Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Tough Luck, Shravan

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Shravan emotionally informs Bunty that Suman wants him to be best friend forever and describes what all she expects from him. Bunty suggests him to go and express his love to Suman once. Shravan says he will do whatever Suman expects and will be her BFF. Bunty says it is easy to stay far away, but being near her, he will be in pain and tears forever. Shravan says Bunty is there to lend his shoulder. Bunty says he will inform Suman everything some day. Shravan requests to keep this secret and support him and cries hugging him.

Anjali walks Daddu’s room and informing him that she heard him insulting Devraj says because of this, Vijay and Devraj’s friendship is suffering and he should not let it happen. Daddu arrogantly as usual yells that cheap friendship is better to be broken, etc. Anjali says Vijay’s emotionally distrubed and for an army man, his friend his very important and can go to any extent to protect. Daddu continues yelling and blaming Anjali. Anjali walks away helpless.

Next morning, Shravan walks to class and asks Kanchan to move aside as he is Suman’s BFF and will sit next to her. Kanchan smilingly obliges. Anish with Devika gets jealous seeing Suman smilingly chatting with Shravan, walks to Suman and says her old school bestfriend had a crush on her. Suman says she doesn’t remember. He says he used to sit next to her always and they used to chat a lot. Suman says she doesn’t remember. Devika supports Anish. Suman asks if they are talking about Aditya. They say yes and says she should forget him as he was having crush and not important. Shravan confronts him and supports Suman. Devika and Anish’s plan fails. Suman tells Shravan that Aditya was her best friend. Shravan supports and cheers her up, holding her hand. A romantic song…plays in the background. Suman thinks Shravan is her BFF and will always support her.

Beena meets Kavita while buying vegetables and informs her about Daddu’s forceful decision to send Ramesh alone to Indore. Kavita asks how can Daddu take husband and wife’s decision, what did Ramesh say. Beena says he doesn’t go against Daddu, that is the problem.

At night, Kanchan informs Suman that Shravan was supporting her too much and looks like he really loves her. Suman disagrees and says he is her BFF. At Shravan’s house, family waits for Shravan during dinner. Bunty says Shravan said he is not hungry. Kavita says she cannot let her son hungry and walks towards his room. Shravan looking at Suman’s towel gets emotional and crying says why did she do that. Kavita enters and realizing his situation says he crossed the limit. Shravan wipes his tears and turns towards her.

Precap: Kavita meets Suman and informs her that Shravan loves her. Shravan dances with Suman looking into her eyes.

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