Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavita Gets Suspicious

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Shravan happily thinks Bunty’s ideas sometimes work, he is feeling so relaxed writing his feelings on paper. Kavita walks in with milkshake asking what feelings. Shravan says feeling of completing his class assignment. She says he is so busy in his assignment talks that he didn’t pay attention to his favorite milkshake. Shravan he knows its for him. She asks what he spoke with his father. Shravan says he and papa are friends now. She asks what did he say, if he has girlfriend. Shravan gets nervous and says there is nothing like that. Kavita says even she is his buddy and can do hifi, he can tell whom he likes. He says nobody yet, she will be the first one to know. She asks what kind of girl he likes. He says disciplined, intelligent, brave, etc., like army people. Kavita walks away fuming saying he and his army people. He asks to at least give his milkshake.

Next morning, before class starts, Suman asks Kanchan to sit next to her and chat. Kanchan asks what about her buddy. Shravan walks in. Kanchan says their couple dance was really good and asks Shravan to sit with his buddy. Shravan sits with Suman. Suman feels nervous. Shravan asks if she is feeling awkward. She says no. He smiles.

Kavita thinks according to Shravan’s description and his liking for Suman if he loves Suman. She asks Avni if she knows whom Shravan likes and what she thinks about Suman. Avni says Suman is Shravan’s bestfriend and he is very friendly with everybody, Suman cannot be that girl. Kavita thinks then he likes some other army family girl. In class, Shravan watches Anish and Devika’s dance and comments teacher will like monkey dance. Kavita messages Suman that Shravan likes some army girl, if she can find out who she is. She gets nervous. Shravan asks what happened to her. She says she is fine. Vijay starts class. After class ends, Suman nervously tries to leave without greeting Shravan. Shravan thinks why she is going without greeting him. Anish stops Suman and says teacher has sent complements to them and plays video in which teacher praises everyone’s performance and says looking at Shravan and Suman’s video, they look like couples and not buddies. Suman feels more nervous and walks away. Shravan also leaves saying he needs to meet Bunty.

Bunty returns to Shravan’s home. Kavita catches him and insists to tell whom Shravan loves. Bunty says she is mistaken as Shravan is a simple guy like him. Kavita warns to tell truth right now. Bunty says he will prepare one. She asks what. Kavita warns if he doesn’t, she will inform his mother how he is studying here. Bunty pleads not to. Kavita asks if he loves Devika. Bunty says no, maybe some other army girl. Kavita asks who. Bunty says he really doesn’t know. Kavita warns not to inform about their discussion to Shravan. Bunty agrees and rushes to room.

Bunty reads Shravan’s love letter and stands shocked. Shravan returns and says he was right, he shouldn’t have met Suman, he felt uncomfortable in front of Suman for the first time, he will do whatever Bunty says as he doesn’t want any issue again. Bunty showing letter asks what did he do. Shravan says he wrote his feelings on paper as Bunty suggested. Bunty suggests him to return back before its too late. Shravan says he can’t and doesn’t know when he went so far. Bunty says he cannot develop love for him in Suman’s heart, but he can change him and asks him to meet him at terrace. Shravan asks if he will ask him to jump down, he can’t do that.

Suman thinks if Shravan loves army girl, seeing his fondness and concern for her, etc., does she love him; she didn’t let him express his feeling and just expressed her feeling of becoming BFF; he suppressed his feeling and respected her feeling, she shouldn’t have done that; what she should do, neither Kavita aunty nor anyone know the truth. Shravan comes to baclony. Suman sees him and walks towards her room, but stops seeing Bunty. Bunty burns papers. Shravan asks if he has gone mad. Bunty says he is burning his feelings forever. Shravan hard, but Bunty burns paper and throws it down. Shravan stands crying. Bunty asks if he is feeling good, what he did was for his good. He takes him in. Kanchan they both act weird sometimes. A bit of burnt paper flies and falls in front of her. She picks and reads it.

Precap: Shravan tells Suman that before telling what is in his heart, he wants to tell she is very special to him, he is telling biggest truth of his life, he loves her.

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