Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vijay Attains Martyrdom Fighting Terrorists

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Bunty takes Shravan and Suman to his room and shows his room. He asks them to close the doors and windows and relax. Shravan says Suman must be hungry, so if he can bring food. Bunty agrees. Shravan thanks him. Bunty says instead of thanking him repeatedly, they should pray that also should get a beautiful girlfriend. Suman says tathasthu. Bunty gets nervous seeing Devraj’s call. Shravan reminds him to just say what he taught. Bunty picks call and acts as surprised hearing Shravan and Suman eloped. Devraj warns him that if he is lying, he will break his legs. Bunty says he really doesn’t know anything and asks how is aunty. Devraj says she is profusely crying and asks him to inform if Shravan calls him. Bunty agrees and disconnects call. He asks Shravan and Suman again to lock doors and windows and never come out till he returns and leaves to get something to eat.

Devraj speaks to his friend inspector Ankit and requests to file Shravan’s missing complaint. Ankit says he can’t for 24 hours. On the other side at Suman’s house, family sits tensed. Ramesh informs them same and says Devraj is handling situation well. Daddu yells he will try to go illegal way like he bribed policeman. They watch news about Vijay going on operation to fight against terrorists hidden in a college.

Shravan and Suman’s romantic chat starts. Suman worries for her mother and family as her father has returned to duty. Shravan comforts her and tries to kiss her. She closes eyes nervously. He kisses her forehead. After sometime, Suman gets biscuits and bread to make sandwich and asks Shravan if he knows to make sandwich. He says no. She asks what all he knows to know. He says boil water, etc. She makes sandwich and they feed each other. Bunty returns short of breath and tensed. Shravan asks if he brought bhelpuri. Bunty informs that he saw news about Vijay heading team to fight against terrorists hidden in a college. Suman and Shravan switch on TV and hear news. Suman realizes that her father went in a hurry for operation. Rajender messages Shravan to return wherever he is as Vijay reached martyrdom fighting with terrorists. Suman seeing him tensed asks reason and checking messages stands shocked and says it cannot be. They then hear reporter speaking about same and reach home. Suman shatters seeing her father’s dead body and reminisces his advices and quality time spent with him. She salutes him and walks to crying Anjali. Shravan tries to walk towards her, but Ramesh stops him and warns him to go. Shravan pleads, but Ramesh and other guests push him out of house.

Precap: Police arrest Devraj in corruption charges. Daddu blames Devraj for Vijay’s death. Shravan tells Suman that everyone are calling her father corrupt, but she knows the truth. Suman doesn’t react.

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