Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Daddu gets out of house for a morning walk. Vijay joins him. Daddu asks if he is ready and says doctor permitted him for a light jog and suggests to be careful while walking. Vijay says until Daddu is with him, he is safe and reminds him how he used to hold him on time while learning cycling. Daddu says a father’s sixth sense always protects children, even Vijay does same to his children. They start walking, Vijay asks if he met Devraj. Daddu says no. Vijay says don’t know why he left without informing during luncheon. Devraj jogs while Kavita runs behind him huffing and asking to slow down. He taunts her to lose her weight. Vijay sees them and greets. Devraj replies back. Vijay asks why did he leave that day without informing. Devraj says he got some important work and says even now he has important work. Vijay asks if he will not speak to Daddu. Devraj says no as he does not have time. Vijay gets angry and asks him to call him before coming as even he doesn’t have time. Daddu smirks hearing that.

Devraj gets ready for work and signs 50 lakhs penalty fees. Rajender asks why he is not taking Vijay’s sign and wants to pay 50 lakhs penalty instead. Devraj says its is none of his business. Rajender says he cannot brush off like this. Devraj leaves. Rajender tells Kavita that Devraj is innocent, but he cannot let army family manipulate them repeatedly, he will find out the reason behind.

Suman with Kanchan visits Shravan and says she prepared noodles for Shravan. Shravan gets excited and opens box, gets nervous seeing mushrooms as he is allergic to mushrooms, asks what is it. Suman says mashroom noodles and she loves them. Bunty silently warns Shravan not to get ill with mashroom and skip noodles somehow, but Vijay eats noodles praising its taste and slowly started feeling short of breath. Kanchan noticing it asks if he is fine. He says yes and rushes to his room followed by Bunty. Kanchan informs Suman that she is sure that Shravan loves her as he is allergic to mushrooms and even then he ate her prepared mushroom noodles. Shravan rushes to him and takes antiallergic medicine. Bunty scolds him. Kanchan shows Suman’s towel stored neatly and asks what she wants to say now. They both walk to Shravan and ask if he is fine. He says yes. Kanchan asks if he is allergic to mushroom. Shravan acts and says he is not, though he doesn’t like mushroom, Suman prepared such a nice dish. Kanchan asks why he ran up then. Kanchan asks then why is antiallergic medicine here. Shravan says its for Bunty.

Precap: Daddu seizes Shravan’s mobile for a day as punishment.
Kanchan taunts Suman that Shravan gifts her things as he loves her. Suman checks Shravan’s mobile and realizes Kanchan is right. She calls Shravan and asks to meet her tomorrow at 6 a.m. where she shows Shravan’s mobile and asks him to confess.

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