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Chapter 33

A Month later


It’s been exactly 3 months to our marriage and ever since my life had been blissful , i know that she has certain feelings for me or may be she too loves me but i guess there is some more time left for the realisation of those unnamed feelings !

I just hope she realises it soon , i had waited for a long time to make her feel the same for me what i feel about her and she had started reciprocating my feelings towards her !!

We have grown more closer to each others after we shared our first Kiss admist the rain. From waking up in each others embrace ti stealing few kisses here and there is a daily ritual and these things are making me more eager to show her how much i love her in all the senses !

I just wish that the day comes soon when she realises her feelings towards me and for that i know what i have to do !!

POV ends -:

Kunj came out of his thoughts when he felt Twinkle’s presence behind him , before she could utter a word he turned around and took her in his arm leaving no distance between them , twinkle looked down blushing making Kunj grin , he loved how she blushes because of his mere actions or touches !

He tucked a loose strand of hairs behind her ears and held her chin with him index fingers to make her look at him and said –

“” You look Etheral in this red saree “” making Twinkle go beetroot red !!

Theg looked into each other’s eyes for few minutes which seems like an eternity when they leaned forward brushing there lips into an amazing kiss which was slow full of Love , Passion and the raging desire !!

They broke after a few minutes panting hard and twinkle burried her face into his chest making Kunj smile a wide smile embracing her more into his arms placing a soft kiss on the top of her head !

They stayed in each other’s embrace enjoying the warmth and purity of there love , when Kunj spoke –

“” I want to take you out on a date Twinkle , will you come with me ? “”

Twinkle looked into his eyes with a smile and whispered back a “”Yes “” making him smile wide !

He informed her the time to get ready and left for office whereas Twinkle worked from home as she wanted to spend much of her time with Bebe and kinds taking care of them and her presence in the office was not much needed as Kunj and Yuvi looked after the office ever since theu merged both the companies together !!



Twinkle got ready in a mauve colour one piece dress which was sent by Kunj as a gift wrapped in a pink wrapper , Twinkle always loved kunj’s choice as he had a great taste and was waiting impatiently for Kunj !

After a while Kunj came already dressed in the most casual outfit , A white tee along with a black coat and a black jeans looking hot and s*xy !

Kunj complimented Twinkle on her look and pecked her lips whereas Twinkle complimented him with a sweet peack on his cheeks and they left for there destination where kunj has planned there Official First Date which was a surprise for Twinkle and to make her more curious and there Date more interesting Kunj has already blindfolded twinkle when they were seated in the car and drove towards there wonderland !!


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