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The episode started twinkle was in MP clutched while Kunj begging in front of MP for twinkle life.
While a car stop in side a lady come out of the car and seeing from little far MP laughing devilishly she takes out a gun and aimed at MP.

Twinkle tried to come out of his clutches and she kicked him hard while mp loose his grip on her and in an attempt to balance himself he pushed twinkle while kunj was shocked he immediately hold twinkle before she could fell while.
they heard bullet sound while hits mp on his chest he winched in the pain. All shocked to see this MP about to falls down he held side.
While Kunj and twinkle hugged each other tightly all shocked to see MP from where the bullet hit him and who??

Are you okay?? Kunj said.She nodded in yes Kunj looking at MP just than everyone turned and a lady standing due to sun her face not seeing fully she coming towards them only..

All just seeing her mostly Kunj Rahul jaidev..
soo her face come fully they were shocked to see her while the rest get confused while tej and Avantika jerked fully after seeing her.
Meeraaaaaa comes out from their mouths.

Meeraa Kunj said.. she comes to kunj and forwarding her gun to him.while Kunj takes the gun from her hand. Her back was facing to MP.She stands beside Kunj while twinkle just standing in the side.

Both looking at MP who wriggling in pain..
Kunj’s eyes get blood while MP opens his eyes and as soon as he sees Meera was shocked while Nivedita too.both of them just looking at Meera than each other face.MP pointing his hand on Meera.while in shock after seeing her there while Kunj and Meera having a painful grin on their faces..

What happened to you MP haan?? Are you in shock look at your mother Kunj said and looking at Nivedita who was too shocked after seeing Meera here..
Meeraaaaa ya…ha MP said..
yes, she is here what a timing MP Kunj said..

Kunj went near him and grab his collar yaad hai yah nahi kuch kunj said…
Tune mera bhai… ko kyun maara MP said in a breaking voice..

acha toh sun aaj why I killed your brother Virat Partap because what he did he get that’s it kunj said.remember her she is Meera Kunj said.MP just looking at Meera who having tears in her eyes after seeing MP feeling so bad.
Why I killed your brother you always asking me this today I will give your this question answer MP jiss Meera ke saath tere bhai ne aur tum sab ne kiya woh yah hi hai tere bhai ki biwi thi aur tere bhai ko mene issliye maara toh sun aaj yah BEHAN HAI MERI kunj screamed loudly his words echoed loudly.. all like sister twinkle rest who don’t know while tej and Avantika freezes
(Lo 😂another shock😉babies)

Whatt be…Han MP said and looking at Kunj.
Kunj jerked MP. Haan she is my sister Meera sarna with her you all did all those things. What your brother did with my sister haan fake love killed her baby and you both brothers planned so smartly Kunj said.

Mee..EA here…. MP said..
yes you must be shocked after seeing her here tujhe kya laga tere bhai aur tune jo kiya she must be in jail haan put all blame on my sister and your brother runnnnnnn MP Kunj shouted..

Agar virat having you and you are his shield har behan ka ek bhai Hota hai aur iss ka bhai me hu kunj sarna.. you both brothers thought you win in your game haan and my sister in jail really and scattered my sister happy life..

Today I’m here just because of HERRR He said and went to Meera hold her hand.
Look at her you know her na bhul gaya MP so soon but I wouldn’t let you forget.because of you both brothers my sister bear lott..

Today I’m holding this gun she is the reason only. I’m agent why because of her only.. meera meri apni behan hai jis ke saath tere bhai ne fake Pyaar ka natak kiya tha aur usko chod diya beech road pe marne ke liye put your all blame on my sister so she lives her life in jail really I know I can’t save my sister.Kyun ki pagal thi na tere bhai ke pyaar mein.mene hi mara tere bhai ko apni behan ke liye sun le aaj jaa kunj said MP shocked to know this..

MP just looking at Meera who standing in front of his eyes very confident girl and happy too..

Your time is up MP get ready for your deeds or your wife didn’t die because of me she die because of you only she was mad behind you thinking you are a (jesus) masiha but she doesn’t know na about you what you are actually in real life.
That day in that palace she gets to know about your black deeds she must be shocked whom she thinking god but he is a wild animal I think an animal is better than you..

You claimed na you love her most no one can do love like you really shame on yourself you saying this all love haan teri jalai hui aag me woh hi jal gai MP today your wife Juliet partap not in this world not BECAUSE OF ME BUT BECAUSE OF YOU ONLY MAHENDRA PARTAP Kunj stated.Good na she died if today she seeing you like this what she will feel haan her love is criminal because of him many millions of people die in attacks.. tera dil nahi hai tera pass bomb hai only MP Kunj added.. MP gets up and grab Kunj collar.

You killed my brother I wouldn’t leave you all shocked he said..Kunj kicked him he falls down While mehreen just crying for MP.look at everywhere MP what did you said me ja bacha le apne desh ko me toh bacha hi lunga apne desh ko look at yourself apne desh me rakh ke khud hi yah sab karta hai shame on yourself why i m saying this all to you haan it’s worthless MP Kunj said and point his gun.

Nooooo please don’t kill my husband MP please surrender yourself MP while mp goons surrounded them while all of the officers took their guns back from the floor.

Keep your guns down or the outcome will be worst aryan said. Kunj just looking at MP who just in shock. Just then a goon pointing his gun at Kunj twinkle sees this before he shoots twinkle shoot him with her gun. While sarna family and Jaidev and Abhinav rest shocked to see Kunj turned and looking at Twinkle than that man who falls down..

Dare anyone try to act smart with us twinkle said in full anger.Kunj smiled slightly and wiped his blood.He turned and looking at MP.
Rahul comes and looking at MP.

we told you na MP one day you will be in front of us and our gun today you are here Rahul said and shoot on his hand he shouted. Sanvi and raj or Anjali seeing Rahul and stunned to see him.

Noo😭😭😭😭mehreen shouted and went to MP and cuddles him.

Please she folding her hands please kunj don’t shoot him MP please surrender yourself humne aap ko bola tha don’t do this all things she said who just crying for him very badly and Kunj looking at mehreen.

Mehreen don’t care about me you just go soon bomb will be blast here please go he said and looking at him who really loves her 😭😭..
Other officers catch those goons.While Aryan twinkle ,Malika,sara,Elena,Rahul pointing their guns on MP only..

Bol MP what should I do with you today leave you haan?? Bol na what your last wish before dying I will fulfill your last wish because I really love you bade bhaiya he said and winked at him..
Hehe, mar toh gaye sab MP said.
Saale Sharm hai tujhe haan kunj said and hit on his forehead with his gun while MP gets up.

Tere se bhut se hisaab pure karne hai chal I’m giving you chance kunj said and throw his gun in side all stunned with this Rahul giggles and keep his gun in his pocket back..

Hit me MP Kunj said and punched on his mouth badly he about to falls down while Rahul held him and hit on his tummy he grabs his collar..

Please leave my son Nivedita said.
Really leave your son what about all those innocent people haan what they did haan without any fault they die because of him today your son is here and you feeling and saying leave him how can I him..
Socho unhar Maao ke bare mein jino ne apne bache apna khoya hai haan unke aansuo ka kya mrs Partap haan kunj said and both Rahul and Kunj beating MP fully.mehreen begging in front of them. Kunj kicked him from the back he falls down near mehreen who cupped his face can’t see his condition.

Mehreen don’t cry go MP said.
Hehe, itna pyaar yah babaji saale kesa hai tu 😂kunj said..
Now speak fast mp where have you fixed the bomb otherwise I will shoot you here only Kunj said.While MP giggling in pain.

MP please tell na he will kill you don’t do mehreen said.
Don’t worry about me mehreen mujhe toh marna hi hai ek din aaj hi kyu nahi but sab marenge MP added..

Chii rassi jal gayi par bal nahi gaya saale ka dekho toh sahi maut sar pe hai still showing attitude koi na show as much as you can today MP Kunj said.while sara pulled mehreen in side.MP looking at Meera.Don’t look at my sister.


Bola tha MP teri maut mere hi haatho hogi here I’m 😎your little brother Kunj said and shoot on his chest.
Mppppppppppppppp mehreen and Nivedita screamed while tej and Avantika shocked to see Kunj like this..

Tere bhai ko maar ke mene apni behan ka badla liya tune kabhi socha bhi nahi hoga Meera meri behan hogi issliye tujhe bolta tha na me big brother 👅Kunj said..
aur ab tujhe mar ke me apne desh ka badla Lunga get ready MP for your death I told you I will celebrate your death very nicely see everyone is presented Kunj said seeing the crowd your Juliet waiting for you in heaven or hell 😂I’m sure you will be going in hell only..
Aur haan after your death don’t worry about flowers I will keep and Juliet too because I promised you MP Kunj added..

Yah tak humhare liye aasan nahi tha MP aur meri biwi she is my weakness yes she is my weakness tujhe yah toh nahi pata chala she is my own wife who is your mother nurse she was in your home around you all still your smarter mind can’t caught her poor man tere har plan ke bare me usko pata chal gaya tha she brings all things from your own house still you didn’t get to know she is not my weakness but my strength you think you can kill her that I wouldn’t let happen till I’m alive he added twinkle looking at him and tears escaping from her eyes fully..

Meri behan ka ek ek aansu ka badla dena hoga tujhe MP kunj went to him and grab him up.
When I think about my sister i just controlling on myself otherwise I will kill you that day
Only when I get to know about you you are Virat brother bola tha tujhe surrender yourself but you aren’t ready MP Kunj said. throw him in the side.
Kunj wipes his tears take deep Breathe loaded his gun Bas hua MP ab.
Kunj looking at jaidev who too looking at Kunj.
Chal Romeo, it’s time to go back to your Juliet Kunj said and held Meera hand give her
another gun.

Take your revenge today your culprit in front of you Di Kunj said she looking at him.
Yes I told you na I will take your all revenge back he is here chota bhai nah sahi but bade bhaiya hai na he is the real root Kunj said Meera closed her eyes and remember the painful memories she points the gun on MP with closed eyes only she shoot mp on his shoulder.she throw the gun at him in anger.

Mppp Mehreen crying while MP just giving her a smile I just love you mehreen he said in a breaking voice and mehreen falls down on her knees.
Aaj teri maa ke aankho ke saamne tu marega Bola tha MP waqat ki baat hai aaj tera waqat tere saath nahi tha tere aag me tu hi jalega ab
You will take your last breathe in front of me and my gun here is our game end checkmate
Kunj went near him goodbye MP 😉dost Kunj said and lastly shoot him on his forehead with this he immediately dead.

Kunj turned and looking at jaidev.
Your mission is finished sir your culprit is here kunj added jaidev nodded in yes.
While pat run from there aryan and twinkle run behind him.Mehreen crying on MP chest.

Rahul bomb Kunj said and Kunj see the timer in the bomb remote in 20 minutes going to be up and everything will be a blast here while still many people and kids in the school only inside.

You go Meera Kunj said and run from there.
Kunjjj Meera shouted just name.Malika shoots that man who helping MP While Elena to others goons sara too..

They all sending all people outside of the school Kunj see the remote not working anymore shocked now what he will do.running and beating all those goons fully.

Almost everyone comes out of school. Meher looking here and there and see Aleena wasn’t with them.
Abeer aleena she said.
Where is aleena she is here only na abeer said.
Nahi I thought she is with you Meher said.
Means she is inside Meher said and stunned.

Let’s go fast from here bomb will be blast Malika said abeer and Meher looking at each other face.
Aleena lets go inside humhare beti they shouted while Aryan and twinkle or rest brings all small kids in their arms outside.

What Kunj said.
Aleena meher said.
You wait here I will bring her Kunj said and immediately went in the school and finding aleena who stuck and crying badly.
Aleena aleena kunj screaming her name loudly while all kids crying fully after see this all situation.

1 minute is left Aryan said while Jaidev and Meera or twinkle worried about Kunj and Rahul who still inside the school.tej and Avantika eyes just stuck on Meera.Kunjjj twinkle shouting his name..

Kunj sees aleena he went to her and cuddled her.
Handsome she said and sobbing badly.
Shh partner let’s go Kunj said and lift her in his arms and run from there while Rahul too..

Time is up the whole school fully blasted in front of their eyes twinkle shouted Kunj name and Anjali Rahul’s Abeer and Meher aleena.

Jaidev having tears in his eyes ringing Kunj words apni khud ki jaan de dega but kesi ki jaan nahi jane dega today his both right and left hand..

While Rahul come from the backside with two small kids.
Ahh he shouted all turned and see him and shocked but get happy lastly Kunj come they come from the backside front side will take time in this they may be blast along with the whole School only.

Abeer and Meher see aleena who was in kunj arms Kunj leaves her she runs to her parents and hugged him while they were both injured fully. Their teammates too worried about them twinkle held Malika’s hand after seeing Kunj.

While Jaidev closed his eyes and looking his both Rahul and Kunj whom he loved Lott.
He went near them and immediately hugged them together they too him.
They break the hug jaidev looking at them with proud eyes and smile he patting on their shoulders.
Ek second laga today I lost my back bone Jaidev said.
Don’t worry sir not so soon we will leave you 😉Rahul said and giggles while Kunj too slightly giggles.
I know jaidev said.
They look at the whole school resting their hands on jaidev shoulders than looking at all kids and parents safe finally they save them.

Your mission is completed here sir successfully Kunj said looking at jaidev said.
I’m proud of you kunj today you proved it jab tak tumhare jaisa officer hai humhare desh ke liye MP jaise log kuch nahi kar sakte hai har na unko hi padega jaidev said and saluted him.
Kya sir aap bhi jo kiya apne desh ke liye kiya mene kunj added.

I’m not alone today we win because of our team Kunj said..
yes, you all prove today best agents who can do anything for their country Abhinav said.

Each and everyone started clapping for all agents they just smiling feelings so good to see them..Meera comes and gives Kunj side hug.
Okay, she whispered after seeing her bother while Kunj nodded in yes and kissed on her temple while all kids and parents saluting them.. they all smiling to see this their hard work worth it after seeing innocent souls and their pure smiles vanished their all pain and stress..

Really my all agents today you make us not proud but whole country Abhinav said.
Rahul ,Kunj and Malika twinkle Aryan sara Elena share a group hug..

Humne bas apni duty ki hai sir twinkle said Kunj wipes blood on her forehead.I’m fine she
murmured side hug him..

Mission end here kunj said..
yup Rahul added and they all hooting in happiness than all started going while tej and Avantika not in the condition..

Rahul’s eyes went on the whole Sarna family and his parents they were looking at them with shocking eyes Anjali just holding sidewall in shock.
Anjaliiii Rahul said and shocked to see them here.
What happened kunj asked he too sees them and stunned to see tej and Avantika they just looking at Meera..
maa and papa Kunj said..
Tears escaping from their eyes Kunj about to go near them. Avantika and tej hold each other hands and run from there.

Paaaaa Meera shouted about to go behind them Kunj held her hand.
Diiiii no Kunj said.
Kunjj papa she said and crying.
Shh, right now the situation is not good shock for them Di let me deal why you come here haan where are kids and Adarsh Kunj said.
They went home I wanna go to papa she said. Kunj cupped her face.
Haan hum bet ke baat karenge abhi aap ko pata hai you go home please kunj said. But she isn’t ready.
Sir, please take her Kunj said to jaidev..

Chalo Meera beta we will talk later jaidev said.
But papaaa mere papa she said.
Please Jaidev said she can’t deny him jaidev held her hand and take her from there.

While Kunj and Rahul were shock-headed..
Kunjj sab ya….ha Rahul said in breaking voice.
I don’t know they see us and most meeraaa Kunj said.
What we will do Rahul said.
Let’s go home mere maa and papa Kunj said..

At sarna [email protected]
Everyone was in shock most sarna family who don’t know about Kunj and twinkle as well while Taneja’s about Kunj only they don’t know like their daughter Kunj too an agent..

While tej and Avantika were in deep shock after seeing Meera there and most she is tej and Avantika daughter shocking part for everyone.Tej standing in the corner doesn’t know how he reacts.While sanvi and raj or Anjali too after seeing Rahul..

Kunj and Rahul twinkle what they doing there yuvi said.Nobody said anything.Just than twinkle and Kunj or Rahul entered.
I will tell you all Kunj said loudly after hearing his voice all turned they come ahead.

Kunj looking at his parents he knows what mountain breaks down on them he knows..
Kunj went near tej and Avantika.Tear escaping from their eyes fully.Kunj about to touch Avantika she jerked his hand.

Maaaa meri baat toh suno please kunj said..
I know what you all see there really shocking for you all and most for you both let me explain myself once papa and maa I will tell you each and everything..today I will tell you each and everything about me haan I hide many things from you both Kunj said.

What is this all Kunj she pointing toward Kunj gun Avantika Said in a painful voice..

I’m telling you na he about to speak.
What you telling haan Kunj everything is a lie answer me what is this all you kill MP??? Tej shouted.

Yes, I killed him because of my duty what he did he get Papa Kunj said.

Whatt duty?? Tej said..
Kunj looking here and there how they will bear this..
I’m a secret AGENT ATB OFFICER Kunj said.. tej and Avantika looking at each other face… and why kill MP because papa he is criminal because of him many innocent people died after killing him finished my mission..

You always asking me why I’m not working with you what I’m doing the reason is this papa because I’m working for my country Kunj said.immediately Avantika slapped him all shock..
Still, Kunj smiling painfully I don’t mind I know it’s very shocking for you both I knew it when you both get to know about this your reaction will be very shocking Kunj said..

Do you hide from us?? Avantika said.
I can’t tell anyone about me maa my situation wasn’t good I totally stuck I try to tell you both about my identity but always had one fear in heart what will be your reaction after knowing about me kunj added..

And you sanvi said to Rahul.. Rahul takes a deep breath.
Even I’m too like Kunj a secret agent we working together only why we do not want to work with you both papa and uncle because of this only every time we making excuses reason is this Rahul said who too gets a slap from his father..

You both hide such a big truth from us whyyy raj said.
Papaaa we don’t have any choice we can’t tell anyone about our identities Hume ek agent hai it’s agent our rules Rahul said.

Really Rahul which rules you following these rules but you can hide from your own parents we thinking about you both this and that but don’t know we will found our sons like this and holding guns in their hands sanvi added..

Aunty, please don’t blame Rahul Kunj said.
No Kunj what I will do papa Rahul said while weeping.

He is innocent everything happened because of me only Kunj said..While tej clapping.

Really I’m thinking my son who always staying in his zone he is very innocent but I’m dumb you make me an idiot all these years kunj tej said.
No no papa I will explain you na Kunj said.
And mee…raaaa tej said now Kunj don’t know what to say… he looking at Rahul. He knows one day will come he have to answer for each and everything which he hid..

Meera Di woh papa he about to speak.
Answer me you are with Meera there how?? Tej said in a furious way…
Do you know about Meera tej added Kunj looking into his eyes he nodded in yes tej jerked him in shock.. held side pillar.

Papaaaa Kunj shouted after seeing his reaction.
Pa haan I know about Di Kunj said tej looking at him.
How?? She..:: toh run he said very difficultly..
I was the one who helped her Kunj said again break one more shock on his father and mother head…

It was….. yo…..u Avantika said in a trembling voice..

yes me but you listen to me first clearly I can’t explain to you both everything we will sit then I can maa and papa Kunj said.. tej held his collar.
It was you who helped her haan Kunj really kese you know each and everything still didn’t say anything she runs from her own marriage leave us to bear whole world humiliation you didn’t even think about your parents tej said.

I really don’t know about her papa first I toh just caught her she running from her wedding I was taking her back then she told me about her love I can’t see her like this I thought If today she will marry with Rahul she will not stay happy I just come in her words and help her to run Kunj said..tej slapped Kunj so hard.

You know each and everything help Meera Kunjjjjj dekha Avantika kya shila diya tumhare bete ne humhare pyaar ka tej said who was already broken after Meera and his father and family now Kunj who was his last hope and proud..

Avantika doesn’t have anything to say she too completely break downs..

Slap me papa I don’t mind I know I’m wrong but you don’t know anything Kunj said who crying..

I don’t want to listen to anything tej said..
ek beti toh saalo pehle hi humhare liye mar chuki thi aaj ek beta tha woh bhi mar gaya humhare liye I feel ashamed to call you both my kids socha tha ek beta hai humhare at least woh toh humse pyaar karta hai humhari sochta hai beti toh kab ki sab chod ke chali gai she didn’t even think about us once. You know what Kunj that day does not feel bad what Meera did that much feeling today I’m feeling I’m end tej wipes his tears.Today for me your too dead not my son anymore we will think humhare koi bache hi nahi the Acha hota iss se toh humhare koi bache hote hi nahin tej said…

Kunj shocked to listen these words from his father’s mouth.
Don’t say this papa I really love you both I don’t want to hurt you both how can I think haan I m just doing for my sister Kunj said.

Acha what you doing for your sister Meera is nothing mar chuki hai woh humhare liye tej shouted loudly.
No papa I know what di did with you both was wrong completely but papa she suffered Lott she runs from her own marriage didn’t think about you both for her love that loves hurt her Lott papa beyond the level she gets what she did..
You don’t know about Di today if she here not so easy her behind the story was really painful and about me why I become an agent why I chose this field just for Di papa I don’t have any other choice to save my sister. Yes I’m wrong completely you both were right I know this I helped her to run but papa when I get to know about Di I was shocked whom she loved most in this world he was the one who break Di completely fully even kill his own baby in front of Di only I can’t reach on time and save my sister it’s too late papa when I reached found my sister behind prison MP and his brother put all their blame on di all think di is the one who was behind that attacks happened in London I don’t have any choice to come out my sister.. all doors closed even I can’t tell you too papa after Di you Almost lost your sense and I don’t want to give you more pain and stress.

And I m very guiltily because of me today my sister in this condition if that day I wouldn’t help her maybe situation is something else If I took her to you than she must be happy for my one mistake this all happened.The last way is left I have to prove my sister innocence for that I have to bring all those proofs and that proved my sister innocent it takes time papa i apply for this give my exams along with Rahul who was helping me every time he is not wrong he too choice this duty because of my sister isska kya kasoor hai kuch nahi issne toh apni dosti hi nibhahi hai still what di has done with him kunj said..

I want proofs for Meera di that I only get like this thanks to god we both selected and join our duties in starting it was hard with the time when we proved ourself after training and all’s I met with jaidev sir there i told him about my sister and my revenge what Virat did with my sister I will do same with him after knowing about him get to know he is a don brother that was MP the great who you all thinking to god but he wasn’t papa mene apne bhai hone ka farz nibhaya hai aur aaj ek officer hone ka farz pura kiya hai MP ko mar ke I thought I will
Make you feel proud papa Kunj said holding his hand..
Say something papa please kunj said..

You hide everything from us whyyy I can’t forgive you kunj tej said and jerked his hands.
What I did wrong in this papa you too run and went against for your family just for maa and your love dadi too helping you naa why not me behan hai woh meri jesi bhi hai maana hai uski galati hai but she suffered Lott mil gai hai use apni galatiyo ki saza papa you don’t know about Di what she bears in this all years she too guilty always hurting herself she hurt her papa who loved her Lott that’s why she getting this all things Kunj said.

See maa tej said Lata come and stand beside Kunjj
I know each and everything tej lata said one by one shock blasting on them 😎..

Whattt you know each and everything… MA..aa tej said.
Yes, I know each and everything about Kunj that my grandson is an agent who works for our country that also about Meera Lata added.

You too with him and hide this all things from us why maa 😭😭itna bada dhoka humhare saath aap meri maa ho still tej said.. lata knows somewhere she is too wrong hide such a big thing from her son and bahu wasn’t good but she can’t to do anything..

Haan, I hide everything because when I get to know about Kunj and Meera I too shocked like you angry when everything finished and my kunj did he come to me and tell me each and everything how he helps Meera that time like you tej I slapped him and angry as well but when to thinking about him and why he did I know kunj is wrong but not fully saath ki baat kar rahe ho tum apne pati ke khilaf jake mene humhare apne bete ka saath diya I choose you over my husband why?? Not because you are my son I give you birth because you are right tej you love Avantika there is no crime in this he thought this is a crime he forced you to went against him mene bas sach ka saath diya us din bhi aur aaj bhi she held Kunj hand I know he is agent very proud of him he is my grandson who does not choose the wrong way to bring out his sister and take his sister revenge but correct way tej you should proud on Kunj you get a son like him who loved his sister Lott and you both. do you ever realized why he stays like always sad lost in his thoughts each day he dying inside his heart he hiding this all from his own parents he is wrong he too said this he is not right. Ek hi, baat bol tha hai ek ache bhai bane ke chakar mein bete hone ka farz nahi nibha para raha hu did he like he lied with you every time nope tej I know na. Meera is dead for you really asked yourself today you are like this why because of Meera you just don’t like she choose her love over you like your father dekho aaj hum kaha hai if Meera is wrong than you and Avantika too ya baat mat bhul Na tej ever I will always support what is correct whether I have to go against my husband or my own son no matter she stated..

Waha maa heh he always said he will do what I did because I m not a good son I hurt my parents than fine we both getting what we did our karma I went against my father so my daughter leaves me to bear whole world humiliation I never want to become a bad father I thought I m very good and supporting father but I’m wrong I failed to become good son how can I be a good father if I forced Meera and Kunj do this all I’m sorry it’s my fault tej said Avantika held his hands..

Kunj nodding in no after seeing his Parents like this because of him.all having tears in her eyes.
I’m wrong always but today I’m breaking my all ties with you kunj Meera ek saath toh saalo pehle aaj tum se bhi we think we don’t have any son you too you don’t have any Parents tej added and going about to falls down held the table.
Tejjj Avantika shouted while Kunj too papa he went into the room.
Maaa listen to me I’m sorry Kunj held her saree palu Avantika looking at Kunj.. she doesn’t know what to say.
What I will listen kunj haan 😭😭there is anything left now to listen tej is right absolutely we getting our karma yaad rakhna jo Bache aapne maa aur baap ko khushiyan nahi de sakte hai unko koi haqqq nahi hai she showing him her finger her face drenched in tears haqqq nahi hai aansu aur dukh dena ka bhi hum ho yah koi aur don’t call me your maa she said and went from there..

Daddiiii maa and papa Kunj said and went behind them Avantika closed the door Kunj banging the door.
Maa and papa please listen to me meri baat toh suno ke baar I’m sorry please don’t hurt yourself hurt me I’m ready for all punishment but don’t turn your face he shouted and crying while banging the door they never thought this will happen there is one-story which completely unknown from all sarna and other too..

Sanvi and raj went from there while Anjali looking at Rahul.

Anjali tum toh meri baat suno rahul said but she walked out from there Rahul sit in side and hold his head.their truth will come out like shocking for them than how much for their parents and family..

Leela looking at twinkle who too having tears in her eyes after seeing this all and most Kunj her husband:..

Let’s go she said.
No maa you all go she said and hugged her mother Taneja went while Prithviraj looking at lata and thinking about Kunj most he having a granddaughter also one doesn’t know about her not a clue about her.they all too went..

Dadi patting on Rahul’s shoulder who hugged her tightly.
Dadiii we aren’t wrong hum toh acha hi karne gaye the suna aapne kya bola rahul said.
I know give them time this is very shocking for them Rahul in what way it’s come out that also not good Lata added he understands she wiped his tears and he went from there while twinkle and Lata looking at each other she doesn’t know about twinkle she is too agent nor Kunj told her about twinkle.Kunj comes to them..

Kunj go in your room give Avantika and tej time Lata said.
But dadi papa and maa I hurt them he said.
Haan but you didn’t do intentionally Kunj that we know na go she said and he went in his room while she gestured to twinkle go with him right now he needs her most.m she nodded in yes and went behind kunj..

At twinj room lights were off.Kunj entered the room like a lifeless body.twinkle come and seeing him kunj throw his gun in anger twinkle closed her eyes Kunj falls down on the floor resting his head on bed.tears escaping from his eyes twinkle closed the door and on the lights they were injured Lott while Kunj really badly. Twinkle take a deep breath and wiped her tears..

She comes to kunj and sat opposite to him. He looking at her while she too who bring first aid box..she held his hand he pulled back.
Leave me alone kunj said.
I will but look at yourself first kitni chot lagi hai she said and started doing his dressing carefully while Kunj just looking at her.
Kunj see twinkle even she is not well get many wounds.
Look at yourself too kunj said.
Haan she said.Kunj gesturing her. I will do she said and Kunj takes the cotton and wiping blood on her forehead and hand too both doing each other dressing.

Ouchh twinkle winched in pain. Kunj looking at her. It’s okay she smiled he blowing air on
Her wound so she wouldn’t feel pain.

after bandaged.

Kunj go and changed she said he just get up and changed his clothes and come again sit on the same place and lost in his thoughts tej and Avantika words ringing in his ears.he is DEAD for his father.. twinkle come after changing and seeing Kunj she feeling really bad but she can’t do anything and help him as well because she doesn’t know anything there

When Kunj called Meera his sister was completely shocking for her.. he didn’t spill about her never rest too what actually the story is don’t know but can understand one thing whatever Kunj did just for his sister only and he killed MP brother nobody knows this in their teammates he keeping so much
In his hearts that’s why always looking so suspicious matter is this don’t know.. even dadi knowing about Kunj Being an agent and she doesn’t know.
There are lots of things she and nobody know completely unknown..

They were busy and lost behind this mission and doing their duties but their own life was complicated than this mission also. Now one mission ends their own life started..Kunj wasn’t weak she saw him a very strong and contented man who doesn’t care about anything today after seeing him broken he having this side also she is shocked. She went and sat on the bed near him and keeping her hand on his shoulder Kunj closed his eyes.. don’t know how to deal with this Situation tej and Avantika anger is justified he knows he hurt them he is wrong completely but they should at least once listen him too let him clarify him..

At Malhotra mansion.
Sanvi and raj completely angry with their son Rahul condition weren’t less than him.you didn’t feel shame Rahul helping Kunj and doing this all why?? Do you know what have you done it haan?? Meera runs from the wedding she going to marry you and you still and knows everything sanvi said.
Mom she doesn’t love mr I didn’t help her I help my friend what Meera did wrong maa if she love someone else than tej uncle should marry her with him only not with me because I’m his best friend son and we are like family we are just good friends she not loving me if today we are together and marry with each other’s really she will happy with me or else I will maa no I wasn’t I’m happy with Anjali today I’m thanks to god she run that day so I get Anjali and today we are together after Anjali I get to know I never loved Meera I’m just ready to get marry in my liking me pyaar nahi karta tha use me bas Anjali se pyaar karta hu that’s why I’m happy with her I don’t have any guilt and pain that she run and leave me middle of the mandap haan hua tha dard she is my good friend but she didn’t tell me once she had feelings for someone else I will help her I will tell you all break our alliance but she didn’t maa and papa she try to tell tej uncle but she don’t want hurt uncle and aunty but at last her love over power on her but what she get in returned idiot girl pyaar aur khushi ke liye sab chod chad ke chali gai mila kya kuchh nahi papa bas dard aansu nothing rahul said..

How I will explain to you all I know you all wouldn’t believe in me and my words it’s hard but truth me Hume ne jo kiya ache ke liye hi kiya rahul said..

Really Rahul still you saying you aren’t wrong you hide your identities from us that moment when we saw you like this with gun and shooting on MP was completely a nightmare Kunj too.Now get it what you both doing behind us this all na my son is an agent and I don’t know what a joke raj said..

Tej was right aise bacho se acha koi bache ho hi na sanvi said and both husband and wife walked out from there Rahul looking at Anjali who just numb she is very gentle never asked him trust Rahul Lott he knows he hurt her most. He went near her held her hands.

Anjaliiii you toh at least believe on me I know I hurt you I’m sorry please forgive he said. She looking at her with a painful eye and a broken heart. She didn’t say anything her eyes and tears are enough to explain Rahul who can understand her silence she too their arrange marriage was very stunned they didn’t get time to think but accepted each other and love too care about each other lott. She just pulled her hands and went from there leave Rahul alone with tears..
He sat down on the couch helplessly held his head.
How I explain to them nobody will understand us Kunj he murmured..

At Sinha [email protected]
Meera was crying so badly in the living room a man comes to her with a water glass and sat beside her.
Drink and you will feel better Meera he said she looking at him and hugged him immediately.
Adarshhh kya hoga yah sab she said and crying in his embrace he caressing her back and smiled.
Bas bas after ages I’m seeing my lovely wifey crying haan.. he said and she looking at him.

You will not understand me adarsh what I’m feeling right now she gets up.

Nobody can understand my father was in front of my eyes my mother too whom I didn’t see in this all years feels like run to them and hugged my papa whom I loved in this world most Adarsh they saw me there with Kunj I m damn sure Kunj stuck in deep trouble they don’t know anything about him and me toh in their wildness dream Kunj and me together he knows about me and helping me.
The way with shocking eyes maa and papa looking me I can sense their condition I hurt them and I’m damn sure after knowing this all right now they are in deep pain hurt with Kunj too after me he is their last hope Because of me this all happened I just hurt everyone and give pain only I’m very bad because of my one mistakes everyone bearing specially Kunj he did lots for me I can’t thank enough him today I’m standing here and happy in my life just because of my brother only she said and crying badly.He held her shoulders.

I know Meera this will happened one day maybe god wanted today truth come out like this we can’t hide this all thing whole life one day it has to come out the day has arrived Adarsh added. She went in side holding her head crying fully. She immediately calls Kunj but he is not answering his calls sense it.

see he is not picking up my calls something happened there I should go there and tell papa he is all innocent I’m his culprit he is not she said.
No Meera give them time not in hustle he added while two cutie pies entered there.
Mummmma a cute girl shouted and went to her.
Mummma I want chocolate she said.
Me too he added. Meera closed her eyes.
You both go inside she said but they were not listening her she shouted on them both started weeping..

Meeraaa Adarsh shouted on her back while
Jaidev comes there both kids run in the room..

What is this why you showering your anger on them not my kids he said who loved his kids most because after lot of difficulties and hardship get them..

What should I do haan she said.
You both clam down even you too Adarsh Meera beta right now situation is totally messed up it’s not good to shout on kids like this.We have to deal with everything and about your parents and Kunj we know there many things happened and many things blasted on your parents head also they need time and we should give them jaidev added.

I’m totally disintegrated she said

They can understand her pain and situation but can’t do anything..
Adarsh went into the room and entered and seeing his so cuties who are 4 years olds twins their kid’s lifeline of there and crazy behind their dadu Jaidev.he went near them and seeing them both brother and sister carrying pouty lips he giggles they are damn adorable..

What happened to my babies haan mumma scold you both he said in their babyish language and take them on his Laps.
Look papa mumma angry na we will shout on her back what you want chocolate tell papa I will bring na Adarsh said and both looking at him.
But why mumma is angry they said.
Do you know your mumma moody girl he said and the trio chuckled he cuddles his babies and they too.
Just stay happy I don’t like my babies sad very bad he said.Meanwhile, jaidev and Meera entered there.Aria and Aarush she called them but both cuddles Adarsh and hide their face in his chest she knows her babies very zidi once
They get angry and or sad..

Aww mumma sorry see I brought chocolates for you both she said they seeing her with the corner of their eyes she held her ears now sorry baba she said and they both chuckled.
It’s okay added together and hugged her back.
My babies, she murmured they are her strength everything they give her reason to live her life back otherwise she gives up all hopes just to bring them in this world she suffered a lot.
She caressing their backs. Break the hug and kissed on her cheeks.

Aarush is younger than 5 minutes than an aria. He is a little matured while aria is totally package of naughtiness teasing her brother and rests too much drama queen just small in an age otherwise shut everyone mouth with her talks smallmouth but big big words all adore her she is the favorite of her father. While an Aarush fan of his dadu and Kunj maamu papa he wanted to become like them now only love to play with guns they are the sunshine of the Sinha family.

Arey you both didn’t meet with me jaidev said.
Daduu where you went haan they said and jumped on his arms they can’t live without their dadu loved him most when he went due to his work out: mostly staying out only but when he was at home his all time and everything just his grandkids only. Become kid only with them Adarsh and Jaidev spoiling them Lott sometimes Meera scold them why they spoiling them but the next moment she is the same as them for their one smile whole day doing things get to see their beautiful smiles after their smiles their all stress is gone..

They aren’t just the reason for Meera to living back for Adarsh and Jaidev Kunj. Meera strength and backbone Kunj her brother and her husband..

Chalo you both come here first now we will do masti because dadu is free for his babies Jaidev said.
Wow, they said jaidev take them with himself..

While Meera looking Adarsh who get angry 😹he went to the window and she back-hugged him.

I’m sorry na please I shouldn’t shout on our babies but in my anger, I can’t help out sorry she said and come in front of him. She pecked at his forehead.
You know tumhe gussa hona bilkul nahi aata hai mr IAS officer, Adarsh Sinha she said.
Huh because I can’t get angry with you. And you know this even I can’t see my babies sad too last time said.

Okay, paka 👅try my level best huh just love your babies what about their mumma she said cheering up his mood.

Mumma ko hate huh than both giggling.
Sorry, she said and resting her head on his chest.
It’s okay it’s happened you don’t worry about them and Kunj. Now we are here I don’t know first day only you will bumped with them haan why you went there haan? He said.

Arey when I get to know about Kunj so I directly went there only acha I went that MP begging Kunj I shoot him from back she said.

Hoo, my fighter biwi in some hours only 😝he said.
I’m really worried Adarsh kese sab theek hoga aur kabhi hoga bhi sahi I don’t want anything just my brother stay happy because of me he suffered Lott never think about his life just now only he gets settled with his wife and my parents too happy after this truth they all against him maa most she said.

Woh toh hai ab galati ki hai toh thoda sehna bhi padega and my one and only Saala wasn’t weak man Meera you don’t worry about him he will handle everything surely you know na Kunj how strong he is. Aise hi thodi my father’s favorite he is more than me 🙄😹he said she slapped on his cheeks.

Always jealous with my brother don’t forget that my brother is an agent 😎she said.
Even your husband not less he said and both hugged each other.

Adarsh Sinha an ATB (Anti-Terrorism Bureau) agent, working for India’s external intelligence agency..

They were staying in London Adarsh due to his work and mission they out only after Meera he shifted properly there only because of Meera and his kids if he having work he went but their safety is his first priority because if something happened to them Kunj wouldn’t leave anyone 😎he took a promise from him before marrying with his sister Meera and he fulfilling absolutely he loves Meera Lott he is too her strength.Make her smile back who lost in her painful memories again beat Meera heart who stops beating she just taking a breath but no reason left to live back.
He again illuminates her life filled with love and happiness give her reason back to live her life.
Help her come out her all painful memories and trauma.Kunj aur adarsh both of them wheel of Meera life without them she is nothing.

At sarna mansion.
Tej and Avantika in deep shock breakdown tears escaping from their eyes.Still, Meera faces flashing in front of tej eyes, and that moment to when she runs and leave them alone to bear humiliation still that all guest taunts and cheap words ringing in tej ears.

While Kunj staying like a dumb.Kunj sleep twinkle said who didn’t respond back while looking at him don’t know when dozed off in sitting position.

At [email protected]
Sunlight coming on twinkle face she woke up and smiled her eyes went on Kunj immediately smile disappears recalled what happened yesterday she gets up and wears near him in the same position don’t know his eyes get tired and he sleeps she sits beside him and kissed on his forehead. Due to her touch, he woke up and looking at her.
Don’t sleep here uncomfortably go and sleep on the bed she said he get up again the same things running in his mind.

Maa and papa’s name comes out from his mouth.

Kunj you will be ill like this haan why you stressed about this all haan. We will talk mummy ji and papaji she said.
Don’t need of this I will handle myself he said and went in the Washroom she doesn’t feel bad because knows his condition right now..

After sometime [email protected]
After last night all family members were shocked still Kunj is an agent and about Meera too.They all sitting and twinkle come down they even shocked about her too.Tej and Avantika in their room only.They sit for breakfast. Kunj comes down and looking for his parents twinkle come to him and even dadi too..

Kunj come have your breakfast Lata said.
No dadi I don’t want anything where is maa and papa did they eat anything?? Kunj asked while twinkle nodded in no.
They were in their room only Lata added.
How can I eat Kunj said and took the plate from Lata hand and went to them.
He entered the room and sees his parents both of them sitting drearily he feel bad.
He went ahead Avantika look at him. While tej turned his face after seeing Kunj.

I know you don’t wanna see my face I hurt you both Lott I’m your culprit but why you leave the food haan? Naraz ho mujhse pata hai lata and twinkle seeing this from the window.

Please don’t hurt yourself because of me have your breakfast papa you will upset your health like this Kunj said tej look at him laughs sarcastically.

Really worried about my health he said. He folds his hand please leave us alone and don’t need to worried about me and my wife Jin se koi rishta nahi hota hai na unke liye paresha bhi nahin hona chahiye tej said.Kunj shatters after hearing this he keeps the plate on the table.
Please have he said and went from there.Dadi and twinkle looking at each other. Dadi patted on her shoulder she went to the room with breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Kunj sitting on the couch tears escaping from his eyes she comes and sits beside him.
Your coffee I know you need this she said.
Please twinkle he said. Before she can speak more get a call from jaidev.
Jai Hind sir haan okay I’m coming? Kunj said.

What happened?? She asked.
Nothing needs to go HQ still mission not over he said.
Okay If need me then message me she said.
Sure he said and left.

Kunj comes to HQ there jaidev and Abhinav was presented while his team too. Kunj informed about her they were okay..
still, pat is left Kunj and he is missing too?? Jaidev said.
I know don’t worry MP gone he will too give me 2 and 3 days just he said.
Yeah I know sir we even need all testimonies written proofs and evidence against MP because all of these articles and proofs MP innocence and in court, we need proof Kunj added.

Sir kunj now do your work he added and all went while Rahul and Kunj stay Jaidev too.
He can see their face and understand their situation too.He comes near them both Rahul and Kunj looking at each other face.
My agents are okay??? Kunj and Rahul jaidev asked both giggles painfully teary eyes.

Yes, sir with a heavy heart he knows but will not stretch the things.
Okay go and do your work he added and they went from there.

While mehreen was Locked in the room and was just crying for MP while seeing his photos.

Nivedita’s condition wasn’t less now she doesn’t have anyone before only lost her one son Virat now MP nothing is left for her. Taneja’s worries about twinkle.

They all were sitting and talking about them only.
Does twinkle know about Kunj?? Abeer said.
I think so she knows that’s why only they were together meher added she cuddles aleena.
I don’t know anything today my daughter is safe and alive because of Kunj that moment almost aisa laga ek second ke liye we lost our aleena Meher said all nodded in yes.

Kunj and Rahul finding pat all possible places where he could be?? But he was missing or maybe hide after MP he knows kunj will not leave him he is the one who will give all statements against MP only.

At the sarna family nobody asking anything about this all things they stay quiet it’s not their matter neither thought about tej he at least needs anyone right moral support.

2 and 3 days have been passed away kunj busy in his work while Aryan and twinkle too helping them Kunj didn’t want his person issues comes between his duty he aside them knows tej and Avantika needs time and he should give them.

He comes at home late night who don’t care about his meal not having anything if dadi forced him then also not twinkle too try but he isn’t ready.. while Meera too worried about him she tries to talk to him he tells her don’t disturb him once he is his zone he will come to her. Right now things and relationships totally messed up and scattered.

Dadi was in tej and Avantika room tries to tell him to leave their childish.

Kunj have something twinkle said and take him to the dining table and served him the food before he could have heard a late voice..

He gets up and run to the room and was shocked to see Avantika too..

Please leave us maa now I don’t want anyone in my life you did enough for us tej shouted.
Papaaaa Kunj said and went inside.. who just throw the food plate in the side..

What happened dadi?? Kunj asked.
Dekh kunj both of them not coming out of their room even not having a single bite of food kese chalega haan she said and looking at them.

Papa, please clam down why you doing this all haan khana chod dena, not a solution you are angry with me hit me punishment not don’t do this just hurt yourself only please have anything Kunj said..

Take your grandson from there otherwise, no one was worse than me tej said..
please leave us alone Avantika said.
You too Avantika beta try to understand lata said.

What I will try to understand mummy ji whatever you all did was it good haan no na you all did what you like now let us and haan please don’t get worried about us and my husband I’m here for him.We know kunj khana chod dena, not a good solution.Me hu apne pati ke liye she said and started picking the plate and tray hurt herself.

Now it’s enough papa I’m saying you both let me explain myself but you were not ready behaving like kids haan itna bhi koi bura nahi hua hai jitna aap dono kar rahe ho kunj said both stunned to see him because of loud voice all come..

Kya galat kiya hai meri behan ne haan bhaag gai thi aap dono bhi toh bhaag ke hi shadi ki thi kya difference hai aap dono mein haan kunj said and all shocked. Why you feeling this much angry I didn’t understand if you both did its love and Meera did she is wrong. If she didn’t make you will proud what about you do you proud your father haan you also chose your love and both of them went against your families what example do you leave for us haan jaisa karoge wese baroge suna toh hai aapne papa and maa Kunj said who lost his control..

Just shut up Avantika yelled at Kunj and slapped him back to back.
Who gives you right to say this all about us haan karo jo karna hai haa ki hai humne bhaag ke shadi went against our families and nobody accepted us not set any good example for you both.As you sow so shall you reap yes getting that only.We didn’t care about our families and just think about our love and happiness pata nahi tha future aur karma itna bura hoga log toh kam dukh denge apne khud ke bache hi humhare zakhm hare karenge and point out their finger on us only she said..

It is said that no man loses in front of anyone
else Except her own children’s Avantika added.
Kunj went from there in anger..

Kunj started throwing things here and there in his room twinkle entered see him gun was in his hand she scared and run to him.
Leave the gun Kunj she said.
Go from here I don’t want anyone he shouted loudly.and went in the balcony after sometime later Kunj cools down he went to twinkle who had tears in her eyes he composed himself.

Twinkle listen I need some space alone to deal with my own self and this all happening if you stay here unnecessarily my anger comes out on you please I can’t handle two things he said.

She smiled okay kunj if you need space I will give she said and laid down Kunj cursing himself because of him everyone gets hurt.
He just laid down on the couch while in sitting position stuck what he should do now.. one side his parents his own life even worried about Meera she wasn’t too happy stressed about him and parents as well..

The night passes [email protected]
Twinkle woke up and Kunj last night words she gulps her pain and get freshen up and takes out his things while she started packing her things just then Kunj woke up and see her get confused.
Why you packing yourself he asked? She turned.
Arey itni jaldi bhul gaye kya kunj you only said last night me to go my home you need to stay alone for sometimes so doing that only she said and continue her packing having tears in her eyes while Kunj remembers he only said her..

After twinkle comes outside Kunj was on the call he saw her.
I’m going take care of yourself haan don’t leave your food she said.He doesn’t have anything to say she just sat in her car and looking at him wiped her tears and went leave Kunj in tears..

Twinkle reached Taneja mansion she went in the side as soon as everyone see her shocked to see her and most with luggage.she went to them.
Why are you looking at me like this haan? She said.

You are here like this meher asked?
Everything is fine?? Leela asked..
Yes maa and bhabhi everything is fine can’t I come to my home she said and cuddled Leela because I’m free now my mission is over after shadi did not get a chance to stay with you all she said but they not conceive with her answer knows her very well and can see in her eyes too.

They all seeing her she hugged her mother tightly can’t hold anymore she knows her.
She caressing her back..
They sat down Leela cupped her face and asked her?Kya hua twinkle? Everything is fine I mean Kunj she said.

Maa, everything is not fine there she narrates them each and everything whatever happened tej and Avantika or Kunj.

Maa mummy ji and papaji are very upset with Kunj and I can’t see him like this.He staying so lifeless she said.
Wiped her tears, okay but twinkle what Kunj did wasn’t correct as well na we don’t know the rest things but jo dekha as per that Kunj shouldn’t hide from his parents about his work Leela said.

But maa he doesn’t have any choice after listening to his side of the story whatever he did just for his sister, not for himself he toh save his sister that’s why he hides everything from mummy ji and papaji and I m not saying he is not wrong he is somewhere she added.

Do you know about Kunj before and how you get to know?? Abeer said twinkle looking at them.
Before marriage, I don’t know anything bhai about Kunj being an agent. In my haldi function, Abhinav sir send me a man photo who was working with MP and I should spy on him. When I saw the photo was shocked?. She said.

Whyy?? Meher asked.
Because bhabhi that photo was of Kunj only. I was shocked when he told me he is with MP and tells I tell him he is my would-be husband he doesn’t look like that when he again sent me his photo with MP I totally froze he looks so innocent doing illegal things. Than sir gave me the Oder to keep an eye at him and before she speaks further..

And do you get ready?? Rt asked.
Me kya karti papa my duty is very important for me and I get ready and started spying at Kunj after becoming his wife also she said.

Does he get to know?? Abeer asked she giggles when remembered about those memories.

Do you think so your sister stella the agent is so weak 😝giggles slightly nope I have not let him doubt at me bhai. I learn this only how to make fooled and hide my identity it’s my work only. Even he is very smart even I didn’t get to know about him and try to get to know about him but not get anything every time failed he even caught me one day because of Aryan safe otherwise he will shoot me he told this 👅.

Our revelation was too very shocking for each other. He even doesn’t think about me I will be an agent and something like this. We called to hq our both mentors each other co-mates and friends we called up for the mission we both teams working behind the MP mission individually when I entered and sir introduced me as a stella and after seeing my face and I kunj there was shocked for us. He was completely she tell rest too. He was upset but then understood why I did because humhare liye humhari duty se upar Kuch nahi hai she said.

Ab pata nahi kya hoga he needs time to deal with his issues so I ready to give him so come here to stay with you all she stated they smiled.
You can beta always make us feel proud that day lott rt said and she hugged her father.
Thanks, papa for always understanding me when I see other parents and my family I don’t have any issues she said.

After twinkle went to the Taneja mansion Kunj stayed in his room alone. Missing her somewhere but can’t do anything puzzles between his heart and mind. While twinkle staying with her parent’s family missing Kunj Lott but she can’t do anything he itself wanted this but happy she will go back to him once things get better..

Kunj sitting in his cabin and looking at the twinkle photo on his phone..
I know there she is not happy because of me her life too messed up and that I don’t want.
I can’t let twinkle grind with me also she has all right to stay happy in her life and enjoy as well my life already very sad and unpredictable making hers too bas hua I have to take one decision pata hai uski aadat hai mujhe itne dil me pyaar jaisa humhare beech me toh hai bhi nahi after this mission fully get over I will back to London hope twinkle stay happy and that day because of me usko kuch bhi ho sakta tha that day I choose her over my duty but not every time humhara saath hona humhare duties ke liye acha nahi hai if MP shoots her what I will do never forget myself already itna guilt hai dil me ek aur nahi aur usko toh bilkul bhi sad nahi dekh sakta hu I just want she stay happy always in her life. Yah shadi ab ek drama tha ab end we should apart from each other best decision she stay happy with her family here and even achieved her goals with me always unhappy he thinks.

And called someone.. yes Mr. Varma lawyer Kunj said.
Yes, Kunj why you call me today? He asked.
For one work DIVORCE PAPERS banwane hai he said.
DIVORCE papers kes ke he said while Kunj takes a deep breath.
Me and my wife twinkle Kunj sarna I want a divorce from her as soon as possible kunj added.
Okay I will make it soon he said and Kunj cut the call and rest his head on the desk and tears rolling down from his eyes..

At night come home back and goes to his room directly on the lights and seeing the room without twinkle feeling like eating.. he took the photo frame of their wedding and seeing twinkle.
I’m sorry twinkle for this I’m doing for your betterment kissed on the photo frame..

To be continued…
How’s it!? Shock laga yah nahi.. yup she is Meera 😝mehreen ka guess she shoot mp 👌👌loving it:. She is Meera Kunj elder sister 😉unexpected 😎
So here my mp😭😭😭😭😭 no more one minute silence for me😔😑😑after all he is the core of the story 😂for me toh at least 😈👅.. again one more mystery story come out
Not properly 😝..
so your thrill romance full story turning up in family emotional drama 😬😝.
The story around MP and Kunj this mission properly not any love story you all wanna see for you 😍..mission end on MP and story too 😉.. 
Thanks for your comments means a lot I don’t have words 24 hourse bhi nahi hote and my target 😍completed my first story getting this much love never excepted about this was really confused and nervous about this story but now after seeing the love and craze or response unbeatable 🔥🔥🔥thanks each and everyone can’t take names bhut lambe 😂😂..
Ab tak you all see thrill Kunj and twinkle now see emotional 😈..
chalo do comment fast
Target kitna du 😹🤔chalo 50+ don’t do after action over no comments 😨☹️your love motivates me lott😇.
Bye love you All
Allahafiz 😎🔥..

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