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new challenges💞

The episode starts with twinkle and Kunj looking into each other eyes.

While Elena’s eyes went on them she gestured to Malika both stop their work and seeing them and giggling.

This brings them in sense both composed themselves and seeing Malika and Elena. Twinkle tucking her hairs and looking here and there.

Kunj rolled down his eyes because Malika tittering at him. Kunj went to her.
Don’t give this look do your work Kunj said in his bossy tone..

Yeah we are doing that only but seemed like you both weren’t she said and collect the files.
Kunj went outside of the office in the garden he was walking and thinking about this all. While rest teammates busy in their work..

Malika and twinkle working on twinkle nurse look.
This one will be better Malika said.
Hmm, but don’t you think so in this he can recognize me Malika twinkle added.
You were right madam now what we can do don’t worry something different she said both chuckled.Kunj comes back they all having something.

Kaha tak hua tum logo ka kaam kunj asked them.
Kunj now you are in a hurry wait man we all doing it’s take the time you know Rahul said who busy on the computer.he went near him.

Use your mind fast.You calling yourself the best hacker now what happened look at them how easily they hacked our information Kunj said.

Hehe, true Elena, and twinkle behind this Aryan said Kunj looking at twinkle.
Ho Bhabi ji even smart in this all 😉kya baat hai kunj he said and winked at Kunj. While Kunj giving him death glares..

Impossible man, he murmured and went in his cabin back. While sara entered Kunj cabin with some files she places it on his desk.
Speak He asked?

Sir here is all biodata about Stella urf twinkle I did whatever you wanted she said Kunj looking at the files.
Okay good now do my one more thing fast he said in mute she nodded in yes and went.she was so chamchi of Kunj didn’t tell anything to others if he tells her not to speak this..

Kunj takes the file and started seeing twinkle first photo of her different look totally.she is a completely two-person one is Stella and another one is a twinkle who staying with him and his own wife. Stella who is now his co-teammate..

Photo toh badi hi khatarnak hai kunj murmured and giggles.Very carefully he reading each and everything about her.
Ho itni abilities hai miss Stella mein Kunj said and keep the files back in his bag..

After work twinkle takes her bag just then she gets Leela call.
Hello maa, she said.
Hi, beta kesi ho Leela asked?

I’m good maa you say she said.
Me too acha listen twinkle beta I call you to inform something she said.
What maa twinkle asked??

We kept dinner so your papa wanted you and Kunj come at home and have dinner with us Leela said.
Maa Kunj you know about him she added.
I know beta after whatever happened he doesn’t like to come to our place but till when. He never comes whenever we kept anything at our place so today your papa requesting bring him too with yourself Leela said.

With me really aayega sadu baat baat pe kaatne ko aata hai she murmured.

What Leela asked.?
Nothing maa you personally call him he will feel good so maybe get ready if I will tell him then you know kesa hai she said.
Okay, I will call Kunj puttar she said.
Hmm bye maa, she added.

Twinkle take her bag and went outside sat in her car and directly went to Taneja mansion.
She can’t go there in this look.she informed Avantika about dinner she permitted her.

Rahul and Kunj come together outside.
Coming with me?? Anjali makes dinner for me special tu toh kabhi khilata nahi hai apni biwi ka khana he said.
Ahaan man kesa hai tu acha khaana khaana hai tujhe twinkle ka really yah itna attitude khila rahi hai woh kam hai use se tera pet nahi bhara kya kunj said giving him an annoying look.
Like always Rahul gigging on his statement.

Day by day you getting funny true yaar attitude se I’m fully full even can’t have dinner my poor wifey he said in a sad voice Kunj smacked on his head.Kunj phone rang

Shh, let Me see the call?? He said an unknown number he hardly adds anyone numbers in his phone..

Unknown now who is this he said and take the call.
Haan kaunnn he said.
Me kunj beta Leela Leela said.
Ho leela maa aap he said.Rahul giggling.

Woh Kunjj mein na she can’t speak Kunj sense.
Boliye leela maa any work is there Kunj said.
Not work I call you to invite at our place for dinner even twinkle too Leela said.

Ho dinner I will send twinkle he said.
Twinkle has already come to Kunj. We aren’t invited only our twinkle but also our one and only son in law so are you coming she said Kunj thinking what to say he always makes excuses to go to Taneja mansion he doesn’t like after that all.

Leela maa me I’m fine he said.
Please Kunj beta doesn’t deny today Leela said. He closed his eyes okay I will try my best he said.
Okay come soon I’m waiting for my son in law she said Kunj smiled she always treat him like her own son even Kunj too give all respect and love to Leela after that incident things get a little off.

Kunj ends the call looking at Rahul.
What mother in law saying to you Rahul asked.
Both sat in the Kunj car.

Kunj starts the car and left she call me for dinner at her place Kunj said.
Ho and you aren’t going like every time makes any excuses you are best in this I mean we are since childhood he said both chuckled.

Hmm, yaar but this time she really requested me Lott and you know I don’t like this. I always treat twinkle mother like my own mother I respect her Lott I don’t want to deny her that’s why can’t on the call now what to do he said.

What’s the problem go yaar your Sasural after all go and pampered yourself teased your one and only saala abeer he said.
Huh not interested after whatever happened I don’t feel like to go there yaar ek hesitation si aagi hai Kunj said.

Hmm, I can understand your pain see you even accept your beautiful wifey than why not them Rahul stated Kunj looking at him.By the time they reached Malhotra mansion. Kunj stops the car.

Come let’s have one tea Rahul said.
Not today Kunj said.Rahul comes out of the car.
I’m leaving you because of your mother in law go there Kunj doesn’t hold the grudges Rahul said.

Hmm, thanks yaar Kunj said both bid bye and Kunj start the car again and left for Taneja mansion while going he is in a dilemma whether he should go or not..

Twinkle changed her clothes and come down after getting freshen up.
What happened to you maa.What are you waiting for?? She asked. For whom you are waiting he will not come maa leave it I know Kunj will not come twinkle said and went into the kitchen.

Kunj reached Taneja’s mansion stop his car in front of the mansion looking at the house thinking what he will do ?? Now..
ahaan first this twinkle confused me and my life even her family too since the time they entered in my life ups and down my whole life before I never ever confused in my life he murmured. Remember Rahul words remove his car key.

Let’s go Kunj beta your so-called sasural he said and come out of the car.Nervously finally went inside.

Kunj entered and standing to the entrance looking for anyone. Just then Leela comes there and sees Kunj get surprised she smiled fully and went to him.

Kunj puttar you come she said.
Yup Kunj said.
Why you standing here come puttar she said Kunj come inside.They sat on the couch.

I was waiting for you only but twinkle said Leela stop.
What she said Kunj asked arching his eyebrow he knows his wifey now toh she doing too much.
Nothing beta I’m happy you come Leela said.
Kunj giving just a faint smile.. he hates doing this formality 👅..
Leela called served to bring water for Kunj.

Soon served went and bring water glass give to Kunj.Kunj drinks the water sitting playing with his fingers and doesn’t know what to say.Leela sense this and she can see as well.

Maa Bhabi asking what to add in that dish she said and coming out.Twinkle sees Kunj she stop. and looking at him.Who sitting nicely carrying an innocent look😎😏..

What twinkle Leela asked.
Woh maa, Bhabi asking what to add in rajma twinkle said while eyes fixed on Kunj.

You sit with Kunj puttar I will see Mehak Leela said and went into the kitchen.Twinkle looking at Kunj while he too her back.

She went to the dining table setting the plates and rest things while Kunj sitting alone and he looking at twinkles from head to toe she is looking beautiful in saree fully typical Indian bahu😂.

Look at this girl looking so sanskaari but I only know how chantt she is.For family, she is so introvert but in real extrovert girl siyappa queen huh Kunj murmured.. and keep staring twinkle that twinkle can see.

Huh this sadu staring me like this he will eat me raw lagta hai after my revelation he totally shocked 🤪how he come today?? God knows she muttered and went to the kitchen.

Abeer and rt come and hello hi with Kunj formally.
See Kunj sitting alone you both father and son coming now Leela said..

Sorry maa, abeer said.
What sorry it’s not good to make wait to our son in law Leela said.
Please it’s completely fine Kunj said..

Meher and twinkle are done with cooking they place everything on the table.
What happened to your husband look at him
sitting as he comes to In jail 😂Mehak said.

True Bhabi he comes just for maa I know otherwise he doesn’t come here twinkle added
Meher blinked her eyes.

Both twinkle and Meher went to everyone.
Let’s have dinner everything is set Meher said. Just then a 5-year girl comes.
Kunjjj uncle after seeing him she shouting and immediately come to him.Everyone smiling because they know her craze for her handsome he calling him handsome only.

Aleena where are you abeer asked.
I was playing Papa you all should tell me handsome come I will come early she said.
It’s okay Kunj said.she is aleena abeer and Meher daughter.

Kunj only like aleena in both families.his father one and twinkle.He spends time with her rather than with rest.

I will come after change handsome you sit she said.
Okay, meri maa kunj said she runs upstairs.
This girl totally mad Leela murmured.

Come Kunj beta Leela said. Kunj nods in yes and they all process to the dining table.
Twinkle pulled out a chair for him he looking at her.He sat on the chair while rt on the head chair and abeer opposite of Kunj.Mehak and twinkle serving everyone.

Hope you like the food Mehak said while serving Kunj.
I’m not choosy in food matter just not before he can complete.
Not spicy food Meher said. Kunj looking at her surprisingly how she knows.

Don’t look me like this your one and the only wifey told me before putting spices her husband don’t like Mirchi in his foods so for you only she checked each and everything she said and take a seat beside her husband abeer.

Kunj staring twinkle than having the food. Aleena comes down to sit beside Kunj.
Why you haven’t come here haan? Aleena asked.
Aise hi, you tell me how are you Kunj asked her back.
I’m all good I was missing you even told mumma to take me to twinkle bua house so I can meet you she said with pouty lips.

Achaw next time do call me I will come for you Kunj said. All-seeing them now Kunj talking others since the moment he comes here just stay quiet he gets his perfect and favorite company Aleena the cute..

Aleena keeps blabbering this and that telling Kunj each and everything whatever she did.
Aleena have your dinner quietly Meher said.
Huh, mumma she said.

You say I’m listening Kunj said.They are done with dinner.
Hows the food Meher asked Kunj.
Delicious thanks Kunj said about to get up while aleena busy in talks due to her hand curd cup spills on Kunj.

Hoo noo aleena, see what have you done Meher said she making puppy faces.
Please don’t scold her it’s fine Kunj said.

Twinkle beta go and take Kunj puttar to Washroom Leela said.
Hmm maa, she just hummed and Kunj went with her both of them not say anything.
Twinkle take him to her room showing him the Washroom.
Go and wash she said.
Hmm, he hummed and went in the Washroom.
While twinkle went to bring a towel for Kunj.

Kunj cleaned his shirt and come out of the Washroom looking for twinkle where she disappeared so suddenly not even bothered to stay for her husband if he needs anything.

Kunj about to going Kunj’s eyes falls on the wall he stops and went near the wall. Keep looking at each and Everything.
Twinkle all metals and certificates , achievements her starting training time photos with Abhinav young twinkle who looking so cute.

He holds the metal caressing the metal siyappa queen intelligent the great agent twinkle he recalls their farmhouse conversations about their partner.
He giggles while remembering she telling him she wanted agent type of husband.
So smart giving me hints but I’m an idiot who just busy in her 😛he said and bite his inner cheek.
She has something he said just than twinkle entered into the room with a towel.

Twinkle looking at Kunj what he seeing she coughed. Kunj turned and found twinkle standing while holding a towel in her hands.

Wohhh she forwarding to him he took it.
And wiped his shirt.
I will bring a bhai shirt for you she said while not maintaining any eye-contact.

No, I’m fine now just going home back so no need of this Kunj said.Twinkle didn’t say anything.Both of them come down again to join everyone.

Meher brings dessert for everyone first Kunj denying but because of insisting him than he takes.Aleena sitting on Kunj lap and having the dessert happily..

While Leela seeing twinkle and Kunj she gets a little suspicious today both of them looking different.After this all.

Now we take the leave Leela maa Kunj said while seeing the time.
Hmm, thanks puttar for coming Leela said.
He nervously takes rt and Leela blessings.

Okay, bye cutie pie see you soon Kunj said pecked at her both cheeks while she too and Kunj give her a chocolate bar how can he forgot this.
Thanks handsome she said and hugged him.

Kunj went outside while twinkle meets with her mother.
Okay maa bye now happy your son in law come twinkle said.
Yup, very much Leela said.
Not fair maa twinkle said and making puppy faces and both giggles.They both went outside
Kunj waiting for the twinkle in his car.

Twinkle something happened between you and Kunj Leela asked.
Why you feeling this maa twinkle asked back.
Because you both seemed different Leela said.
Jese twinkle said.
Jese yah ki you always jumped on Kunj like a
Koala Leela said and giggles while twinkle giving her a weird look..

Maa kuch bhi mat bola karo she said and giggling along with her mother and hugged her.
Maa don’t worry aap hi toh kehte ho husband and wife mein little nok jhok is fine it strengthens their bond twinkle said.
Yes If like that then okay she said and kissed on her forehead.

Kunj looking at her just. Aha, iska maa Milap Bhi tak end hi nahi ho raha if she is not my wife I will surely leave her here only he murmured.

Okay maa, I’m going bye while looking at Kunj.
Before sadu will blast let me go she said giggles and Leela smacked on her shoulder she went and sat in the car and both of them left for sarna mansion.Both them gazing each other’s but didn’t talk.

They come sarna mansion both of them went inside whole family members sitting in the living room and chit-chatting after dinner.Twinkle and Kunj entered.
Newly wedded couple come advik said..

Not anymore it’s been more than a month twinkle replied and sat beside Avantika.
Kunj sat on the side couch.

Kunj went with you twinkle or not?? Avantika asked while twinkle looking at Kunj.
Hmm, he went mummy ji twinkle said..While tej looking at Kunj this dadi and Kunj notice.

Kunj resting his head on his dadi shoulder she caressing his hairs.

By the way, Kunj where were you are?Tej asked. Kunj opens his eyes and looking at his father.
Woh yaha hi he said.
I’m excepting this I called you lott you didn’t even bother to call your father once tej said litte in a stern voice.Kunj checking his phone Tej 2 miscalls was there.

Sorry I didn’t saw that’s why kunj said..
Avantika gesturing tej leave right now.

How was your dinner Leela aunty make something awesome yuvi said.
Yup Mehar Bhabi made today twinkle said.
They talking about here and there Random things.

Dadu how’s your friend you went today? Yuvi asked.
Good everything even his son too joins the army like his father and grandfather good na Prithviraj said.
Ho, really they must be happy yuvi added.

Dadu why don’t you make uncles like you army officer advik said Prithviraj looking at his trio sons who sitting.

Heh, I try Lott but they weren’t interested in this job more in other things i thought after me my kids and their kids will take my legacy ahead and do something great for my nation so I can proudly say he is my son and my grandkid but you too both like your parents interested in this business and all’s Prithviraj stated miserably..

Your job is to get happy in this fake and dark world. My job is to fight for my country. Nothing gives more happiness than fighting for your nation Prithviraj added with happiness recalling his those days which he lived fully and give his life for his nation..

Wish we can become like you dadu yuvi said with a sad face..
koi na beta I just want you all to stay happy in your whatever work he added.Kunj listening to his grandfather’s words.

Sometimes I thought dadu and Kunj looking same to same I mean he gives looks always like you 🙄🤪. We grown-up in your hands but we never look-alike you but he does Lott your and his many things matching yuvi added dadi too agreeing with this.

He should become an officer looks like that only so suspicious man yuvi said casually while Kunj who resting and closing his eyes immediately opened his eyes and looking at yuvi.

Don’t give me this look I’m just joking yuvi added.Twinkle and Kunj both looking at each other faces.Kunj gets nonplussed with yuvi words.

He gets up immediately goodnight he said and went to his room.
What happened to him Avni said get confused.

Maybe tired dadi said.
What tried what he doing jese maa ? Tej said.

Kunj come to his room and sat on the bed.
Twinkle comes in the room with a water jug she looking at Kunj keeps the mug on the bedside table.

Kunj opening his shirt buttons in frustration little breaking the buttons which falling down twinkle see this.

He gets up went to the wardrobe to take out his nightdress and went to the Washroom.

What happened to him so suddenly twinkle murmured and removing her earrings and bangles.
Kunj standing under the shower let the waterfalls on him..
aha, why I’m thinking this much he maybe he said normally he said and Wear his clothes.

And come out of the Washroom while wiping his wet hairs and throw the wet towel on the bed.Went downstairs.

This man never improves she said take the towel and keep in the side and changed her clothes.Kunj making coffee for himself.

Twinkle pick up those buttons and keep them in the drawer back.
Kya ladka hai frustration buttons pe nikalta hai and in the morning when in the hustle that moment yelling how this happened he itself break them she murmured.Kunj entered in room with a coffee mug.

Today he didn’t tell her to make coffee for himself he used to make for himself but after things get better between them he always demanded from her only if she doesn’t want than also get frowned and forcefully send her anyhow..

Kunj went in the balcony if he stayed in the room they will surely argue on anything..
twinkle doing her little work due to her job nowadays she totally busy with this all her personal work left..
Avantika and tej knocking at the door door weren’t fully closed slightly.

Mummy ji aur papaji aap dono come she said they both entered inside.. Looking for Kunj.
Aap dono iss time yaha anything urgent she asked?
No beta where is your husband at this time also he busy at outside tej said she nodding in no and gesturing towards the balcony..

Kunjjjj tej give him a voice with the sudden voice of his father Kunj wooly.

He turned and found his mother and father in the room.He went in the room back.
Aap dono at this time any work Kunj asked?
Yeah, we have to come at this time because pure din toh tum kaha hote ho kes ko pata hai god knows what you doing Kunj tej said..

Kunj closed his eyes because he knows what was coming next..
now what you wanted from me say clearly Kunj said sat on the couch..

Look at him here I come to talk to him but he least care about Avantika tej said..

Kunj listens to your papa first Avantika said.
I’m saying na bolo kya kaam hai kunj said..

Kaam kaam hi toh tum nahi kar raho kunj for a long time I’m saying you come and join my business why you did not get ready for this what’s your problem tell me I will do something tej said..

I knew it you both come here for this nonsense drama I told you but numbers of time I will not work with you papa why can’t you understand. If I’m bothering you both for anything then tell me I never do this still you both behind me kunj said.

Really Kunj we wanted I wanted my son to demand something from me but you just busy in your own world you are our one and only son Kunj we have some expectations from you. It’s not your duty to fulfill your parents’ wishes tej said..

I do lott what I didn’t do what you have said to me papa I did you told me to marry first I get ready for your and maa happiness yes or not.

Than itna sab hua still you both wanted me to get married with a twinkle for whom I get ready just for you both na he said loudly. He gets up.

I always do whatever you wanted but one thing I can’t. I cleared you both I’m not interested in business all Kunj said.

what You are interested in Kunj?? Tell me today because I’m your father but never feel like you are my son what lacking in me so I can’t become my son friend at least he can share his things with me but you just stay in your zone you aren’t like this before what happened to you tell me tej said who had little tears in his eyes.

Papa kaha ki baat kaha leke ja rahe hai when I said this you aren’t perfect.He went near his father and held his hands.

Listen you are perfect who is not perfect it’s me You aren’t please don’t say anything.
Me kar lunga apna future you don’t need to bother about me papa Kunj said.

Then come join the office I will open another company for you if you don’t want to work with me tej said.

Noo Papa I don’t want this aisa toh nahi hai na you can only make your career in just business there are many fields you can do and bright your name.I will never put down your head that’s my promise see you did what your heart wanted you itself didn’t listen dadu see today where are you standing top class businessman even I’m your son😎Kunj said slightly giggles.

Impossible to understand you Kunj.Yuvi was absolutely right you day by day becoming my father Kunj said..

Then you should be happy and feel proud 😝Kunj said..

I’m very serious tej said.
Even I’m too Kunj said..

Kunj listens to your papa join office na he requesting you Lott Avantika said..

Now you becoming like papa Kunj said.
Tell us one reason then we will leave this question tej said now Kunj looking at twinkle who just listening in a corner quietly can’t interpret in between parents and son..

Kunj turned his face hold his head ahah how can I tell papa what I’m doing I can’t tell you both this I’m extremely sorry he thinks in his heart He turned back.

Because me kyun sunu papa ki unhone kaunsi Dadu ki kabhi suni hai same here too he said and sat down.Tej and Avantika were both shocked by his answer.

See Avantika for this day we have kids okay fine Kunj If you doing this all because I went against my father so you will do the same. Hehe, he painfully laughs you got the reason papa was right you will get what you did karma and I’m just getting that only. I’m sorry I trouble you from today I won’t that’s my promise to you all the best I just want you happy that’s it he said went from there with disheartened.

Not good kunj today Avantika said she too went behind her husband.

Kunj itself doesn’t want to say those words but he doesn’t have any other way feel bad to hurt his parents..

You shouldn’t say this word to papa Kunj twinkle said.He looking at her.

Then what I will do haan you answer me he said loudly Kunj get up and looking at twinkle while she gets tensed why he giving her this look.
He went closer to her pulled her near himself.
Did you say anything about me being an agent Kunj said?
Why you thinking this haan I will tell she said.

See twinkle just asking you nicely not in the mood for any arguments Kunj said.
Even me too just telling you she added.

Can’t you say straight Kunj said?
Arey why you asking me this all questions to me kunj twinkle added he held her shoulders.

Because very suddenly today yuvi said those words he said.
Hoo, do you think he said because of me I tell him about your agent really impossible Kunj at least trust me this much twinkle said?

Kunj sarcastically giggles trust really twinkle now toh At least don’t do this acting anymore I know you are a great actress but this not workout on me anymore he said.

Mat karo she said.
Trust ki baat tu kar hi mat. Very badly you have broken my trust only I know this Kunj said..
when I think about all those things feels like I do something with myself or he stops.
Or bolo na do something with me Haina Kunj kar lo what you wanted to do what satisfies your anger I’m ready for your any punishment I already told you about each and everything I have reason to hide my identity this you know and can understand as well still you behaving as kids twinkle said

I’m behaving twinkle I’m not angry because of this you hide your identity from me it’s your personal thing I m not interested even I know we aren’t allowed this as well kunj said.

Than matter kya hai you are angry with me what about you look at yourself how much you hurting mummy ji and papa ji, you answered me why you don’t tell them about your work Kunj they will be happy I’m sure to tell them na see them both of them just worried about you.
Everyone saying them so many things about you they feel bad I know this it’s shown on their faces as well their son is just worthless but they don’t know na what actually in real their son is the great secret agent Kunj sarna ATB officer twinkle said.

Don’t try to disclose my identity twinkle i m saying you today I don’t care about you.
And I will see my parents as well you don’t need to care about them when you don’t care about your own husband feelings why you concerning about my parents I’m here for them. I’m happy to be worthless in everyone’s eyes because I don’t want any drama.
Jesi meri duty hai wese hi me secret if you know about me because we are from the same place otherwise I don’t even tell you this I keep my both professional life and personal life secret. Don’t ever try to do this mistake no one will be worse than me. Haan one more thing even don’t tell your parents about me, and I know about you being an agent we are working on the same mission nothing twinkle it’s just a secret between us only like before nothing happened fake drama continue he added grin smirk.
Are you get that he said..

Okay, I m not interested to shout out about you Kunj she said..
great he said just then suddenly very badly thunderstorm started which scared twinkle Lott she immediately hugged Kunj.Kunj breaks the hug.

Don’t do now this all things twinkle please it’s really hurt me again thunderstorm she closed her eyes in fear.
really you scared of this thunderstorm hehe man yaar twinkle kitne shades hai man I’m never getting so confused before meeting you. You are the one girl who completely puzzled me I try to understand you as much as you getting more confused solve this mystery yaar first he said.

Dar lag raha hai kya don’t be you aren’t a normal girl love to play with fire so my fire wifey doesn’t be scared it doesn’t suit you he said very closer to her face.
Hassi aati hai mujhe when I remember each and everything kya kya nahi kiya oops that day you scared even it was your drama twinkle ho man I totally got scared I must say you are a brilliant actor that’s why you are the favorite of Abhinav Tyagi 👅he added she just listening to his word even not care about her fear of thunderstorms.

Kunjj don’t leave me please this and that someone is in our room really kaun tha didn’t you ever try to find out that person I mean you are an agent you can.This is your left-hand game.
I’m not getting that feeling from your touch Kunj moving his finger on her face she sides her face..

Kya hua twinkle Kunj sarna now you aren’t liking my touch anymore they face an inch apart he rubbing his nose on her left side cheek..
she controlling herself. It’s worthless to say anything he will just take her in a wrong way let him speak so his anger cools down after speak this all..

No one was in our room it was your plan so I distract my mind so you can do your work mission pakdo Kunj karna hai na twinkle? He said she just looking into his eyes having teary eyes.
He holds his head why I didn’t catch you everyone asking me hehe how I will be yaar I m busy and lost in your so-called love Haina i can’t see anything after you. My mind and heart just rolling around twinkle.

You changed very suddenly it was unexpected but doubt nope hua hi nahi tere pe.
Tell me one thing you just get ready to marry me just because of your mission twinkle he asked with Lott hopes..

Right now I’m not answerable to you kunj she said;
Don’t extra smart with me here show your this to at duty time, not in this room here we are husband and wife he said angrily.

Acha kya bolu if I will say anything do you believe on me nope you will not Kunj take me wrong only kya bolu mein haan she said.

Ho believes kese karu mein you just give me unbelievable shocks twinklee he added.

Kunj leave her went in side you did each and everything because of your own purpose I’m thinking this all love and care.You don’t want to get marry me but you get after this all happened it was shocking for me.Tera extra romantic biwi ka drama gets ready to forget that incident why?? Because of your purpose twinkle you just playing me and my feelings so you can stay around me and get more information about me Haina sab jhoot hi tha twinkle me pagal kya kya samajh beta.Trust ki baat karti hai twinkle you always misunderstood me and will always too he said.

She went near him turned him and cupping his face.
Kunj it’s not true haan I was behind you and doing my duty but my feelings for you never lie and no purpose behind this all.Each second I spend with you I live with my whole heart. I’m not feeling bad you saying me this all I know I hurt you somewhere but it wasn’t in my hand.

If I always misunderstood you even you will too can’t understand me and the value of my feelings and emotions she said..

the value of your feelings Kya Baat hai twinkle yaar still you are same to same.he cupped her face. There is no purpose behind your feelings for me then why you now ignoring haan you toh can’t stay without me Haina he said and winked at her till your last breath he murmured and jerked her..

Sab jhoot tha let this mission over twinkle than we will think about us right now this mission is very important for us and you should think about your work he said.

She wiped her tears I know Kunj suno ek baat please don’t worried about me she said and went to the bed sat down.

Aur one more thing be careful don’t let anyone get to know about in family.i will handle my parents too he said and sat on the couch both holding their faces..

Kunj went in the Washroom washed his face and come.Went to bed he took a pillow and another blanket moving together couch twinkle held his hand.

You can sleep here on the bed no need of this all to sleep on the couch it’s very uncomfortable Kunj you need rest than only you can work she said.

You sleep peacefully you need more than me he said and went to the couch laid down She too.
Later rain started fully due to this twinkle woke up middle of her sleep. The balcony door was opened she gets up and seeing rainwater coming inside little splashing on Kunj too. She closed the door and come to him. And shaking him.
He immediately woke up. Yes, twinkle he asked in a sleepy voice.
Kunj comes and sleeps on the bed you will catch a cold she said.
Sleep I’m fine he said and turned his face she pulled the blanket.

Twinkleee what is this at this time man he said get frustrated…
I will not let you sleep here keep your anger for morning come and sleep don’t worry now I wouldn’t take your advantage she said..

But he is not ready she takes the blanket and even pulled the pillow and went back to bed.
Kunj feeling cold. Twinkle giggling he get up and giving her a killing look. He gets up in frustration and laid down on the bed beside her.

Goodnight she said.
I will see you in the office he murmured.
Okay ever ready she said and giggles.with a pouty face, Kunj sleep hell tired he was.

Twinkle keep looking at him she covered him with the blanket and kissed on his cheeks
I really believe that you are the greatest thing to ever happen to me kunj. And my feelings for you Kunj always been real hope you can understand this she said and caressing his hairs while admiring him she sleep..

As Usual morning sunlight coming on Kunj’s face.Twinkle and Kunj both peacefully sleeping
In each other.
Twinkle Alarm rang she woke up and rubbing her eyes and feels Kunj on her.She smiled after seeing him.
Sadu she murmured and went in the Washroom she can’t be late.Quickly get freshen up and get ready and went down and helping in breakfast.

While Kunj too woke up and get freshen up.
He closing his shoe lacs twinkle entered with his coffee and went to him.
Your coffee and everyone waiting for you at down for breakfast are you having there or else I will bring here? She said.He looking at her.
No thanks, aur twinkle yah sab mat kar tujhe suits nahi karta hai he said and went to the dressing table she just looking at him.

Fine it doesn’t suit me but have your breakfast it’s not good to leave your breakfast I will send with servant if you don’t want from my hands she said he turned and looking at her.

He went near her and take the coffee mug.
From next time don’t do I can take care of myself twinkle or Stella he said.

Come soon because I don’t like latecomers he said and while sipping the coffee went down she making faces.
Don’t do from next time she murmured in his tone giggles slightly..

Avantika and tej were upset because of Kunj last night.Kunj didn’t sit for breakfast.

He reached the office first behind him Rahul was both went to his cabin.

Good morning brother Rahul said.
You too Kunj added.
Where is your wifey stella you didn’t bring her with yourself Rahul asked him?
Nope, she is coming having worked at home too Kunj said and give him a sandwich he brings for him.

Thanks, he said and started having.
So nice na how beautifully she handling her both duties here and at home too Rahul said.
Hmm, he just hummed Rahul’s take the seat in front of him.

How’s your dinner at Sasural get pampered by your Sasural wale rahul said.
Dinner was good feels like I stuck somewhere and doing just formality Leela maa get a happy fine for me he added.

True where is all Rahul said.
Let them come late than I will see ek ko toh warning hi deke aa raha hu kunj said and both giggles.One by one everyone comes.Twinkle too come with Aryan seen by Kunj and making faces Rahul putting more chilies.

Next time early litte Kunj said..
We are on the correct time twinkle said keeping her bag on her desk.
Let’s start the work common Kunj said.Kunj and Rahul went out.

They reached to hospital MP visit to the hospital for his mother.

Dr now how many days my mother will stay here MP asked.
No much within 2 days we will shift her to home there you need to give her proper care and rest dr said.
Sure dr I will do.Why not you send a nurse for my mother she can take care of her at my home easy also MP suggested.

Waha waha kya right tha tu Rahul said both of them standing behind the window.
Huh, I’m always right it’s you all who doubting on me 😎😏. He said.
Not we just your lovey wifey and her boss taygi 😉Rahul said try to control on his giggles..

Shut up don’t chant this wifey wifey feels like wife nahi hogi gale ki haddi hogi hai he said. Still, Rahul laughing.

Control on your laugh otherwise I will do for the life time get it he said.

Okay, I will appoint any nurse for your home give me a day dr said.
Thanks, dr MP said and went from there while Kunj and Rahul hides..After dr too went out of the icu room.

Without doing any noise Kunj and Rahul went icu and looking at his mother.
Feeling really very bad Mrs. Partap but we can’t do anything your son deserves this we loved to play and use you in our mission thanks for this right time pe aap hospital landed hui hai Kunj said Rahul take an apple from the table and throw to Kunj and both started having..

You are right kunj. MP baby makes us run Lott behind himself you always come to mother India and save your son from us but this time seemed like god wasn’t with you 😂Rahul added.

This time ball is in our court get ready Nivedita Singh Partap Kunj said and smirked.
Haan bhabi is coming for your Seva 👅Rahul said and Kunj gives him death glares..

Chal nurse ka dekhte hai kaun aaya hai kunj said both of them went from there..

While at the office::
Twinkle go and change then we will see Malika said and handover her clothes.She takes and went in the Washroom.
After changing twinkle come and showing Malika.By the time Rahul and Kunj too comeback.
Joe and sara showing them their work.

What about two madams nurse ka look diya hai innko seemed like Alien bane Gaye hai Kunj murmured.

Oh shut up we are here Malika said from the back. Kunj sat on top of the desk..
what shut up being in siyappa queen company don’t fly Kunj said..

Tell us what have you done in our absence till now Rahul said take seat beside Kunj..

Wait come my heroine Malika said.
She aside and twinkle come in front kunj and Rahul rest looking at her..
look at my nurse we have done this in your absence samajh Malika said.

Twinkle raised her eyes and looking at Kunj who just looking at her..
How’s it?? Malika asked.
Hmm fine but something more not so different kunj said Malika face dropped down while sara and Rahul giggles.

Saduu twinkle murmured..
what you don’t like in this Malika asked.By the time Abhinav and Jaidev come together.

Hello my officers they said. Kunj and Rahul get you all saluted them.
Sit what’s going on here how are your preparations is going on jaidev said.

You can see sir malika said and showing twinkle.Abhinav and Jaidev looking at twinkle.
Great Abhinav said. Kunj rolling his eyeballs.
They both took the seats.

See Kunj you not liking Malika said proudly.

Kunj get up and went near twinkle moving around her.
Not approval Kunj said Malika looking at him.

Sirrr she said while looking at Jaidev. While Jaidev hands up his hands he can’t do anything in front of Kunj.

Don’t look there i m your boss go and change Kunj said.Twinkle huffed and went malika too in another room..After changing they come back.

Malika she is going as a nurse make her like that I didn’t tell you to add glamour in this haan.Twinkle going to MP house as his mother nurse, not for modelings keep it simple and sober cut this all drama Kunj said.

He went and pick up a dress Indian one and place on twinkle checking whether it’s looking good or not..

Try some Indian kunj said.

Kunj you knowing Lott about this all things I never knew Jaidev Rahul started laughing.
Sir, you don’t know anything about Kunj shit I remember I didn’t tell about that was just waiting for you to come so I can tell you Rahul said.

Really what tell me too jaidev said. Kunj looking at Rahul.
Rahul first completes this Kunj said and gritting his teeth.
Sir sir listen to me Rahul said.
No sir first this Kunj said.

Ahaan Rahul, you say Jaidev said.
Kunj knows about this all because before saying he looking at Kunj.He shopping for his wife’s na that day twinkle send him the list he narrates the whole scene all started laughing while Kunj looking at Rahul angrily he throws the pen on him.

Really very surprising good supportive and caring husband Jaidev said Kunj giving what is this look to Jaidev.While twinkle too giggling.

And twinkle do you know who bring that all things, not your this husband but sara I’m sure he tells you it’s the first and last time🤣 Rahul said.

Twinkle remember and started giggling nodding in yes he said the same..

He handover your list to sara itself did not go Rahul said.

Now Over this your drama he clapping sarcastically Kunj said.
Yeah, Rahul said giggling still.

Stop showing Your teeth’ Kunj said give twinkle the dress go madam fast Kunj said.

She went and changed quickly come.

Kunj checking perfectly in each detail Malika give her little coiled hairs Kunj said.

You know very much Malika said and doing her hairs. Soon result come in front of their eyes now she totally looking different no one can’t say she is twinkle and recognize her.

Now perfect Kunj said and sat beside Rahul.
All started clapping.

Waha kunj you should join this work too Rahul said Kunj pushed him down..

Sir how’s it?? Kunj asked Jaidev and Abhinav.

Really appreciated Kunj now I understood why jaidev is mad behind you he said.
I told you na he is my hero aise hi nahi bolta hu Jaidev said Abhinav agreeing with him.

Twinkle looking at herself in the mirror she too surprised can’t say she is twinkle only.
MP toh gaya sir sara said in all excitement.

Hmm, somewhere toh Kunj said.
How’s his mother Abhinav asked??

Still same sir Rahul replied.
We don’t have much time within 2 days she is discharged from the hospital.Twinkle you will go to the hospital tomorrow and I have already applied for your nurse job Kunj said..

So fast Aryan said.
Next year bhej na hai kya Kunj said. Rahul pressing his giggle while Jaidev too.
Okay, fine twinkle said and gestures to Aryan.

Rahul click her photos? Kunj said he immediately brings his camera na clicked her photos.

Keep we will use them in somewhere Kunj said. Twinkle went and changed her clothes.

Loving your all dedication and hard work Jaidev said..

Sir are you not going back Delhi Rahul asked.
Nahi I will come by tomorrow today have something cooked by you jaidev said.
Ho really than great because today my family not at home Chance pe dance Rahul said.

Sir, you too become like him day by day Kunj said and went in his cabin Rahul behind him.

Hehe, Jaidev becomes like the boss you looking their friend more boss less Abhinav said.
They aren’t my students just family he said..

Finally, their one tension over twinkle look fixed and killer..

Twinkle went to the sarna mansion no one was there she immediately went into her room and changed her clothes come and found Kunj in the kitchen he doing something.After seeing twinkle he immediately hides.

What you doing here she asked stepping to him.
Nothing can’t I entered in the kitchen Kunj said.
You can I just asked you normally twinkle said.

Don’t do your detective giri and stop taking my inquiries like before he said and went from there.
If he is not my husband I will Surely twist his neck she murmured.

@rahul was busy in the kitchen Jaidev come with a champagne bottle.
Hello my cook Jaidev said.
Arey sir you come sorry he said.
It’s okay don’t be formal Jaidev added and went ahead.

Something delicious will be come on the plate today Jaidev said.
Hope so dekha sir your officer not come for my help Rahul said.
I’m here jaidev added and started helping him.
Kunj comes and looking at them.

Who will tell after seeing them they are secret agent and boss and student 😂 he said.
Looking lovey Kunj said.

Finally, the king has arrived Rahul said.
Yup no doubt Kunj added.
Now see what I will do put more chilies Rahul said showing him knife and chilies which was in his hands.

Ho really I’m not so interested in your food I can go back to my home have there my wife make food for me that also less spicy Kunj said. Jaidev arching his eyebrow 😂Kunj turned his face.

Suna sir dekha someone was saying I’m not interested in this all marriage you know what sir why?? he fooled by twinkle He said.
Why?? Jaidev asked.

Very confidential sir come near Rahul said whispered in Jaidev ears. Both laughing Kunj took cabbage from the vegetable basket and throw at Rahul.

He tortured me this much sir think what happened when you aren’t around Rahul said.

You come here I will chop you and cook you in this cooker he said and looking at the cooker on the gas stove.

Sir, he just showing us this anger huh what happened that day when twinkle giving you back haan dekha na sir biwi ke saamne juban nahi nikali rahul said.Kunj comes and both started hitting with each other playfully.

You both buzz off Jaidev said loudly.
Sir twinkle ka dialogue 😂😂brings for us new mentor she was right he said and run out of the kitchen.
Huh, Kunj huffed.
Cooldown my boy jaidev said Kunj join him in cooking.
He becomes mad sir Kunj said.
But I’m happy for you jaidev and patting on his shoulder.
Nothing is like this sir he saying just normally Kunj said.

You know na I can read your face and even can understand your unspoken words still you don’t try In front of me jaidev said.
You are only the one who understood me sir he said.

After this, the trio sat down on the chairs and started having their dinner.
Yummy jaidev said while Kunj making a moued face.
I know you will don’t like my food after having twinkle he said👅.

Rahul let him have his dinner first teased him later jaidev said.

Aur kuch socha kunj jaidev asked?
Everything is set just your pal team will follow me nicely then we will caught MP soon Kunj said.

Don’t worry they will be Kunj if they are raw you teach them jaidev said.
Attitude dekha Haina sir kunj said.
Only your wife baki two is fine Rahul said Kunj grimaced.

No problem after seeing her dedication something she has jaidev said.
That’s why your hero fooled by her 😝Rahul said.

Don’t you think so you promoting twinkle Lott does she paid you Kunj said.
Nope In free, I’m doing teri kyun jal rahi hai he added and having his food.Rahul just pulling Kunj leg in the whole dinner..

After dinner, they went for a walk and talking about their mission only.
Kunj keep your eyes on MP and his members too jaidev said.

Don’t worry about this you go after at least check one day twinkle Rahul said.
Yeah, sir kunj added..

Hmm, let’s see if I get Oder from high commands than I have too jaidev said.

Okay sir both said..

Now let’s go kunj I think your wife must be waiting for you jaidev said in teasing manners.
Sir don’t kunj said..

Bye Rahul thanks for the dinner jaidev said.
Don’t be sir Rahul said and hugged him.

Jaidev and Kunj together leave for their places.

Next scene:
Twinkle went to her room and did her work she decided to have a review of the day observations and was sitting with few papers and was doing her review work she was trying to connect all the dots so that they won’t be any hindrance in her mission and her sadu sarna won’t have a chance to be angry on her…

While kunj too came in the room after a while and looked at twinkle who was sitting on the floor with all the papers scattered around
Ohh homework 😒 ab toh pati ko pata chal gaya khule aam ye kar sakti hai ab kuch bhi he thought in a mind and looked at her who was so busy in her observations he coughed to gain her attention while she looked at him and collected her papers.

What do you want anything??? Twinkle asked kunj while he nodded in yes
I don’t want to disturb you but I need coffee he added while twinkle looking at him Ab aaya na unt pahad ke neeche she murmured.

twinkle said okay and kept everything in a file and hides it in wardrobe
And kunj was looking at her while awe expression and I was so duffed hiding it from her all the while she knew everything about me huh he murmured

Soon twinkle prepared coffee and poured into 2 cups and was going back to her room when sees kunj coming down checking his phone
Huh this sadu sarna doesn’t have patience at all she murmured while kunj looked at her took a cup of coffee and left for the lawn while twinkle decided to go back to the room.

She went in their room balcony enjoying her coffee when noticed kunj in the lawn he was on the call with someone and looked very much happy while twinkle was suspicious seeing him like that
He looks so amazing when he is happy seeing his smile makes me smile too but don’t know why he carries that sadu look what’s the problem with it if I hide about being an agent we were so happy I thought I’ll tell him about me too when I will assure Abhinav sir that he is not doing anything wrong but no babaji you planned fully to ruin my life na she said looking at the sky…sorry I am joking she said and looked back at kunj

With whom he is talking he is not that attached with family members nor with his friends too she said thinking
What if there is a girl? 😔 She thought suddenly while kunj eyes fell on twinkle both had an eye lock.

While he ended the call and twinkle frowns and went inside their room she opens her phone to see Malika Rahul sara aryan Elena who was group chatting from so much
Twinkle was sure now kunj wasn’t talking with any of them and sat on again thinking while kunj entered the room after a while and looks at twinkle
Seems miss stella is thinking something deeply he joked in a funny manner
Yup I have to or else someone will not leave a chance to lower me she too replied it sarcastic way

While kunj giggled thinking why he took panga with the sherni again …
Oh good at least I’ll be free from handling your siyappa’s thank you babaji he added looking at the ceiling
You are really tired of me na? Twinkle asked seriously
Yup, obviously kunj added taking it in a joking manner.

Hmm twinkle said and suddenly went quite
While kunj stood to take the duvet and came towards the bed
Can I ask you something? Twinkle Murmured
Yeah, ma’am, I will be more than pleased if you ask me something he said smiling
With whom? You were talking just now? Twinkle asked kunj facial expressions changed in a second
He looked at twinkle and goes close to her uhmm woh he added looking at her
I hope you won’t get angry listening to that he said while twinkle looked on …

Then listen twinkle there is a girl in my life with whom I am madly in love with kunj added looking into her eyes she can see the desire in his eyes
Really ?? Twinkle asked tears forming in her eyes

Ufff yaar sara maza kharab kardiya I was joking their is nothing like that and stop your detective giri on me at least now I can handle only one siyappa queen at a time kunj added giggling and went towards couch while closing the lights

And yeah don’t put stress in your tiny brain and have a good sleep miss stella ji he added giggling

Huh, twinkle said and laid down covering herself and thinking about this only with whom he was talking.
Mujhe kya karne do iss jo karna hai she murmured it was enough audible for Kunj.

Doing that only twinkle Kunj said and giggles twinkle shocked and took the cushion throw at him..

I will kill you she shouted.
Try than see the outcome Kunj added back.
By, the way she sat on the bed.Where are you?? She asked.

Tujhe se matlab kunj said who checking his phone.
Just asking because dadi asked me about you she said Kunj look at her.
Rahul ke ghar for dinner jaidev sir too come that’s it anything else do you wanted to know my highness he said twinkle giving impossible looks.

You just busy in your world ek baar papaji se sorry toh bol dete kunj she said.

See you want great the agent twinkle urf stella
For metal and best bahu awards goes to you I’m sure but I’m not so chill and let me too in sometimes they will be okay itself come don’t worry I will show you he said.
As your wish she said.While doing this both sleep..

2 and 3 days passed away twinkle and Kunj their both teams busy in their mission fully don’t want single mistakes checking each thing again and again.While MP’s mother gets discharged from the hospital and went home.

While twinkle went to the hospital for her job she gets because Kunj already set everything so no hustle come in their plan.Aryan and Elena following Robert everywhere so they get any clue about their next plan but till yet they haven’t got a single thing against MP and his members.

Twinkle woke up she is not liking Kunj sleeping on the couch she loves to cuddle him while sleeping now she is not getting peaceful sleep which she just gets in his embrace she used to now world best and secure place for twinkle it just kunj embrace..

She smiling while looking at Kunj she gets up and went to the wardrobe takes out their clothes.
She kept Kunj’s clothes on the bed.
Kunj Sleep while reading book she went near him and her legs stuck in the carpet due to this she fell down on the Kunj.
Ahh, Kunj winched in sleep and woke up he opened his eyes and found a twinkle on himself.

Ahaan twinkle what are you doing on me he said and try to side her.
Sorry, Kunj woh mein toh book side me rakh rahi thi aur tumpe gir gai she said.
Yah new way you find haan to wake up he said. She about to get up but her Mangalsutra stuck in the Kunj kurta button.
Woh mera mangalsutra she said.
Wait I will do it he said Kunj takes out her mangalsutra.
Thanks, she said both looking into each other eyes most twinkle only.
Ab stop staring me twinkle get up Moti he said she

was shocked


You call me Moti sadu she he said and get up.
Huh good-morning nahi bad morning hai he murmured.

She pulled his hair and run in the Washroom.
Siyappa queen finding ways to irritates me just he said.

Twinkle come out of the Washroom after bath she went to the dressing table and wiping her wet hairs Kunj seeing her.
Go and get ready sadu she said.
He Huffed and went in the Washroom.She gets ready kunj to come out of the Washroom about to takes out his clothes.

I have already taken out your clothes kept here she said Kunj turned seeing his clothes keeping on the bed.
Hmm, he hummed and takes his clothes wear about to closing his shirt button. One button was broken he about to take off the shirt.

What happened?? She asked.
Button toota hua hai he said..

Wait I will stitch your button wait she said and bring the sewing box.she take the needle and thread went to near Kunj.

Twinkle started stitching his shirt button while Kunj just looking at her..
he tells her Lott always but she never stretched the things leave so easily he itself doesn’t want to hurt her anyway but he can’t control his cool.. Quickly she stitched his button and break the leftover thread with her teeth.
Done she said.
Thanks even you know this surprising he said.
Don’t be it’s normal aur mere se tum surprised hone ki aadat daal lo mr sarna she said.
Ho, really he said she nodding in yes.

Kunj went downstairs his mother placing plates on the dining table Kunj went and give her back hugged she knows who he was.
Sorry maa, kunj said cuddles her tightly.
For what?? She said.
For everything by the way where is your man not seeing anywhere Kunj Said twinkle comes down and sees them, she smiled to see this.

Buttering sadu twinkle murmured and went in the kitchen and bringing rest things.Avantika turned to him.
What you wanted today so buttering Kunj Avantika said.
Nothing maa I can only come to you for anything he said.
Don’t know she said.
Bas aise hi come have your breakfast she said.
You will feed me it’s been long Haina maa? Kunj said.
I know it’s been very long you don’t want us she said.
Maa please, na Kunj said.
Okay, Avantika said served him sat beside him, and started feeding him with her hands.Each and everyone come for breakfast.
Hoho yuvi and advik hooted..Tej too come he give looks.

Bas, I’m done Kunj said to drink water.
Okay, Avantika added.
Twinkle I’m waiting for you in the car come I will drop you Kunj said run from there..

Twinkle had her breakfast and went Kunj was waiting for her. She went sat in the car.
Let’s go twinkle said.
Hmm, he hummed and they left for the office.

Run inside the office everyone comes.
Husband and wife late Rahul said.
Do your work kunj said.

Go twinkle to the hospital now there MP will come in sometimes Kunj said.
Hmm, I will change she said and changed her clothes with Kunj and Rahul twinkle they went to the hospital twinkle went inside while Kunj and Rahul near her but hide carefully..

Dr twinkle said..
Haan comes Stella mr Partap is coming in sometimes dr said.He went out of the cabin while Kunj and Rahul presented there only.
Soon MP comes dr bring him inside the cabin he took his seat.
So mr Partap here is the nurse for your mother I appointed for your mother dr Said MP looking at twinkle from head to toe.. Kunj seeing and not liking at all closed his fist because the way MP scanning twinkle not good. But he can’t do anything both of them doing their duties.

Well, I want her all information I mean personal checking MP said.
Sure that’s why I already bring her papers dr said and handover him.Mp started reading each and everything Kunj set perfectly there is no option left for any doubts on her information.

Hmm you know many things good dr fixed her from tomorrow come to my home you will do each and everything of my mother and take care of her very nicely I don’t want any mistakes MP said.
Sure sir I will do my best twinkle said she works on her vocal tone because Kunj helps her get a different tone.
Good than see you soon at my place what’s your name MP asked.
Stella twinkle said.
Stella what a name he murmured and give cheesy smile now I’m going dr you tell her to rest things too MP said and went from there.

Stella, you go tomorrow and join your duty, okay dr said.. twinkle nodded in yes she looking at towards the window Kunj and Rahul was standing there. She was hell nervous now.

They returned back to the office where everyone was presented.
What happened? Abhinav asked.
Plan set sir MP to get ready for twinkle Rahul said.All get happy while twinkle and Kunj totally dejected.

Kunj went into his cabin and sat down on his chair and looking very restless now his heart beating 10 times faster while thinking about twinkle how will she managed there all alone it’s not safe to send her there in MP cage.that was part of their job.
He takes out a few things from his drawer and takes and went back to out.
Twinkle here is your basic things he said and handover her she looking at Kunj than things.

What is this Kunj she asked?
Pendant Aryan said.
Not just a pendant Aryan there is a hidden camera in this pendant so we can easily track you and see as well from there you may be alone there but our eyes always on you 24/7.
And haan removed your this mangalsutra as well because you aren’t allowed to wear this while going there Kunj said about to remove she held his hand.
I will myself do it she said..
And the most important thing this watch it’s not too normal watch twinkle this watch having many functions beneficial for us Kunj said give to twinkle.
When you feel any emergency anything thing happened around you just press this watch buttoned I will get to know immediately he said.Kunj has already done all twinkle Safety and full protection.Everyone looking at him.

Very impressive work like you only Kunj Abhinav said and clapped for him. Learn Elena till you are with Kunj in this mission he added all nodded in yes.

Thanks, Kunj for this all twinkle said.
Don’t need of thanks I’m doing my duty as a co-mates but it’s more than that everyone can see 👅😉it.

The first twinkle doesn’t be nervous if you get nervous in front of him he will immediately catch you.And you come under his suspicion he is too smart haan if he is around you don’t try to do anything just complete numb and do your duty as a nurse only.

You just going there to keep an eye on him and get something never try to do anything in his house because it’s very impossible and dangerous twinkle.The most and very important thing he shows you many things just try to test you, don’t be hustle and overexcited if you reacted than game over because he will do I know. Just he said he appointed you but he will keep an eye on you that’s for sure.

Here is your new phone this sim on Stella name only if he ever try to get any information about your contact I saved few numbers but you don’t call I will if anyone needs than only used this phone and keep your personal things at home only if he gets any vibes from you jaan thi ho na kya ho sakta hai kunj said she nodding in yes.

Don’t worry Kunj I will keep each and everything in my mind she added.

Great aur don’t take your car just used a taxi and even you have to change anywhere don’t go direct because he will follow you tum kaha se aati ho woh bhi woh jaane ki koshish karenge so after going from our home changed the taxi better for you and us Kunj said she just listening to his each and everything very clearly.

Don’t get smart with him keep your facial expression in your control he said all giggles while twinkle Making faces hmm don’t make this faces there Kunj said.

You just notice who coming in his house or not that’s enough for us to get some things about him he will use his typical tricks on you but don’t come be professional he added and cleared her all things.

Kunj did Ph.D. on MP Aryan said.
You have to know each and everything about your enemy aur humhara kaam hi yah hai to get single information about your enemy jitna woh apne aapko nahi jaan tha hai use se jada hum use jaan the hai Kunj added.

True Jaidev said.

Tomorrow is a very big day for you twinkle so all the best do your best and be alert Jaidev said.
Thanks, she said.
Do your leftover work too Abhinav said all get busy in their work.While twinkle keeps looking at Kunj he too but just stealing the eyes.

You will not wish me all the best she said and went near him. Kunj looking at her.
I believe in work, I don’t f**k with luck Kunj added she just looking at him.

Come with me kunj said and take her outside.
Why you bring me here? She asked.
Show me first your gunshot Kunj said.
What are you testing me really do you know I’m an agent she said.
Yup I know aside from your enthusiasm please he said.
Okay twinkle takes the gun and Kunj gives her aim she shoots on the aim bullet hit perfectly.

Good improve Lott you taking little time. Aankhe kahi bhi ho twinkle but nishana nahi chukna chahiye kese bhi look at me he said and looking at the other side and he shoots and hit on the aim without even looking twinkle amazed with his gunshot.

Don’t look at me like this you need to learn a few things more he said.
You can teach me she said.
Ho, really he said.
I would love to learn from you she said. He chuckled.
Okay, he added and fully back hugging her both holding the gun tightly.

Now just look at your aim twinkle Kunj said.
Hmm, she hummed and aiming perfectly.
Now, look at there he pointing towards Jaidev who coming to them.
But how will i she said.
Trust me you will just look at there he said in her ears very closer to her she can’t hold this..

Kunj leaves her come in front.
Shoot twinkle Kunj said she still looking at the other side pressed the trigger bullet hit on the aim directly. Kunj seeing her she is too surprised with this.

You did it miss Stella Kunj said and smirked she giggles.
Yup, thanks to you kunj she said. What’s going on jaidev asked them. Rest too come outside.

Nothing sir your senior agent taking my test my gunshot twinkle said.
Ho jaidev said.

Twinkle is a little weak Aryan said.
If she will do hard work she can kyunki iski juban toh badi fast chalti hai kainchi ki tarah kunj said..

You shut up sadu sarna twinkle said.
What I said wrong it’s absolutely right a whole day chaper chaper keep your tongue in control, okay Kunj added.they both started like at home all seeing them.

What is this jaidev said.
Sir, he started twinkle said.
Huh sir you don’t waste your time on her you all why you come here haan koi show chal raha hai chalo kaam karo kunj said went inside .

Kitna mean hai yah ladka twinkle murmured and went inside.Malika and Rahul telling twinkle other things about her house.
Kunj seeing her he totally numb.

Twinkle sitting alone in side fully nervous this Aryan see he went and sat beside her.’
What happened my sherni he said.
Nothing Aryan I’m very nervous this I was never why right now she said. He holds her both hands she is really very cold.

Why you thinking this much haan we all know proud of you twinkle go and do your work you have to make our country proud you are fire and ice remember he said both chuckled and hugged each other’s Kunj just come down of his cabin and his eyes went on them.

Stop there only seeing Aryan and twinkle both hugging each other’s he closed his fist. 😛
Aryan cupped her face.
Brave girl, you are don’t cry aur Kunj did each and everything for your safety so no worries 😉 he said.
Hmm, she hummed.
Chal I will drop you before let’s have one coffee together he said.
Today not she said.
Chalo otherwise I will take you in my arms and mujhe tere pati ka bhi dar nahi lagta hai he said.
Good, she said both went from there while Kunj becomes red angry bird Rahul come and see his face.

Hayee why you looking like an angry bird something happened Rahul see twinkle and Aryan together and understand 🤪. He went closer to his hairs..
Aag lagi hai rahul whispered.
Kaha not in the sense just looking at Aryan and twinkle.
Tujhme lagi hai saale he said and pushed him.
You I will beat you he said and rahul run outside while Kunj behind him both chasing each other.

Arey bhabi ji saves me from your husband Rahul said loudly.Twinkle sat in the car with Aryan and she giggles after seeing them and they left.

Bhabi ji went bro Rahul said.
Stop bhabi ji let this mission over once then I will see you all Kunj said.
Okay bye, Rahul said he too went while Kunj left he have some work in the office so stayed back.

After coffee twinkle feeling better but deep inside she can’t describe she was never nervous today unlimited she went sarna mansion back and changed her clothes sitting in her room only playing with her fingers.

After completing his all work Kunj entered the room.He found her Lost in her own world.
He sat on the couch.
Twinkle yaar gives my clothes he said.She didn’t hear him.He again gives her voice.

Kunj you take na please she said and cuddles the pillow tears escaping from her eyes Kunj gets up and went to her and sat beside her.

What happened to you? Why are you crying he asked after seeing her face.
No bas aise hi she said.
Bata kya hua hai?? He asked.
Bola na kuch nahi hua hai she added.

Phir yah rona kyun he asked.
Bas aise hi maan kiya she replied him.. her hands and lips shivering fully. Kunj holds her hands and gets stunned to see her body fully cold.
Twinkle are you alright you are this much cold he said and cupped her face.
Kunj..woh she even can’t speak properly.

Kunjj I’m very nervous kesa hoga Mene kuch galat kar diya toh she said and Kunj got it everything.
Dar lag raha hai where is your power went my female Salman Khan he said she chuckled but crying hard..

It doesn’t suit on your face twinkle Kunj said.
I’m not weak Kunj wanna just cry she said.
Acha you can if you want otherwise you have Aryan shoulder he said she sense jealousy peak in his eyes.
Now you get jealous with Aryan she said.
I’m not he said.
Liar, she murmured and hugged him tightly sobbing so badly Kunj let her she will feel better while after seeing her this situation making him more nervous and worried about her while his heart not willing to send twinkle there she didn’t even listen before now they can’t do anything.Kunj caressing her back.

She raised her face and looking at him with red and wet eyes.
You smiling she asked.
Not I’m just thinking about you that day flying he said.
Very mean she said.
It’s not good to cry in front of someone he said.
Someone really if you sitting here as my co teammate than leaves me alone I don’t want your shoulder for my sadness I m crying in front of my husband she said.

Kunj takes out his handkerchief and wiping her tears.
Okay even I’m not your co teammate here just your husband he said.
First, stop behaving like this all haan you just going to his house, not on the border so chill Kunj said.
I’m not worried because of mp just normal anxiety because she cupping his face I know you will not let anything happened to me will always there for me Haina Kunj she said.
Kya pata you know me better than me he said.
Woh toh hai she said and hugged him back.
She feeling so good in his embrace after a few days.

Kunj having tears in his eyes he wiped before she sees and went in the lala land. Kunj’s phone ringing.
Twinkle leave me my phone he said.
Huh, today at least leave your phone.Your phone is important than me she said.
Hai ab bol he said.
I don’t care she hugged him more tightly cuddled him fully.Kunj Leave let her stay.

I’m feeling like I’m in the jail he said.
She breaks the hug you feeling this because of me she said and about to get up kunj held her hand and pulled her towards himself.
I’m kidding why you get angry on these small things haan he said.

Because your words prick me Lott she said.
Now stop crying it’s too much twinkle tomorrow you should look fine, not rondu he said wiped her tears kissed on her forehead.

Kunj kuch hoga toh nahi na she again get nervous.
Shh he too having tears in her eyes but can’t look weak in front of twinkle Kuch nahi hoga just trust on yourself twinkle he can’t do anything with you I told you na just call me if you feel and my eyes always on you he said.She looking at his lips about she captures while Kunj aside his face,
Huh, she gives expression.
You only said na don’t come closer to me he said.
Bolne ko toh me bhut kuch bolti hu kya tum sab hi follow karte ho she said and captured his lips Kunj too give up started kissing her.
Soothing her mind Kunj break the kiss immediately. Turned his face when he remembered those things she understood and cuddles him from the back.
I can’t live without you kunj I need you always she said..and get up takes out his clothes and give it to him and went down, kunj hold his head,

Hope everything happened good life me itna worried nahi hua but this siyappa queen makes me kuch bhi ho jaye I have to always there for her till she went to his place he said went in Washroom get freshen up.Twinkle looking very off while thinking extremely give her mind just stress she had dinner just a little bit.

She bedding the bed kunj come about to take his pillow.
Please today sleep with me why you sleeping there she said he looking at her.
Aise hi, he said.
Please I m not feeling good she requested him he leave the pillow without saying anything and laid down in a sitting position she smiled and off the lights and come to him.Both looking at each other she rests her head on his shoulder he caressing her hairs.

Now sleep he said kissed on her head.

Let’s begin the Chase MP Kunj murmured.
Hmm, twinkle asked.
Kuch nahi soja he said. Kunj caressing her hairs so she can sleep peacefully within no time she sleeps Kunj places her head on the pillow and kissed on her forehead covered her fully and went in side.


To be continued
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