj said both looking at each other face.
Kya? She asked.
I mean how you get to know about me that misunderstanding kab se mere peeche spying kar rahi thi starting se kunj said she giggles.
No, I will tell you..

Tej and Avantika come to India due to some work there in Amritsar they bumped with the sarna family they were shocked to see them here.
Lata gets so sad to see her 2 sons and the rest family members Manohar take her with them while tej and Avantika too happy with them because of them she stayed Lot long year away from all family members.
In starting days Prithviraj was angry with her but she talks to him she doesn’t have any other way left she can’t leave tej.Tej and Avantika staying in her own home which they just brought.

While Kunj already in Delhi due to his work he ups and down India to New York he tells Avantika and tej he doing some course with Rahul in Delhi so they too leave it. Kunj keeps about hie being an agent id and the rest story very confidential (that tell you later😎).tej and Avantika went to Prithviraj when his health wasn’t okay they apologize Lott after seeing his son after years he gets emotional.Lata requests Prithviraj Lott they just living there for namesake.

But Prithviraj said clearly they can stay here no matter but he will never accepted them only Usha and Anita is his daughter in laws tej already dead for him that day only when he went against him and chose Avantika over his father Avantika was sad tej said his father thanks for this but he will not stay here.
Avantika wasn’t only at fault he is with her they are equal. But Avantika tells tej and force him today stay with their family he get a chance maybe after staying here Prithviraj chance and accepted them she even doesn’t care about her emotions and feelings just tej she saw him craved for his family and father because of her she doesn’t want she even bear this hate too.
Both puts stone on their heart and stayed there only with them.. in starting Usha and Anita too give Avantika cold shoulder still she didn’t uff..

Kunj was in new York when he gets to know about this why his parents not coming back.
At a family, party tej meet with rt they are Sarna’s good friends. Tej and rt become good friends than even do a project together.

After seeing Avni and Khushi or yuvi and advik.
Tej and Avantika thought about their son Kunj.
Humhe kunj ki bhi shadi kar deni chahiye ab Avantika tej said.
Yes, tej even I’m thinking they said.
Went to Taneja’s mansion for dinner and other things there saw twinkle many times and like her at first sight.Both husband and wife talk first to each other.

Than rt said to tej he looking for an alliance for his one and only daughter tej too tell him he too.
Acha than why not we?? Rt said.
I wanna talk to you about this only I mean rt me and my wife really likes your daughter twinkle I want her hand for my son Kunj tej said.
Really great where is your son?? I wanna see him then let’s fixed after all things rt said.
Okay, I will call him to India he is not here tej said.
Okay, rt added..

Avantika and tej didn’t tell kunj about his alliance because he will not come because already in New York they try to do his alliance he always rejected and make excuses he doesn’t want to marry they leave him to let him enjoy his life once get married just stuck in his life like them. So make excuses dadi not well how he will not come for his dadi..
While twinkle already broke up with Vihaan because of his behavior…

Kunj comes to Amritsar and come to sarna mansion everyone too confused to see him when lata hugged him.
How’s my son?? Haan she asked.
I’m all good dadi Kunj said and takes her blessings and looking at rest.Who they are he murmured.

Who he is dadi yuvi asked?
He is my son Kunj tej said who come to him.
Come Kunj meet with everyone.Here is our family tej said he meets with everyone formally lastly Prithviraj Kunj didn’t bless Kunj.

In [email protected]
Woh aapka apna pota hai aap uske saath aisa nahi kar sakte hai lata said.
Mere liye woh log kuch nahi hai Prithviraj added and Kunj entered in the room.
Dadi you don’t need to beg in front of anyone for us wese mere liye aap sab log kuch nahi hai my dearest grandfather Kunj said and went from there.

Than Avantika tells kunj everything he was angry and taking them back itself wanna go to their home but tej and Avantika forced him. Even Kunj too said his father if he can’t accept them he will too can’t them if they try to hurt his mother he will not tolerate at all tej calm him down very possessive about his mother.

Kunj never gets Mingle with anyone stay in his zone and when Rahul family comes Amritsar cherry on the cake for Kunj..

Then one day they went to Taneja mansion for dinner at that time tej introduce Kunj with everyone at very first sight Leela like Kunj and rt too and they didn’t disclose the alliance.
Twinkle and Kunj every time just ended up the fight.
A normal day in front of everyone rt and tej discloses about Kunj and twinkle alliance both of them shocked and deny but they determined.
Rt told twinkle he likes Kunj and his parents too one day she has to marry with anyone why not Kunj same with Kunj tej and Avantika blackmail him.
You both call me here because of this na Kunj said.
Yes because now I want to see my own bahu Avantika said.

Maa aapko bhi woh siyappa queen hi mili use nahi😖kunj said.
Really look at her she is so beautiful Kunj Avantika he don’t have any reason anyhow get ready for the alliance..

Both not ready but can’t do anything soo their roka has done everything happened so fast they both meeting with each other normally after started knowing each other get happy and try to understand twinkle teased Kunj he is too not less whenever Vihaan comes and teased twinkle Kunj always come and save her and that twinkle like most about him.

One [email protected] both sitting in the garden.
What your psycho boyfriend telling you he said.
Nothing like always eating my head she said.
Kaha se mila hai yah tune namuna kunj said both giggles.
Your sense of humour twinkle about to say.
Kill her hai I know 😎Kunj added.
Next month shadi are you ready kunj sarna twinkle said.
Nope what I can do can’t run if I know my parents calling me here for this then I wouldn’t come kunj said.
Poor boy stuck with me you can run have time I don’t mind will not tell anyone twinkle said both looking at each other.
Chalega ab kesi se toh shadi karni hi hai mujhe tum bhi chalogi kunj said.
Acha bachu you should thanks to Babaji you getting so beautiful wife twinkle said and flying her hairs.
I’m doing since the day meet with you 😝Kunj added.
Still ready yah, not twinkle said.
Sach bolu ready my parents liking you lott I want their happiness most he said.
My too same my maa deewani behind you twinkle said and both chuckled.
Aur jinhe shadi karni they hate😝both added.

I don’t have any problem with you i really do like you twinkle kunj said and she stunned.
Really she asked.
Yup I can like you 😛allowed Haina he said.
Haan you can I don’t mind even I too like you she added both finally said this they liking each other start of their relationship everything was so happy.They hugged each other. And went out late-night calls twinkle irritates him.

Soon before their wedding rituals going to start that farmhouse incident happened which was totally shocking Kunj explains everyone he didn’t do anything but no one was ready most twinkle what her eyes saw she can’t deny that but her heart wasn’t believing Kunj can do such cheap things with her.
After this all Kunj said tej he will not marry her when she can’t trust him twinkle too but Leela was sure about Kunj. Twinkle sees her maa and father happiness she meets with Kunj and tells her she is ready for the marriage may be misunderstandings Kunj shocked.

In twinkle room.
Why you doing this drama mujhe tere se shadi nahi karni hai samji go and deny Kunj said.
Even I’m not interested in your after what have you done I just get ready for my parents happiness Kunj sarna she said in anger he held her arms.
Acha do you think so I’m even interesting in you after what you said about me not at all acha kar shadi I’m too doing because of my father respect otherwise not at all kunj said.
Acha kar lo twinkle added.
Acha hai na humhari soch ek jagah toh milti hai na yaad rakhna I wouldn’t leave you each day of yours with me make hell kunj added.

And do you think so I’m that girl who will bear your tortured haan really I will give you back kunj sarna she said in her tashan.
Wow like your confident madam shadi ho rahi hai na teri mujhe se aayegi mere hi ghar na dekh kya karta hu just 6 months you itself will leave me kunj added.
Dekhte hai time aane do Kunj sarna twinkle said.
Get ready for the hell would be mrs sarna Kunj said.
You too same would be mr sarna twinkle added tashan e Tashan play in bg.

After that they get ready for the marriage but not happy even not wanted to see each other face just for their family carry always fake smile.
Soon their wedding function has started after the haldi function get over..
Twinkle went in side she gets Abhinav call. 
Yes, she said.
Twinkle I’m sending one-man picture we have to find him doom he is working for MP our new mission I get this information both of them are together and planning something Abhinav said.
Okay, sir send me she said, and quickly get the photo. Photo loading slowly soon loaded twinkle see the photo and get shocked it’s Kunj photo.
Kunjj she murmured and looking at Kunj only who standing in the side in front of her. She calls back to Abhinav sir.

Sir yah are you sure about him he is with MP twinkle said.
Yes, why you asking this twinkle Abhinav said.
Because this man is in front of me only she added.
What how?? He asked.
Because meri shadi iss se hi ho rahi hai sir he is my to be husband Kunj sarna twinkle said.
What really you marry him he said.
Yes, that’s why asking you how you so sure he is with MP because he doesn’t look like that she said and he sends her Kunj photo with MP. See this you will get sure he added.
Okay, sir karna kya hai twinkle asked.
It’s good for us and he is your husband than great opportunity for us you stay with him and get information from him and we can solve this mission too twinkle Abhinav said.

But he is my husband shadi toh ho hi rahi hai meri iss se she said.
Desh ke liye twinkle Abhinav said.
Twinkle closed her eyes oKay sir desh ke liye anything she added and end the call and keep looking at Kunj.

I can’t believe Kunj with MP it’s impossible man
But I can’t do anything jo insaan itna innocent lagta hai he is criminal doing illegal things omg she murmured that day she gets to know about Kunj misunderstood because of their misunderstanding and spying at Kunj and both marry each other on wedding night kunj was talking with someone.
Shadi toh ki hai but I will not give him my wife rights Kunj said on a call this twinkle heard.

Really Kunj Sarna but I will break your this wish too she said and next day she keeps this condition she wanted to consummate their marriage he was shocked.
Why this new drama nobody is here kunj said.
Arey, I’m not doing for anyone you are my hot husband and I’m your beautiful and hot wife I want my rights and wanna give your rights on me too shadi toh hogi hai na she said and he is not getting but she is so zidi because of Kunj Kunj get ready and they finally consummated..

Twinkle sleeping beside Kunj who sleeping.
Why I’m not getting that vibes from his touch Babaji yah shadi toh ki hai I need to find everything soon but me iss ko dhoka nahi de sakti kya kuch bhi ho he is my husband no matter but I stuck between my duty and heart my heart not willing he did that cheap thing with me and this too he is the wrong person but me apni shadi pure dil se nibhaaungi what I will do if situations comes in front of me kunj yah meri duty Babaji she murmured.
When she too saw Kunj with MP she shocked but can’t do anything she cheats him but whatever their personal things were true absolutely
End of flashback.

Bas aisa pata chala rest you know kunj twinkle said.
Really that day you can ask me at least today we aren’t here twinkle kunj said.
But I don’t know you will be an agent I’m sorry still but I’m happy we are together she said and hugged him.
Kya pata he murmured and both sleep the next day when Kunj get to know MP and mehreen went back to Amritsar they too come..

At [email protected]
Both entered.because of us he changed his plan sir kunj said.
Koi na at least because of you he didn’t do there anything good for us only Jaidev said.
Sir, I told you na they went for honeymoon look at their face Rahul said😝😝.
Aha, 😤 I will break your teeth Rahul Kunj said.
Okay, leave now karna hai kya agents jaldi we don’t have time much Jaidev said.
Sir don’t worry we check all those place 22 ko kuch bhi special nahi still let’s see.They went back home..

At sarna [email protected]
Twinkle and Kunj get freshen up and come down and sitting while she making snacks for him. Just than Taneja’s arrived aleena come and hugged Kunj.
You went goa alone with bua what you bring for me she said.
Oops sorry I will bring now only tell me what do you want Kunj asked.
Doll she said.
Okay paka, I will bring your doll Kunj added.
Where is twinkle bua I come for her here she said.
Acha why?? Kunj asked.
Because there is an annual function in my school I’m too participate in that she said.
Go great kya ban rahi hi miss aleena aap Kunj asked.
Police officer, she said in his ears.
Okay, you want stella help Kunj murmured just than twinkle come.
Bua helps me in my annual function aleena said.

Okay, I will do my maa twinkle said and give everyone tea and snacks Kunj telling Aleena a few things twinkle too in the side.

Just than Avni get conscious before she falls down yuvi held her on time all shocked.
What happened to avni yuvi said and take her in the room soon Call dr and dr come and check her after.
Don’t worry she is pregnant dr said all shocked and gets so happy.

All meet with Avni and congratulations new soon mummy and papa.Yuvi gets so happy And rest too.
See dadu I’m going to be a father soon yuvi said.
Yes yes, I’m too really happy Prithviraj said they all sat together and having sweets while Kunj sitting in the side with aleena helping her for her role.Mehar and rest seeing this how nicely Kunj handling aleena. Kunj knows how to handles kids usha added.

Today I’m really happy always get sad I didn’t get a chance to hold my first grandchild in my hands because while looking at tej and Avantika now I will hold my first great-grandchild he said.

Acha if you didn’t get to hold your first grandchild than ab uske bache handle karke woh Kamo poori ho jayegi lata said while looking at Kunj than Prithviraj. Kunj gets up. And let out a faint laugh.
Really dadi he gets up and looking at Prithviraj.
He doesn’t consider me anything dadi why he will consider my child as his and me and twinkle are not ready for it he said and held her hand and went to their room while the rest don’t have anything to say.

Yah kya bol ke aaye ho tum neeche twinkle said.
Sach twinkle and please cut this baby crap he wanted to hold his first grandchild ab saamne hai jab kaunsi kadar hai meri aur jo mere bache ki karenge he said and went outside.
Yah ladka bhi na humesha anger mein hi rahat hai hehe our baby🙄🙄she said and get busy with aleena…

Kunj stay outside the whole night busy behind mission date is not far 21 is tomorrow they just have one day only.
The next day the whole team running here and there in whole Amritsar but not get anything Kunj sitting his cabin frustrated what he will do tomorrow just than he gets the MP call.
How’s you brother he said.
Don’t eat my head bol kaam kya hai kunj said.

Good, I just informed you one thing surprised for you in some time MP said and cut the call.
Kya kaha usne rahul asked.
Aahh surprised whatt Kunj said and they all thinking just than Kunj get a call he was shocked and immediately in the tv and see in the outskirt area of Amritsar bomb blast
People were running here and there few dying Kunj and his team immediately left..

After seeing the place and people shocked.
Yah kese hua twinkle said and try to take people hospital and helping them while Kunj get again MP calls his blood eyes fully in anger after seeing innocents souls.
How’s it my surprise he said.
Youuu baster do you have idea haan MP i wouldn’t leave you kunj said.
It’s just a small trial trailer picture Abhi baki hai mere dost ja kya kar sakta hai tu kal bache le apne desh ko kunj sarna the great ATB agent bye-bye he said and Kunj throws his phone..
While kunj feeling so bad to see all those people.

After sending and helping everyone to the hospital they come to HQ where Jaidev and Abhinav standing extremely in anger.

All teams come and stand in side bowing their heads while Kunj standing in middle.Jaidev turned and looking at Kunj.
What is this kunjjj haan look at this jaidev said showing him in tv news going on.
Again we failed he win haan log mar gaye kitne yah trial tha really socho kal kya hoga will we can save all innocent people’s I’m very disappointed with you this time already told you all this time we can’t take risk Kunj we know each and everything why you standing haan you already know about his all plans and moves Jaidev added bang his hand on the desk. While all looking sad.

Sir, I’m sorry for that I can’t save them but it’s my promise tomorrow I wouldn’t let MP win his game agar meri apni jaan bhi chali gai toh bhi me kesi bhi masoom ki jaan nahi jane dunga aap boliye aap ko MP kya chahiye zinda yah murda kunj said and Jaidev looking at him.

What do you mean?? Abhinav asked.
Boliye sir what you wanted I will do that only because If He comes in front of me I will not leave him that’s sure Kunj said turned. All seeing him.

I want this mission successful that’s it kunj Jaidev said Kunj turned and give him painful smile.
Okay, you will get your mission successful sir that’s my promise and I will do what I wanted he added.
You can no problem 😉 Jaidev added.
Than milte hai MP ke saath sir Kunj stated and Jai hind him and went from there..

Everyone comes to kunj cabin.Sun liye na waha kya bola ab I don’t want any drama get it Kunj bring the map plot look here he said and all come.

This all places very famous and mostly crowd there only we have just some hours guys please leave everything aside we have to give our everything we can’t let MP win All nodded.

Next [email protected]
In the early morning, everyone comes fully ready.
Joe, you stay here and monitoring MP house all calls.
Sara and Elena you both will see all traffic area and joe take the help of your other partner for traffic controls..

Twinkle and Aryan you both at school check all possible famous schools and any college find kya hai aaj any function anything is there immediately informed each other and phone should be on get it they nodded in yes.

And Malika you will check all market areas give the alert we can do this only or Rahul tu mall empty the mall fast we don’t have time even don’t know the actual place so we have to check all these allotted places anyhow on time
And I will go and check railway stations Kunj said.
Get ready now go fast all the best he said they all shared group hugged and takes their guns and walkie talkie most important joe track MP and pat call location send me immediately.
Yes, sir joe added all of them come outside and finally waved each other.All leave of the places.

Twinkle and Aryan reach the school and immediate informed the principal empty the school as soon as possible and they check the school.
Other side malika checking all market areas and give the alert.While Rahul in the mall it’s very hard in very less time but they doing their best.Kunj too comes railway station he too give Alert while the crowd Is too much.Kunj was just worried about everyone.


(Om tryambakam yajaamahe,
Sugandhim pusstt ivardhanam,
Urvaarukam-iva bandhanaan,
Mrityor-mukssiiya maa-mrataat,

Kehta yeh pal
Khud se nikal
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal}

Babaji helps me today he murmured
Go fast Kunj shouted other police officers too helping them. Empty the places quickly.While sara and Elena too checking didn’t let the traffic on rods as much as they can.

After all time malls closed Rahul call Kunj.
Where are you got anything haan? Kuch hua he asked.
Nahi mall closed hue kya?? Kunj asked back.
Yup, almost all those famous he said.
Come to me kunj said and Rahul quickly come to Kunj.

Kunj gets to know few exact places he sends Rahul and Informed Aryan too while twinkle alone seeing schools..

While MP spy Following Kunj everywhere kunj caught them but they all men’s beat Kunj and get the information Kunj get up who injured baldy he can’t give up today because of sawal desh ka hai..

He calls Rahul who comes to him.
Are you okay he asked him?
Haan I’m okay let’s go fast there they come to the metro station.
Bomb yaha hai rahul let’s find fast Kunj said they called bomb diffusers immediately.
Kunj passing he heard the voice of timer and stop and looking here and there. Then his eyes went on the dustbin he open and shocked to see the bomb fixed in the dustbin he called Rahul.
Kunj ya 1 minute hai log dekh he said and both shocked and don’t know what they will do after seeing the crowd.

(Talvon ke neeche hai thandi si ik dharti
Kehti hai aaja daudenge
Yaadon ke bakshon mein jinda si khushboo hai
Kehti hai sab pichhe chhodenge

Ungliyon se kal ki ret behne de
Aaj aur abhi mein khud ko rehne de

Kehta yeh pal
Khud se nikal
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal)

We don’t have time Rahul Kunj said and both together try to diffuse the bomb both shivering sacred for all Peoples..
They closed the eyes and cut the red wire of the bomb immediately bomb stopped both shocked but get happy.

Kunj we did it Rahul said and hugged.
Yes, Abhi baki hai chal he said.

Kunj calls twinkle. Do you get anything twinkle haan?? He asked.
Kunj I don’t think so MP chose schools he will not take the life of this all kids twinkle said.
We can’t take risks you go and check fast he said..

While near the marine they come checking there too very famous place marine line while in one car there is a bomb before Rahul and Kunj reach and can do anything already car blasted..

People started running here and there in hustle kids crying who was with their parents.
Kunj half give up after seeing this all.
I will not leave MP ek baar mil ja tu he said and feeling really bad he can’t save..

While at JJ SCHOOL one of the reputed school in Amritsar.All sarna family and Taneja’s too come because today is there annual function day they invited Prithviraj as a chief guest while aleena too studying in this school only all busy in annual function.Joe tries to track MP location but not getting anything..
While mehreen come to the same JJ school along with Nivedita who started walking 2 days
Before only.

Where is this MP she said and called him.
MP aap kaha ho she asked loudly not hearing anything.
Where are you mehreen haan?? MP asked.
Hum toh ye yaha JJ school me aaye hai get an invitation as soon as MP listen this shocked.
Whattt JJ college waha kya kar rahi ho mehreen come fast home leave the school fast fast he said in a breaking voice was shocked she is there.
Why MP I don’t know yaha bhut crowd hai she said.

No mehreen leave the school it’s not safe he said could speak More network went..
mehreen MP shouted and throw his call.
No mehreen jj school I can’t lose her he said and tears escaping from his eyes immediately left.While Kunj was shocked after getting a call.

Rahul JJ school aleena Kunj said.
JJ school Rahul said.
Yes, MP ka last blast target JJ school hai aaj annual Function hai waha bhut log hone Rahul kitno ki jaan chali jayegi kunj said.
Haan chal he said both runs at full speed while Rahul In formed Aryan and Malika or rest too.


(Ek tukda haseen chakh le
Ek dali zindagi rakh le
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal

Hichki ruk jaane de
Siski tham jaane de
Iss pal ki yeh guzaarish hai
Marna kyun, jee lena
Boondon ko pee lena
Tere hi sapno ki baarish hai)

They reached JJ school and went inside the number of people was there.
You go there I will this side Kunj said they both run upstairs soon twinkle too come school.
Kunj she said.
Twinkle go and check to all classrooms and auditorium Kunj said.
She went to class and sending all kids out of the class if anyone was there while Rahul comes to the auditorium where their function is going on.

Stop this fast leave the school because yaha bomb hai Rahul said all shocked and bombbb they all said..
Rahulll his father murmured after seeing his son.school was really big while MP comes to school and finding mehreen..
Rest finding where is the has bomb fixed..
All schools kids and their parents running here and there in hustle shocked to know about the bomb..

Kaha hai kunj murmured checking all things behind the couch and tables everything.. malika and Aryan helping the kids and the parents to out from the school.While in rush twinkle mis the balance and falls down on the staircase she gets up back in pain there pain is nothing today.Not care about their life.if they lost their life and save millions of people it’s their victory..
Go fast malika said to parents. Last Kunj finds the bomb but can’t diffuse without his remote he stunned and freeze at that moment.. MP people are in the school and started firing on all agents and the rest officers ..
mppp Kunj said and see him kunj run behind him while Rahul too both try to catch MP.

MP runs outside in the ground who had the remote in his hands..
Don’t let him run Kunj shouted while twinkle and Kunj running behind the MP..
Rahul and Aryan malika come and surrounded him Kunj come outside having his gun in his hands both twinkle and Kunj pointing their guns on

MP.while sarna and Taneja’s family was in side see twinkle and Kunj and shocked after seeing them and having guns.. just
TWINKLEEE AND KUNJJJ escape from their mouths in shock.


Paaniyon ko raste tu banane de,
Roshni ke peeche khud ko jaane de

Kehta yeh pal
Khud se nikal
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal

Om try-ambakam yajaamahe
Sugandhim pusstti-vardhanam
Urvarukamiva bandhanan
Mrityor mukshiya maamritat
Urvarukamiva bandhanan
Mrityor mukshiya maamritat

Kehta yeh pal
Khud se nikal
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal
Jeete hain chal)

You can’t go anywhere MP Kunj said..
Don’t try to come closer to me I have this remote I will press the button and bomb blast.
Jaidev and Abhinav too reach there others helping people come out of the school..

MP your time ends leave the remote and surrender yourself Kunj said.
Nahiii he shouted mehreen come there see MP shocked crying fully.
Mpppp she shouted MP see her.
Mehreen what are you doing here go from here with maa please he said.
Mppppp she crying just. Kunj went near him and kicked MP while twinkle tries to snatch the remote from MP hands and throw to Kunj but she gets into his clutched MP snatched twinkle gun and put on her temple all shocked more Kunjjj..

Twinkleee Kunj said..

MP one hand around twinkle neck clutching her.While family too shout her name.
MP leaves my wife Kunj said.
Aha, so she is with you haan agent waha what a Jodi husband and wife together she is the stella nurse MP said who last night get to know.
Haan she is stella leave twinkle MP don’t take law in your hands I m saying you kunj said.
Kunj looking at twinkle and scared about her lite what he will do..

Please leave twinkle Kunj shouted.
Mar na mujhe mere saath teri biwi jayegi aaj MP said and try to press the trigger.
Noo noo MP I said leave twinkle Kunj said.

Acha chose today your wife yah me and your duty MP said and laughing.
Kunj stuck he come where he had to choose between his LOVE AND DUTY.
Tears escaping from twinkle eyes she is not worried about her life at all. Kunj looking at twinkle tears escaping from Kunj’s eyes.. situation very difficult for him today he can’t choose between anything.while Jaidev looking and Kunj he too.

I know and Jaidev too for you your duty is very important Kunj sarna so let’s goodbye to your biwi with me what a day me and she MP said.
Jaidev thinking and sure about Kunj, he will choose his duty in front of anything let’s see today what he will choose.Kunj closed his eyes
One and 2 MP counting.

Stop MP I’m putting my gun down Kunj said this and all shocked and Jaidev looking at him.
Bas meri biwi ko chod se MP teri ladai mere se Haina twinkle se nahi usko chod the please kunj said first time ever he begging unexpected and very shocking for Kunj teammates they never expected this one day will come and kunj their leader will be like this.

I’m loving it to see you like this so twinkle teri biwi teri kamzori hai 😝he said and laughing Devilishly..Kunj looking at jaidev Sorry sir aaj me apne farz ke aur apne Pyaar ke beach me se apni biwi chunta hu he said helplessly today..

While twinkle just surprised to see this Kunj will do this she is this much important for him she never thought he will chose her over his duty.. 

MP leave twinkle mehreen shouted..
they will kill you mehreen said.
Don’t worry mehreen I know he will not leave me wese bhi but he will to lost his lovely wifey aaj end hoga dekha jhuk gaya na tu mere neeche haan bol apne teammates ko puts the gun down otherwise I will he said and pressing the gun..

Okay put your guns downnnnnn Kunj shouted loudly all looking at him than Jaidev he gestured they immediately put their guns down..
Pata hota teri jaan iss me hai toh kab ka lele tha me 😂he said.. 
MP leaves Nivedita said.

Nahi maa aaj nahi today is my day kya kar paya tu haan officer dekh liye bola tha na tu harega dekh le teri aankho ke saamne sab marenge ek bomb nahi hai school mein aur bhi hai kitni ki jaan bachayega tu haan desh ke liye mar raha tha dekh apni biwi ko mere jaal mein isski jaan mere haatho mein hai beg in front of me bol MP leave my wife for god sake MP said..

Kunj gulps his anger dekh MP chod de twinkle kooo please he almost give up..
Kunj doesn’t beg in front of him don’t leave him Kunj don’t care about me shoot him Kunjj twinkle shouted.
Arey Arey biwi bhi desh bhakti waha waha dono husband and wife hi desh ke liye apni jaan de sakte hai kya baat hai maan toh karta hai kill you immediately than tu marega kunj will feel my pain meri Juliet mar gai because of you he shouted.

Nahi meri wajah se nahi mari hai teri biwi MP you know this it’s not correct kill me it’s our fight not twinkle Kunj said. Leela and rt crying to see twinkle while tej and Avantika freezes to see Kunj they just blinking their eyes and seeing what’s happening in front of their eyes.

Kunj begging in front of him for twinkle life.

Twinkle tried to come out of his clutches and she kicked him hard while mp loose his grip on her and in attempt to balance himself he pushed twinkle while kunj was shocked he immediately hold twinkle before she could fell while they heard bullet sound while hits mp on his chest he winched in the pain..

to be continued…
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