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So let’s begin the update with a smile -:

They we’re lying on the matress in each other’s embrace dreaming about there life and enjoying the serenity of nature when it started raining !

They got up and Kunj moved aside to hide himself under the roof but twinkle stayed back enjoying the drizzling of rain and the beauty of nature , the smell of soul reaching her nose intoxicating her senses , she took a deep breath which calmed her senses and she kept on enjoying the rain !

On the other side Kunj watched her in daze , he was so turned by the beauty of the lady standing in front of him obvious of her surrounding living the moment , he had a wide smile spread on his face watching her playing in the rain , splashing water here and there just like a kid !

He called out for her and she looked at him with a smile that cause his heart beat to rise , he asked her to come inside or she might feel sick but she dozed his calls and enjoyed herself out and before he could call her again he was pulled out in the rain by her and within no time he was wet just like her !

Kunj stared at her for a little longer time admiring her beauty , her clothes we’re clung to her body showing her perfect curves at all the places ,it took Kunj all the amount of self control and energy to control the desire rising within him !!

Kunj’s deep gaze brought Twinkle out of her own world and she realised her condition , a blush crept her cheeks cause of him intense love , passion filled gaze . She looked at herself and realised in what condition she is and she flushed red !

She tried to look up but the intense stare of her husband blocked her senses and she stood rooted to her place , kunj moved a step ahead and she took a step back this continued for a while until it became hard for her to stand there , she turned around swiftly of ran away from him and his gaze which was causing her heart to beat fast only to be slipped back on him due to the slippery surface !

He held her in his arms and she has her eyes locked in his , his arms around her waist ,they kept on standing like that for a moment and she was all red due to blushing , she averted her eyes from his and look everywhere but at him !

His eyes travelled from her eyes to her nose and then her lips , he soo wanted to taste those plum pink lips , he looked into her eyes and all he could see was purity whereas she found love , unconditional love for her in his eyes !!

He leaned in to capture her lips in jis giving her time to back off but when he found her to be still he very softy placed his hard yet warm lips on her soft cold lips and the time froze for them !!

They stayed like that for some seconds and Kunj kissed her softly yet passionately showing all his love , passion , desire for her in that one small gesture , whereas she kissed him back with lots of affection and admiration she hold for him !!

The kiss continued for few minutes both of them kissing each other full full love , kunj nibbling on her lower lips whereas she was nibbling his upper lips , they sucked each others lios when kunj bit her lower lips which made her gasp a little and taking it as an opportunity he slipped his tongue inside her mouth tasting every nook and corner of her mouth !

Finally being out of breath they broke the kiss panting and breathing hard and fast . Kunj looked at Twinkle to find her eyes close and unstable breathing, her cheeks we’re red due to constant blush adorning her cheeks he leaned in and touched there forhead together and twinkle opened her eyes to find him straight looking at her in her eyes !!

A loud thunder broke there moment and they realised what they did , Twinkle was all flushed by the heat rising her cheeks whereas Kunj looked shocked by his action , he thought he offended her as she kept looking down . He never wanted her to be uncomfortable around him and he thought his actions would drift them apart !

Twinkle looked at him and was confused by his expressionless face , she wondered what happened to him that he looked so pale , she took a step closer to him when he said –

” Twinkle i am so sorry , i didn’t mean to offend you anyway, it’s just happened but please I am really sorry please for..”” he couldn’t complete his sentence as twinkle moved closer to him and hugged him and said –

” I don’t regret what happened Kunj, it was one of the best moment of my life with you , please don’t say sorry , it wasn’t a mistake ” and she let out a sob she was trying hard to control !

Kunj was shocked would be an understatement , he didn’t accepted her to be okay with him kissing her but here she spoke her heart out and a smile  broke on his face !

He hugged her tight and said –

” No twinkle i don’t regret kissing you neither was it a mistake , i so wanted to kiss you and hence couldn’t fight the urge to control myself and kissed you but i was not sure what you felt about it that’s why i thought to apologise as i didn’t mean to offend you any way “

They looked into each other’s eyes and once again leaned in and kissed each other a bit passionate from that of the previous one proving there consent and  enjoying the beauty of the moment with few kisses here and there !!

But the main thing was that they finally shared there FIRST KISS that too in the most romantic way where the nature witnessed the love and the spark they had among them and the nature poured on them making the environment more serene !!


That’s all for now !

I hope that you would like it !

I have tried to portray it in the best possible way and feel free to drop your view’s about the same !!

Author’s note -: This is something related with the updates , so i have decided that i will be updating my stories once in a week .
Dreamy Love on Thrusday
Falling For The Tutor on Sunday’s !
I hope it will do good till the time i finish my pending works that had kept me occupied !

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