Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Daddu Invites Devraj’s Family For Luncheon

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Shravan and Avni sit fuming seeing society’s notice. Bunty walks to them asking why they look so serious and seeing notice even he sits shocked realizing Daddu complained against Shravan’s family again. At Suman’s house, Daddu prepares special dishes himself and doesn’t let Damroo or Beena help him. Suman and Kanchan discuss that Daddu prepares dishes himself to celebrate his army commission day and invites his special friends. Daddu says this time he is invites a special family. On the other side, Devraj gets a call from army commanding officer informing that his army vest deal is approved and he should get Vijay’s signature on the file as he was commanding officer when the deal was started. Vijay informs Kavita about same and says if he gets this deal, he will get another deal, but is hesitant after last bitter argument with Vijay. She suggests him to go and meet Vijay as he is good friend and would help him for sure. Rajender sees Shravan and Avni sitting tensed and seeing society notice fumes that Daddu complained against them again. Devraj walks down and seeing Rajender shouting asks him reason. Rajender explains the issue and fumes on Daddu/BB. Devraj says maybe someone else has complained and not Daddu. Daddu calls Devraj just then and invites him with family for luncheon to celebrate his army commission day. Vijay accepts invitation and informing family same asks Rajender to not make issue there and to maintain discipline. Kavita and Rajender joke hearing that.

Daddu waits for Devraj’s family. Whole family eagerly thinks who he must have invited. Shravan rings door bell. Suman opens door and asks what is he doing here. Daddu walks next and asks where are other family members. Devraj walks in with whole family. Suman’s family is amazed to see this. Daddu greets them in and orders Damroo to prepare tea for them. Shravan walks to Kanchan who says she is surprised and even Suman was surprised and emotional yesterday. He asks reason. She explains that Suman was hoping that he had bought red dress for her, but he bought it for his mother. Shravan walks back and informs Bunty whole thing and says he disappointed Suman. Bunty says he wanted to suggest him to buy 2 dresses. Shravan scolds him. Suman walks behind him and calls him, but he acts as not listening to her. Avni says Suman is calling him. He says her ears must be ringing. She asks to turn behind. Shravan gets nervous seeing Suman. Daddu thinks of taking revenge from Devraj and his family for insulting Vijay.

Precap: Suman tells Shravan that they should send Vijay and Devraj up to speak and reconcile their differences. Devraj walks up when Daddu takes him to a room to speak. Suman and Shravan peep from a window.

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