Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan’s Master Plan

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Shravan fumes knowing Kanchan’s plan to feed him mushrooms, which he is allergic to. He then scolds Bunty for informing Kanchan about his mushroom allergy. Kanchan drags Suman to balcony asking to check whether Shravan will really go on a date. Shravan with Bunty stops his bike and waves at them. Suman says happy dating. Kanchan asks if he is going a date with Bunty. Shravan says he will drop Bunty at book store and will go on date.

Rajender invites his relative chachaji/uncle who is in government offer and offering his favorite paan asks how is his work going. Chachaji says he is busy demolishing people’s illegally constructed properties, asks how is he doing. Rajender says not good as neighbors are troubling them a lot. Chachaji asks if he can do something. Rajender asks to do something that neighbors keep themselves away from them. Chachaji agrees.

Ramesh informs family that his business is set up in Indore and he needs to shift in a week. Kanchan says she will not go anywhere. Beena asks how they shift so early. Daddu says let Ramesh go alone and set up his business, Beena and Kanchan will stay here. Beena says she will go with her husband and Daddu cannot decide it. Ramesh says Daddu is elder and can decide what is good for the family. Beena loudly says she will go with her husband and its final. kanchan says she will not. Beena says she will go wherever her parents go. Kanchan walks to her room crying followed by Suman. Vijay asks Beena what is happening, why she is shouting like their neighbors. Beena apologizes. He walks away saying he already is tensed because of Devraj and doesn’t need any more tension. Daddu asks if notes are done and takes everyone’s notes. When Shravan’s phone rings, he scolds him and seizes his phone for a day.

Next day, Shravan attends class and sits with Suman to complete notes. Seeing her tensed, he insists her to discuss her problem. She says Kanchan is sad and she wants to cheer her up somehow. Shravan repeats Suman’s dialogues. Suman says these are her dialogues. Shravan says he has one original and speaks. Anish walks to Shravan and in lieu of taking Suman’s notes steals Shravan’s mobile and returns it later after doing something on it. After sometime, Shravan realizes Kanchan doubt and thinks of doing something. In the afternoon, he orders dress for Suman. Damroo informs Suman. Shravan nervously walks to his house while Suman takes parcel in. Kanchan taunts Suman if she needs more proof that Shravan loves her. Damroo brings one more parcel and says Shravan sent gift for even Kanchan. Suman laughs asking if she thinks Shravan loves them both. Shravan calls Kanchan and asks them both to come in balcony and show their excited faces. Kanchan asks why he sent gift to her. He says he sent gift to Suman as she is already his buddy and now wants Kanchan also to be his bestfriend. Kanchan laughs and disconnects thinking her doubt was wrong. Avni searches her parcel and asks Shravan if he saw her pracel, it has costly dress. Shravan taunts her and says no. She walks away. He informs Bunty that he just wanted Kanchan to think her doubt is wrong, so he sent Avni’s gift to her and one gift to Suman by him. Bunty praises his intelligence. Suman and Kanchan wear dresses. Kanchan says they are perfect, maybe she was thinking wrong regarding Shravan. In the evening, Suman checks Shravan’s mobile and finding her pics thinks if Kanchan was right.

Precap: Suman informs Kanchan that her thinking regarding Shravan is right and has a plan to make him confess.

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