Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Just Friends

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Shravan tells Bunty that Sumo/Suman also really loves him… He imagines Suman in front of him smiling at her and running around. Nazar na lagjaye jaanu..song.. plays in the background. He runs behind her, then holds her. She pushes him on bed and falls next to him. He looks into her eyes and is about to kiss when Bunty shouts what is he doing, has he gone mad. He realizes he is imagining Sumo and hopes tomorrow morning comes soon. Next morning, Shravan walks out of house ready for jogging. Suman greets him. He replies good morning best friend. She says her friendship has changed him so much that he came early today. They jog a bit, and he asks what she wants to say. She says they haven’t even warmed up yet and challenges him for a running race. He agrees. She says she will win for sure and runs. He runs looking at her smilingly. She stops and says she won. He says jogging is done, at least she can tell now. She sees roadside tea stall and says let us go there.

He takes her to stall and orders tea. She says lets have coffee. He orders coffee and asks what she wants to say. asks vendor to put more sugar. Shravan gets sugar bowl and asks to at least tell now. She shows her school best friends pics. Shravan identifies little her and says her smile is cute even now. He says she is telling this to him as she doesn’t want to lose him like them. He asks what she means. She says due to her papa’s job transfers, she had to leave her best friends, but Shravan is her very good friend and she doesn’t want to lose him forever. He says he is very stubborn and will never leave her in life, why she is discussing this. She says she doesn’t want them to take a decision which will break their friendship, she wants them to be best friends forever/BFF, will he be her BFF; someone who will be far away, even then his friendship doesn’t fade away, whom she can discuss her out, even then.. Shravan says not judge her and try to understand her instead. She says yes, he understands friendship and knows to follow relationships, he is the dream which she is waiting since childhood, will he be her BFF. Shravan gets sad, but agrees and shakes hand smilingly saying forever friends.

She says let us go home and walks with him He walks sadly. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…song…plays in the background. She hopes he is fine. He jumps into rainwater acting he is fine and splashes water on her. She asks what was it. He says tit for tat, she drenched him that day. She says it was clean water. He says dirty or clean water, if her BFF wishes, she should jump with him. He holds her hand and jumps along thinking she wants to see if he is fine or not, he will act. He then stands watching her sadly while she enjoys and thinks he wants only her happiness and will be her BFF, he will explain his stupid heart.

Anjali gets tea for Vijay and says maybe nagar nigam officer is Ragini’s uncle, but he was just doing his duty and not acting on Ragini’s complaint. Vijay says Devraj is ready to bear 50 lakhs losses than apologizing him and Daddu, he is ready to satisfy his ego at any cost and his family also can go to any extent. Anjali hopes Daddu finds out that he is harming his son more than trying to protect him.

Shravan returns home sad. Bunty asks what happened to him. Shravan says he is fine. Bunty insists. Shravan pushes him and his hand hits Bunty’s eye. Bunty writhes in pain. Shravan applies warm compress on his eye and apologizes. Bunty asks again to tell what happened. Shravan reveal how Suman took a promise to be BFF. Suman on the other side informs Kanchan same. Bunty also gets sad seeing Shravan’s condition.

Precap: Shravan tells Suman that she is very special and he is going to tell his life’s biggest truth that he loves her.

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