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Chapter 30

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    It has been a month to there weeding and there life was on track now , with there usual routine .
After getting kids ready for school Twinkle along with yuvi used to go to her office whereas Kunj to his , during afternoon the kids use to spend there time with bebe after returning from there school and also sometimes Avni or Twinkle use to join them if there schedule allowed them too !!!

Dinner time was the best part as all the family use to have food together talking , laughing and sharing what they did all day long and this time was usual for the kids bickering about the fun they die with bebe , with there friends , in there activity classes and everyone use to listen them attentively !

There life was going smooth with every good thing happening arround , Twinj use to spend as much as time they could spend together but there first priority use to be Bebe abd the kids , so they always use to get time for them after dinner that to after  getting kids to bed for sleep and calling it night for them !

Twinj apart from there morning ritual of having coffee together they started sharing coffee at night also after dinner sitting in the balcony , sometimes in silence and sometimes talking about there life , they never realised how far they jave gone and how found of each other they have become , kunj was enjoying the feeling of his one sided love for twinkle whereas twinkle was yet to realise what exactly she feels for him ! Though she knew she holds sone strong feelings for him it was either she didn’t realise what it was or she didn’t accepted those feelings !

But one thing was sure they had grown much closer with each other than before , talking there heart out with each other , spending some cozy moments was there regular routine , they would not get sleep without cuddling each other and yes there life was perfect full of bliss !!

It was a usual day , Twinkle arrived in the room with a cup of coffee only to find Kunj standing near the railing in the balcony . She moved towards him and placed the coffee on the side table and moved towards him giving him a back hug and Kunj instantly wrapped him hands on her and they stood still savouring the moment for sometime in silence !

After a while Kunj turned around and hugged her from and she rested her head on his chest hearing his heartbeat which was beating hard, they then had there coffee while stargazing and enjoying the beauty of the nature lying on the matress placed there with small pillows sometime talking about there old life , about there parents or childhood or sometime being silent in each other’s company !

Kunj pulled twinkle taking her in his embrace and kissed the top of her head and then forhead making her close her eyes , her cheeks turned scarlet because of his affection , she raised her head and opened her eyes only to see him staring at her , soon ther eyes met resulting in a eyelock which was broken by Twinkle !

She was not able to take his intense gaze ,she knew his eyes hold a pool of emotions and she was yet not able to read them , she then stood on support of her elbow and placed a kiss on his forhead and then on his cheeks and again laid down in his embrace !

They we’re lying on the matress in each other’s embrace enjoying the serenity of the nature when it started raining !


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