Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan Proposes Suman

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Ramesh insists Kanchan to tell whose bit of paper it was and for whom. Suman walks to him and says it was Shravan’s. Ramesh asks what? Suman crossing her fingers says it was her and Shravan’s Romeo Juliet play’s script paper. Ramesh asks how did it burn. Kanchan says Shravan said by mistake. Ramesh says he trusts them and walks away asking to reply him whenever he questions them. Kanchan thanks Suman for saving her, asks why did she put Shravan into trouble. Suman says it is Shravan’s paper. On the other side, Kavita scolds Shravan for not informing her who is her girlfriend even after asking repeatedly. Shravan says he is not sure who will be his permanent life partner as he will find many girls in the future. Kavita scolds him not to trouble any girl and asks to finish Devika’s matter right away. He asks her to calm down. She says she doesn’t like any arrogant girl like Suman or her family and walks away. Shravan stands fuming. Bunty asks why did he lie to aunty that Devika is his girlfriend. Shravan says Suman was in front of him, so he had to lie. Bunty praises him that his brain works at right time. Shravan says whatever it is, he will be left alone. Bunty asks what if Suman knows that he loves her, but is quiet. Shravan says it cannot be.

After sometime, Kavita continues fuming on Shravan. Suman with Devika walks in and says she needs to meet Shravan. Kavita takes them to Shravan’s room and walks away warning him. Devika asks Shravan what is happening, Suman took back her white dress. Suman says she didn’t want to hurt her best friend, so she took back Shravan’s gifted dress. Devika asks what do you both want from her. Suman insists Shravan to tell truth at least now. Shravan says he spoke right. She asks to say it again now. Shravan hesitates. Devika asks again what do both want from her. Shravan says nothing, she can go as it will rain soon. Suman says she will drop Devika and asks Shravan to speak. Devika says its okay, she will leave. Shravan asks Suman also to leave. Suman says I love you. Shravan excitedly asks what. Suman says this is what he wanted to tell Devika, why did he lie to her then. Shravan says he didn’t and was afraid. She says he knows she doesn’t like lies and didn’t expect this from him. She walks away. Shravan sits tensed. Kavita returns to him and asks if his friends left. He says yes. She leaves. Shravan thinks now he will tell truth to Suman and calling her asks not to get angry and listen to him once. She says she knew he would call her, so she is waiting for him out. He asks her to wait there itself and rushes to her.

Suman says she is waiting for him, please speak. Shravan says before saying anything, he wants to say that she is most special for him, he is going to tell the biggest truth of his life, he loves her; he used to open his shirt button and visit her house as she liked it; he munched spicy pani puri and tolerated Anish and got insulted by Daddu because he loved her; he tried many ways and even attended group studies to make her love him, but this didn’t happen at all. He continues that she sees her best friend in him, so he decided no love and only friendship as nothing is important to him than her friendship. Suman asks that means when she made him her BFF, he already was loving her, even then he hid truth. Shravan says he wanted to save their friendship which she wanted and he was ready to forget his love for her, so from hereon don’t ever think that he doesn’t care for her. He looks into her eyes and repeats I love you Suman.

Precap: Beena returns home and asks Shravan if they don’t have class today. Shravan says Suman came to class late. Beena asks for Suman and Kanchan are fine?

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