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Hello guys !
Well i am sorry for being late, this time to got stuck up with some work !

I know i am being very late in giving update but will be back on my track shortly !

Sorry for all the inconvenience !


Let’s begin !


It has been a week to our marriage and i am already loving this new feeling of being a wife. I have always thought it would be difficult for me to cope up with the new environment an people but it never happened.

An the most surprising fact is i am so comfortable around these people , i had known Bebe from a long time so it was easy for me to mingle with her but about Kunj i was a little unsure but his even so friendly and calm nature helped me a lot !

His sweet little gestures make me feel special, he makes me feel complete , his presence around me gives me a soothing feeling , i don’t know what exactly it is but i just love this  new feeling.

He makes me feel loved like no one ever did , i know its been a short period of time that i had known him but it doesn’t feel like that. I had started admiring him for all his little effort he do to make me feel comfortable and to make this relation work !

Its been a week only and i am already habitual to him , i can’t sleep without being in his embrace , my day won’t start if i don’t share a cup of coffee with him , yeah its our daily ritual to share a single cup of coffee , my day won’t feel complete without his forehead kiss !

I know i am sounding mad right now but its the truth of my life , my life changed after this special himan entered in it , he mde it more colourful and beautiful with his love and care !!

POV ends !

I was snapped out of my dreamland by a voice calling out my name, it was KUNJ !

He entered our room with his ever wo charming smile and i could feel my heart beat increase , i dont know why it happens but whenever he comes near me , my heart raises its beat !

H settled himself on the bed and asked me to join him , as soon as i took my place beside him the three Devil’s 😈 of our life entered our room screaming our name , Mumma and Papa !

Kunjal and Tanvi took there seat on kunj’s lap an my baby Kush sat on my laps , it won’t be a lie that in just। a short span of time Kunjal an Tanvi hav grown so fond of Kunj , kush is also fond of him but he is mumma’s boy but these two munchkins they are there Papa’s princess !

They way they would order him an demand things is a sight to watch and even Mr. Sarna is no less he would fulfill each of demands whether small or big an its just makes me so happy to see my babies getting so much of pampering an love . Kunj really is a gem of a person ! And i am so sure they are here with yet another of there demand !

Papa suno na – spoke kunjal in her ever so cute voice !

Ha baby, say – responded Kunj chuckling seeing her pouty lios and puppy face ! He pecked  her pouty lips making her giggle !

Hume na kuch kehna hai  – said tanvi joining kunjal with her puppy face !

Haan baby sun raha hun bolo na – said kunj while twinkle was smiling seeing them buttering kunj as it was not a new sight for her , they did the same with yuvi too when they wanted there things to be done !

Bhai/Kush you altho (also) say na  – said kunvi in unison making everyone look at kush !

Woh actually na hum , voh ..voh na, tum donno bolo naa said kush making Twinj laugh on there antics !

Ale, aap donno rehne do ,aap se nahi hoda (hoga) mai batati hun  – spoke kunjal in an annoyed yet cute voice !

Haan baby tum hi batao yeh dono kuch nahi batate – said kunj enjoying her bickering !

Woh na papa , mumma hume na aap sab ke saath picnic pr jana hai , plz pls chalogey na said kunjal making cute cute puppy faces so that no one can deny !

Tanvi and kush joined them making faces and pleading them through there eyes with few drops of fake tear so that kunj can melt , Kunj was shocked seeing them do there drama , he looked at Twinkle and found her suppressing her laugh as it was not a new thing for her !

These devil’s would do the same with her and yuvi when they want there wish to be fulfilled and now Kunj was there new victim, she looked at him and there eyes met , he asked her through his gesture and she noded her head saying its all there drama !

He looked at there pupoy face and grinned widely and said –

“”Stop your drama you ducks! Itna maska lagane ki jarurat nahi hai just order me aur hum sab jarur jayengey picnic pr! Tomorrow is sunday na so get ready we aur going on a outing !””

As soon as he finished his lines the kid jumped on him and hugged him giving few kisses here and there making kunj and twinkle laugh !

Kunj enjoyed with the kids so much that it never felt that he is a stranger bound with them because of her an she adore him and there bond because of his loving nature !

Kunj pulled twinkle who was lost watching them near him taking her also in the hug , and indeed they looke like a happy and contended family !


That’s all for now !
I hope you like it !

As promised kids scenes have started !

Do tell me if you want some specific scenes to be added !

Take care and stay safe !

Lots of love ❤️❤️

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