Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 21st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

The episode starts with Suman and Shravan talking on phone. Suman wishes him happy birthday, but he is sad because he wanted to celebrate it with her. She asks him to come on terrace. He rushes there and is amazed to see Suman wearing the dress he had gifted her. She says that she requested Devika to give it back and knows that he must have felt bad when she gave it to her. She says that his first gift will be always special for her.

Shravan apologizes because she got ready for him and Devraj’s surprise ruined everything. Suman says that he just wanted to make him feel special. Shravan replies that he would have felt special if he could spend his birthday with her. Suman says that she will come to him. Shravan gets excited and accepts but then says that it will be risky. However, Suman is ready to take any risk in love. Shravan asks her to come quickly. He leaves. Suman smiles and says that she wants to celebrate his birthday together before he goes to USA.

On the other hand, Devraj is talking and laughing with a friend. Shravan comes downstairs and asks Bunty to handle everything as Suman is coming to meet her in his room. He goes upstairs. Devraj asks Rajinder to bring Shravan down. Bunty tries stopping him.
Suman sneaks out of the house but Beena sees her and goes outside behind her. Suman climbs to Shravan’s terrace through ladder. Shravan helps her. Both Beena and Rajinder witness that and are stunned.

Devraj’s friend tells Kavita that Devraj worked hard and sold the consignment. Rajinder comes inside and tells Bunty that Suman and Shravan are together in his room but Devraj shouldn’t come to now it since he is in good mood.

Shravan and Suman eat cake in his room and then chase each other. At the same time, Vijay sees Beena still awake and questions her. Suman shows her “SuVan” tattoo on her back. He thinks it’s temporary but is shocked to know that it’s permanent. Shravan blows on her back and asks if he thought before getting it made since relations might break but this tattoo will stay with her forever.

Suman says that she got it made because she thought their relationship is permanent but it seems like he is having doubt. She is left surprised when Shravan shows that he got her name tattooed on his heart. She is touched. Shravan says that none loved him so much and asks her what is bothering her. She tries to hide but has teary eyes. Suman tells him that she heard Devraj saying that he got admission in the university in USA which means that he lied to her earlier. She doesn’t want to come between him and his dreams but Shravan cups his face and says that she is his dream. Suman apologizes for doing this on his birthday but she cannot hide her feelings. She wonders how he hid for so long.

Meanwhile, Jhumri asks whether she should put the cake in fridge but Devraj asks Avni to bring Shravan. Bunty tries stopping them. Just then, Vijay and Beena ring at the door. Kavita goes to open the door. Vijay asks whether Suman came there. Rajinder looks on. Kavita says that Suman would not come there at this time. Beena tells that she saw Suman coming there with Shravan. Devraj says that they are there since long but didn’t see her. Vijay asks if he can go to check himself in Shravan’s room. Bunty gets tensed.

Suman pulls Shravan’s cheeks and wishes him happy birthday again. She is about to leave but Shravan holds her wrist and sings “Abhi na jaao chod kar”. Suman asks if she is trying to impress her singing old songs. Shravan says that she is already impressed but he wants to stop her. Suman laughs saying that she wants to run away after hearing his singing. Shravan asks if they should run away together. They starts getting closer to kiss.

Bunty fails to stop the family from going upstairs and they are shocked to see Shravan and Suman together. Vijay shouts Suman’s name. Shravan and Suman look at them shocked and immediately hold each other’s hands. Vijay grabs Suman’s hand to take her away but she asks him to let them speak in front of everyone to avoid misunderstandings. She tries to assure Vijay that Shravan is a nice guy but Vijay says that the only thing that matters right now is that he is a wrong guy for her and adds that she will be happy if she stays with him.

Kavita yells at him saying that his daughter might be a topper, but it doesn’t mean that they will keep listening whatever they say. Devraj stops her and agrees with Vijay that Suman is wrong for Shravan. The latter speaks up for their relationship. Vijay says that he got his admission done in army school and asked Suman to take care of him but he ended up being like his father.

Devraj argues with Vijay. Shravan and Suman come in between their fathers. Shravan says that they genuinely love each other and also Suman adds that it’s not Shravan or his father’s mistake but she loves Shravan truly. Vijay asks if he didn’t even think about her goal which is not just her dream. Suman says that she is still his cadet. Vijay doesn’t hear anything from her and grabs her hand taking her away. Shravan and Suman look at each other.
Episode ends

Precap: Vijay tells Suman that she will go to Pune to stay at his friend’s place as also his daughter is studying for army. On the other hand, Shravan tries convincing Devraj that his love for Suman is not just infatuation but Devraj hands him over the ticket for USA saying that he will depart tomorrow itself. Shravan sends a note to Suman saying that his father is sending him to USA the next day and he wants to meet her once before leaving. Suman says that Vijay is sending her to Pune too.

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