Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman Senses Shravan’s Feelings For Her?

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Suman tells Shravan let us practice before making their dance video. Shravan nods yes. She dances with him while he looks into her eyes. Dheere Dheere se tera hua…song..plays in the background. Shravan stops. Suman says not even a single routine is complete, why did he stop. He nervously says he doesn’t want to dance. She says he told yes and what happened now. Shravan says if he dances with her, he may express his love for her and will lose her friendship which he doesn’t to. Suman repeats her question. Shravan says their couple dance will look awkward, so they can send couple message. Suman says if he doesn’t want to dance with her, she will ask Anish as Devika may dance with someone else. Shravan stops her and agrees. Suman switches on recording and dances with him on Dheere dheere se tera hua…song. Shravan dances looking into her eyes. Suman senses his feeling and even she feels awkward. He is about to kiss her, but stops and moves aside. She switches off recording and walks away saying thanks bye. Shravan fumes thinking this will not work, he upset Suman, Bunty was right, etc.

Suman tries to leave Shravan’s house when Kavita stops her and asks how is her studies. She says good and asks if she wants to say something. Kavita nervously says that Shravan is in love with someone. Suman is shocked and asks if Shravan told her. Kavita says Shravan’s papa told her as he is very experienced in this. Suman thinks why is she telling this to her. Kavita says she is telling her this as Suman is Shravan’s best friends and spends time with him in class and other places, so she must be knowing who the girl is. Suman says she doesn’t know. Kavita says if she finds out, she should inform and even she will do same. Suman leaves.

Ramesh walks into Vijay and Anjali’s room and seeing them playing chess says he will help bhabhi and make her defeat bhaiya. Vijay says she already defeated him and reminds Anjali’s words that she told her win is his win. Anjali asks them to chat while she sends them tea and snacks and walks away. Ramesh tells Vijay that whole family is tensed regarding his decision of shifting to Indore, so he will cancel his Indore business idea. Vijay gives him his insurance policy papers and says it matured recently, so Ramesh can use it and fulfill his dreams, he will speak Beena and Daddu. Ramesh gets emotional. Their emotional discussion continues.

Kanchan watches Suman and Shravna’s dance video and praises Suman’s dance moves, she says their jodi is not bad. Suman reminisces Shravan’s moves and Kavita’s words and gets suspicious. Shravan in his room thinks he shouldn’t have done this stupid move, Suman must be doubting him now. He reminisces Bunty’s suggestion of writing his feelings for Suman on the paper and picks pen and paper. He starts writing his feelings for her, when he first saw her, their nok jhok at first, then fate made them buddies, her persistence, their good and bad days in friendship, etc. He continues that he didn’t realize when he started liking her and finally started loving her; he cannot thinking anything else except her, her considering him as best friend forever/BFF, etc. He thinks he will not force her to love him, but he will continue to love her forever and will never tell her I love you.

Precap: Bunty holding Shravan’s love letter for Suman asks what did he do. Shravan says he wrote his feelings for Suman as Bunty suggested. Bunty burns paper and throws it away. Suman watches all this. A bit of paper flies near Suman. She picks and reads it.

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