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Hello guys !
Well i am back again with the next part !

I hope you guys are enjoying the story and are hooked up with the story !

I would also like to tell you that the story is nearing its end !

So let’s start with the story without wasting time and with a beautiful smile !


After sharing there first Kiss, Twinj went back in there room and changed into another set of clothes as they were drenched !

After changing they decided to call it a night and went to the bed to sleep , Kunj slept as soon as his head hit the pillow as he had a hectic day and was dead tired and also after there little intimate encounter he knew he need to control and keep his hands of her as he can’t scare her with the intensity of his emotions for her so to avoid any further move he slept but our twinkle was wide awake !

She didn’t knew how to react upon the recent happenings , she was thinking about the time she has spent with her handsome husband , her Kunj . She knew the moment they shared was one of the most blissful one but she was yet not able to realise what that feeling was which she experienced when she was that close to Kunj !

Twinkle’s POV :-

I don’t know what is happening to me all these days , I am feeling those things that we’re alien to me till now , whenever i see Kunj i feel some tingling feeling , whenever he is close to me it creates a havoc in my senses , his mere touch and i shiver and his intense gaze makes me melt in those dark orbs !

It never felt uncomfortable , it always made me feel secure , his eyes hold a depth of emotions which i am not able to read but whenever he looks into my eyes it feels as if he is seeing my soul , the kiss felt so good , it felt as if i was dying for it , it never felt as if never meang to happen and when Kunj apologized i felt a deep hurt but i must say he is a gem , he apologise because he didn’t meant to offend me and i really like this sincerity of his !

I dont know what it is but i guess I’M FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM !!

POV ends !!

While thinking all this Twinkle drifted in a deep slumber !

In the middle of the night, Kunj felt some moment beside him , he half opened his eyes to see Twinkle snuggling nore into him and he found her shivering , he soon realised that she couldn’t tolerate much cold and as he has enjoyed rain today she is feeling cold !

He checked her forehead to find her temperature okay which relaxed him that it was just mild cold , he called out her name few times to which she just hummed , he managed to give her Paracetamol and took her in his arms to provide body heat to keep her warm to which she snuggled more into his arms enjoying the warmth  !

She cuddled into him more , her neck into the crook of his neck , her hot breath fanning on his neck taking his breath away , her legs entangled with his legs and her one hand on his chest and the other wrapoed around his torso giving him tough time as he had to put all his energy to control his urge to do things to her in his way but he knew it was not appropriate and gathering all his might he tried sleeping as he knew with her in his arms like this won’t do any good to him and while fighting with his desire he drifted into a peaceful slumber !


That’s it for now !

I hope it worth reading as i don’t know what all i have written 🤣

Will be back soon !

Take Care and Stay Safe !

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