Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan And Suman’s Romantic Ride

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While trying to sleep, Suman and Shravan message each other. Shravan messages if she slept. Suman replies trying and is remembering him. He replies she is very cute. She smiles. He says he knows she wants to join army, if she feels he is hindering her dream, she can inform him. She says he is not and says she has a good news to inform him. He asks what is it. She replies apart from their good news, she has one more good news, Beena is pregnant, Kanchan is becoming elder sister, she is very happy. Shravan says it is really a good news; says after proposing, boy and girl party and go on a long drive, yes or no. She smiles. Their conversation continues.

Kavita sees Devraj thinking something and asks what is he thinking. Devraj says it would be good if Colonel Vijay doesn’t rejoin duty. Kavita prays for Vijay’s good health. Devraj says if this deal is not successful, his years of hard work will be in vain, he is waiting for Monday to lock the deal and sign papers.

Suman sees sunrays and messages Shravan that they should sleep now. Shravan asks if she is sleepy. She says not now, what about you. He replies she vanished his sleep and asking if he is sleepy. Suman sees its already 6 a.m. and says let us meet in class. Shravan replies good morning. Suman acts as sleeping. Kanchan walks to her and asks why her alarm is off, if she doesn’t want to go on jogging. Suman says no and acts drowsy. Kanchan leaves. Suman thinks what happened to her, she lied Kanchan and didn’t go for walking for the first time.

Doctor visits Vijay and informs him that he is fit now can join duty from Monday. Whole family congratulates him. Vijay says he will take class for last week and asks Suman and Kanchan to study well. Devraj gets a news and informs Kavita that Vijay is rejoining duty, he is worried. Kavita asks him to hope for the best.

Shravan calls Suman and asks her to come out. She walks out. He meets her. Their romantic discussion starts. She informs him about Vijay rejoining duty. He insists her for a long drive. She agrees and asks him to bring bike. He says he can’t. She reminisces him sacrificing his bike for her. She takes back her promise and asks him to bring bike soon as they need to return papa starts class. Students wait for Vijay. Anish not finding Suman and Shravan insists Kanchan to tell where they are. Shravan drives bike and applies brake repeatedly. Suman feels nervous, but doesn’t hold him. He stops bike. She asks why did he stop bike. He asks her to sit properly. She says she is, but he forgot riding. He asks her to keep her hand on his shoulder like before. Suman says earlier it was different, now she feels awkward. Shravan says he should have let it like before, he made a mistake by expressing his feelings for her. She keeps her hands on his shoulders and says he made a mistake by expressing his feelings very late. He says now he is happy. Vijay starts class and says he is rejoining duty, gives them moral gyaan and says he will teach them whatever he can in the remaining week. He asks Kanchan where is Suman.

Precap: Shravan’s bike break down. Suman gets nervous. Vijay asks Kanchan why she told that Suman is on the way.

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