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Chapter 29

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All day passed with the kids dancing and jumping telling everyobe about there day out over and over again . Everyone was happy seeing them happy and so cheerful. They kept on demnding twinkle to prepare different types of snacks though they knew they can have food outside too but they wanted to trouble there mumma ! ( Didn’t i say they are devils 😈)

They kept on bickering with each other over the tooic what all they would do tomorrow , as twinkle was on leave from office as she wanted to mingle with the family, Kunj unwillingly went to office !

Twinkle made all the arrangment for the day out and also prepared the dinner as i was almost 7 at night  when kunj returned from office dead tired !

Twinkle knew he had a hectic schedule but yet fo the happiness of kids he agreed for the weekend trip , he settled on the couch and lossened his tie when twinkle walked towards him with water !

He was relaxing when the three Devil’s walked in and jumped on his blabbering there plans , though he was tired and wanted to rest, still spent his time with them and listened to there talks attentively, Twinkle armired him for his efforts and caring nature and walke towards them so that she could call the kids and let kunj rest for a while !

Upon reaching there she called the kids and asked them to come for dinner and they happily obliged and went to the dinning table whereas twinkle asled kunj to ger freshen up and have dinner then rest as she knew he was hell tired !


Finally it was the day fo there outing , everyone was excited especially the kids and seeing them happy Twinkle was the happiest , she knew she would never regret her decision of marrying Kunj , he was perfect in everything he did , he was a perfect son, a successful businessman , a loving father and an understanding husband !

They started there journey as soon as Yuvi and Avni joined them , they we’re heading to on of there farm house on the outskirts of the city, it would take atleast 4 hours to reach there , there journey started on a happy note , soothing songs playing in the background , mild breeze touching there faces anr beautiful surrounding !

Kunj was driving and twinkle was sitting beside him looking outside enjoying the beauty of nature whereas kids were sitting o the backseat bus in there own world talking , laughing ! Kunj kept glancing Twinkle without her notice little did he knew she was also doing the same !

Though he knew she still didn’t feel the same about him but he was unaware about the changes in her feeling about him , he knew he was affecting her in a good way but he wanted her to respond his feelings , though he was happy that she has started taking slow steps towards him !!


Finally they reached there destination and entered inside the farm house , Beautiful was all they could say , they left fo there rooms to freshen up so that they could enjoy there outing !

After sometime everyone came out and sat in the living room discussing plans to spend there weekend having snacks and tea whereas kids were busy bickering with each other !

They left the farmhouse and firstly went to a amusement park and the kids excitement knew no bounds , they ran towards the swings and started taking rides while Twinj followed them so that they dont get hurt !

They enjoyed on different swings , see-saw , merry go round and other stuffs and Twinj admired them , they we’re happy to see the kids happy , Kunjal came towards kunj  and started with her drama !

Papa, suno na – she spoke cutely taming kunj !

Kunj just hummed in response and she continued-

Aap mujse pyaal(pyaar) klte ho na – she asked innocently snaping kunj !

Yes baby, I Love You a lot – replied kunj with a smile !

Phir mai agal aapse kuch mangu toh dogey na – she questioned him with a pout

Ofcourse , kya chahiye aapko– asked kunj !

Ice Cream – scremed kunjal and kunj got the point why was she doing the  drama!

As kunjal was a premature baby when she came in bebe’s orphanage , she becomes ill very often do ahe was prohibited to cold things in order to avoid illness and whenever she wants to eat those things she knew nothing would work other than buttering so she came to kunj and started her drama so that he could not resist her cute pouty face and give in her demand , and that’s the reason the two other kids never demand for an ice cream so that Kunjal don’t feel bad as she can not have !

Kunj looked at Twinkle shocked on the drama of the little one and her expressions were similar to his , he picked her up in his arms and tried manipulating her to not have ice cream bit she again started with her ‘ No one Loves me drama ‘ and kunj gave into her demand , soon the other two joined them and all of them had ice cream !

Like this there weekend was spent with lots of fun, visiting places , spending family time and upon all the Kids drama to get things done was there best entertainment !

Like this they spent there weekend together in the farmhouse and left bck to home happily !


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