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A blot from the blue😎🔥💞

::The Episode starts with Abhinav and jaidev seeing each other both were smiling after meeting each other soo many years later though they were not just senior officers but also good friends after giving their best and serving their duty amazingly they both were assigned different headquarters where they both with their lifetime experiences trained the people who are best ..
They walked towards each other and greeted with a jai hind while smiling ..
This was as officers now this as friends my pal jaidev said and hugged Abhinav while he hugged him back

Good to see you after so many years grey hairs getting old haan retirement is on the way Abhinav said ..

Huh no there is a lot of time left to continue serving for our nation jaidev said
That’s the spirit Abhinav added while both laughed.
You are calling me old have you seen yourself jaidev asked back.
So what I am still young Abhinav added good to see you I called you so many times to visit here but you never he added while jaidev scratch the back of his head
Yup you are right didn’t get time but we are back together with this mission jaidev replied while both nodded and went to the headquarters ..
Do you seem tense??? Is there any problem Abhinav asked ..
Haan yaar that’s what I wanna ask jaidev replied soon they reached and entered inside while all the others saluted them ..
They went to Abhinav cabin and sat comfortably.

You remember last time I talked to you about Mahendra Pratap case jaidev started with a conversation
Yeah, I remember my team is handling it as well Abhinav said.
Even mine but there is a misunderstanding someone is leaking our information and my officers are very stressed about it he added.
What ?? Do you have doubt on anyone Abhinav asked?
Yeah, see this jaidev said and forwarded Stella’s band which kunj picked up.
This is Stella’s band Abhinav said shockingly
Exactly it had the symbol of here so I got a doubt where your team is involved in leaking information ??? Jaidev asked.
I don’t know my team is working and keeping an eye on every person whose pictures you mailed me Abhinav said ..
Can I see those pictures?? Jaidev asked.

Yup abhinav said and showed him all the pictures
What’s kunj picture is doing in this jaidev said taking kunj photo
He is kunj sarna he is under suspicion too right ??? Abhinav asked ..
No no there is a huge misunderstanding I think I mailed you wrong picture yes this is kunj sarna but he is not culprit he is too a secret agent my bestest student and he can go to any extent to prove his loyalty for him his duty is his first priority jaidev said making Abhinav shocked
What ??? Shit shit then we are behind the wrong person Abhinav added.
How to clear this mess now both of our teams are working but they are getting hindered by each other for the same mission jaidev stated.
Yup, it’s better to make them meet so that they won’t be any more hindrance you call your team I’ll call mine Abhinav added ..

That’s a good idea jaidev said he went in side and called kunj ..
Yes sir kunj replied
Kunj I need you to visit amritsar HQ with your teammates right now jaidev said.
Is there any urgency ?? Hope everything is fine Kunj asked worriedly
Yeah yeah you just reach here he added
While Abhinav too made a call to his team members while Elena and Aryan were already in HQ they were waiting for Stella ..
Soon kunj reached there with his team it was evening by then where they were directed to go inside towards the conference room.
They went inside and saw Abhinav jaidev Elena Aryan present.
Hello sir all greeted them

Here meet them Abhinav he is kunj sarna my boy my proud and he is Rahul I can see an image of you and me in kunj and Rahul you know Abhinav he is an expert in hacking playing with the IP address confusing people with his identity


she is Mallika and she is sara she is getting trained under my boy kunj he said all greeted them

He is Abhinav Tyagi my co-mate we were trained together worked together jaidev added while they smiled.
Where’s Stella ??? Abhinav asked Elena and Aryan
She is reaching sir may be stucked in traffic Aryan said trying to call her again n again.
Stella ??? Kunj whispered
Yes, kunj there was a misunderstanding which we will clear when Stella will be here too jaidev said ..

Stella too reached and ran towards the conference room as she reached and went inside the lights went off
Ufff what happened? Abhinav said.
May be sir as construction work is going on so they are checking the earthings elena said ..
This is 3rd time happened in a day Abhinav said.
It happens yaar Abhinav jaidev said.
Where is Stella? Abhinav asked again
I am here sir she added moving forward the room was totally dark.
Everyone took out their phones and opened the torch while Stella reached in front of kunj and he too opens his torch to get the biggest shock of his life. While she was shocked too seeing kunj

Both whispered together it wasn’t that audible for others they kept looking at each other with so much of confusion when the lights came back.
Ahh, finally Abhinav said.
So my girl is here he added looking at twinkle he moved towards twinkle
Jaidev meet my team Elena Aryan and my most favorite Stella Abhinav added looking at twinkle.
She is my most efficient agent her brain her memory power is amazing and she is so much devoted to her work too he added proudly looking at twinkle.

But Stella ??? Kunj asked confused twinkle was too confused seeing kunj.

Yup her real name is twinkle as you know Abhinav winked at kunj for significance we don’t use person real identity here and hence she is been using this name STELLA which is in Latin means her name twinkle only. Abhinav explained
Ok understood jaidev said.
So everyone takes your seats it’s time to clear your confusions Abhinav said while all nodded.
Soon he sat on the head chair on his right was Abhinav beside him was kunj Rahul Malika and sara whereas on left Aryan twinkle and Elena in a way twinj were sitting opposite to each other.Both of them were completely shocked.
For twinkle Kunj is an agent never thought about in her wildest dream.

While his condition too same struck dumb after seeing her here and most she is too agent like him.A bolt from the blue for them.

So yes first with the introduction you guys are working on the same mission to get proofs against Mahendra Pratap jaidev sent me his photo but there was a small misunderstanding here we got kunj picture too and thought he may be involved with mp somehow Abhinav said
What ?? Kunj added ..
Yup kunj it’s my mistake I sent your picture so their misunderstanding occurred and they were indirectly investigating you jaidev added.
Now I guess the confusion is clear ?? Right  Stella ?? Abhinav asked.
Yup sir she added nervously as kunj sharp gaze was fixed on her since the start.
Kunj is also a secret agent like you he told twinkle while she nodded.Twinkle was shocked completely after listening to this Kunj is an agent.

I guess you guys need time for an introduction we will be back In a while jaidev said and left with Abhinav to discuss what they have to do next.
While kunj left from their leaving the others behind
What an entry bhabhi ji Rahul whispered in twinkle ears while she left ignoring him and reached towards kunj
Kunj listen to me she called him when they reached outside
What is there to listen miss Stella he taunted her.
Kunj she said sternly

You again misunderstood me twinkle again like really first that farmhouse incident now this too ??? You should have asked me once I would have told you but you were busy keeping an eye on me thinking I am doing something illegal that’s ridiculous one side you ask me to start a normal life with you another side you are fooling me is there anything else too that you are hiding ?? Answer me dammit kunj said angrily.

While twinkle stands cooly without a worry on her face.
Speak up kunj said again.
I am waiting for you to finish so that I can have a chance of speaking too twinkle replied leaving him shocked.
Then speak kunj said.
Yes it’s true I am secret agent like you it’s also true that I was keeping an eye on you but it’s the half-truth when I first got your picture I was also shocked seeing it I thought a person who looks so innocent can’t be doing any wrong things and I am fighting with myself each day to get this thing proved wrong I trust on you completely twinkle said while kunj let out a sarcastic laugh
Oh really? He asked

Yes, I don’t care what you think about me now but I was doing my duty as a secret and as a WIFE too I seriously want you to give us a second chance but each time you made me a culprit and yourself great. You can’t be right always and I can’t be wrong remember this Twinkle added confidently
But you only give me that reason to do kunj added.
What do you mean kunj ?? Twinkle asked
You could have told me that you have doubts on me I would have cleared your confusion directly he said.
Like seriously ?? Did you told me about you being a secret agent? Or does our job allows us to reveal anything ? Twinkle asked.
That’s was a part of my job to hide it even if the other person is my spouse I had to hide it from you about being a secret agent kunj said

And what else you think am I doing too ? The rules which applies on you those applies on me too come on yaar kunj it was just a misunderstanding which was just cleared now twinkle added
While kunj went into thinking about all the words twinkle said to him which was making sense to him but then who is he ?? Her sadu sarna
I don’t know what are you thinking but you have to accept me the way I am twinkle said.
Ok, Ms Stella. Kunj stressed her name while twinkle went inside huffing and kunj followed her too.
Soon they reached and Abhinav and jaidev were back too and all took their seats once again.
So yes now when both of you were doing the same work we decided to collaborate the hard work efforts and of course intelligence of you guys now you all will work together solve this mystery together jaidev said

Yeah, and we are expecting that our best officer will give us the best outcome so are you guys ready ??? Abhinav asked while all nodded.
You all mingle up to share your investigation and get on the work because we have a very less time left jaidev added
Soon all of them stood up and formally greeted each other introducing them.
Aryan he forwarded his hand while one by one everyone did
Twinkle she said all of them introduced to each other excitedly.

And one more thing I forgot to tell you jaidev
What ?? He asked
You have kunj the best student of yours while I have twinkle but do you know something about them ??
What ?? Jaidev asked
They are married Abhinav said making him
Really kunj ? Jaidev asked shocked
Yup sir he added nervously
Wow, congratulations both the couple will give their best now he added while twinj nodded together.
Then the all of them were sharing their observations while twinj were stealing glances of each other. They were still shocked by the fact that they belong to the same place. They were happy too now working together while kunj was the one who was damn confused.

Just look at her the girl who seems so introverted to me and my family is so different from what is standing in front of me she looks so confident oh fish how can I forget we get trained to mask our emotions in any situation 🙂 it is not that I am not happy seeing her like this, in fact, I am damn happy but I don’t know will it be safe for her to be in this mission gosh kunj you are just getting paranoid.
Kunj kunj are you listening ??? Rahul brought him back from his thoughts while kunj nodded.
Soon they all were well aware with what they have to do next and talking for it about sometime later they decided to leave.
Kunj and his team left while twinkle too disappeared from their

Soon it was night and kunj reached back sarna mansion and his eyes were searching for twinkle he didn’t found her in their room.
While Avantika comes there and asks him to bring twinkle back from Taneja mansion.
Twinkle is not at home ??? Kunj asked while Avantika nodded in yes
Yes she didn’t come rt bhaisab health wasn’t fine Avantika added while kunj hummed and went to bring her
While he reached and called twinkle to tell her he is waiting outside while she came and sat in the car. While both started their journey back to sarna mansion.
The silence between them was worsening by each passing second.
Does your parents know about this ?? Kunj asked her while he was still confused about how she is managing to get out of home and work

Yup, they do twinkle replied him again they went on silent mode.
When I was in college I was selected in training because of NCC quota and Abhinav sir was also a friend of papa and he knew my craze for being an agent from that time i got trained under him and finally joined.
While kunj maintained his silent mode and didn’t respond to her back

Twinkle tried talking to him but a call disturbed them while kunj was busy on-call twinkle was looking outside soon they reached and went back in their room.
Twinkle got freshen up and asked kunj about dinner to which he ignored her and went to get freshen up soon he was back and throw his towel on the bed.

Kunj listens to me why are you ignoring me ???? Twinkle asked him holding his hand can’t you see I am trying to talk to you let me explain myself once she added innocently
While kunj clapped for her again wifey mode on ??? What are you in real ? Twinkle or Stella that confident women or this ?? Who is standing in front of me Making me look like culprit ???
He pinned her against the wall. She looking into his red blood eyes.

What a great actor you are I must say living with me since many days but koi shak bhi nahi hone diya mujhe than and one more you are the one who always following me and that day also you checked my laptop haan he shouted she nodded in eyes and a long teardrop falls down from her eyes.

Oh no now this tears I feel like a fool now but this doesn’t affect me anymore twinkle kunj said

He hurting her not cares about her right now.
I m idiot how I did not get to know about you. An insider does the maximum damage. How I will get to know because of woh toh meri great lovely biwi thi TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA.

You make me shocked you always but this time hit here he pointing to his heart he added

Ok if you don’t want me to explain anything I won’t twinkle replied hurt by him
We are just co teammates I don’t want this husband wife drama at work because nothing is important to me than that mission do you get it kunj stated.
Yup, I wanna say the same good night she hiccuped while both went to their back facing each other.

Next day :
Twinkle woke up and sees kunj she was angry too with his behavior she went and got freshen up soon and went downstairs doing her household chores while Avantika and tej went for a morning walk twinkle served them tea.
What happened puttar do you wanna talk ?? Avantika asked

Yes mummy ji woh I am thinking to join papa office for a job bhai needs help twinkle made excuse while the duo tej and Avantika looks at each other
It’s ok beta if you wanna do you can tej said while twinkle sighed that she will be able to go out now easily.
While everyone joined for breakfast even kunj too came they both look at each other for a nanosecond and shifted their gaze.
After sometime kunj was ready to leave when Avantika called him
Yes maa ? Kunj asked
Beta please drop twinkle at Taneja industries she said
But why ??? Kunj asked confused
She wanna work their so your papa gave her permission Avantika added while kunj understood twinkle made this excuse

It’s good at least she will make less siyappas he said trying to show Avantika that everything is fine with them while both giggles soon twinkle joined and Avantika asked her to go with kunj

Both left for HQ again and didn’t speak anything soon they reached Hq..

You go I’m coming Kunj said twinkle nodded in yes and she comes out of the car before going looking at him once. She went into.

Each and everyone was already presented and settled down on their respective seats.
Abhinav and Jaidev just waiting for twinkle and Kunj.Twinkle entered.

I’m late sorry sir she said..
nope, on time sits twinkle Abhinav said. She take a seat beside Aryan.

Where is my boy Jaidev asked about Kunj.
I’m here only sir Kunj said entering to.

Great now we all are here now let start the discussion Jaidev said and Kunj took a seat beside Rahul..

Now you all tell me what you investigate till now Jaidev asked them.Kunj teammates looking at him.
Woh aryan about to say?
Let them first Rahul said Jaidev signed them.

Sir right now MP mother in ICU Aryan said. On his statement, Kunj rolling his eyes.this was seen by twinkle.

Ho jaidev give a reaction on this..
We can use this against him twinkle added..
Kunj looking at her not saying anything just giving reactions 😝which is very hysterical.
Keeping finger on his lips.

Say something Kunj Jaidev said..
me sir what I can kunj said.

What do you mean by this Jaidev said..

Sir, they know better than us and maybe got something also after all how smartly they doing everything asked them only Kunj said while looking at twinkle direct or indirect taunt for Abhinav team..

Jaidev understands Kunj because he knows him very well..
leave that whatever it’s just a misunderstanding nothing else they just doing their duty Jaidev added..

Hmm, I know sir leave it if his mother in ICU.
What is it beneficial for us he said and get up..

It is for us a lot if you think than toh twinkle said. Kunj turned.
Really can you explain to me miss Stella he stretching her name.
I can she said in full daring.

Sir can I she asked to Abhinav..
you don’t need any permission twinkle Abhinav said.
Thanks, sir she said..

She went near to Kunj. His mother in ICU we can make any plan by using his mother just entered in his house or else anyhow around MP she said.All agreeing with a twinkle.But Kunj is kunj😎😛..

Plan great but execute how?? He asked her back.She paused down..

We don’t have any proper plan right now Aryan said.

You all don’t have Kunj said.
If you have then tell us Kunj Abhinav said..

My twinkle is right and her plan too Jaidev we can go with this and use it as well Abhinav said Kunj give helpless look while twinkle

That makes sense Kunj very big opportunity for us Jaidev said. Kunj didn’t say anything more they again sit and discussing and giving each other’s views but Kunj not said utter word his mind and gaze fixed on twinkle only..

Who shall we send for this Aryan asked..

My stella Abhinav said that makes everyone shocked and their eyes are popped out..

Whattt twinkle Kunj said in shock..
Yes, twinkle we will send twinkle for this work Jaidev added too.

Sir you all really she is perfect for this work it’s not a small thing Kunj said to Jaidev he least care about these new members 😏..

She is perfect for this only Mr. Kunj Sarna we all know it’s not a small thing even my agent also not small do you realized now toh ?Abhinav said in full tashan..

Stella is not a normal person she is agent Aryan too added Kunj seeing him..

She is not a normal person this I know very well I’m not saying because of that it’s not easy thing Kunj said..

Kunj bangs on the desk the first most important thing sir how you will send her for this.for your kind of information Mr. Tyagi sir.MP already saw twinkle with me many times this you know na or else your great agent didn’t tell you asked her only Kunj said. While twinkle nodding in yes all looking at her.

And you all thinking to her send it not even safe also sir understand we can’t do anything in hustle it’s a very important mission and you saying she is an agent I’m not doubting on her abilities how can I do this she is this much smart and cleaver staying with me all the time.
bhanak tak nahi lagne di mujhe and I’m thinking someone else following me but she was my own WIFE he added..

Very smart I’m appreciating for this Abhinav sir.Because of this you and your team thinking she is extremely smart and no one can be caught her that’s your highly mistake.The situation is totally different I can’t doubt on her that reason she knows even you too kunj winked at Abhinav.

It’s not very difficult for me to catch your Stella and your team that day in the warehouse I was almost did but her luck was good she saves from me and gun otherwise If I slightly get to know you all the one who leaking our all information and following us everywhere. Smarter-mind was Stella the great you will get her DEADBODY only if I caught her than Kunj stated in full anger which he controlling since the time he gets to know and twinkle truth come out very unexpected for him twinkle is an agent.She was stunned by what Kunj said for her.Abhinav giving shocking look to Jaidev.

No doubt in this you can ask your pal Kunj added. Everyone was just silent.Twinkle looking at Kunj without blink tears comes in her eyes while Kunj having anger in his eyes..

Twinkle gulps her pain and wiped her eyes before anyone can see..
acha if you caught me then get my dead body only great what about you.she said in anger both standing opposite of each other.

Kunj laughs out sarcastically Haan you can do anything with me no doubts in this Kunj said

Now what’s the problem is Kunj Jaidev said a little loud.
Problem you asking me sir really asked them first what they and their team did Kunj said.

They misunderstood you Kunj just i already cleared you this now focus on our mission, not on these silly things Jaidev added.

Okay focus what focus what we have right now that day we would have caught those people but she comes at that moment and they escaped because of her only he said pointing towards twinkle..

Today the situation is something else sir by them we get any proof against MP at least they destroyed my whole plan now this new plan we will send her to MP place get something really nope sir you also thinking like them.After this All I have understood one thing about these all.They are behind me for a long time still they haven’t got any single clue about me.Iss se jada kya hoga sir Kunj added.

We aren’t sitting here for this discussion Kunj Abhinav said.

This I know sir I’m just explaining to you all it’s not good to send twinkle for this all. She makes me fool but she can’t make MP if she is not a normal person than he is also you remember that he went near board there already MP photo and Kunj photo along with him sticking he remove his photo and tore and throw it in the side.

He is also a DON we all very well know this.
Twinkle is smart intelligent he is not dumb also.Anyhow, we will send her to him he will not recognize her really?? You all think. His mind and eyes faster than us if it is easy to make him fool than we were already done it, sir. Don’t you know him Jaidev sir how he is? He works so smartly even not leave the smell behind..

Within 2 minutes he will be caught twinkle this I’m saying because know him personally Kunj said everyone agreed with him somewhere. Not so easily he will come in our trap.Agar twinkle gai bhi toh kabhi socha hai MP get to know about twinkle than whats your back plan next??

Do you all have any other plan Aryannn Kunj said.. they are just silent. Parcel kar ke aapke pass aapki officer ko hi bhej dega Abhinav sirr not safe for twinkle he said.

that’s not your concern I’ll manage that all twinkle said in rudely.

After seeing her enthusiasm Kunj slightly giggles that make everyone surprised.A new side of Kunj 😂totally for his team and Jaidev.

Confident level too high I salute you but we can’t take this risk.Your detective giri successful last time, not every time twinkle Kunj said.

We can use any tricks Abhinav said.
Which tricks like last time sir by seducing MP aisa kuch tricks he said. Twinkle just stunned because with his word Kunj just degrading twinkle in his anger which hurting her like anything. She can’t hold on her tears.

Over this all here we will discuss rest things tomorrow now you all go back to your work and continue Jaidev said.Twinkle immediately walked out from there.

They all teammates come out of the HQ office.
At down come to their cars.twinkle standing there she wiped her tears her gaze went on Kunj his too but she immediately turned her gaze.

Elena and Malika or sara get mingle very quickly.Abhina and Jaidev told them they will work together now in the Kunj team office.

Let’s go together Malika said..

Let’s go sara and Malika Rahul we have Lott work already wasted much time Kunj said and went to his car sara and Rahul quickly went behind Kunj while Malik looking at twinkle she can sense her situation personally know Kunj and somewhere her too..

She too went after all kunj is their mentor and senior Before going lastly Kunj seeing the twinkle
He can see her eyes and pain but his anger level too high he starts the car and left for office..

Chal twinkle I will bring my car Aryan said she nodded in yes. Aryan went to bring his car Elena went near her rubbing her shoulder.

Are you alright she asked?
Haan, I’m fine yaar she gives her a fake smile. Soon they sat in the car and went..

At office::
Kunj team come and they went inside.Kunj directly went into his cabin. Within no time even twinkle and Aryan Elena too come. First, they look at the place then went inside they set their passwords can’t enter the office without security. before entering in office they have to give their password then only can go inside otherwise not allowed..

Malika and sara showing them everything shows them their desks.Aryan and Malika, Elena or Rahul, twinkle they sit together, and start their work. Sharing their all investigations and other things about this mission which they get.Quickly get mingle they all..

While Kunj busy in his own world through the window he seeing everyone.mostly looking at twinkle.Then he went outside sit with them.
After they were done with today’s duty they went.

Twinkle comes back sarna mansion went into her room directly after changing she sits alone and thinking about Kunj whatever he said today in front of everyone not even thinking once she is his own wife also.

Avni calls her down she went down and helping Avni in the kitchen for dinner.She is bahu of this house 👅also..

How’s your day?? Avni asked her.
Good yaar she replies.

Acha hua you join office nahi toh get bored she said twinkle Hummed.

Kunj too comeback he sits with his mother who asking him where he is always.
Acha bolo kya kaam hai he said.
Mujhe koi kaam nahi hai ab mujhe apne bete se kaam ho tabhi hi puch sakti hu kya she said.

Nah you can anything he said and kissed on her forehead.
Acha let me get freshen up before send coffee for me he said and run upstairs to his room.
Avantika told twinkle to take coffee for Kunj.

Kunj gets freshen up Quickly after changing his clothes sit on the couch. while twinkle entered in room with his coffee he was busy in his phone she comes to him and keeps the mug on the side table.
Thanks, Kunj said looking at her. she didn’t say anything just ignore him doing her leftover work.

Kunj having his coffee While having to look at twinkle all the time but she is not looking at him once. After they went down for dinner.

Twinkle just quiet Kunj noticing this that time he didn’t say anything. Twinkle done with her all house chores duty.

She went to the room and bedding the bed Kunj come he finding his things but not getting.

Twinkle tumne meri file dekhi hai kya he asked her.She comes and gives him in his hand without saying anything.
Thanks, he said before she went towards bed and laid down in sitting position. Kunj gets confused he went to the couch and checking his file mind just thinking about twinkle only.
Twinkle looking at Kunj.In her heart thinking.

I never thought about you this Kunj.I know you are angry with me.Whatever comes in your mind you speaking today your each word hurt me too Lott.I really don’t know about you tum ek agent hoge I m just doing my duty nothing else and you can’t understand me ever she thinks in her heart.she dim the lights and laid down.

Kunj closed the file laid down on the couch only both gazing each other.
After seeing twinkle face her silence Kunj understood why she is ignoring him.He even realized today his words were truth not doubt even hurt twinkle that also at the same time he thinking he had a reason of not lettering her go to MP house because he can’t put her life in danger her life is very important to him.
Kunj keeps looking at twinkle.

He giggles in his heart this siyappa queen is agent still I can’t believe it, man.Socha bhi tha itni smart nikalegi he chuckled while remembering her antics with himself.
I always wondering she has something that always makes me confused now I’m getting what was the reason behind this all.

But Kunj even gets sad somewhere when he remembering all those moments.She did everything because of a reason for her duty. With him also she was doing her duty.their all moments fight without any reason irritating each other everything is just a lie.

Tears rolling down from twinkle eyes. Their jobs revelation shocking for them it was unexpected for them and bring void between them was before also but somewhere thing getting better between them again life brings them to the same place where they were at their wedding time had many things but can’t express. Now only they started trusting each other’s living happily together this happened..

Both of them while thinking this doesn’t know when they dozed off..

At morning.
Twinkle just keep ignoring Kunj when he asking her about his things she didn’t say anything just handover in his hand without saying utter words and went down. Kunj gets irritates with this but leaves it he is not also dying for her.
They all sit for breakfast twinkle sit beside Avni not beside Kunj she used to sit beside him only. Kunj seeing her.She playing with food.
Quickly they done with breakfast twinkle went in her room back to take her bag.
Kunj was on the call with Jaidev.

Acha sir I’m coming there only in sometimes Kunj said and end the call.Twinkle take her bag and went outside Kunj too went..

Twinkle you going beta Avantika asked?
Yes, mummy ji I will come soon she said.
It’s okay do your work nicely i m proud of you she said and caress her cheeks twinkle with her smile.

Kunj drop twinkle okay she will go alone you don’t have any work also she said and went inside.Kunj looking at twinkle.

Chalo kunj said.
You go I will go myself she said.
What we are going to the same place than what’s the need of this all I will take you with me twinkle Kunj said to try to hold her hand she jerked his hand.

I can manage she said and sounding very rude and hurt as well.
Okay fine, he said in anger and take his car and went for office. Twinkle too went in her own car.

Jaidev and Abhinav called everyone to HQ only
They all come and took their respective seats.

Today no more drama Abhinav said while looking at Kunj.

Let’s talk about MP ?? We don’t have any strong things against him as per twinkle Aryan plan we can use his mother’s condition Abhinav said.
Yes, sir we just need a strong point to entered in his house twinkle said.

Do you have any strong point miss Stella Kunj said..
yes, I have Mr. Kunj sarna she said in the same tone.

What twinkle Jaidev asked??
Sir kuch aisa Abhinav sir sending me to his house I just stay around him so we can get any information about his work and rest things twinkle said.

Correct Rahul added Kunj give death glares.
Twinkle telling them her few plans which they liking but not strong plan she can trap in her own game only..

It’s not necessary to send twinkle only we have many great agents for this work sir Kunj said.. twinkle looking at Kunj with furious eyes.

Yeah sir we have lott that’s why I’m saying bring new mentor for us hain Mr sarna twinkle said.

Youuuu Kunj said and leave the chair while twinkle too.both showing each other’s fingers rest just seeing them.

What you saying yesterday I can’t fool MP heh she giggles sarcastically really well MP ka toh pata nahi I fooled you very nicely after being an agent also you can’t caught staying with you only still.where is your intelligence went? Kunj sarna great agent this and that you are still I fooled you. Is it not a big thing?? Twinkle said😎.

Sirrr Kunj about to speak.
What sirrr you itself can’t do anything and telling me and my teammate’s twinkle said.

Useless Kunj said.
Hoo, she banging her hand on the desk we are useless what about you all.. we can leak your so confidential information so easily after having so intelligent and smart IP hackers still than MP kya cheez hai. Don’t underestimate us you she said and gave him attitude..
all surprised no one can speak like this in front of Kunj Before but twinkle giving him back👅😎..

Sir, I can’t work with Kunj better we work like before we all doing individually because our thinking and opinions never matched so better na this mission is very important for me and us she said..

No twinkle we can’t do this.you all has to work together only it’s our last decision by hook and crook Abhinav said.

And I believe in you twinkle I know only you are the one who is perfect for this plan.. don’t care about rest Abhinav added.

Thanks, sir she said..
Kunj sits with anger they try to make plans..

Yesterday you degrade me Lott Kunj in front of everyone now you will realize what did I feel twinkle think in her heart..

This is fixed now twinkle will go to MP house now start your work on this?? Jaidev said..

Kunj do you wanna say anything now also jaidev asked?
No sir miss stella is here na why need for my opinion Kunj said.

Don’t get personal Mr. Sarna we are co-teammates so be nice twinkle said..

It’s very dangerous sir she is not understanding Kunj said who is just worried about twinkle.. Before Jaidev could reply twinkle.

We all know it’s very dangerous you thinking we are kiddos we can’t do anything please change your misconceptions don’t be bossy Kunj twinkle said..

Now you doing too much Kunj said.
I m doing it’s you Kunj just thinking you are great and others nothing in front of you. We are here because of our dedication and talent
Twinkle said.

Then go to his house and do whatever you wanted I’m just waiting when you are stuck in your trap and how you will come ?Kunj said to give a grin smile.

It’s none of your concern Mr. Sarna I’m twinkle urf Stella I love to play with fire 😎let’s see what will be burned in this fire me or Else MP she said and wear her shades back..
Abhinav started clapping for her while rest too with him.Twinkle gesturing Kunj and smirked as well.

You are my proud twinkle your daring and dedication for your nation hats of you Abhina added.

Thanks, it’s because of you only I just learn this all from you never think yourself low.. marna aur maarna bas yah hi seekha hai aapse aur desh ke liye kuch bhi kurban jaan kya cheez hai yah sab yaha aane se pehle se seekha hai agar dil mein apni jaan ka dar Hota phir koi bhi officer nahi ban pata hai.. dil me dar hai hi nahi yah hi tou khash baath hai humhari job ki dar se jada desh ke liye pyaar bada hai usko dar ko hi marna padta hai end of the day like criminals twinkle added..

Very filmy Kunj said.
For you, not for us kunj and sir I will GO THE EXTRA MILE JUST FOR OUR MISSION DO OR DIE twinkle said Jaidev sir first cool down your agent because he will blast soon twinkle said..

(Don’t underestimate her buddy if you are smart then she is not less she is fire and ice combination She will melt you in a second and the next second without realising you will be burnt😎

Youuuuuu Now getting on my nerves twinkle Kunj yelled little showing each other’s fingers

Don’t be loud I can too you getting on my nervous now Kunj just buzz off she said and went in her cabin..

Abhinav went behind twinkle while rest two also Aryan and Elena.

Look sir I m not working on this mission let twinkle and this all leave me kunj said.

Kunjj kya bol rahe ho yah mission kitna important hai humhare liye why you behaving like this haan what happened to you tell me jaidev said.

See her attitude first she speaking too much that I will not tolerate you know very well tell your friend first keep his officer in her limits Kunj added.

First time seeing your this side why but it’s because she is your wife??? Jaidev Kunj about to say but paused what he will say now.

Ahh, sir not because of that Kunj said and Lying.
I can read your face Kunj. You are on Duty right now behave like that only she is your wife at home not here jaidev said.

I know sir this but what about her life you all get ready so easily Haan ready to put her life in dangerous how you all can sir?? Kunj said.

We have this way only for MP Jaidev said.
No sir we have Lott but you all just doing this all in your self-esteem the only twinkle too.

Koi backup nahi hai humhare pass still you all saying we will send here. I’m not saying this all because she is my wife if someone else also in her place I will do this only not let her go jaan important nahi hai humhare liye sir maut ka dar bhi kyun har din maut sir pe hi ghumti hai kab aur kaha jaan chali jaye kabhi nahi socha hai na kabhi sochenge but aisa nai aidev sir first her protection is important than only kunj said.Jaidev didn’t say anything Kunj is right but they don’t have any other way also..

After this argument twinkle and Kunj, both of them were hell angry with each other.She is because he coming in her way and tries to put her low while he is because she is going above her limits..

Kunj comes to home in anger sits with his dadi.. twinkle too comes behind him only..

Come you both have snacks Avni said.
Don’t already full both said together then look at each others. Twinkle went into her room while Kunj too behind her.

She entered her room Kunj come from the back and held her hand and pulled her towards himself.
Ahah she about to yell but stop it’s Kunj..
Kunj twists her hand behind her back.

Leave my hand Kunjj she shouted..
Kyu dard ho Raha hai kya stella ji kaha gai tumhari himmat aur power haan kunj said.

Meri himmat ki and power ki tum mat parwa karo kunj she said.he cupped her jaw..
There you speaks too much don’t forget who I m Kunj said.

Acha even you too don’t forget mein kaun hu she said in the same tone..

Kyun you feel bad there I cut off you every time and derogatory you now you understand na what I feel yesterday in front of everyone you doing with me even not think once I m your wife also she said..

I now I got it why you went on silent mode but I least cared he said.
Mat karo even I’m not saying you care about me she said..

Okay but don’t come in my way kunj said.
I’m not coming it’s you who coming in my way she added.

Because I’m coming you can’t understand one simple thing there I’m saying you will not go for this but you are busy in your ego twinkle. Tu nahi jayegi samji you will deny to your Abhinav sir Kunj said she tries to push him but his grips were so tight..

I will go to MP place you just wait and watch why I will listen to you haan. Don’t forget your words we are not husband and wife now stop ordering me like husbands I’m just your co-teammate not wife get it she said..

Pata hai mujhe sab don’t need to remind me twinkle Kunj sarna he said while gritting his teeth.
Tu nahi jayegi that’s final Kunj stated.
I will go that’s my final decision she said..

Ahah yaha teri zid nahi chalegi twinkle behave like an agent he said.
I’m behaving like an agent only it’s you who behaving like a husband and too bossy she said.

Mar jayegi agar pakdi gai toh socha hai kabhi apne life ke baare mein kitchen mein jake khana nahi bana hai twinkle MP ke ghar mein jana hai kunj said
Pata hai sab mujhe aur mar gai toh kya hoga acha hai na wese bhi pakdi jati toh tum bhi toh maar hi dete Haina tum ne hi bola tha na kunj.
Agar MP mar dega toh koi ghaam nahi hai apne desh ke liye ready TO BE MARTYRED 😎she said very proudly.Kunj punch his hand on the wall.. and joked her.

Don’t dare to come in my way last time I’m saying don’t expect any sympathy from me he said.She turned him.

Hehe, very funny Kunj Sympathy woh bhi tum se really fit one thing in your mind jab me agent nahi thi tumhare liye tab bhi mujhe tumhari aur kesi aur ki sympathy ki zaroorat nahi thi aur naa aaj hai I’m enough for myself.
One more thing Kunj sarna na tumhari biwi kamzor thi na hi agent twinkle Taneja sarna.
About this mission I will go to MP house you do whatever you wanted no one can stop me to do my duty she said while looking into his eyes. don’t come near me now she said and pushed him she said and went from there leave Kunj in shock only.

Even I’m not dying to come closer to you kunj shouted loudly so she can listen..

both stay angry Kunj sleeping on the couch. He is just worried about her safety nothing else she was not understanding this.He too not explaining her clearly this creating unnecessary arguments that’s it..

Another morning twinkle woke up with heavy eyes she opens her eyes and looking to couch Kunj wasn’t there.Then thought maybe he is in Washroom or else balcony..

She even went in the balcony and check him he was not there also than lastly knocking at Washroom. Didn’t get any response she opens the door and no one was in the Washroom she gets tensed.

Where is kunj than she holds her head why she behaving like before maybe he went for work.

She takes her clothes and went in the Washroom to get freshen up..

She goes down and went to the kitchen and making breakfast.she lost in her thoughts only Avni and Khushi give her voice she comes in sense.
Twinkle where are you lost?? Khushi asked.
Kahi nahi bas aise hi not sleep well she said

Acha aisa kya they said in naughty she just give smile and trio went to the dining table and place everything.Each and everyone come for breakfast.They all take their respective seats to settle down. Trio daughter in law serving everyone.

Where is kunj he didn’t get up?? Manohar asked.
Nahi toh he went out twinkle said.

This boy what so important he went this much early out of the house what he doing Avantika asked him once? Wasting his life just let him come today tej said while twinkle listening she can’t speak anything. They think their son and rest too Kunj is useless just wasting his time here and there but the truth is something else he is not a normal person after all A SECRET ATB AGENT..

She having her breakfast after little help to Avni and Khushi. She takes Avantika’s permission and went for her work.

@At office:: .
Each and everyone come to the office they can’t be late it’s against their rules you have to be punctual and dedicated towards your work and duty..
good morning when twinkle entered malika wishes her.
Good morning you too she said.They all sit by the time Rahul too come. All of them sitting waiting for Abhinav and Jaidev.

Sadu is not here where he is actually twinkle think in her mind.

Jaidev and Abhinav arrived together they all of them get up and greets saluting them.

Sit Jaidev said all take their respective seats.
Someone is missing Abhinav said.
Yeah, my hero where he is?? Jaidev asked.
Sir kunj sir didn’t come till now joe said.

Ho wait for him Jaidev said.Till then they talking normally and very friendly as well.Kunj still not come..

Rahul calls him where is kunj today he doesn’t know about our work Jaidev said..

Let me, sir, Rahul said he tries to call him but he just declined his call back to back.
Sir not answering he said.

What so important for him than his work Abhinav said..Jaidev looking at twinkle.

Don’t you know twinkle where he is I mean you staying with him only Jaidev said.
Haan sir but he wasn’t at home went before I wake up she added.Now they all keep waiting for him without him they can’t process their discussion..

While at other side Kunj reached the hospital and get to know about MP mother each and everything what she actually having after there he gets little mischievous..

He takes a few things and went to for a place he reached and went while sara was with him only she covering her face with face mask..

Sir why we come here keska ghar hai?? She asked..
MP great the man his house we come he said and make her confused.
What but why we come here it’s dangerous she said.
Sara don’t be kiddo we come here because haal chaal puchne MP ke, after all, he is so closer to me he said and give her an impish smile.
You sit I’ll be back soon he said and went out of the car and went ahead.

The servant went to MP before sending Kunj to him.
Sir someone is come to meet you servant said?
Who he is send him he said in a rude way.. servant sends Kunj. Kunj comes to him who sits in the garden having his morning tea.

Heyy MP good morning Kunj said as soon as MP heard Kunj’s voice he raised his eyes and finding him in front of himself.

Tum yaha kunj? He said.
Yup can I sit he asked him?
Sure sit MP reply..

Kunj sits opposite of him while from little far sara seeing them.

Itni subah subah kese yah aaj kuch kaam tha kya?? I mean your day becomes bad now after seeing me first MP said. While Kunj giggles.

No no, my day will be great after seeing you Kunj added.
Tea?? MP offers him cup.. Kunj looking at him.
Arey takes man don’t worry I didn’t mix anything inside this mein peeth peechhe vaar nahi karta you know this and you are very special to me how can I do this with you MP added.

Acha I know this even I trust you MP Kunj stated and take teacup from him.

Suddenly here any work?? Mp asked him?
No work just come I heard about your mother’s health wasn’t well that’s why socha lets visit you. You may be sad after all I know how much your family is important to you MP Kunj said.

Absolutely right officer she is fine right now in hospital I like you think about this much for me MP said there mehreen come with breakfast.

I m sad but I’m having mehreen in my life he said and hold her hand she smiled and sit next to him..

While at office everyone tired after waiting for Kunj this much.
Where he is man Abhinav said..
even sara too not come till now she must be with Kunj only after all she is obsequious.

Call her immediately Jaidev said and joe Connecting with her finally after Lott calls she picks up his call.
Yes, joe she said the call was on speaker.
Sara where are you?? Everyone waiting for you and Kunj sir with you?? Joe asked.

Haan, I’m with Kunj sir only she said.
Where they are?? Jaidev said.
Sir woh I can’t tell you she said.
I said where are you both Jaidev get angry little.She face time him.Joe connected with the screen.
She turned her camera and showing Kunj.

Kunj is sitting with mp and enjoying tea and snacks everyone stunned.
What is this he is with MP Abhinav said while Rahul giggling inside in his heart.Jaidev just blinking his eyes


Look at your officer jaidev so careless he is your proud really Abhinav said.
( this makes them doubt on Kunj most after seeing him with MP so friendly even in that party also twinkle get suspicious more and informed Abhinav about this he told her to find more about this man they both doing something big🤣).

Sara immediately ends the video call because Kunj gets up.
Okay, now I will take leave MP Kunj said forwarding his hand both shake hands with each other.
Feel good you come MP said.
I will pray your mother gets well soon Kunj added.
Good tumhari hi dua lag jaye meri maa ko because meri toh upar wala sunta nahi hai ache logo ki jaldi sunta hai tum se aur kaun acha ho sakta hai MP added.. Kunj chuckled because of his words.

Did I say anything wrong MP asked?
No absolutely fine bas tumhare muh se itni achi aur philosophy wali baate ajeeb sound karti hai like me when I speak something about the love you said sounds very funny Kunj said MP giggles back.

Chalta hu phir milte hai he said and wear his shades..
yup very soon MP said with a grin..

Kunj went from there before going look at MP.

You and he looks so suspicious MP mahreen said.
Hehe, we are like this only he is my favorite and me too his..his world around me and my too he said and give her side hug take her inside.

Kunj sat in the car and left for office because he knows they all waiting for him only now their nonsense and nonstop questions..

Abhinav was already little vexed with Kunj 😂😂since the day they meet up.

Jaidev holding his head because of Abhinav’s looks.
Sara entered there she stops after seeing everyone.
Ho finally comes Jaidev said.
Sir woh mein toh she shivering Kunj come there.
What happened to you he asked sara her face expression too scary 😂. She hide behind Kunj

Than Kunj looking at Abhinav and Jaidev.
What happened to you all something happened?? Kunj asked very casually..

Really see your senior officer Jaidev Abhinav said.
Where are you kunj we all waiting for you since a long time you know this I don’t like this Jaidev Said.

Sorry, I make you all wait for me but you all can start your discussion you have most talented agents now Kunj said 😂..

What so important?? He asked.
Sir, I m doing my work Kunj added. He went to table drinking water.
Work what work there he is enjoying tea with that criminal MP what a work I must say Abhinav said.. Kunj turned he looking at sara who closing her eyes and giving helpless look and got it..

Hoo, you all know now spying on me only well done Jaidev sir Kunj said.
Kunjjj it’s not funny he added.
When I said it’s funny I’m very serious Kunj said.

Why you went to him Abhinav asked.
For my benefits his mother not well so puchne gaya tha kesa hai woh insaniyat ke naatin kunj said stunning everyone 😂😂.. Rahul and Jaidev knows him.

Insaniyat woh bhi us insaan ke saath you were sitting with him so friendly like you both are bro buddies You are so close to him so you went to him just for his mother Abhinav said Kunj rubbed his forehead having mischievous grin smile on his face.

Yeah, bro buddies KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER He said and facing them. to keep a keen eye on enemies beyond what one might have on their friends Abhinav sir. Because it’s not a good idea to bother your enemies, be friendly with them but stay alert.don’t hurt for your enemies by speech or behavior to keep them calm and harmless he stated and went near Abhinav.

I m just doing my duty only he said.
Now let’s start the meeting already get very late Kunj said.all settled down.

Whose plan will follow my or miss Stella Kunj said.
You say only Jaidev Kunj gives him a smile and gets up.

So I went to the hospital where I get to know about MP mother she is not well dr keeping her under their observation so we have little time but not much we have to execute our plan before only Kunj said.

Right, Rahul said..

Go with twinkle plan Kunj said she looking at him both gazing at each other.
But karna kya hai kese karenge malika asked.

Karenge wait have some patience Malika Kunj said.He brings his mother photo and stick.

She is not idiot she is much smarter than MP that keeps in your mind okay.If she get fine you can’t do anything in his house.

Can’t give her wrong medicines and manipulate anything MP gets to know he is very possessive about his mother itself he checks each and everything Kunj said.

Point is how we will send twinkle to his Place Jaidev asked.

As a nurse Kunj said.
Nurseee whatt. all said.
Haan she can go only as a nurse of MP mother aap logo ne kya socha servant bana ke kya kunj said they chuckled.

True Aryan said..

MP will hire a nurse for his mother that’s for sure Kunj said.

But nurse I mean Kunj if he gets to know from anywhere twinkle said.

Point toh hai but tum logo ka hi plan hai kya kare koi na we will do everything with full planning Kunj said.

First, you have to do a makeover with your look in this look he will catch you easily and learn a few things so you don’t be look fake as a nurse Kunj said.

Then send her tomorrow Elena said.
No we can’t send her in hurry can’t take the risk as well first we have to strong our plan then only he said while looking at twinkle can sense his worries for her.😚..

He itself do all research before hiring anyone for his mother if he did then he will not get anything about twinkle as a nurse than?? Kya karenge.

So We will make a fake record of hers so usko kuch mile bhi toh doubt na ho real lagna chahiye sab otherwise start hone se hi pehel flop our plan so aram se Kunj said.

We don’t have much time Abhinav said.
This I know sir you trust me na sir than don’t worried about this all like always you will get culprit in your hands Kunj said.
I trust you more than myself Jaidev said.

Let’s start our work Malika you will help twinkle in her makeover do something with her face and little chances so twinkle na lage because his eyes is too sharp to pull the wool over MP eyes not easy but not hard as well kunj said.

And what we will do? Elena asked.
You and Aryan will do what you doing till now follow Robert MP pat.. but remember that one thing don’t let him feel this someone is following him because his doubt immediately went on me only so be careful Kunj said they both nodded in yes.

And you Rahul and joe make twinkle fake working records and her fake id as well Kunj said.
Okay, Rahul added.

Malika and twinkle you both start your preparation now only ek choti si bhi galati ki gunjaish nahin hone chahiye it’s very important and risky as well kunj said he is too much worried about twinkle so wanted each and everything the perfect.

She is agent Kunj don’t worried about her this much she will handle I’m sure Abhinav said very proudly 😂like always which Kunj not liking.
Confident is good sir but overconfident lead you to downfall aur baath talent aur confident ki nahi hai zindagi ki hai hum twinkle ki zindagi ke saath risk nahi le sakte hai he said..

Kunj is absolutely right Abhinav no worries when my Kunj is here you do Kunj whatever you wanted but be careful we both will come when anything is there jaidev said.

Sure Kunj said.
See you soon all the best Abhinav said they all smiled and salute jai hind to them both of them went from there..While rest looking at each other’s faces.

Now don’t see each other face go and do your work fast Kunj said they all quickly went..

While Kunj was sitting in his cabin and busy in his work what he will do.how?? They will execute the plan. His first priority is twinkle safety that’s it nothing is more important than her life to him..

Rahul entered his cabin and give him the coffee mug.
Why are you so serious? Rahul asked?
I’m serious always Kunj said and arching his eyebrow..

Don’t give this look to me kunj he said.
Okay now let me do my work he added.
Acha jese I’m disturbing you? Rahul asked.

Lott Kunj replied.
So mean friend Rahul added.
Whatever go and you please check each and everything we can’t leave anything on this kiddos Kunj said both chuckled both went near the window and seeing them all of them fully busy in their work.

See kitne enthusiastic officers hai but you thinking nothing 😂Rahul said.
Over enthusiastic this all dekha nahi humhari female Salman khan ka attitude Kunj said.
True yaar but tell me one thing yesterday you were not ready for this plan how so suddenly and accepting twinkle views too what’s the reason behind this brother he tickles him.

Nothing yaar idiot girl not understanding me and my reason badi hero ban rahi hai Once I commit then I don’t even listen to myself her dialogues let her hum bhi toh dekhe aakhir kitna power or ability hai twinkle me dedication level is too high. My expectations too Kunj said.

Yup mine too yaar it’s really very shocking she is an agent also you staying with her still not get to know haan how.. I got it why you will get to know because you are more busy with her in Romance and all’s 😂he said Kunj too giggles.

Nahi yaar sapne mein bhi kabhi nahi socha tha aisa kuch hone wala hai twinkle agent hogi.Shak kaha Hota yaar shak ki toh baath hi nahi thi she never gives me that vibes but I must say one thing about her very minded girl and playing so well you can’t even doubt on her make you so confused with her antics and tricks too😂puzzled your mind Kunj said.

Tabhi hi toh great agent Kunj sarna uska shikar hogaya rahul said.
Hmm, I won’t deny 👅😝Kunj added..

You getting very touchy with this plan Kunj that’s sure and everyone knows too because you never ever before Rahul said.

I’m not touchy I give my explanations already it’s her decision let her we just doing our duties here we aren’t husband and wife just co-teammates Kunj added.

But your eyes saying something else Kunj you worried about her only that’s why you doing this all can’t take the risk with twinkle life don’t accept but I know my dear best friend we aren’t just co-mates but more than that kunj Rahul said.

Who denied tu na hota toh mera kya Hota kunj said both giggles😂.

Twinkle Bhabi ji ka ashar see kitna lucky hai you are favorite of MP and his too yours now you and twinkle together smashed him 😂kya filmy story hai tum dono ki. Ek advantage bhi hai you can spend time with her also Rahul said.

Acha we aren’t sitting here for romance Rahul Kunj said.
Maybe you aren’t but twinkle?? Can’t say anything he said Kunj remember her antics she is always hungry for romance 🤦🏻‍♂️but get even sad behind the reason is something else.

Kyu sad hogya Rahul asked after see his face expression.
Kuch nahi yaar she hurt me Lott. she is not just doing her duty by keeping an eye on me but in this all I’m her husband too when now I’m thinking and remembering everything each and everything ours she did because of her her duty purpose kuch bhi nahi tha wese jesa mein soch raha tha rahul she makes me smile she is always special to me I don’t know why? But her place and when her name come to my mind and heart stop working right now. I was never before this much emotional about anything especially in my work without thinking Any outcome and fear I always ready to do but today because of her I can’t I have to think twice he said.

Hmm I know this she will understand Kunj she is an agent she will do it I’m sure and you are with her only na so why fear. She is very smart and intelligent he said.

Smart aur intelligent ki baath hi mat kar woh toh tab bhi thi irritate kar ke rakha tha ab sab samaj me aarah hai himmat aur confident too high 😂Kunj added

Right 😂he hummed..
Twinkle listen their talks standing behind the window.Kunj words ringing in her ears and mind.

Kunj was going outside while she lost in her thoughts both bumped with each other’s but Kunj hold her on the time..
Both looking into each other’s eyes.

I wish that you were able to read my mind so that I wouldn’t have to explain myself both saying this in their hearts 💞..

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