Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman Rejects Shravan’s Proposal

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Shravan proposes Suman that loves her and says never to think that he doesn’t care for her. Suman says she heard his every word and feelings for her, but she doesn’t love him, she is happy that he spoke what is in his heart, she cannot love him and it is better they pass on remaining 10 days of special class and never meet again. Shravan standss crying. Suman walks a bit and sensing her dress stuck asks Suman to leave it. Shravan reminisces similar incident earlier where her dress gets stuck and without seeing him asks to leave it, then turns and realizes it is stuck in chair. She turns and sees dress stuck to fencing and frees it. She falls down. Shravan walks towards her, but she signals to stop and walks to home, leaving Shravan crying. Back home, she informs whole story to Kanchan. Kanchan asks why did she do that. Suman says she doesn’t want Shravan to live in hope whole life, her goal is to join army and serve the nation and she cannot fall in love. Kanchan asks what will she do now. Suman says she will pass on 10 days of class and then will never meet Shravan again. Ramesh calls them and they both walk down. On the other side, Shravan reveals whole story to Bunty. Bunty asks what will he do now. Shravan says he will pass on 10 days of class and even after that if Suman doesn’t want to meet him, he will never meet her again. Bunty asks what? Shravan says he lived like a friend till now, but will express his love for Suman in remaining 10 days and these 10 days are his. Suman marks date on calendar and thinks these 10 days will be very difficult for them and they should somehow pass it. Shravan hopes those 10 days never pass. Hoton pe tere shikwon ka shor hai…serial’s title song.. plays in the background. Suman looks at Shravan’s gifts and weeps. Shravan walks to balcony and looks at Suman’s room. Suman looks at him via window.

Next morning, Shravan walks into class and searches Suman. Kanchan notices that. Shravan sits in front of her. Anish comments that he knew Suman fell in bad friendship and today is late than late lateef. Shravan asks Kanchan about Suman. Kanchan says she is in her room, she woke her up, but don’t know what is she doing here, she will call her down before bade papa/Vijay comes. Anish taunts Shravan again. Shravan angrily walks towards him. Beena walks in asking what are they doing, if they didn’t attend class yet. Shravan says Vijay uncle has gone out and they are waiting for him. Beena asks where are Suman and Kanchan. Shravan says they are in their room. Beena walks towards their room asking if they are fine.

Kanchan walks to Suman and says if she not feeling well, she can skip class and rest. Beena walks in. Suman asks how is she. Beena asks how is she, why is she looking weak and checking temperature asks if she took medicine. Suman says no. Beena asks Kanchan to get medicine. Kanchan says medicine got over, she messaged papa to bring it. Beena asks to calls Damroo as he is in market. Kanchan tries and says his phone is not reachable. Beena says she will ask Shravan to bring medicine. Suman says she doesn’t want medicine from Shravan and insists. Beena goes to prepare herbal tea for Suman. Shravan hears their conversation. Kanchan asks Suman why she doesn’t want to take her ex, she means best friend’s help. Suman says she doesn’t want to.

Shravan rushes towards bike, but remembering Suman’s challenge to sacrifice his bike for her gets down and starts running. Kanchan returns to Suman and seeing her weak and coughing holds her and makes her sit. Suman says she is fine and asks not to make a noise. Kanchan asks not to repeat, she will not inform Shravan. Shravan falls down running and injures his wrist.

Precap: Suman insists Damroo to tell who gave him medicine. Damroo says Shravan. Suman sees Shravan limping and weak and about fall and gets concerned. Next morning in class, Vijay orders Shravan to do 100 pushups as punishment. Suman says if class is punished, even she will bear punishment.

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