Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan is surprised

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

The Episode starts with Suman asking Kanchan to sleep, they will talk in the morning. Beena comes to call Kanchan. Suman says let her sleep here. Its morning, Kanchan wakes up and sees the gift box. Shravan does stretching exercise. Kanchan and Shravan see each other. He recalls her words. Bassi says one more girl, who is she now. Shravan asks what do you have to do. Jhumri says she is Kanchan, Suman’s younger sister, she has come back from abroad, she went to study MBA. Bassi says you know a lot about that house. Kanchan wakes up Suman. Suman says don’t wake me up for the gift. Kanchan says its about Shravan, did you know he is here, come down, it means you knew him. Suman says he is Captain Shravan Malhotra now. Kanchan says what, he is in army. Suman says he came back for the case, you know which doctor is appointed for him. Kanchan says no way, you are his doctor, I supported you two for your love, I was sent away from home because of him, sorry, I got angry. Suman says past doesn’t leave anyone.

Kanchan says don’t do anything wrong with Vikram. Suman says Shravan is my past, Vikram is my present, I don’t care about my past. Kanchan says good, open this gift. Suman asks do you want to open it. She opens it. She sees a saree. Kanchan says its so pretty. Suman says but I don’t wear saree, I m getting late for the camp. Kanchan says I have a brilliant idea. Shravan asks Vikram not to be shy, help him and say it, does he want a watch, laptop or a video game. Vikram says buy anything you like. Shravan says say something. Vikram says you already gifted me precious thing. Shravan asks what. Vikram says our friendship, I will like anything you get, we will just hug and get wishes. Bunty asks Shravan to invite Vikram. Shravan asks Vikram to come home and meet his friends. Vikram says sorry, I have a program with my special friend, she invited me home, she is going to give me a surprise. Shravan says we can plan some other day. Vikram says sure. Shravan asks Bunty to order the watch they have seen.

Veer stops Suman and says I need to ask something about your friend Shravan. Suman says he is not my friend. She says I want to gift one hero to Shravan, then he has to keep his promise, he knows best places in Bhopal. She asks him to not waste time. He insists her to choose a toy. She says bike… He thanks her. She recalls Shravan’s words. Veer goes to Shravan’s house. Shravan says you always meet me suddenly, how are you. Veer says I m upset, you never meet me. Shravan shakes hands with him. Veer smiles.

Shravan says you can call me anytime, I will give my number. Veer says come with me to my house. Shravan says I m hurt. Veer cries. Shravan says don’t do this. Veer says you are my only friend, army men keep their promise, right. He asks Veer not to cry. He says fine, I will come on one condition, call my smiling Veer first. Veer smiles. Suman gets ready in the saree. Kanchan helps her. She says Vikram’s choice is good, he will see it, I called him here, he will be happy to see you. Suman says I m wearing saree for the first time. Kanchan says he will be mad seeing you, you look so pretty. Suman says I don’t feel comfortable. Shravan comes home. He recalls Suman and his moments. Veer asks him to keep eyes closed and come, its a surprise. Shravan says fine. Veer asks him to wait. He goes. Kanchan asks Suman to come, Vikram would be coming. Veer asks Shravan to open his eyes. Suman and Shravan see each other. Jaanisaar hai….plays…. They recall the past.

Veer says Suman’s friend Vikram is going to come, he is a lawyer. Shravan sees Vikram coming. Vikram asks Suman to come on the terrace. Shravan sees Suman with Vikram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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