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Let’s begin ::

Chapter 35

Twinkle’s POV

I opened my eyes feeling the rays of sun hitting my face and immediately closed it to adjust to the light , when i finally opened my eyes and looked up i saw him , My Kunj sleeping beside me holding me protectively in his arms !!

I smiled looking at his face which shows nothing but peace with a smile , i remembered what all he did yesterday and how he made my day special !!

I’m now glad that i considered Bebe’s proposal of marrying him and I’m definately enjoying all the changes that happened in my life after his entry in my life and also after our marriage as his wife !!

He is everything a girl desires. He is hard yet too soft for his close once , understanding , caring and most importantly loving , I didn’t knew my life will be this happy !!

He managed to win mu trust and remove all those insecurities i had about my life partner , I’m happy that I decided to marry this man sleeping beside me !!

I snuggled more closer to into almost sleeping on his chest , one thing is clear in my heart and mind that –

“”I’m just not falling for this person but i have already fallen for him hard and i know one thing for sure , there is no going back !””

“”I LOVE YOU KUNJ !”” and i know what i have to do to make you feel special just the way you do !!

I just hope you do feel the same about me but little did she knew he was already head over heals in love with her !!

POV ends !!

I looked up at his sleeping face with a smile and droped a kiss on his forehead making him tighten his hold on my waist pulling me more into him , he finally opened his eyes and looked into mine with an intensity that i was not able to hold his gaze for long and i immediately gazed away !!

He continued to stare at me for a longer while and heat passed through my body and i definately know that my cheeks are all red by know as I’m not able to control by blush forming on mh face cause of his intense gaze , when i was unable to bear it any longer i spoke –

“” Don’t look at me like that Kunj, you are making me conscious!”” to which he sniffed a chuckle and whispered yelled –

“” Like what Twinkle ?””

I know this is all his tactic to tease me but how to voice out my thoughts of how i feel of his piercing gaze after i had realised my feeling for him , it makes me think of things I don’t want to atleast till i express my feeling to him  towards him !!

I just looked at him with pleading eyes and a puppy face which i know he can never resist to stop him from all these teasing and it did work and he immediately droped the idea of teasing me but didn’t freed me from his hold after a lot of tries from me rather pulled me more closer almost upon him !

We looked at each other for a while and he placed a kiss on my temple making me close my eyes in pure bliss , we stayed like that for a while enjoying the peaceful silence enjoying the nature and then decided to go back home and by the end of all my thoughts I’m sure what i have to do , how i have to do and when i have to do to confess my feelings to him in a special way so that it remains as the best memory for us all our life !!

Our journey to home was a silent affair with some slow romantic song and me placing my face on kunj’s shoulder holding his hands while he was driving !!

We reached home and got freshen up and spent all day with bebe ,kids and yuvi who joined along !!


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The story is nearing its end maybe few more chapter or 5 more chapters !!

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