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Mystery started unfolding😈..

Twinkle shocked after hearing someone’s footsteps twinkle immediately keep all photographs in the box back and keep inside the wardrobe back.
Ho no, what I will do Babaji she murmured and get shocked fully what she will do now she thinking.
While just than MP open the door and seeing everywhere in the room.
Why feel like someone is here he murmured.
Leave MP he said and went from there while twinkle hiding behind the curtains and sweating fully. After MP went back she closed her eyes and get relief.

twinkle went back to Nivedita room back..

She was sitting and thinking about those photographs Who were those people in the photography twinkle said..

While after Kunj backfiring MP after MP misfired kunj own plan he is near his destination.

While Kunj was so angry with himself what he did with twinkle last night.

MP sitting like dumb he doesn’t know now what he will do jack too over he was the one who giving him all information about Kunj and his teams.MP called Kunj he immediately picked up his call.
Bol MP kya hua dekha liya apna gift how’s it?? Pasand aaya bade bhaiya kunj said the call was on speaker Abhinav sitting with Kunj.
Hehe, Kunj awesome gift ab returned gift dena hai tujhe MP said.
Acha de I’m ever ready Kunj said.
Try something else MP very boring you playing hiring a man for me I thought you fight man to man he said.
Acha na tune hi jack ko end kar diya otherwise I will do it you save me from committing sin again MP added.
My pleasure sin se hi bachna hai tujhe mujhe
Chal bye finds someone else now Kunj said and cut the call Kunj looking at Abhinav who doubting at Kunj that the man not working for MP.

Kya hua sir dekh liya kunj said.
Hmm, Abhinav hummed. While Kunj sat down and thinking now what he will do. His previous plan was miserably flopped by MP..

Next scene :
Twinkle was back from work she was stressed today also she didn’t get any solid proof against him and was very upset moreover with what happened last night between her and kunj was upsetting her Although it was not wrong but doing something in anger always spoils the things .she just wished nothing goes wrong between her and kunj and they stay happy always.
She gets freshen up and sitting in the balcony with a gloomy face taking a sip of coffee.

While kunj entered the room the whole day he hadn’t seen her and the guilt of last night was killing him with each passing second..he finding twinkle in the room than his eyes went to the balcony there she sitting lost in her thoughts. He went towards her.

Twinkle he said. she looked at him he went and sat beside her lowering his head.
What happened kunj ? Twinkle asked while he took both of her palms
I am sorry Twinkle for what I did last night he said while twinkle looked at him
It’s ok kunj you have right on me she added
Yes I know I had right on you but still, I wanna apologize to you for my anger kunj added.She just looking at him Don’t know what to say..

She gets up and went in the room Kunj went behind her held her hand cupping her face.
Forgive twinkle please don’t ignore me he said.
It’s okay she added back.
It’s not okay twinkle I can see in your eyes how much I hurt you really shame on myself. I should control my anger I was really upset whatever happened yesterday most I can’t see anyone misbehaving with you he said and tears escaping from his eyes.
I promise this is the first and last time again never happened if I still did kill me but don’t stay like this with me I can’t bear your silence it’s killing me Lott punish me I’m ready for your punishment so my guilt can low he said. She looking at him and wiped his tears.

Stop crying looking very bad haan I’m angry with you don’t like but leave it na Hota hai sometime so leave it she said with a smile Kunj joins their forehead.
twinkle looked at his wounded hand and was shocked.

How did this happen she asked panicked
Sit she said and bring the first aid box and started bandaging it while he looks at her with more guilt after what he did with her she wasn’t angry with him for that instead she is caring for his wound both looks at each other with the unspoken silence between them sharing eye locks.
Don’t hurt yourself it’s not good she said.
I hurt you but you worried about me he said.
I’m your wife the way you can’t see me with anyone even I can’t see you like this she said. Kunj hugged her immediately she too hugging they sharing bone caressing hug.

Another [email protected]
MP you call me here ?? Mehreen said..
Yes, mehreen i wanna talk to you about something very important about us he added and held her hands.
I’m not getting MP what so urgent she asked?
MP cupped her face.
Mehreen I wanna marry you and live my life with you happily he said mehreen shocked.
Shadiiii really?? MP itni jaldi mehreen said.
Haan mehreen I love you unconditionally can’t stay without you I can’t even lose After meeting you my broken life again started happy aur you also loving me that what’s the problem mehreen mp said she looking into his eyes he holding unconditional love for her that she can see and she knows how much MP love her.

Hum bhi aap se bhut pyaar karte hai MP she said hugged him.
I m ready to marry you she said MP get so happy and hugged her back.. tears escaping from mehreen eyes while MP out of the world happy today.
Thanks mehreen for understanding me I will do what you wanted will keep you happy just he said.
I know MP she said and both stay like this than sat down.
Should we start preparing for our wedding?? MP asked mehreen smile.
Yes, I don’t want any lavish wedding MP just small gathering she said.
You just say I will do that only we will do civil wedding than will throw a lavish reception party I wanna introduce you to everyone meet my beautiful wife mehreen Mahendra Partap MP said.
Haan, I’m too very happy she said and resting her head on his shoulder..

Next day :::
MP bring mehreen at his mansion while Nivedita sitting on the bed.
Come mehreen mp said both sat down beside her.
Maa, I wanna tell you something he said and took her hands in his Nivedita looking at him because she can’t say anything.
Very important decision right now you aren’t stable I know I’m sad as well you know na how much I love you I have you only in my life maa me and mehreen has decided to marry to each other he said her eyes ball just Freez.

Hehe maa now toh leave everything aside from your favorite Juliet soon mehreen will too take the same place in your heart I m sure MP said.

Yes mom I will do each and everything never leave MP hands that’s my promise mehreen said with all love.
We can maa MP said she just blinked her eyes MP get happy and hugged his mother.

Then he even told robert about this he was first shocked why so hurry?
Brother at least waits for sometime Robert said.
Now I can’t live without mehreen pat acha we both going for our wedding shopping you go and do all preparations because I want each and everything perfect and make the guest list don’t ever forget to call him he said and winked at him.
Okay brother I will do Robert added and went from there while mehreen come downstairs.

Let’s go MP she said and interlock her arms with him.
Yup darling he said and both happily went for shopping out..

While Twinkle was all set to go again back to mp house where she quickly changed and took her taxi and reached his house as she did her daily duty and was sitting with Nivedita all the time her mind going around to search more things Soon Nivedita dozed off to sleep due to sleeping effect it was a good time for twinkle because not many servants were there and also mp and mehreen both were out for wedding shopping and Robert was too not present at home.

Twinkle went upstairs quickly and was walking when her foot stuck in the mattress and she fell on the big photo frame their
Ouch, she stood up caressing her arm and looked at the photo drama which was slightly moved due to her falling on it she decided to search it and tried to move aside the photo frame there was a secret corridor/duct twinkle went inside it was Fully dark and ended up jumping in a room..

She looked at the lavish room and was surprised seeing it
Wah wah mp sahab itna kuch chupa rakha hai there were many pictures of mp with his wife and so many different different things
Biwi ki yaad me he created secret room as wonder twinkle murmured and started checking it after about an hour she still didn’t get anything and was going back
When her eyes fell on a file kept there on the wardrobe she somehow managed to take it out and opened it

There file contained newspaper cut-outs and an envelope twinkle was confused at first she quickly took out the cut out pictures and opened the envelope to find a blank page ..
What the hell ?? A blank page in the envelope? She thought for a while then looked at the time
It’s too late I should go chalo secret room see you tomorrow she said and left from the same corridor she came out and kept the photo frame as it was and left from there get busy in the work..

Kunj busy in his work what he will do now not getting anything much.
Brother what have you decided?? Rahul asked.
Don’t know yaar not getting anything solid now Kunj said.
Chal mere saath i wanna have some work come with me he said.
Arey not free you go if jaidev sir gets to know he will scold us Rahul Kunj added.

Acha you are looking his boss, not he he said. Kunj rolling his eyeballs forcefully Rahul take Kunj with himself..

Where you taking Kunj asked Rahul stopped the car in front of the mall.
Why we come here? Agent Rahul Kunj asked.?
Because my lovey Wife demanded gift yaar you know because of my duty I can’t give her anything no time nothing she gets sad today in the morning I’m helpless even can’t tell Anjali about our work and you know how sensitive she is Rahul said.

Haan yaar we just stuck between our duties like sandwich Rahul he thinking about twinkle.
Chal today let’s make your wife happy he mine too kunj said.

Really something happened Rahul asked? Kunj can’t hide anything from him.
Yaar he said and tell him each and everything.
Oops, 😬 what a style man 😝he said and giggles.
Not funny yaar I still can’t face her I know she forgives me but deep inside I hurt her Kunj said.
Chalta hai and you both couples are very unique when she was in the romantic mode you are fuss bulb now she is not then you are no 👅he added both come out of the car and went inside.

Both walking on the wall they went to a few shops while both of them not very good at this all things they just spend their day and night behind their work and duty.never try these things. While MP and mehreen were in the same shopping mall.

Kunj and Rahul went to the another shop MP and mehreen to there.
This will suit on twinkle Kunj said.
Very s*xy Rahul said it’s a short dress.

I saw her many times she loved this kind of clothes that’s why even she looking hot he said and Rahul teasing Kunj while Kunj just shy.

What about that dress mehreen said.
Arey, I told the salesman he bring MP said.

Kunj went to the counter keep the dress bill please Kunj said while MP come.
Arey here is mehreen dress MP said to take out Kunj look at him and surprise to see him here. Both looking at each other.
MP? Kunj said.
Officer here today here also solving mission my brother people come here for shopping MP said.

Very funny I know what about you here itna bada Aadmi here not suiting MP Kunj said.
I come here with my love mehreen mp added.

Give me my dress Kunj said take from him.
Arey it’s my mehreen dress she fixed this MP said.

What I selected this for my wife Kunj said.
First I saw this MP said.
Sir sorry it last piece sorry salesman said.

This sir saw the first salesman added Kunj looking at MP.
Okay, take Kunj said.
Leave you to take Kunj mehreen will take another one give to your wife she will be happy MP said.

You don’t need to think about my wife MP Kunj said.
Arey why you get angry always take i m saying normally take this haan aisa soch lo gift from my side he said and winked at him and went from there Kunj pay the bill and went to Rahul and told him.

Hoo he come for shopping saala Rahul said and after taking a gift for their wife’s both went back to the office Jaidev called them..

Kunj we don’t have much time soon we have to do something very soon jaidev said.

I know sir I’m doing don’t worry you kunj said jaidev eyes went on the shopping bags.

Today my hero’s went shopping really what you both brought for me he said 👅.

Kunj just shops for his wife sir Rahul said.
Really Kunj you giving me surprises and with each passing day, jaidev said.

No sir nothing is like this just normally he is going and take so I take for twinkle Kunj said.

Arey, I’m not angry it’s very good man you should pamper your wife after all she is so beautiful and good Jaidev said.

Sir don’t praise twinkle Kunj bp increased Rahul said. Rahul and Jaidev giggling.

MP and mehreen come back after shopping.
They showing each and everything to Nivedita and twinkle too who was with her only.
How’s it mehreen asked her??
Very beautiful twinkle replied.Why this all things so suddenly she asked them?

Arey woh me and MP shadi kar rahe hai mehreen said and twinkle shocked.
Really she said.
Yes Stella haan even you too invited to our wedding reception so come with your family I will love after all how beautifully you taking care of my mother MP said twinkle nodded in yes.

After completing all the work twinkle went to the office she has some work with Aryan. Everyone was presented there.
How’s your day Stella Aryan asked?
There is a news twinkle said.
What all asked?
MP shadi kar raha hai mehreen ke saath and he invited me too twinkle said all surprised.
Really criminal shadi bhi karte hai kya sara said.
Kyun second hai woh bhi rahul said.

It’s good for us if he invited you to twinkle there you can see whoever is come in his reception Jaidev said.
Yes, sir even I didn’t deny twinkle said while looking at Kunj.

Than toh sir, even kunj sir will too get an invitation sara said.
Haan why not woh bhi special one Rahul said just than Kunj get MP to call he giggles and rubbing his Forehead take the call.
Bol?? Kunj said.

Arey man sometime toh talk to me in sweet voice ab agent ho that doesn’t mean you will stay angry young man there is any contract MP said.
Acha hmm bol MP why you call me now?? Kunj said.
Arey mere life ka best Day hai how can I not remember you first I’m going to marry my love mehreen so calling you for my wedding personal invitation only giving you kunj sarna MP said.

Hoo shadi great congratulations man Kunj said.
Congratulate me in my party not on phone Kunj come if you did not come my happiness not fully happy after all how much I love you you know na come like my friend not as an agent you will not get anything you toh didn’t invite me in your wedding but I can’t do same wese bhi I have very few people in my life and you are on top after my mother and pat MP said.

Hehe okay seemed like you are very excited for your wedding to hope you stay happy with your loveee mehreen this time long live kunj said.
Haan MP said.
Okay coming seen you than in your reception MP Kunj said.
Waiting for you MP added and both end the call.
Lo, sara mil gaya tumhare kunj sir ko invitation Malika said.

Kunj you and twinkle there can do something Aryan said.
Don’t dare to try this kunj said.
Yup Aryan we can’t do anything in the party it’s very risky after what he did with us we get to know how smart he is twinkle said.All get up and come out of the office.Kunj waiting for twinkle she looks at him.

Okay, Aryan I’m going with Kunj she said.
Okay madam he said.Twinkle sat in the car Kunj starts the car and they left for home.

Twinkle not saying anything she said she is okay but somewhere still hurt that Kunj knows very well.Kunj held her hand and she looking at him.

Something you got?? Kunj asked.
Nahi abhi tak she said.And rest her head on his shoulder Kunj smiled and kissed on her forehead soon they reached home back.

Twinkle and Kunj went in their room Kunj keep the shopping bag in side twinkle come after changing her clothes and went down for dinner preparations.Kunj sitting in his room
Doing something on his laptop.Twinkle entered in the room to call him down for dinner.

Kunj come everyone waiting for you for dinner
Twinkle said.
Hmm coming he said and she went downstairs and Kunj behind her he takes seats beside her she serving him both having their dinner. After dinner twinkle busy in her kitchen chores while Kunj was in the room..

She comeback after finishing her work.
Twinkle come sit Kunj said.
Hmm, bolo she said he takes near her and cupped her face.
Are you okay?? Na he asked.
I’m kunj don’t worried about me she said.
Okay, I bring something for you he said.
What she asked and keep the box in her hand.
What is this she asked??
Open and see he said and she quickly opens in excitement he knows how much she loved these gifts and all’s.

Yah dress kes ke liye she asked??
For you only twinkle I went with Rahul so tumhare liye acha laga you wear he said she seeing the dress she loved it.
It’s very beautiful Kunj she said and forget everything your choice is always Best But there is no occasion why you bring it for me she said and looking at him.

Kyu occasion ki hi zaroorat hai kya can’t I give my wife anything gift without any occasion he said.
Hmm well, you can she said.
You like na he asked.
Very much thanks for him she said.
Hope somewhere my guilt can decrease twinkle he said still sad.

Kunjj we talked na about this I forget if you bring this because of this then I’m happily ready to forgive you she said and incircle her arms around his neck. And kissed on his cheeks.
You really look bad in this sad mode sadu is better she said both giggles.
Should I try this she asked.
I will love to see you in this he said.

Than wait I will come properly and freezes you in just a second she said and went in the Washroom while Kunj waiting for her.
This girl never improves taking so much time he murmured and looking down while just than twinkle entered in the room.
Kunjj she said he raised his eyes and really freezes after seeing her what is this he dreaming man or it’s real.

He gets up and went to her she knows his condition.
You twinkle he said.
Yup, me twinkle how m I looking she said posing.Kunj looking her head to toe.

Out of the world no words he said.
Really Kunj she said he just adoring her.
Don’t look me like this I feel shy she said and slapped on his face.
Acha why ab I have right on you ab everyone is saying this I have very beautiful wife today I’m too sure they not saying avey hi 😝he said she smacked on his chest.
Huh, you even don’t know how to praise your wife she said.
You teach me he said in a very sensually voice.
Later she said and hugged him.He smiled and they stay like this after she changed and both laid down on the bed in each other embrace.

Did you get any plan?? She asked.
Aajeyega that day Aryan was careful today maybe mission is over successfully Kunj said.

Don’t be disheartened Kunj we will get something and I’m sure you having not spilling out 😂because of me she said and he giggles.
You are a really sharp-minded girl he said covered them with a blanket and sleep.

At [email protected]
Twinkle woke up and sat down there and looking at Kunj with love eyes she caressing his hairs.
Wake up fast Kunj you will get late then I’m going you will say I’m not even waiting for you she whispered in his ears.

He made faces and wrapped his arms around her she was on him.
Hmm first wish me the good morning he said opened his eyes.
Good morning she said giving him a smile he side her hairs.
Haan man I will get sad na you went without meeting with me not good my day not complete till I didn’t see your face he said.

Now you learning very cheesy lines she said.
Yup apne aap ko making like you that’s why ek app pe resigner kya hai kunj said.

Which app she asked he looking at her and get little mischief 😂.
Tell me even I wanna see she said and playing with his cheeks.
Hai koi tinder he said.
Whatt twinkle said she stunned and started hitting on his chest.
Now I understand that day why you so busy on your phone doing this chii you having wife still I don’t know you have this shok also she said. Kunj giggling.
I’m joking you went of high twinkle 😂he said.
Huh, very bad joke can’t say anything man will me man she added.
That’s true but I don’t need any kind of apps when I have my own girl who is bolder and faster than me mujhe kya zaroorat hai bane ki cheesy line toh tujhe dekh ke hi aati hai pehel insult bolti thi tu 😝he said.

Pagal she murmured both laughing and Kunj kissed on her forehead.
What about morning kiss he said.
Oh 😮 really get yo stop daydreaming she said.
Huh very unromantic he said and she arched her eyes Kunj laughs and runs in the Washroom.

Twinkle arranging his things he comes out of the Washroom she gives him his each and everything than she itself went for a shower quickly both get ready and went downstairs for breakfast kunj having in hustle while having he chocked so badly.

What is this Kunj why you are in rush always haan eat slowly she said and patting on his back give to him water everyone was there only she seeing and don’t know what to say.
I’m fine Kunj said.All smiling to see their bond.
Anything else she asked.
No, he said and went from there after Kunj drop her to MP place but not near his home.

Twinkle was back today as well she did her work and made Nivedita sleep. without anyone’s notice she moved back to the same place and entered there she took out the blank paper from the envelope and replaced it with the same paper and left from there
I hope this will at least help us babaji please help me twinkle added and went from there.

She reached HQ after whole day work ended and taken out print outs of the new paper cut-outs which were of school, famous mall, main market traffic area industrial area, park, and also the took the paper which she stole today she kept it in her file …

MP and mehreen fully were busy in their wedding preparations and rest things both of them were hell excited..

Kunj comes to a place along with sara.
Sir, i think we will not get anything here sara said.
We will sara stop talking like rest Kunj said.

Sir last time jo hua sara said.
You don’t worry about Kunj said.
They both the following someone from the MP office dairy they get to know a few names. Both of them went behind her and that lady went to a stop giving something to a man.

Sir what she giving to that man sara said..
look at the box I think chocolates 🙄Kunj said.
What an eyes sir she said.after that lady went from there sara and Kunj went into that shop.

Shopkeepers after seeing them get a little tense.
Kunj didn’t say anything just looking at the box delivery address he went from.

Twinkle sitting in the office just thinking about
All those cut-outs try to connect the dots but not getting right now..

Aryan and Malika Oder something to eat for everyone all sit together and having gigging cracking jokes Kunj and sara returned back.

Where today sir and madam went malika taunted kiddingly.
Kahi nahi tujhe jo kaam bola woh hua kya yah bol malika kunj said.
Always annoying doing that only every day you bring new funda for me she said.

Acha you were not sitting for the gala time he said.
Kunj sat down and closing his eyes resting his head on the chair.. all enjoying their pizza and all’s.
KYa hua kunj today both husband and wife in deep thought Aryan said. Kunj opens his eyes and looking at twinkle.
Huh twinkle murmured and having her pizza.

Sara did you note down that lady car number Kunj said.
Hmm sir she said.
Smart girl Kunj said.

Huh, you just praising her only what about us seeing twinkle Malika said rest agreeing with this.
Sara smiling and showing them her teeth😎.

Tell me the numbers Kunj asked her and she immediately gives Kunj the car numbers.
Rahul finds this number owner’s name and rests things Kunj said.

You just behind me he murmured Kunj throw a bottle at him.Rahul throws him back he started finding all details about that number. Kunj went into his cabin and sat down closed his eyes and try to solve the conclusion twinkle entered in his cabin and went back to him she started pressing his forehead he understood and smiled didn’t say anything feeling so good he held her hands.

Even you have magic in your hands like my dadi Kunj said.
Yes, dadi ke deewane twinkle added giggles she comes in front of him.
Why so tense she asked.
Nothing tries to solve something Kunj said.
Acha do it now leave have this pizza it’s really delicious twinkle said he opened his mouth she feeds him with her hands.She sitting on the desk near him. He took her hands in his and kissing on her fingers she smiling.

Without knocking Jaidev and Abhinav entered Kunj and twinkle immediately composed while Kunj showing her eyes she making puppy faces.

Sir twinkle said.
Sorry, they both said and looking the other side.
What sorry sir kunj said jaidev and Abhinav take seats.
What you having pizza abhinav said and twinkle gives to him.rest entered in the cabin.

Rahul Kunj said.
Kunj yah car chori hogi Chuki hai real owner se ab don’t know who using this Rahul said.
Shitt again kunj said..

Cooldown Kunj Jaidev said.
Sir don’t say this word irritates me Lott fully Kunj said.

You try pizza jaidev Abhinav said.
No, you eat I’m not allowing to eat these all things otherwise she will kill me jaidev said.

Who she is Arey in this age you having affair man 😝he said and all laughing.

Today don’t know why he is not having otherwise he did lots Haina sir Kunj said.
Huh, you are in my team don’t forget that he added.

Again day overnight come Twinkle made a special dinner for Kunj he gets happy and both sat together and have alone dinner romantically teasing each other pulling each other legs.

Finally, today is MP and mehreen wedding.
In the afternoon both of them marry each other in a civil way they signed the papers.
Now you both are husband and wife lawyer said.

Mehreen and mp smiling all the while both held each other’s hands.
I’m really happy Mrs. Partap MP said.
Me too Mr. Partap she added both giggles and happily throw the flowers in the side and walking pat and Nivedita was presented there while twinkle comes late today direct at the party. Kunj was finding about that car and lady.

In the evening the whole MP mansion decorated very beautifully like heaven.MP and mehreen getting ready in different rooms. While twinkle gets ready in a light peace dress looking Pretty.

This sadu didn’t come MP was waiting for him huh like he is pm 😝she murmured and left for the party.
While Kunj comes home didn’t found twinkle and his eyes went on the bed his all clothes already ready.
This girl never failed me to falls more he murmured and takes his clothes and went to get ready quickly..

At MP [email protected]
Guest started coming all waiting for MP meanwhile twinkle too reached the servant lady handling Nivedita who was in the side in her wheelchair.
Where is mr Partap MP friends asked?
Wait brother is coming big day for him today Robert said.MP comes down looking handsome in white and black combination party suits. He coming down and waving his hands. He comes down.
Hell everyone he said loudly all of his friends meeting with him and congratulating him.

Where is Mrs. Partap for whom we all come here a man said?
Wait Mrs. Partap is coming only MP said. Mehreen comes MP turned and she looking so beautiful totally s*xy dynamic in a black netted saree. Mp lost in her beauty he gestured her. She coming down a having beautiful smile on her face.

MP gives her his hands she gives her hands in his.
You looking best mehreen he whispered in her ears.
Even you too she said and blushing.
Come I will introduce you MP said and all guests started meeting with them and together congratulations them and give them gifts.

Arey stella come mehreen said.
Looking so beautiful she added.
Even you too madam she said.

Where is my special one MP murmured?
Are you waiting for anyone?? Mehreen asked him?
Hmm, wait mp said, and just than Kunj entered there who looking hot handsome hunk.

Heyy MP Kunj gives him a voice.

MP turned and seeing Kunj he smiled.
He moving to him what a great surprise finally you come, man, I was just waiting for you the only officer he said and hugged him.

Congratulations Kunj said.
Come I will make you meet with my wife he said and take him to mehreen.
You already know him today special introduction everyone he said and took the mic.

So everyone thanks for coming and presented in my happiness means Lott today I’m really every happy someone completes me I was broken he said and giggles he brings mehreen in the center and give her side hug.

She entered my life very eventually when I
Completely broken she make me smile again to give me the reason my broken heart started beating again for her. Thanks mehreen I can’t describe my love for you in words I really love you he said and sit down on his knees all smiling while twinkle and Kunj looking at each other.

Again thanks mehreen for coming in my life and complete me he said and take out a ring from his pocket and gesturing she smiling just uncontrollably give her hand to him. MP adore the ring in her ring finger and kissed on her hand all clapping for them.

MP gets up and I have something more I know shadi badi jaldi ki hai but now In front of everyone I will perform all rituals he said and mehreen get confused he takes out a mangalsutra and showing her.
What is this MP she asked?
Your mangalsutra mehreen can I he asked her she doesn’t know what to say. Immediately MP adores in her neck. The last thing is left than everything is perfect he said.

In a heavy voice woh kya hai MP wese she asked.

Sindoor MP said and bring the little tiny box of sindoor.
Mpp yah she said.
Yes, last thing he added without wasting much time MP filled her hairline with his name sindoor tears rolling down from mehreen eyes completely.
Now you looking best to see he turned her in side mirror she seeing herself mangalsutra and sindoor completely Different today.

She turned why you crying Mehreen he asked with concern.
Bas today I’m really very happy she said and hugged him.My wife mehreen most beautiful girl for me in this world let’s enjoy the party he said.

🙄too much drama issko don nahi drama me hona chahiye tha kamina kunj murmured.
He is Kunj sarna and Kunj she is mehreen mu officially wife he said.
Congratulations you two he said and give them their gift.
Thanks, mehreen said.
They meeting with other guests while twinkle
Making pouty lips and looking hot she lipped Kunj giggles without anyone notice them.
Party was really lavish and classy..

While few men’s seeing twinkle Kunj see this he closed his eyes ahah you have to bear Kunj babu👅😂twinkle see this..
ahah Babaji helps me if he blasts here than pura game over but I know and sure he will not at all because nothing is more important than this mission for me he will take my class later in alone sadu she murmured.While everyone come for dance.
Mehreen and MP dancing romantically.

Heyy Kunj come please today leave your work he said Kunj nodded in yes lights went dim.
Having a face mask and dancing while Kunj dancing with another man Kunj get twinkle when the partner got a chance..

After Kunj touch she understood him and he too kunj wrapped his hands around her waist.
Kunj she murmured.
Yes, Mrs sarna he whispered in her ears she closed her eyes.
Koi dekh lega kunj she said while dancing.
Let them i don’t care he said.

Really what about our mission she said.
Right now I’m guest 😝he said and ticking on her waist she giggles.
You looking very beautiful he said.
Even you aren’t less man she said.
Did you see how romantically he proposed her she said?
Don’t tell me you seeing this ahaan you are on duty right now he said.
Whatever don’t you feel after seeing even you too do this she said.
I knew it you will say this I don’t follow anyone’s peoples follow kunj sarna he said.

Huh, Kunj sarna she murmured he turned her and back hugging her kissed on her neck she closed her eyes.
Stop she murmured when lights on Kunj leave twinkle immediately.all having meal than MP feeding mehreen than lastly cut the cake together and mp feed Kunj.

Have man I didn’t mix in anything MP said.
Acha if I doubt on you than wouldn’t come to your party he added..
that’s true MP added..

Party gets overall going back to their homes.
Chalta hu MP kunj said.
Yup, thanks for coming kunj MP added..

Kunj went and looking at his house from outside.
He sat in his car and start twinkle was waiting for a taxi he stops his car and giving horn she sees him and he gesturing her and went near him opened the door.
Come, miss Stella ?? He said she making faces and sat in the car and starts the and left.

Miss Stella really Kunj she said..
He loves his wife so much kunj she added.
Acha MP kesi ka nahi hai kunj said.

Kunj see I wanna have ice cream she said.
Not at this time, he said.. but she demanded and making cry faces he don’t have any option now brings ice cream for her.

She having like a small baby and feeding him too they come back home and went to their room.Kunj just laid down on the bed while she removing her earrings.

Today so tired man he said.
Acha so jao than she added and went in the Washroom.While Kunj was fast sleep. Twinkle come and found him already sleep she giggles and place him perfectly and open his shirt buttons.
Bacha jesa hai sometimes she murmured and covered him with a blanket after she too sleeps beside him.

After marry with mehreen MP happiness out of the boundaries he doing lott things for her just making her happy fully she just adoring him all the time. 2 and 3 days passed away MP busy with mehreen taking her for candle night dinner and date gifted her a beautiful yacht.

Then they went to a party which is on the ship while following that lady Kunj get to know about that party he immediately went for thereafter changing his little looks not recognizable along with sara couples party both become a couple and entered in the party Kunj get the passes.

At [email protected]
Kunj and sara come and take the chairs mehreen and MP sitting in side there guards around them. It’s a charity auction function held by MP friend. MP too biding Mehreen smiling while at the office everyone sitting for discussion about the mission.

Where is your leader Abhinav asked?
Sir you know he and his chamchi Always disappear Malika added..

Sirr what MP doing here I mean this auction why we come?? sara said.
Hehe, sara doesn’t ask question we are couples so behaving like that he said holding her hands and giving fake smile 👅😂..
Lady sits beside them you both do I know you she said Kunj and sara looking at her.

We?? Are husband and wife they said and showing their teeth.
Looking very beautiful couple that lady said.
Yes yes love my husband very much sara said.

Even me too my wife Kunj added..😝.. that lady went.
Ahah bhut drama hai man kunj said.. he wondering if twinkle was here he was gone 😝.Kunj eyes fixed on MP only. Suddenly a man comes there.

And looking at mehreen this seen by MP he gets up and held his collar.
What you seeing haan she is my wife MP said.
Arey what I did man that man said and both started arguing.
MP leave na mehreen said..
the man drops his cigarette and MP leaves him and he goes and sits on behind the table of them.

MP starts taking to mehreen but drops his car key Kunj seeing this very sharply..MP not only picks up his keys but also that cigarette which is not a cigarette but paper folded on something MP keeps in his pocket.
Let’s go mehreen who busy in her world. MP asks mehreen not to spoil her mood on such crazy people and they raise a toast.

Kunj shocked MP and mehreen busy in the function while sara and Kunj moving here and there..

Sometimes later Kunj held sara hand and both come from there immediately in the hustle. They come to the HQ office all sitting and busy in their discussion Kunj entered in full hustle.
Arey what is this jaidev said all-seeing Kunj and sara what they making of themselves..

Kunjjj you disturbing us Abhinav said.
Wait sir he said and went to the side near the coffee machine.

What are you doing jaidev asked?
Wait man why you all always questioning he said and all-seeing him.Kunj places the coffee pot in its stand and makes it to heat while all just seeing him confusing totally what he doing man..

Kunj takes out the cigarette from his pocket sara shocked to see this. And puts the ashes from the paper on a tray.Kunj in the steam of the coffee mug. With the steam on the paper quickly started something visible on the papers it’s a coded message this the technique of reading secret code messages.The date of 8th 2.0 writes it down on the paper.

Now, will you tell us jaidev said Kunj turned and smiling fully he puts those ashes back into the paper fold them back Kunj keep in his pocket back..

Kunjj what is this I mean yah kya kiya hai tumne twinkle said.
Yah tha secret code message read karne ka tarika miss stella Kunj said..
really twinkle said she doesn’t know 😝this trick.
Kunj looking Abhinav.
But what is this I mean secret code message jaidev said.
Sir this I got mp get this code you wait here I will be right back he said and went all waiting for him Kunj come back.
Now say kunj Rahul said.

I went in a party there MP wife his wife went too did you see sara there that man arguing with MP he leaves the cigarette Kunj said.
You got anything Rahul asked..
8th 2.0 he said.
What is this Kunj Rahul asked?
8th toh date hai but 2.0 kya hai don’t know we have to solve it kunj added.
Great all clapping for him. And why this avatar all saying.
We changed our look so no one can recognize us sara said.

Really 😂aryan said.
Me and sir become husband and wife then went there because it’s a couple of party allowed sara said twinkle shocked she looking at Kunj while rest to her.
Dekha twinkle 😝😝rahul said and putting salt and paper on her.

Kunj looking at twinkle face after seeing her face expression first time ever sacred with someone 😝😝😝he turned his face it’s aww moment while shocking as well.

Dekha sir dar gaya kunj apni biwi se rahul said.
Haa dekha dikh bhi raha hai jaidev said..

You Rahul I will kill you stop this nonsense I’m doing my duty he said. It’s only a date he started pondering what it could be he chalks out different things when suddenly twinkle said..
Kunj yah date hai kya ho sakti hai mean nothing is clearly in this twinkle said..

We have to solve it twinkle Kunj added.they sat and all thinking.
You all think see you soon Kunj said took his car key and went from there..

At sarna [email protected]
Avni and Khushi making cake twinkle come.
What’s going on girls she said.
Cake Avni said.
Hoo for yuvi avni their wedding anniversary tomorrow twinkle teasing her.After Avni and twinkle or Khushi decorated the whole room very beautifully.

Kunj comes twinkle doing something in the living room he went and gives her back hugged. She pushed him from the back..
ahh ouch, he said and falls down. She turned and gave him an angry look.
What is this Kunj said? Yuvi and Avni come, Khushi or Advik come and see kunj.

What are you doing brother on the floor yuvi said.
Punishment twinkle said and Kunj gets up they giggling to see them.

Come let’s cut the cake Avni said.they all went in their room while elders went in some relative function. Kunj just seeing the room.

Why you made this room like a garden Kunj said while looking at the room condition. All looking at Kunj with 🙄😬an impossible look.
Do you find it’s looking like a garden really Avni said.
Aur nahi toh kya why these candles when lights are there 👅Kunj added.
Impossible your husband is twinkle how you living with me avni and Khushi said.
My bad fate it’s a so romantic and beautiful set up you don’t know anything let him avni twinkle said Kunj seeing her eye arching his eyebrow.
Avni and yuvi cut the cake and feed each other..
happy wedding anniversary they said together.
Kitne years hue hai shadi ko kunj asked.
3 avni said.
Still behaving like love stick puppy Kunj said giggling while avni started throwing cushions at him kunj went from there.

Kya hai yah ladka twinkle you must be getting bored with him Khushi added.
Yup,😝she added after twinkle went in her room and Kunj entered sacred 😂with her.

He entered she standing and looking at him.
Why are you giving me this look haan?
What you did today haan sara your wife really sadu she took a knife.
Twinkle yaar doesn’t hurt yourself Kunj said.
What😲I will not hurt myself but you she added.
Really yaar pati hu tera mein toh he added.
Huh if I did than you will be like twinkle she yelling like him and in his tone 😜very funny.
She throwing things at him..
she laid down Kunj changed and laid down beside and cuddles her while she pushing him.
Leave me baat nahi karni hai she said.
Acha he said and nuzzles his face in her neck.
But I wanna do na he added. Make her turned she playfully slapping on his cheeks he enjoying that also.
Hua ab kunj said.
Very bad kunj you get this idea only she said.
Arey yaar part of my game I have to go in that party he added.

Hmm pata hai, aur who say this garden Kunj twinkle said.
Truth is truth garden garden hi tha woh kunj said.
Unromantic man you learn from others Kunj she added.
Whatever I don’t need I’m best 😎he said..
She cuddles him and both talking about here and there just than Kunj get someone to call.

Haan wait I will do it he said and went to the couch and bring his iPad and started doing FaceTime.
Hellos guppies my kunj said twinkle laying and just listening to him because he plugged headphones. He happily talking and laughing.
Now sleep talk to you later love you too baby he said and cut the call twinkle listen to this he come and laid down beside her.
Kaun thi baby aur kes ko I love you haan she asked suspiciously.
Hai koi whom I love lott he said.
Acha tell me too she asked?
Soja meri maa ab I’m sleepy he said and cuddles her give her wet kisses.
You irritate me tell me she asked.
Koi nahi hai hai meri ex-girlfriend like your ex-boyfriend by the way where he is not seeing him nowadays otherwise like honey bee tere aage peeche hi rahta tha 😬🤪baby kunj said.

Kese ho na tum kunj everyone is right you are only the one who asking his wife about her ex boyfriend who did this she said
‘Me 😎kunj added and closed his eyes while she thinking about with whom he was talking.

At MP [email protected]
Mehreen sleep peacefully while MP get up and bring out that cigarette from his pocket he checked that paper and after smiling.
He called someone.
See you there only MP added immediately tore the paper and throw it in the side and went back and sleep with mehreen..

MP was too busy in his planning while mehreen taking care of her mother in law along with twinkle sometimes mehreen doubt on twinkle.
Kunj too behind MP and try to decode that message what casually it is??

Twinkle doing her work just than MP gets someone call she heard MP covered his face with a mask and sit in his car.

I need to follow him she went behind his car without anyone noticing her MP reached his own plot come out of the car.
Yeah, I come here where are you?? He said.
I’m too coming caller said mp went inside while twinkle too secretly the place fully open jungle types of..
MP went in the den and waiting for someone while Twinkle hides behind the window and seeing. Why he come here she murmured just than a lady come.
Did you get that message she said?
Yup I got it thanks you gave me there very smart trick he said.

After all, learn from you only MP lady added.
As I told you I will give you here only she said.
Hmm very confidential he added.
After listening twinkle talks twinkle remember that day kunj get those code he wanted to decode that code but not getting..
8th 2.0 kya hai twinkle wondering..
then her eyes went on sideboard 2.0plot write on the board.
Ho shit she murmured just than MP show someone shadow he gives voice and twinkle immediately run from there while MP and his men’s running behind the twinkle she just running as much as she can and so sacred she is gone today.
Ho Babaji she hides behind the tree it’s night fully dark.
Kunj she murmured and remembered what he has said to her she immediately pressed her watched buttons it’s started blinking the light.

Kunj was sitting in a meeting with other officers when his watch started blinking he was shocked and understood twinkle is in danger he immediately leave the meeting and comes out and call her.
Twinkle are you alright he asked. She was breathing.
Kunj save me I’m stuck here she said and cut the call.
Whattt he said and shocked totally paused than think he immediately located her location and run from there he informed Aryan and Rahul.

Twinkle running she falls down again get up running fully MP and his men’s too behind twinkle before they catch twinkle Kunj reached on the time and pulled her rolled down the twinkle
Kaha gai ladki MP said.
Sir don’t know man said.
Find her she is here only if you catch her buried her here only MP said..

Kunj cuddles twinkle and both running from the other side of the place. Ahah, twinkle crying.
Twinkle was saved by kunj and he let her run from there before mp could see her while twinkle already had a bruise on her leg she wasn’t able to walk.

They come to a place where no one was.
Are you okay Kunj asked she just looking at him blood oozing from her nose and head she immediately gets unconscious in his arms Kunj shocked to see her condition? He takes her in his arms by the time Aryan r and Rahul reached there to help her.
She is fine both said while Kunj not in condition say something
Aryan you take her back to HQ I’ll go to help Kunj Rahul said while Aryan nodded

Soon twinkle along with Aryan reached HQ twinkle went unconscious due to pain and was in the medical center of their HQ. Everyone shocked when get to know about twinkle.

Is twinkle fine ??? Abhinav asked worriedly
Yess sir don’t worry she will be fine aryan replied while they waited for kunj to come back and twinkle to get conscious

After 2 hours kunj was back and twinkle was conscious too kunj was very angry with what happened today

If he hadn’t reached on time she would have caught and don’t know what would have happened with her many things were running in his mind and he was damn angry

While Abhinav and jaidev decided to keep the conference after asking twinkle will she be able to attend it

Yes sir I’ll be there in 15 minutes twinkle added she was feeling better now but hell scared of facing kunj..

Soon every one reached they already knew the outcome of it is going to be bad today
Take your seats Abhinav told
Twinkle you got saved today jaidev added
Yes sir I know she looked at kunj

Well kunj well done you reached on time and handled it so well Abhinav said while kunj hummed in response

Yes sir kunj wouldn’t have let anything happened twinkle added while kunj let out a faint laugh

Really miss stella ??? You are a one women army na kunj said while twinkle knew this was coming
To distract kunj anger Abhinav asked about the observations she found
Yup sir so his house is like him too very suspicious he had hidden everything and their is no such clue which I find out but one thing I got twinkle said and opened her file
There is a secret room in his house where I wasn’t able to properly investigate but I got these places cut-outs and this paper and this chit as well.I think we can decode something from this twinkle added still not ensure of what she is saying
While Abhinav and jaidev looked at it and understood her point

What do you want to say kunj ? Jaidev asked
What I want to say sir ? You have given me very talented officers who are just wasting our time and doing nothing and I am sorry miss stella ji this crap you got after entering lion death I am so happy he clapped but your planned failed dekhliye aap sab ne usko bhejne ka nateeja aaj mein nahi jaata to uski jaan chale jaati kunj added angrily
For this rubbish, you decided to play with your life twinkle if you guys don’t want to work don’t have interest in doing this mission then just leave and let me handle it in my way I don’t need such officers for time pass this is a very serious mission we have already wasted a lot of time

See Abhinav sir jaidev sir we sent her to see what we got? Nothing worth knowing and I wouldn’t have been there pa…ta nah.i nahi pata kya hota iske saath kunj looked at twinkle who already looked at him tears eye
But still, kunj this can be useful for us twinkle said while kunj looked at Confidence aur over confidence me fark hota hai twinkle just agree to it you guys failed in your this superb plan claps for my intelligent team kunj added clapping sarcastically

I don’t want to take the risk here with anyone’s life be it twinkle or be it anyone else kunj added while everyone was shocked with his sudden outburst
Kunj calm down jaidev said
How can I sir? Kunj added the only thing going in his mind was twinkle screams he was damn scared seeing her in that condition twinkle sitting in side her condition wasn’t at all good that Kunj can’t see that fear if today he will not be reached on the time she will be the prey of MP.

You saying me Sir calm down sir really how can I if anything happened today with my wife he shouted loudly you all are responsible for that haan if I’m not on time there MP kill her till now toh I already told don’t go there but she is great Hitler and you all too tears escaping from Kunj in twinkle fear aaj meri biwi ki jaan chali jati toh I wouldn’t forgive anyone for that if anyone else also at her place than also Kunj said.

She is not your wife here Abhinav said while Jaidev gestured him because right now situations is not good..

Soon the meeting was dismissed twinkle elena and Aryan was sitting silently
They knew this was coming first the gun exchange then this thing while Mallika sara and Rahul tried to cheer them
Koi nai yaar mission me hota hai kuch milta hai kuch nai kunj ki baato pe dhyaan mat do rahul said while everyone kept quiet.Kunj sitting in anger.He looks at twinkle.

She is not my wife I know this sir but kesi ki jaan itni bhi Shashti nahi he said and went near her and picked up her in his arms she just looking at him.He walked out from there with her.

Made her sat in the car and itself come and sat start his car anger level uncontrollable she didn’t say anything because she knows his right now situation.
They come sarna mansion she tries to walk.
Don’t need now toh at least man he said and picked up her in his arms back and went inside everyone asked about Kunj made stories they went somewhere there she falls down.

He takes her in their room and places her on the bed she just seeing him.
Sit here kunj said and went in side..

While on the other side MP was wondering who is that girl..
Kunj comes and bring medicine she changed her clothes he sat beside her.
Kunj meri baat suno na she said. He just shows her his eyes she immediately shh.

Have your dinner then sleep he said and started feeding her she just having and tears escaping from her eyes after he gives her medicine pain was really painful for twinkle..

Kunj suno kuch toh bolo please don’t stay like this she said.
Kya bolu twinkle kabhi socha hai tune tu kya karti hai yaar ek second me waha nahi Hota tere saath kya hota kab tera bachpana jayega because of this I’m not allowing you to send there but you didn’t listen me dekh liya see your condition he said..
she hugged him and started crying fully I’m really sorry kunj I don’t know anything aisa kuch hoga please she said. He didn’t say much more her condition wasn’t stable after medicine he made her sleep..

After that incident Kunj was really angry with twinkle and but he taking care of her fully didn’t say anything but she can understand with his behavior he is really angry he just worried about her life.In a twinkle, he totally forgets about the mission too just be with her only. Send a letter to MP house stella will not come there is an emergency in her family so MP cant doubt on twinkle (stella nurse)..

2 days passed with twinkles injury she was very much sad still she started walking now taking the support of the wall and decided to go back to HQ as she was feeling much depressed since that happened
Soon Every one reached and was doing their works when Abhinav and jaidev called them for an important discussion
How are you twinkle? Both jaidev and Abhinav asked

Better sir twinkle added while kunj was sitting opposite to her
Good we all are here for an important discussion we are really very disappointed this time and equally saddened jaidev added
Yes we thought when our both teams will Collaborate they will help each other and we will handle this mission smoothly but noticing all the mishappenings we are saddened that we guys made a wrong decision and kunj you said right maybe my team wasn’t competent enough Abhinav added while twinkle aryan and Elena looked on
But sir kunj tried to say
Let it be kunj so yeah after thinking alott we decided if kunj and twinkle will be in front of each other then these things will happen daily both of them will not be able to concentrate on the mission jaidev said
Yes, so we decided that..he gulped in before saying it was too hard for him …

Twinkle I am taking your name out if this mission you won’t be a part of it from now on Abhinav said keeping his emotions aside while everyone was hell shocked with their decision
Yes twinkle and don’t think that it because of anything else you are equally smart as my kunj and you proved you can take the risk as well it’s a big victory in itself that you at least went into his house after knowing how cheap he is but we need to look after your safety too and I am being selfish today but I can’t let my officer get distracted over his weakness jaidev said kunj looked at jaidev then at twinkle Who looked down for a while and then looked them
I am happy that you both had trust on me even if the results weren’t appropriate to thank you sir for making me part of this mission twinkle added smiling

No sir wait ?? If twinkle isn’t part of this what me and Elena will do here she is our team leader aryan added
Yes sir elena too said
Stop it you both won’t say anything and will do your work with full enthusiasm and not a word now twinkle warned them
But they said while twinkle raised her voice
I said no she added making them quiet
Pardon them sir and yes guys all the best twinkle added struggling with her emotions
Take rest for some days officer and get fine soon jaidev added while twinkle nodded
I’ll sir she said and everyone was asked to disperse all of them left
Twinkle went from their and sat in the lawn while aryan and Elena searched her too and spotted her
Kunj was finding her too seeing them he stopped

Aryan and Elena both sat beside twinkle
Why you didn’t oppose their decision twinkle aryan asked her
No aryan it’s wrong to oppose them and why should I it’s no truth that our plan wasn’t that successful that we thought twinkle added
But still twinkle we won’t work without you Elena added
Don’t be carried away guys I’ll be back with another mission 😂aur yeh kya hai haan mp ko kunj sambhal lega she added teard eye while kunj was hearing her too
Still aryan added.

Nope guys be strong and work it I am sure you will make me proud 🤣mere bache mera naam roshan karengay haan twinkle added while the trio giggled
Soon someone came to call twinkle
Stella ma’am Abhinav sir is calling you he said and twinkle nodded she stood up and sees kunj and Rahul passed a smile to them and left inside .While aryan and Elena too left

Ye galat hua yaar sab kuch usne kiya jo woh kar sakti thi Rahul said
Yes I know this happened because of me because of my anger she lost it though she is trying like she is fine but I know she is not just look at her eyes which shows so much disappointment when she looks at me I feel like she wanna say me like congrats kunj you won in lowering me kunj said
You are overthinking kunj Rahul added
No yaar I am so bad because of me this happened I was really angry that day you know why because when twinkle was in danger I felt the same feeling when I felt at her time and thought if I won’t reach on time and something happened with twinkle then I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself kunj added while Rahul consoles him..

@ Abhinav cabin :
May I come in sir ??? Twinkle added while Abhinav nodded for the first time he was not facing her he stood back facing to twinkle and was looking outside
You may feel I did took the wrong decision but I hope you understand my part too Abhinav said

I never felt you wrong no matter what sir if this decision you have taken for me then it’s maybe for my betterment and you also know that after papa you are the one I always looked as my inspiration who supported me encourage me and made me capable so you will Remain that for me no matter what twinkle added
She knew how hard it was for him she didn’t want him to look at her weakly
Don’t think much about it your Stella will be back in few days for a new mission jai hind twinkle said and left while Abhinav turned saddened ..
Twinkle left from the HQ after some time while kunj tried to talk to jaidev and Abhinav which was of no use since they already decided this
@ sarna mansion :
Kunj reached night and was looking for twinkle he sees the house empty as Everyone was in the lawn arranging a bbq dinner he changed quickly and went in back too and found twinkle with the rest family he tried to talk to her

Kunj yaar don’t be spoilsport let’s enjoy family time yuvi who was doing bbq stopped him
Twinkle what happened is mood fine ? Avni asked her while she nodded in yes.
Then why aren’t you having it I made it with so much hard work yuvi said
Hard work haan everything is done by Avni you just steamed them twinkle said while all giggled

Soon everyone were back to room twinkle slept quickly being tired as well as due to her pain while kunj looked at her.

Few days passed twinkle was at home she told Avantika too that she won’t be going for a few days while kunj tried to talk to her but she refused to talk on that topic…

While at night she was in her room seeing the pictures of before and recalling kunj words which he said that day You guys failed – if he hadn’t reached on time then – it was just time pass plan she was thinking did she really disappointed them all this time ? Everything was going in her mind when kunj came in the room and look at her she quickly wiped her tears
Hmm, kya chal raha hai ? Kunj asked
Nothing sone ki tayyari she added normally
Han, I can see kunj replied.

Aur office me kaisa hai sab ? Twinkle asked
Haan sab ok hai but I am missing Stella ji very much kunj added twinkle looked at him
Huh, who is this haan ? 😒 Agar koi aur ladki ko beech me laya na then I’ll twinkle said
You will what ? Kunj asked sitting on the bed beside it I’ll eat her raw twinkle added
Acha kunj said then I like Stella now say kunj said going close to her.

Huh 😒 twinkle added tears forming in her eyes while kunj hugged her
I am sorry Twinkle he added while twinkle not being able to control more started crying from that day she didn’t say anything it was killing her from inside

Why are you sorry for haan ? Twinkle asked don’t you think we were incompetent for this mission 🙄and see I failed kunj i failed you told me no to go but still I did and I deserved it I know twinkle said crying while kunj caressed her back still hugging her
No, you are perfect I am sorry twinkle I don’t know what happened to me at that time because of me you are in this condition he said while twinkle kept quiet ..

When I still remember that and think about you twinkle I can’t describe what I feel that moment my whole world just shakedown I’m
Really very sorry tujhe khone ka Dar itna tha uske aage kuch nahi dekha mujhe twinkle I said so much in my fear and anger he said and cupped her face.
I can’t see you like this twinkle he added she smiled after seeing his care and concern for her.
You smiling haan really huh he said.
Kya karu mera pati meri itni parwa karta hai I’m very lucky she added and hugged him back.

When I stuck Kunj your name just come in my mind and my know you will save me and you come and save me kunj you will not leave me she said he held her hands and kissed on her nose-tip both crying fully.
I wouldn’t leave you ever he said hugged her twinkle can sense his fear level..

She rest her head on his lap he caressing her hairs.

Because of me you out of this mission I will bring you only twinkle he thinks in his heart..

@::The next day they both went to the office twinkle doing her work malika give her files while Kunj called jaidev and Abhinav.

What happened kunj ? Jaidev asked.
Sir, I wanna say something he said.
Say you don’t need of any permission he added Kunj turned..
sir because of me you out twinkle of this mission that’s not fair she didn’t even think about her life and went there for our mission and for our country she did her level best Kunj said.

But you said Abhinav said.
I know I said many things in my anger but sir I can’t control at that moment hope you understood Jaidev sir my fear Kunj said Jaidev nodding in yes and Kunj hugged him.

Okay, don’t worry you always listen to me today I will not refuse your decision jaidev said and called everyone.
Yes, sir all said.
Good news for you all jaidev said.
Really in this age, Rahul said😝😝😝. All started laughing very loudly..

Huh, Rahul not funny today the good news is twinkle is back in the mission Jaidev said as soon as he said all shocked like really.

What sir twinkle said.
Yes, you are back ab how can we out you of this mission haan wanted you both end this mission very successfully Jaidev said twinkle get so happy and tears escaping from her eyes.
Thanks, sir for giving me one more chance I will not repeat again she said.
Don’t thank me twinkle say to your leader Kunj Jaidev said twinkle looking at him.

I can’t deny him the reason he knows very well Jaidev said.
Thanks, sir kunj added twinkle hugged Kunj in excitement all coughing 😝.. but she least care.

Let’s celebrate than toh Malika said.
Yup from my side kunj said amazed rest..
then I’m very excited my kunj giving than toh Jaidev said.

They all had lunch and Oder each and everyone enjoyed Lott.
Thanks to twinkle first he give treat otherwise never Rahul said.
Hmm, 😏Malika added..
Don’t worry I only used your card Kunj said leave Rahul chocked all laughs out fully.After they again sit for discussion.

In this all totally leave MP he must’ve planned something big Kunj said.
Did you get to know about that code Kunj?? Jaidev asked.
Not yet sir it’s difficult to decode that code kunj said than twinkle remember.
Sir that code I know what means twinkle said.

You really kunj asked?
Yes, Kunj you remember that place where I was a stick and you saved me? Twinkle said.
Haan than?? Kunj asked.
Kunj 8th date that day is 8th June and 2.0 means MP ka jo den hai uska plot number 2.0 tha so the message date is 8th June place is 2.0
Solve she added.

Aur I went Behind him only while following him thought I will get something then I heard there he was talking with a lady and tell her about this than I got to know before I could listen more he saw my shadow and rests you all know twinkle added.this making sense and Kunj too think and she is absolutely right.

She is damn right sir kunj said.
Twinkle he received anything from that lady Kunj asked.
Hmm, Kunj she holding a box in her hands she added.

Kunj show twinkle a lady photo is this lady you were talking about and she is with MP his den house he asked?? She seeing carefully than remember.
Yes, she was the only one twinkle said Kunj bang his hand on the desk.

I was correct sara we saw na this lady in that shop now we will get something from that shop there is something in that box 🤨Kunj said.

Waha husband and wife what a mind you both use Aryan said.twinkle and Kunj smiled.. all clapping for twinkle she didn’t waste her time there even their decision not as well..

Now officer do and get busy now we want MP soon jaidev said all nodded in yes and they went while rest too while twinkle and Kunj are alone Kunj held her hand.
Intelligent you should have told me this before he said.
Huh you were not ready to listen to me once I was saying this only that day but your anger uff she said.
Sorry, I said Lott he added.
Koi na hota hai 👅she hugged him..
he cupped her face and kissed her while she too. Rahul entered and closed his eyes.

Mene kuch nahi dekha he said twinkle and Kunj leave and seeing him.Have some shame Kunj at least leader doing this 🙊🙈he said.
Whatever now what you wanted he said and still cuddling twinkle.
Here sir give us work to decode all codes you both husband and wife busy in other decodes 😝he said and run from there.
Saala kunj murmured twinkle giggling..

They went home kunj and twinkle sit with everyone have their evening tea and snacks
After everything at night, kunj changed the twinkle forehead bandage she doing drama Lott and give her medicine.

Now you sleep he said.
Okay Kunj thinking about what twinkle said and that lady he went in the study room

Kunj was damn upset and disappointing even after doing everything mp was backfiring all of his plans he take out a the chit which twinkle has gave him..
He looked at the secret message and tried to figure it out
Why this paper is blank how would I know about it he added then thought for something
Ohh maybe this can help he said and took out a chemical and brushed it on the paper while some letters started appearing on it and he sees it’s a date written in it in the form of 22/2020 he was confused for a while
22/2020 kya hosakta hai ? He thought for some time and then recalls twinkle bringing newspaper cut-outs and a blank paper which he called crap that day take out other things from the file and opened it
He brushed the chemical on paper too which had days
Day park school mall xyz road industrial area
Mon 50k 10k 78K 90k. 75k
Tue -. -. -. -. –
Wed 60k. 10k. 90k. 100k. 70k
Thur -. -. -. -. -.
Fri 65k. 10k. 80k. 90k. 75k
Sat. 60k. 10k. 100k 90k. 60k
It was the estimate of the crowd on each day was written
Ohhh teri smart kunj added then his eyes fell on the cutouts and he kept everything in order
The first date written paper followed by days paper and then the cutouts
Now he understood he may have planned anything and decoded it

Yes, twinkle you were right this crap was useful he felt bad for telling her that she planned failed in real her clues help him to decode mp plan …
To be continued🤜…
Ahaan🙄🙄🤪🤪mar gaye
We are the back😎🤝both of them😜..

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